With deep sadness and a very heavy heart we must say goodbye to a dear friend and trusted colleague. Our beloved Joe Garrity passed suddenly.  Joe, a principal, registered architect and our QA/QC Director, was an integral part of Array’s evolution and a mentor to a generation of architects and designers.

Joe joined Array in 1991 as a young architectural designer and Temple University graduate.  Prior to earning his degree in architecture, Joe served for four years in the Air Force.  Joe quickly emerged as a technical expert and thrived working on and eventually leading Array’s most complex healthcare projects. Joe’s leadership was integral to Array’s early success and expanded as we continued to grow the firm.  Joe took pride in mentoring all staff, particularly those preparing for licensure.  His knowledge and expertise were unparalleled, and  was a trusted resource to every single person in the firm.

Among Joe's far-reaching accomplishments was the development of the firm's Quality Initiative – he developed a strong team of fellow experts, who, under his tutelage, came to have the same attention to detail and constructability. Joe was tireless in his efforts to share his encyclopedic knowledge of building codes and construction methodology, firm-wide.

We will forever be grateful to Joe. His contributions to Array are too numerous to count. He consistently stepped up for our most challenging assignments-and did so with grace, humility, good humor and an abidingly strong work ethic.

We invite you to share your thoughts and memories. Please keep Joe's family, including his wife Terry, sons Joseph, Thomas, and Patrick and his grandson Anthony in your thoughts. 

