Let the memory of Joshawa be with us forever
  • 35 years old
  • Born on February 27, 1977 in United States.
  • Passed away on December 22, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joshawa Curlee 35 years old , born on February 27, 1977 and passed away on December 22, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Susan Alexander on 27th February 2019
Remembering you today, Josh. I am so thankful that you came into our lives and blessed us forever. What joy you brought us! I know our Heavenly Father holds, comforts and blesses you forever. You are remembered fondly. Happy Birthday, brother!
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 27th February 2018
Aww...you were born today...Now you live eternally with the Father and Jesus. Happy Birthday Love Man. I know you are at peace and have total happiness, and for this, I give thanks to the Father. You have Lora Lee and several others there with you now..I feel your presence today and always. Thank you for loving me Josh...I carry you in my heart forever...
Posted by Alex Gathings on 21st March 2017
I still remember you often, Josh. It still is a blessing and an honor to have gotten to know you. Thank you for being my friend. I'm looking forward to seeing you one day again in heaven. I bet heaven is even greater than what I imagine. See you one day! :D
Posted by Donna Lane on 27th February 2017
Happy Birthday Joshawa!!!!! We love and miss you!
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 27th February 2017
Happy Birthday Love Man!! Always and Forever will I remember you...I know that you are celebrating with Nanny, Lora Lee, Jolene, Papa, and all the other loved ones in Heaven!! You are most likely playing your drums and feeling all the love around you today and everyday!! I will meet you at the gate one day!! Always remember how much you were loved...Your Angel
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 24th December 2016
You, Lurleen, Jolene, and Nanny and Papa are all up in Heaven for Christmas now!! What a beautiful reunion!! We all talked about you, called each other on the 22nd, and felt you very close!! Loving you Josh...always and forever...Your Angel
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 1st March 2016
Hello From Heaven my Josh....I know you had an amazing birthday filled with all the love and happiness you could possibly handle. Down here on earth, we celebrated your memory and fondly talked about you all weekend. You were not forgotten, nor your name spoken without love! I love and miss you, but remember our saying "Always and Forever." I know you will meet me at the gate one day!! February 27th may be your birthday, but everyday is special with you in it...You have our sweet Lurleen now too, so keeping smiling and standing in the gap for me until I get there!!! Your Angel
Posted by Robin Hutzler on 22nd December 2015
Today is always going to be a day to remember each year. As each passing year goes by it doesn't seem to sting less. Know that Vicki still holds you deep in her heart. We lost our dear Lora Lee yesterday to join you. Vicki was there. Blessings to all during this extra special but hard time to have rememberance of our loved ones. Peace on earth.
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 22nd December 2015
To My Josh...today is a day that will always be imprinted in my heart. You made your transition on a Saturday at 4:15pm on a beautiful sunny day. Your tile marker has been placed at the Cross, and it says Josh and Vicki, Saved By Grace, Will Meet You At The Gate." I know you will meet me at the gate. Our Lora Lee just joined you yesterday. I love you always and forever....Your Angel
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 27th February 2015
It's your birthday today love man! I would never forget this day or any day of remembrance for you. My heart holds you close, and I am so happy that you are celebrating your life in Heaven now. Today Sony is dropping the albums in the UK, so how fitting is that; it happened on your birthday! I know you are all around me, and even though you are not here with me physically, I still know you are there my angel. Yes....you are MY angel now....Happy Birthday my Josh....Loving you Always...Your Angel B Love Girl
Posted by Aguirre Sabrina on 23rd December 2014
We here at UM will never forget you. I am so glad you are finally at peace.
Posted by Alex Gathings on 22nd December 2014
Hi, Josh. If you are there in Heaven, I know that you are no longer suffering. Thank God for His mercy and grace, and Jesus; because of His death on the cross, those who love and trust in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. I believe that you love and trust Jesus, Josh, and I hope to see you again one day!
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 22nd December 2014
Today was the day...4:15pm on a lovely Saturday afternoon, you were gloriously guided to your home in Heaven...Among the angels and loved ones at the gate to greet you, you were finally with your Jesus! I can only imagine your joys and peace, and although I miss you terribly, I look forward to sharing in eternity with you...Always and Forever loved my Josh...
