Guidance before GPS (aka JoePS)

Shared by Tamara Martin on May 25, 2021
Many years ago, I was driving from my home in Gainesville to visit Joe, Maureen and Meara in St Petersburg.  I had a cell phone, but it was before GPS was widely used.  Traffic came to a halt on the interstate, and I called Joe.  He got on the internet, identified the problem (an accident, traffic backed up for miles), and began rerouting me.  He was on and off the phone with me for 2 hours - he would set me on a road then tell me to call when I got to a certain town, intersection or landmark. He guided me through back roads all the way to St Pete!  That was Joe - for me, this stories captures his heart, his generosity, and his gift with technology.  I'll miss you, Joe - Your smile, your warmth, your support, and your earnest listening at the kitchen table.  I hope your soul is soaring.

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