Our Last Conversation

Shared by Shirl Mayorga Trinidad on May 31, 2016

On May 21st, I walked into your hospital room. Much to my surprise, you were sitting up, alert, and talking. Just the day before, you were in so much pain, attached to tubes and wires. I thought maybe God had other plans for you.    As we both sat together, we started to reminisce about our childhood. We talked about all the great times we had together, playing outside, watching Creature Features, and our other TV favorites. You talked about your favorite foods that you loved and wanted so bad. You said "Shirl, I will never take water and food for granted. I am so thirsty. I haven't drank anything for over a week".     You kept telling me that you wanted your favorite soda: Orange Crush. You said "Shirl, go buy me a cold bottle of Orange Crush". I wanted to so bad, but I couldn't. I told you "Joe, as soon as you get better, I will bring you some". Then you just stared at me with your sad eyes.    Then I took out my phone to show you some photos of us when we were kids. As you reached out to my phone, trying to hold it, you started making so many funny comments about how we looked as kids. You really enjoyed the photos; you smiled so much.    Joe, I will forever cherish our last conversation. I'm so glad that I told you how much I love you. You said "I love you too, Shirl".    Thank you, Joe. You will forever be in my heart.    Love,  Shirl.

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