From Hart Street to Hatboro

Shared by Mary Incremona on March 1, 2019

This is from Tina Incremona Quatrano (input by Mary Incremona on her behalf).

"My memories of her are her tremendous talents in just about any field of endeavor: sewing, cabinetry, cooking. I recall her joyful love of family and her vibrant conversations, the meals we enjoyed together during our monthly family visits back and forth to an from Hart Street in Brooklyn NY - then to and from Hatboro in Pennsylvania."

Gifted and Gracious Aunt

Shared by Mary Incremona on March 1, 2019

What I most remember about my Aunt Josie - whom I have not seen for many years - is her graciousness. I can see her smiling, genuinely smiling. As a young woman, I was always impressed with her independence. If she wanted to do something, she did it. She was tiny but powerful. In addition, she was very creative. I remember admiring a mosaic table in her home. I asked where she had purchased it. Amazingly, she had created it herself. She constructed  a number of useful and decorative objects. I know she lived a very full life. I know family and friends appreciated and cared for her. Now we honor her passing.

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