Josephine Ngoma
  • 30 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 6, 1984
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Jul 9, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Helsinki, Finland
This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Josephine Ngoma, 30, born on January 6, 1984 and passed away on July 09, 2014. We will remember her forever.

For more information and funeral details contact: Innocent 0468893855, and Sylvia 0468897327 for the Zambia association, Mansaray 0503770307, and Emilia 0408176231 for the Sierra leone association, and Eugene 0468908280 for friends.

For financial contributions.
BANK: DANSKE, FI 43 8000 2417 3379 60
ACCT. HOLDER. Achmed Momodu.
You can also contact Achmed through 046 8458 230.


FRIDAY 08.08.2014 Time: 18:00-23:00
Sörnaisten Rantatie 33 D, 3rd floor 


SATURDAY 09.08.2014

Bus Depart from Helsinki railway Station @ 11:00 to the Cemetery. To locate the exact bus contact Jimmy @ 0409525149
Body Viewing 12:00-13:00

Church Service 13:00-14:00
Procession to the Grave site and burial 14:30-15:30
Bus depart from the cemetery to the reception Hall immediately after the burial.

Vanha porvoontie 225
Honkanummi, Vantaa.


@ Sörnaisten Rantatie 33 D, 3rd floor 
TIME: 17:00-21:00

NOTE:All timing are to be respected. 
Many thanks for your cooperation.

"Matthew 11:28,Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." 

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;John 11:25


Josephine Ngoma was laid to rest today August 09th at Honkanummi Cemetry in Vantaa, Finland.

 Thank you for massive support and heavy attendance at the Wakekeeping on Friday, August 08th and at the burial. Special thanks to our friends from Turku and Tampere.

                                          REST IN PEACE!

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Meseret Negussie on 10th July 2015

"I will remember you always. R.I.P my dearest friend ."

This tribute was added by Gibeilla Kamara on 9th July 2015

"we will always remember u...RIP.."

This tribute was added by grace Kare on 9th August 2014

"fairwell jose till we meet again. The Lord gave you the years you had on earth and he took you to the home of glory...blessed be His holy name."

This tribute was added by Martin Nche Nde on 8th August 2014

"We try to live in this world, we make plans , we meet up with some while some are continued by others. When we leave these plans , we do not leave instructions which makes it really sad and complicated . May your soul rest in perfect peace as we shall continue to have you in our memories and pay attention to the one you left behind."

This tribute was added by Miriam karanja on 7th August 2014

"Thank you for those amazing, beautiful moments of friendship. I will miss you so much Jo. Go well and rest in perfect peace dearest!"

This tribute was added by tanja asikainen on 5th August 2014

"Dear colleague and friend. No words enough to describe the sorrow. Missed forever. RIP.
Tanja and Anu."

This tribute was added by Emily Tirkkonen on 5th August 2014

"As a beautiful rose flower you flourished and all over a sudden gone when you were needed most but the Lord needed you more...though gone physically in our hearts you'll always live...l remember when I and my friend joined nursing course in Salo, we were afraid of challenges but you told us...'if many have made it why not us, challenges are there to be met and they make us STRONG'...for the little angel baby and her dad you left behind, this sudden massive challenge will make them strong and keep them going. Josephine you touched so many people...we LOVE you so much God loves MORE! God Gives And God Takes! RIP dear."

This tribute was added by Patricia Aghangu-Atem on 30th July 2014

"It always saddens my heart when a young person is being snatched by death from their love ones. Only God knows why you went through all that you did. My heart goes out to the family, may the Lord almighty grant them strength during this time of sadness. May your departed soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Emma Tamankag on 30th July 2014

"As you ascend to the spiritual world,  may the Lord Almight purify you from trespasses,  dispel your sorrow and change your darkness into light. May He  guide you to  enter the garden of happiness, cleanse you with the most pure water and grant you to behold His splendors on the loftiest mount. MAY YOU REST WITH THE LORD. " GONE TOO SOON""

This tribute was added by Passy Blessed on 24th July 2014

"Josephine the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. You were my collect and meeting you the first time, you met me feel so welcome in the workplace..that is not always the case . Maybe your kindness was more needed by the almighty. And your man being a friend , introduced you to me and I was so happy to see you again not knowing that was the last time.
My dear Jose.may the almighty God guide your precious soul and slso protect the love ones you left behind.

