Her Life

Josie's Memorial Service (8/14/2021 in Pagosa Springs)

Memorial service will be open to all who would like to share in Josie's memory with us on August 14th, 2021 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado
  • We will be meeting at the River Walk Inn in the back of the hotel at 11 am 
  • We'll walk to the river together following a paved sidewalk path 
  • We'll spread some of Josie's ashes and share our stories & thoughts 
  • Reception will follow at Kip's 


Josie was born in Tulsa, Ok Decemebr 14th, 1979 

Middle School Years

Josie attended Marquette Catholic School from 1986-1993


Josie was always called to the horse world - as many of us already know - the Lafferty family has a history with horses.  Josie enjoyed that side of life, she loved the smells, energy, competition, and excitement of that life.  A rider first, she later took a role as a sales specialist at Finish Line Horse Products, an equine health product company, that allowed her the opportunity to be around the animals she so dearly loved.  In this vocation, she thrived, priding herself in knowing every product in and out, because she always put her customers (horses) first!

High School Years

Josie attended Cascia Hall Preparatory School from 1994-1998

A singer!

Josie knew she wanted to be in the limelight since she was a very young girl.  Singing was her talent & passion and she was eager to show it, learn it, and master it.  And master it - she did! There was rarely a time you wouldn't hear Josie's operatic voice singing throughout the house, whether in Tulsa, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Arizona or really anywhere - we will miss her songs! 

College Years

Josie attended Oklahoma University from 1998 - 2003 

Life After College

We had already moved to Colorado, and Josie came up often during her school years.  When she came to Pagosa the first time, I think she was met with a lot of awe, as the San Juan Mountains were really something special.  All of a sudden, she had mountains, hiking, skiing, river rapids, wildflowers, fireplaces (with real logs), and the everpresent peace that nature brought.  There, as young adults, we were all able to kindle a new chapter of life as a family - working, friends, lifelong partners - the start of something new.