Let the memory of Joseph be with us forever
  • 26 years old
  • Born on December 25, 1985 .
  • Passed away on January 9, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joseph Wunsch 26 years old , born on December 25, 1985 and passed away on January 9, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Alexander Notarangelo on 25th December 2016
Happy birthday Joe you were one in a million. Merry Christmas to the Wunsch family may your day be filled with love and memories of a truly wonderful son who lit up so many peoples lives.
Posted by Alexander Notarangelo on 7th April 2016
I wanted to extended my condolences to the Wunsch family. I had only found out about Joseph's death recently. I grew up with Joe and spent many years growing up along side him. Even after all these years I still can hear his laugh. He was a kid with a huge heart and was an amazing friend. I can sit here and remember a ton of events as kids. From his mom yelling at him not to touch anything when he had poison ivy all over his body haha to hearing him chuckle in the hallways as we went to class. He was a tremendous person even back then! I was honoured to share my youth with Joe. All the memories I have of him will be shared with my children for years to come. Thank you for being a part of my life Joe.
Posted by Joseph Wunsch on 8th August 2015
Love big guy,just not getting any easier, tears all day..love dad
Posted by Chris Lonigro on 14th November 2014
was just listening to some R.A the Rugged man music...ill never forget the day you told me about him...how he was big then fell off well im sure you all ready know but hes blowing up again and keeping it real not selling out keeping it true....Just like you..love you dude miss u man
Posted by Claire Borrero on 15th October 2014
Thinking of you my sweet boy. LOVE you to the moon and back. I'll see you again...I know I will. I know you're having a grand old time with your grandparents up there. They LOVE you so much. Until I see you again. XoXoXo
Posted by Catherine Wunsch on 9th October 2014
hey baby woke up today in a funk spent the whole day googling your posts and reading them. God I miss you so much so many questions never to be answered. life continues just am on a different path its a long lonely journey. my heart is very heavy I would love to hear you laugh see your smile your bright eyes and hear those words I miss so much
Posted by Caitlyn Wunsch on 9th January 2014
Miss you bro. Always.
Posted by Catherine Wunsch on 20th December 2013
well next week is Christmas and your 28th birthday I miss you so much I think of you all the time my heart hurts I hope to see you soon its not fair
Posted by Nicholas Escobar on 24th October 2013
I just finally got this new mask called Remee, its for lucid dreaming. Anyways last night was the first time I got to use it and had a real intense dream, couldnt remember much, but what I do remember is this: Sitting down at the tables of our high school reunion, I hear a laugh I haven't heard in years, turn around and
Posted by Nicholas Escobar on 24th October 2013
and there he is my friend Joe all grown up in a suit and a goatee. I feel shocked and run up to him and say Joe Am I looking at a ghost? He laughs and says your looking at a happy man! I dont remember much after that, but I really believe Joe is in a better place, smiling and laughing... Miss ya bud!
Posted by Nick Escobar on 16th January 2013
I was just remembering the time when we were younger and all of us were cooking Top Ramen in my kitchen and you spilled the entire pot of water on the kitchen floor and instead of cleaning it up, we all just laughed uncontrollably! Good Times, Good Times.
Posted by Catherine Wunsch on 6th January 2013
hey Joseph I am so sorry I havent been on here for so long but it hurts too much . Christmas just wasnt the same and never will be I miss you so much why did you leave meyou were my best friend and I dont want to go on with out you . I struggle everday what did I do wrong that decided you were better off with him I know no one loved thier child morre than I loved you. I miss you so much I
Posted by Joe Wunsch on 2nd January 2013
hey joey this is dad miss you so much not a hour goes by that i dont think of you. kush your dog right next to me. tears all day love dad
Posted by Jamie Ropp on 25th December 2012
Happy Birthday Joe. I know that you are up there sharing a cake with the big man, but it still doesn't make it any easier. We all wish that you were still here today to celebrate your birthday and Christmas with your family. I still think of you all of the time. I know you are watching over your family and friends, and are still here in everything they do. We all miss you.
Posted by Nick Escobar on 25th December 2012
Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas Joe!! Love ya man!!
Posted by Nick Escobar on 5th October 2012
Hey Joe, Just reminiscing on the great times we had, when we were younger. You were such a good friend, man! I can still hear you laughing! Hope I can see you when I get through to the other side! Missing you big time bro!!
Posted by Catherine Wunsch on 29th July 2012
Hey Baby miss you so much I think I hear you at night and then I remember you have gone home to heaven my heart aches for you I cant express the pain and sorrow I feel since god called you home I am trying to understand but the pain is truly parolizing I am so lost and empty with out you I Love you always mommy
Posted by Catherine Wunsch on 22nd April 2012
morning Joe it seems like forever since I heard your laugh I miss you so much got the autopsy results today. I am not handling this well at all so much left unsaid . You are always in my thoughts I just wish I could see you again I miss you Mommy
Posted by Catherine Wunsch on 10th April 2012
hey Baby having a rough day today. waiting on your autopsy result's . I miss you so much. the house is just too quiet without you here. I am so sorry , if I let you down I feel I should have been able to do something anything and you would still be here.till we meet again I love you always Mommy
Posted by Prissy Missy on 13th March 2012
You were the coolest man I knew you are missed by many love you Joesph.
Posted by Claire Borrero on 12th March 2012
Joseph, I will miss you forever. You are the happiest child I've ever met. So proud to call you my Nephew! A light in so many lives. Forever in my heart......xoxoxo
Posted by Catherine Wunsch on 11th March 2012
I miss you so much, You were and still are a special man , you had so much love to offer. I could not have asked for more. I took for granted that you would always be here. But you are and always will be in my heart. you make us very proud to be your parent's .
Posted by Jamie Ropp on 11th March 2012
Joe, I was so lucky to have known you. I still can't believe you're not here anymore. But I know you're up there smiling down at your family. I still laugh when I think about Catie telling me about the Pickle Song. I'm still trying to figure out why you had to leave so soon. But I just keep telling myself that God needs Angels and he only takes the best.
Posted by Tracy Cummings Bullion on 11th March 2012
Jo-Jo you are forever in our hearts....Xo

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