Posted by Kevin Field on July 7, 2019
I haven't forgotten about you one bit Joe. I hope you are resting, playing golf and working when you wish all in that order.
Posted by Florangela Papa on July 7, 2019
I have missed you each single day of the past year.
Posted by Frank Barnett on July 18, 2018
I was very shocked and saddened to learn of Joe’s passing. He was a true and passionate advisor who I could always count on. It was a real honor and a privilege to be with the QA/QC and spec writing groups when he and Phil Mofson started them. I will hold many good memories working with him. I dive my deepest sympathies to Joes family for their loss.
Posted by Lauren Michaels on July 17, 2018
When I first met Joe a little over 4 years ago at Array I could immediately tell he was a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable leader within the firm. It was evident those around him had great amounts of respect for him as well as sought guidance from him on a daily basis. Joe was more than tolerant, as well as open-minded, each time the Interiors department challenged him on documentation standards and I will miss seeing his gentle smile when finding humor in observing all of our over-the-top, witty banter. Although he was a wealth of knowledge ("Well, on Goldwater...."), over the years I was lucky enough to also experience his fun and good-hearted nature beyond discussing how to make an imaginative design work in real life while implementing the correct 'Array Standards'. I enjoyed talking to him about his hobbies as well as his family, as he seemed like a very caring and devoted father and husband. You are so very missed, Joe. Rest easy <3
Posted by Lisa Lipschutz on July 16, 2018
I had the privilege of working with Joe since 1991. Joe made us all better architects and design professionals. He contributed significantly to our knowledge, the quality of Array's work, and ultimately, the success of the firm. I loved to watch as he mentored staff. He was patient beyond words. He also had this uncanny ability to remember codes; always available to answer a question or assist with an interpretation. 
As Terry said today, Joe was a teddy bear with a huge heart. He was a true friend to so many at Array. Sadly, I never played golf so never had the chance to bond with Joe at a golf outing but loved to hear the many stories and am happy that the "annual Joe Garrity memorial golf outing" will be established.
My thoughts and prayers are with Joe's family. I am so sorry for your sad and untimely loss. Joe will be missed!
Posted by Nina Badora on July 16, 2018
Joe and I started our careers at BLM/Array within months of each other in 1990. I had no real experience in Architecture when I joined the firm. I can say most of what I learned I learned from Joe! He patiently answered every question and probably the same question often times more than once until it sunk in. Most notably were the times Joe and I worked on the infamous Master Keynote List! It was during that time he coined my nickname of “Kathy Keynote” Also the time he spent helping me design and detail the addition on my house which was taxing as it was my house and it of course it had to be just right! We worked hard and equally we laughed hard! He just use to shake his head and laugh at me! That bright smile of his was so endearing. And the fact that he never killed Flora...well that’s just a testament to his patience!!! I could ramble on about so many memories made over the 21 years that I worked with Joe, but for now I will hold them in my heart! With Julian and Joe together Heavens Architecture is gonna be great! Rest In Peace Big Guy I loved you!
Posted by Herman Van Fleet on July 15, 2018
To me, Joe was always a great source of technical knowledge in the area of healthcare design and construction as well as a decent individual with a great sense of humor. He would always take time out of his busy day to give assistance, especially in complicated code interpretations. I sold him a set of golf clubs once which he said he didn’t have the money to buy, so we agreed for him to take the clubs as long as he paid $100 a month until they were paid off. He religiously met me each month in a big box parking lot in Springfield near where he lived, handing over $100 each time. I could not have met a more honest and dependable man.
Posted by Florangela Papa on July 15, 2018
It is with profound sadness that I am writing this note for you, Joe.
When I started working with you in 1994, I had just moved from Italy. Although I had worked already for 14 years, when I came here everything was different, units, scale of drawings, materials, codes. Practically, I started from zero. But you were there, explaining the same thing over and over, every time a little bit differently until what needed to be known entered my head. And you did it with incredible patience and affection, and for that, Joe, I will always be grateful.
I do not know how many questions I have asked you through the years, and above all I do not know how many “whys” came after your answers.
I wish I could ask you just one more question, and take your answer at face value, no “whys” asked.
I will miss you, Joe. I will even miss you singing “If I were a rich man” early in the morning or Christmas carols in the middle of the summer.
Good-bye Joey Boy. May you rest in peace.
Posted by floss mcgrady on July 15, 2018
I was fortunate to know Joe both as a colleague and friend for many years and have many fond memories. I remember when I would go to work early or on the weekend I was petrified that I would set off the alarm but I didn't have to worry because Joe was usually there. It seemed like he never left. His dedication and loyalty were remarkable. He will be missed.
Posted by Kate Garman-Cashdollar on July 14, 2018
