Tribute to Mrs. Josephine Davis

Shared by Sidonnie Lindsay-Reid on June 8, 2021
I came to know this gentle giant through her daughter Orphia. Orphia and I went to college and she was such a lady. We often teased her that she was going to be a pastor's wife. So upright was Orphia in her actions, that I often wondered what home did this girl come from? It must have been a really great home with a wonderful upbringing. Someone in her home did something right. I would later have the opportunity to know where she came from, because Orphia, Camille and I would later become friends through college, and even complete our degree together. This meant that we each had to visit and spend time with each other's family especially as we always prepared together when it came to exam. I met Mrs. Davis on one of those study sessions when I left my home to stay at Orphi's home. What a warm welcoming home it was. Mrs. Davis welcomed us with open arms like we were her children. We were favoured with hotel like treatment, wonderful food served on the best platter. She was kind and gracious and I learnt that Ophia's dad and I shared the same birthday. That cemented it all for me...her family and I became fast friends. Although we didnt have more opportunities to sleep over, the little time I spent was wonderful and I can safely say, that this woman is a great woman with an exceptional character. You have passed on all your wonderful attributes through your children and so your legacy will live on. Mrs. Davis, I know you cant hear, but you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Rest now beautiful spirit. You have done your work and it was well done. May your soul rest in perfect peace.

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