my beginning

Shared by Joye Musselwhite on March 15, 2014

On the morning of October 17, 1983 I went to the hospital to have my baby. The doctor said have a c-section so while I was waiting your daddy said he was going to the courthouse and on the way back he was going to stop at Maxway for Julia babydoll for her birthday. I was so glad I could give her you. You were the joy of her and me. I am so blessed to have you for a son . My love is for eternity for you.

More than a Brother, More than a Best Friend

Shared by Jessica Gore on November 2, 2010

To try and narrow done one moment, is like trying to catch the wind. Or maybe my mind is filled with too many memories of my kindled soul mate. 

Of course like any other sister I honestly thought he wasn't good enough for my sister.  But he had a way of making people fall in love with him. It didn't help that the guy I was dating at the time and Joseph became best friends too.  But Joseph had a way of being every body's best friend.  When things for me came crashing down he was there to help me up again and see the bigger picture and remember just how great I was. He fought me mentally and physically. He saw things in people that they could not. 

Teila and Joseph found each other in the darkest times in their lives. Through it all they  fought to stay together when the devil was trying his best break them up because you can't destroy what God has created with his own two hands. And Joseph is still her saving grace today. 

My story is simply to say Thank you Joseph for always being more than a brother and more than a friend.

I love you more than words could ever say and my heart aches until we see each other again.

The day forever began

Shared by Teila Ransom on May 26, 2010

I can still remember the first day I saw the sexiest man I have ever seen just like it was yesterday.  It was January 2003 and I had just turned 17.  I had always blew guys off focused on school and watching what my sisters went through thinking I didn't need that.  My daddy passed away June 16th, 2002 and I was still having terrible issues dealing with all of that.  I had just got my new 2002 Escape for Christmas and was going to my cousins Jeff and Tammy's to show Tammy my new ride.  (Jeff was there when I got it)  I pull up after being out most of the night with two of my besties Kelly and Rebecca.  I was wearing a wife beater and tommy yoga pants!!  I could not have looked worse!  I remember walking up and there he was, Joseph with two of his friends at the time.  He was leaned up against his little green Mitsubishi Mirage (he loved that car).  That was the first time anyone, any guy took my breathe away.  He was wearing a red Nautica shirt and Nautica khaki pants.  He was so perfect.  My stomach went all in knots but I tried to play so cool because I didn't even know how to act.  I had never been this way before.  I kept looking at him but tried not to be obvious.  We did not speak other than introductions that day and the cordial goodbye nice to meet you.

I could not get him off my mind and could not remember his name!!  I only heard it once and was so dazed and confused I could not remember it!  I didn't know what to do like I said I had never dated and never had a interest in anyone like this.  But God must have decided if I was not gonna act he would act for me.  Two Saturdays later I was leaving Wal-Mart in Whiteville (before they moved to the new building) pulling up at the stoplight I asked my friend Kelly "Hey, you remember that guy who is hanging out with Aunt Cookie's nephew?  You know the one we seen at Jeff and Tammy's What's his name?'  I tried not to let on how much I was interested in knowing his name!  She confusingly said "I think it was Joseph" and before she could finish asking "Why?"  There is his car driving past us through the stoplight!  I quickly point out isn't that his car?!!  I have to drop Kelly off at home because she had to go to work.  When I turn the corner to pull up at my house my heart drops to my stomach because who else is parked in my driveway but Joseph!  I check the rear view and hop out like I don't care and casually walk in the house.  The first thing I see is his head turn and smile (I tell myself Ok I can do this I am not all excited to see him) He was leaning up against the kitchen sink looking oh so cute talking to my mom and sister with his friend who happens to stay with my Aunt and Uncle.  I walk right through the kitchen and casually say Hey and keep going.  I run to the bedroom and change my shirt to something a little more fitting and walk back out to tell my mom I was going to Wal-Mart.  Yes I had just left there but I couldn't just stay there I was completely out of it.  He looks at me, smiles with his perfect smile, jumps up and says "Can I ride with you?"  I thought I was gonna fall out!  He looks at me then my mom and asks "Is it ok if I ride with her?"  My mom said she didn't care and of course I didn't!  From there it began we were completely inseparable from that very day.  I eventually find out he couldnt stop thinking about me either and I guess we were just meant to be.  That was the beginning of our forever January 25th, 2003.

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