This tribute was added by rebecca kamara on 19th July 2014

"I still can't believe you are gone to this day jojo.. I met you when I came to Finland few years back when you and my brother had just started a relationship,, you were a strong woman you made him laugh and he was happy when he found you... You are gone but will never be forgotten,, thank you for given us a beautiful daughter that will be loved and taken good care of., we love you and miss you till meet  again. ❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Meseret Negussie on 19th July 2014

"Meseret Negussie
I got to know Josephine while working in same place, started that day I could see that how positive,  kind , helpful and  nice to communicate with people and she shared me her strength in the field and life experiences those  are still with me. To lose her is something unbelievable and great shock for me no words to explain my sorrow. Just rest in peace my friend. R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Jayne Karanja on 18th July 2014

"Rest in peace..We thank God for the time he gave you to spend with your family and friends.
To your family, May God be your strength, your shoulder to lean on in this difficult moment and above all be your steadfast rock. All will be well in the Lord."

This tribute was added by Foday Mansaray on 16th July 2014

"May her precious soul rest in perfect peace as she will always be remembered by all those who dearly and truly loved her. Her absences within the community of Zambians and Sierra Leoneans will always be felt dearly. R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Gibeilla Kamara on 15th July 2014

"You will be dearly missed, We loved you but God loved you more. In our hearts you will always remain. We thank God for all the time we had together.
Kamara family."

This tribute was added by A. Niinkoti on 15th July 2014

"I met 'Jose' eleven years ago and because of her strength, nurturing soul and inner beauty made me shared good memories also build trust with her. Jose stood for what she believed was right and shared her knowledge and love with others who aimed to achieve the best. I will always remember her as a STRONG and COURAGEOUS woman/mother who will FOREVER SHINE in my life. Our prayers go to her family in Finland and Zambia at this difficult moment. (Thanks for sharing this web)."

This tribute was added by Brian Vzay on 13th July 2014

"If you live,you live for The Lord and if you die you die for The Lord .May your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Edwin Ndaki on 13th July 2014

"Josephine, you will be remembered forever for the amazing qualities you embodied.Your death has left us with nothing to hold on to.
May our Lord bless and comfort your family  and Zambia community during this time of grief. Please accept our sincere condolences.May god rest her soul in peace. AMEN"

This tribute was added by Slade Syakango on 13th July 2014

"Just as the stars disappear in the morning fading away with the light of the sun shall we depart from the earth. However we will be remebered for what we have done. Josephine you have been a wonderful cheerful person we will miss you dearly"

This tribute was added by Michaelangelo Moono on 13th July 2014

"Your loss has left us dumbfounded! My wife and I were like why?? and in such a short time!!! First time I met you was in 2006 and you were beautiful, not only on the outside but yours went deeper... Over the years we've met but I really cannot say I got to know you as most have here but the little I knew was sufficient enough to stir something in the inside of me and cause me to mourn over such a loss of a wonderful young woman who had so much to live for!!! I can only say God knows why as many have already highlighted but one thing I know is that we never really lose those whom we love, they still live on dearly in our hearts! So on this light our dear Josephine we shall begin to celebrate your life!!! This we shall do for the sake of little Sofia, so that she may know her mom was a wonderful soul and she fought on to the very end!!! To her son Dalitso, her better half Achmed and the rest of the family may you be comforted and we point you to the greatest comforter God himself, may he be your place of solace during this very difficult time. Josephine rest in peace and may your life shine on!!!"

This tribute was added by Boniface Momanyi on 12th July 2014

"This was the biggest shock for us to bear. I reflect those days in Turku we used to joke and be happy together as friends usually do. This is a big loss to a talented young citizen with a bright future. God has done his work we remain with unanswered questions in our hearts and mind.May perpetual light shine upon her and eternal life grant thee until we meet again in the Lord´s kingdom.Rest in peace forever.Goodbye."