I have many fond memories from my time with Array and Joe was in many of them. He was a great mentor, a wealth of knowledge... He wasn’t afraid of anything, he knew how to get things done and done well. I still have a quote he gave me many years ago and every time I look at it I think him and it brings a smile to my face. He was a wonderful man with many talents, he will be greatly missed.
Posted by Walaa Korayem on July 13, 2018
Looks like I am not the only one who had special memories with Joe.
It has been over 20 years since the last time I saw him until recently when he dropped me a couple of lines over social media.
Joe proved by his actions (not only words) that he is a good friend and a giver as expressed y others, one day he volunteered to lend me his truck to help me move, then later he insisted to buy me dinner in a place of my choice to make sure we get to chat one on one before I leave the US back to Egypt.
I miss you Joe, my prayers for you and your family.
Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on July 13, 2018
Joe always surprised me when we had a crazy idea. Despite his experience, or maybe because of it, he was always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. He was a big champion of our improvement efforts and was always willing to participate and add his knowledge. Before I had kids I liked to come in early. It was a personal triumph on the rare morning I made it in before Joe G. For decades Joe G turned the lights on each day at Array. It is a much darker place now.
Posted by Wendy Jaffe on July 12, 2018
When I was interviewing for a position at Array, Joe entered the room just as I was stating my argument for a life safety issue that was spotted by my interviewer (Joe D.). Joe chimed in to state his counterpoint and, as he left the room, I turned to Joe D. and said, "Well, who is he [to know better than I]?". Joe D. just chuckled and said, "Oh yeah, you'll fit in just fine around here." Little did I know then just who that guy was.
And in the years that followed, Joe and I would have many more debates and discussions of many things code, life safety and detailing related. Always sure to bet me a dollar (of which I earned a few, but lost so many more) or owe him donuts as payment for his wisdom and advice.
But, my favorite conversations I had with Joe were those that centered around golf. As a beginner to the game, Joe was always full of advice to help my game or a club which he pulled out of what must have been a retail store in his garage.
I still play with a club he once gave me, my rescue club. It truly is my favorite club in my bag. And just like that club is always faithful to get me out of the rough in the game he loved the most, Joe ALWAYS got me out of the rough when I was challenged with an issue at work.
Love you Joe! You will be missed more than words can say.
Posted by pat malick on July 12, 2018
Joe and I worked together for over 25 years. I trusted Joe's expertise always, and I valued his friendship, commitment, loyalty, sense of humor and dependable smile. He was our 'go-to' guy for the toughest projects, and we counted on him to lead and mentor, which he did---without fear or doubt or delay. Joe's legacy and memory will live on in the hearts and minds of all he touched at Array.
Posted by Adrian Hagerty on July 12, 2018
My heart goes out to Joe's family at the sudden loss of a great father, husband, and brother to all of us who had the honor of knowing Joe. I have had the opportunity to work with Joe over the past five years, and have always felt we are kindred spirits - born within days of each other in September of 1959 - living together through some of the most fast-paced changing times in the history of mankind.  Through all the changes, Joe demonstrated how a daily routine grounded in ethics, knowledge, diligence, dignity, and kindness forms the key to success. Joe has always been a dependable source of knowledge and counsel that will be dearly missed. Joe made this world a better place, and its up to us to honor his legacy by continuing on with our lives in a manner that will make him proud - as his spirit lives on for eternity. Rest in Peace Joe !
Posted by Donna McBride on July 11, 2018
Joe was always the gentle giant, so easy to talk to and work with. As one of the few women to go on Array golf outings, he was always helpful and loved to share his passion for golf. His work ethic was to be admired and his wonderful dry sense of humor always make me smile. He will certainly be missed by all who knew him.
Posted by Phil Leinbach on July 11, 2018
"Big Joe" was more than a big guy, he had a huge heart. Joe and I started the Temple Architecture program at the same time and from the outset and ever since, Joe was a constant friend. So many of us leaned on Joe's tutoring to help us wade through the Structures courses. My one highlight of structures was actually getting a higher test score (albeit slightly) than some of Joe's others "disciples."  Joe was always finding a way to keep the wood shop open at all hours to meet our project deadlines. Many times I can remember walking into the wood shop to find Joe laying on the floor trying to snap his back into alignment from his ongoing sciatic issues. I honestly cannot ever remember hearing him complain as it was not his nature to do so.
One of the funniest memories was in our first year art/drawing class when he showed up after a late night/early morning with his drawing project tightly rolled up and clutched in his hand. In the weary morning hours when reaching for what he perceived to be a can of spray fixative, he grabbed the spray adhesive and then commenced to roll the drawing project up all nice and neat never to be viewed again.  That morning he simply, in Joe-like fashion, handed the roll to the prof and said "if you want to see my project, you're going to have to hold it up and look through the roll like a telescope." I'd have given him an A!
