choosing our own women's gift

Shared by Thelma Frederick-stewart on February 28, 2021
Mommy, my husband on the phone on speaker phone,
"Any suggestions" (mummy)
"I thought the men were the ones surprising us" (me)
"come on, I need help" (my husband laughing)
"you know we have to help them if we will get something" (mummy) laugh
Eventually I sent her pictures and she choose from it for further discussion but because of covid the women have not been able to come into possession.
She would order, label and did whatever it took to help get it done.

There was never to much for mummy to help to do. Always always the person to show that we should approach things in a christian manner because it was the right thing God expected of us
Will miss your infectious laugh and big personality, spreading out wherever you go to touch lives for Your Master. Love you always 

Larger than Life

Shared by Josephine Ola on February 25, 2021
Mommy Ajayi

I miss our weekly WhatsApp messages. You never forgot a birthday, or special occasions. You were always encouraging me to live my best life. One of our last text was you saying that you wished you were here in Cally enjoying our sunshine. I am going to miss our discussions about all things general hospital, and politics. You were so excited to see Kamala Harris become the first female Vice President. I will miss your laughter and our many gists. You loved me and I knew that with a certainty that makes losing you much easier to bare. My only sadness is that you won't get to see Tunji and Simisayo graduate from high school or college. I am still walking around in disbelief that you are not here with us anymore. I look forward to when we meet again. Sleep well Mommy. Every time someones mentions may name Josephine Ola, I remember another great Josephine. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I love you forever.  Love Jojo

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