This tribute was added by Joyce Björklund on 12th July 2014

"Every time i think that you are gone..i shed tears and im soo sad . Sad for The moments I took for granted and thought we will " catch up". You were a strong, focused and beautiful woman. I cherish The days in Turku.. Summer was The best Time, we hanged out and your energy was never ending. I will never forget you Josephine! You are gone too soon but your memory will linger on.  I pray for strength for your family.RIP."

This tribute was added by Peggy Lwando on 12th July 2014

"It's getting more real each day, I still can't believe you're gone.
Farewell! I will miss you dearly. RIP"

This tribute was added by Miikee Bangss on 12th July 2014

"am happy.jesus---loved - .  sa---lone."

This tribute was added by Miikee Bangss on 12th July 2014

"mandela.-an old try  will ever stand ----------young ----trys  .--die out."

This tribute was added by Magdalene Ngoh on 12th July 2014

"I got to know Josephine ngoma through her man Achmed momodu who is the best friend of my husband Eugene. We became very close family friends. About as close as friends can get.  I liked calling her “ngoma”…We pulled along very well. We spent most Christmas, feast days, special occasions and family gatherings together as a family.  She was my workout partner; we would call each other often and remind ourselves of our workout schedules and targets…we had same carrier and same employer...

When ngoma was diagnosed with her illness, we cried together, we talked almost every day on phone, we prayed and we fellowshipped, we laughed (even at this moment, if you know ngoma, she would make you laughing). This was a great privilege for us

I have gone through trials before. But nothing like what ngoma faced. And I watched that young woman walk through the blackest night with grace, peace, and faith in her Lord. I never saw her flinch or hiccup on that point. Treatment for Leukemia is no picnic. It’s brutal. She had to endure it all in that hospital bed. Yet when I was with her, she didn`t fail to tell a jokey comment or a funny quip.
Her concern was always for the state of mind of her loved ones. Even when she went through the most suffering, she was more concerned with the state of mind of others. She kept thinking, how is Sofia, (her new born baby that was delivered prematurely due to the essence of beginning her chemotherapy immediately), she kept thinking how is achmed managing through all this. I was with

Ngoma all through in prayers, till last day that she graced this earth with her presence. All throughout the entire ordeal, up until the very end, she had the countenance of God’s peace and grace upon her face. She showed forth the spirit of the Lamb up until the Savior brought her into HIS arms. Thank God she knew Christ!!!
We Christians really don’t die. We fall asleep. The New Testament is clear on this. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. But our bodies sleep until the last day. Ngoma just fell asleep a little bit ahead of us. And she fell asleep with style, with class, with faith, with grace, and with a heart filled with love for others rather than pity for herself.

There will be a gaping hole in our hearts for some time. But God will use the instrument of time to heal those holes.
There are so many things that we don’t know on this side of the veil. We are finite creatures, tied to space and time, captured to a little speck of human history and experience. God is infinite, He is eternal, He sees the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. He knows all things that can be known. He sees the big picture. That which we can’t possibly know or see.

It is for this reason that so much of life is a mystery. Our God has chosen to not fully disclose His every plan. He instead beckons us to trust Him. To rest confidently in the fact that He can see further than we can. And what He does is always right and just.

While our God is sovereign and sees and knows all things. We can be assured of this. He suffers with us in our pain. He grieves with us in our loss. He hurts with us in our suffering. So we can cling to Him in our time of grief and mourning.

While the wisest among us do not have any answers as to the question, “why” … and such answers really wouldn’t remove the pain anyway even if we knew them … as children of the most high God, we can weep with those who weep and suffer with those who suffer. And therein, we can find some comfort.

I’ll close with a Scripture.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever trusts in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.
Therein lies the destiny of Josephine Ngoma and it’s the destiny of all who have trusted in the Savior, the Lord Jesus."

This tribute was added by Emiliene Eyongakpa on 11th July 2014

"May you find rest with the Lord!  There is a time for everything...A time to be born and a time to die. To God be the glory."

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