The last communication I had with him was earlier this year in trying to get together to play golf. He was unable to play that time and as we had so many previous summers before, agreed that we would get something on the calendar soon and usually we did. Unfortunately, we will not meet on the golf course again. I always looked forward to those times and chatting with him about work, life and his family. Terri and his boys were always a subject of discussion and I know he loved all of you. We share in you grief and and sadness. Good bye Joe! You will be missed but the legacy you've left is a great one. Thanks for letting me be a small part of it!
Posted by Melissa Carnival on July 10, 2018
Joe taught me a lot at Array. I was right out of school and I remember MANY times sitting together through red line review sessions and spec edits, probably going through all of Division 9 together a hundred times. He had so much patience and had a huge heart, at any time willing to help anyone. I would always try to make him laugh because he had the best smile. Words can't really express how great of a mentor and a friend he was to everyone at Array and I know he will be deeply missed.
Posted by Kevin Field on July 10, 2018
I love the picture of Jon and Joe here! If there was ever two opposites that belonged together as great friends in this world, it was these two! Lots of laughs with both of them!
Joe hired me at BLM (pre Array). I dont think either one of us regretted that as we remained friends 20 years later.
Joe helped to teach many of us, draftsman and prospective architects about the finer things in the profession. I've never forgot them.
At BLM we had tons of laughs. All pretty much innocent. But so funny! Nina, Flora, Jon, Udo, Harry, Jean, Jessie, Lew(pulling some old names out of the hat), Christine, many others are all guilty of fun times!
The laughs continued, they continued into golf. Joe, Jon, Harry and I made regular foursomes throughout the years. It became the BLM gang for a few years in O.C., MD. Then newer friends linked to Array and trips to the Poconos for golf, poker and overnight stays at Udo's....Joe was always setting this up..
I left BLM after 4 years, but was always determined to remain in touch with everyone, especially Joe. He has remained and will remain a part of my life forever. I really loved Joe. I will miss him. I will never forget him.
May god bless Terry and his kids
Peace Joe....see you soon
Posted by Tracy Schnyer on July 10, 2018
I first met Joe in 1986 when he was tending the "store" in the Architecture Department at Temple University. He tried to be stern (tried) to us impoverished undergrads but he failed (that's why he had the "I owe you" sheet on the wall filled with scads of names!). You found out really quickly that Joe was, in fact, THE person you wanted in the "bunker" with you when things were not going well. From tutoring all of us idiots in Physics and Math (he actually understood them, the rest of us just faked it badly...) to just "being there" when you needed to talk, he was a fantastic friend to anyone that needed one. He never asked for anything in return. He was a "giver", not a "taker". The only thing he would take out his anger on was a non-compliant golf ball! We shared a golf cart in Ocean City MD one year when one of our fellow golf get-a-way members twice (twice!) nearly nailed Joe with a ball and nary a "FORE!" was uttered from the responsible party. Joe was hot! Oh did he want to put his "3-Wood" in an irretrievable place lacking sunshine. I had to convince him that I had the situation under control and to "just relax". As we drove to the next green, we could see the second air-mailed ball standing proud in a puddle of water on the cart path. So, I drove the cart directly over the ball and buried it, never to be seen again! Well...Joe was now in stitches, nearly falling out of the cart with laughter! The "golfer" came up and had the audacity to ask us if we had "seen his ball...had we touched his ball?" Technically, no, we didn't see it as we ran directly over it and no we hadn't touch it, the cart did. It was all Joe could do not to laugh his ass off. We've chatted about this numerous times and it always made Joe smirk. I'm crying as I write this. He loved his family and would always talk about them. Good people like Joe are not supposed to leave us so soon.  Of course, that was my plan, and I'm sure it was Joe's. It wasn't God's plan.
Posted by Jay Blose on July 10, 2018
Array owes you so very much. Your diversity of knowledge, your ability to be the technical conscience of the firm and your determination to to follow the best path forward, wherever it lead, were admirable. Henry J. Carter and many, many others both big and small are all in your debt and better for your contributions. Rest well big guy.

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Posted by Kevin Field on July 7, 2019
I haven't forgotten about you one bit Joe. I hope you are resting, playing golf and working when you wish all in that order.
Posted by Florangela Papa on July 7, 2019
I have missed you each single day of the past year.
Posted by Frank Barnett on July 18, 2018
I was very shocked and saddened to learn of Joe’s passing. He was a true and passionate advisor who I could always count on. It was a real honor and a privilege to be with the QA/QC and spec writing groups when he and Phil Mofson started them. I will hold many good memories working with him. I dive my deepest sympathies to Joes family for their loss.
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Shared by Jen Sanders on July 10, 2018

I haven’t worked with Joe in over 14 years, but I remember him and his mentorship fondly and it seems like just yesterday we were in the office together.  He would be helping me resolve and/or understand a detail, or looking for a design solution/vendor in a Sweets catalogue.  I remember him giving me tax advice too!  So many wonderful moments but one of my fondest memories together was almost 20 years ago - when I was Mrs Claus and he was Santa at the BLM holiday party. The kids justloved him! Rest In Peace sweet Joe. You will be missed.