Posted by Brenda Tietze on July 23, 2021
I take comfort in knowing Josie’s is continuing on in her spiritual journey
Posted by Rachel Frederico on July 14, 2021
You came to me in a dream the other night. It was so great to see you and talk with you again. I found myself wanting to stay in that dream so much longer. missing you
Posted by Angela Hanna on July 5, 2021
Josie now knows, no more fear, pain, loneliness or disappointment.
However, I am glad I took the time to spend some very special precious moments with her.
I am thankful for the insights and laughter we shared. Plus, the tears and hugs of two out of place souls.
Thank you
Ms. Josephine

To all who had the pleasure of meeting her, I send love, hugs and caring.
Let's help like she would want and make the world aware that no one is a leverite.
It's ok to be you.
Posted by Katie Higgins on July 3, 2021
To the Lafferty Family,

Unexpected loss is never easy to process. As I reflect on the news of Josie leaving this world I am feeling overwhelming waves of sadness and loss. Josie and I met about 20 years ago when we started working at Bourbon St Cafe in OKC. She was friends with so many, but her little group at BSC was Katie, Summer, Clay and Ritchie. She and I were fast friends as I imagine she was with so many others. Josie had a light in her and a way with people that was just magnetic. I was typically a pretty shy person and always tended to gravitate to more outgoing people. & Josie was definitely that. We had so much fun working at Bourbon St. and exploring OKC after our shifts at night. We all were attending school at OU & working as well. I was always so impressed with how well she was able to balance it all continuing to work close to full time and finish her degree. She was one of those people who could multitask and handle many responsibilities. She was a high achiever and very driven. I on the other hand was starting to struggle balancing it all and began making some pretty poor life decisions but Josie never once pushed me away or shamed me for any of this. She was a tried and true friend through it all. In 2001 I found out I was pregnant and moved back to Tulsa with my mom. Shortly after my son was born I brought him with me to OKC to visit with Josie and Katie. This is one of my favorite memories. Josie and Katie both started singing opera to Brady. He was only a month or two old at the time and he was not impressed with the singing. We all giggled and just thoroughly enjoyed his reaction. They both made me feel nothing but love and acceptance during that visit. Josie and I have off and on touched base over the past two decades. But not nearly like we should have. She called me out of the blue a few years ago and we spoke for about an hour just catching up on all that life had thrown our way at that point. 

I will be praying for peace and comfort for your family. This loss is just too much to bear. My older brother passed away in a work accident shortly after the ice storm in Tulsa in 2007. So my heart goes out to you as siblings. She spoke of all of you so often. I know that she loved each of you dearly. And I can’t even begin to fathom the loss of a child. I remember when I found out I was pregnant she told me stories of how her mom used to ride horses and smoke cigarettes when she was pregnant with Josie. And she reassured me that my baby was gonna be just fine. He is now 19 and off at college. I will forever cherish my memories of Josie. The fiery full of life redheaded friend of mine who had a heart bigger than anyone I’ve ever met. She was passionate, kind, fun loving, a killer sense of humor and had a love for life that was contagious. I just want to thank you all for sharing her with us and letting us get to know your sweet Josie.

Deepest regrets,

Jenn Osborn
Posted by Tim Mara on June 27, 2021
My wife Jan and I met Josie in Quartzite AZ 2 years ago at the big tent RV show. Just brousing new RV's met Josie and quickly felt we had made a real friend. We spent nearly 2 hours then with her and her friend Mike just talking about ..well, everything,especially her family she loved so much. Later met again and shared a dinner and a few more brief meetings while there. Left knowing we had a new true friend. I had a few messages while she was on her discovery journey where she always responded with love and joy. I only learned of her passing from one of her friends Rachel Frederico on facebook. My heart was pained and we since said our prayers that she knew and had accepted her father in Heaven and she may now be in his book of life and in his loving arms. Our deepest true sympathies go out to her family and I know many friends. May God bless you all as well and give you peace and comfort.
Tim ( and Jan) Mara
Posted by Paula Landes on June 26, 2021
I didn’t know Josie very long but in the short time I learned just how beautiful Josie was not only on the outside but on the inside. Josie had a contagious laugh and loved to make others around her feel warm and welcomed and had a way about bringing a smile to your face. She always talked about her family and how much she loved them. I could tell from the first time I spoke to her just how full her heart was filled with love. She loved the outdoors and love meeting new people. I’m so honored to have met Josie before she passed and I know she she was at peace and loved life.
Posted by Briana Dominguez on June 26, 2021
When I think of Josie I think of someone with incredible wit, a great laugh, capacity for joy, and fiercely loyal. Josie formed strong bonds that lasted many years. She loved her family and I think they were the most important thing to her. Josie was an energy force that drew people in and kept people laughing and wanting more. My heart goes out to her family and all those close to her. I know she is in a better place and hopefully has found peace. I know everyone that knew her has great stories to tell of their times with Josie.

Message from Sarah Morgan

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