Oh Boy! A Baby!

Shared by Shirell Dardar on October 21, 2011

 Coming back from the hospital. Just finding out I was pregnant with my first child. I had to figure out a way to tell my parents I was prenant. I was teriffied. My father is going to kill me, I thought. The funny thing is, I was married. I get back to my parents home. I peek into the front door. I see my Mom laying on the sofa, sick with a cold. My father sitting in his rockin chair. He says, "Come in Mon Nangy." He sees I'm upset and says, "What's wrong?" and I shake my head to reply nothing. He then says, "Come see, let Daddy rock you", "Now tell Daddy what's wrong." So, I tell him "I'm gonna have a baby". Dad jumps up with me still on his lap and says, "Oh Boy! A Baby!". Poor Mom, laying on the sofa, sick as can be says, "Yay! A Baby!". Very funny time. Very wonderful memory.

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