Posted by Susan Alexander on 22nd December 2014
Josh, we remember you today with happy hearts. You brought so love and joy into our lives. We celebrate your new life as you look down on us from your heavenly home. We'll be with you again, Josh! We love you and are watching out for your Vicki.
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 27th February 2014
Happy Birthday my Josh....You are loved, cherished, and always remembered by so many on this earth...Your laughter, smile, warmth, spirit, musical gifts, and the special ways you showed your love are all irreplaceable....Your Angel
Posted by Darlene Curlee on 27th February 2014
Happy Birthday Josh. I love you and miss you but know you're in the best place you can be now, happy and at peace. Your favorite Aunt Daaaarlene
Posted by Susan Alexander on 27th February 2014
Happy birthday, Josh. You are being fondly remembered today. We are watching out for your beloved Vicki. Thank you for the joy you brought into our lives. We will love and miss you forever! - Until we meet again, sue and crew.
Posted by Christine Black on 27th February 2014
Happy Birthday dear Josh, you are gone but never forgotten. Sending love your way in heaven now and always and may you always watch over your precious Angel my Sis Vicki Johnson.
Posted by Donna Lane on 27th February 2014
Happy Birthday Josh! We all miss your smile...
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 29th December 2013
My Precious Josh.....not a day goes by that you are not thought about, cherished, remembered, and most of all, loved always and forever. I know you are always with me....and I will meet you at the gate.. Chrissy and her band are writing you a song, Alex and I are almost finished with a song for you, and I love you...Your Angel
Posted by Nina James on 22nd December 2013
Blessings dearest Josh on this day of your birth you were a Special Gift to this Earth and blessed us all - as you now bless those you encounter in heavenly Heaven.. You left us too soon as you now dance among the stars and the moon and the sun above the clouds you found your reason .. You are missed deeply and loved eternally...
Posted by Tara Dill on 22nd December 2013
Dearest Josh, I can't believe its all ready been a year! You became an angel exactly one year ago. I bet you look beautiful with your wings and halo. We all miss you so much down here on earth. I know you are looking over us. Joshie guess what? I got a tattoo for you! Its all In your hand writing, it looks beautiful. Its from a letter you wrote to me on my birthday. I miss you more than you could ever imagine! I've been dreaming about you a lot lately. However nothing compares to your sweet face in person. I love you brother! See you soon
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 18th April 2013
For no special reason but to say how much I love and miss you....always and forever...I hope you can somehow read and know about all the love you truly had on this earth. The ones who lighted the candles on this memorial site are a special reflection of the love for you. Your Angel
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 31st March 2013
Happy Easter 2013 Sweetheart. Always and Forever Loved, Your Angel
Posted by Donna Lane on 28th February 2013
Happy Birthday, Josh! Your Birthday candle is shining brightly tonight in your memory.
Posted by David Gathings on 28th February 2013
I remember when one of the questions I asked Josh is, if memory serves me right, did he believe in God, he said, "Oh yeah, man. I love Jesus" That gives me some comfort with Josh's passing. Happy birthday, Josh.
Posted by Miltonette Steinberg on 28th February 2013
Josh, even though we never met personally, we spoke on a few occasions and your sweet sincerity touched me. Thank you for all that you did to bring happiness to Vicki. You will always be remembered fondly and will forever be a part of our family. May you rest in peace!
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 27th February 2013
Happy Birthday Sweetheart in Heaven. The candles are burning for you like you ask, and you will be loved always and forever. Your Angel
Posted by David Gathings on 24th February 2013
Josh, thank-you for giving me a chance to get to know you. I am glad I got to spend time with you and saw a friend in you. God had blessed my family and I with both you and Vicki, and had I not met you both, I would not have the opportunities I have today. May the Lord bless you Josh, and may we see each other again one day.
Posted by Lora Lee McMillan on 22nd January 2013
I have many fond memories of Josh and how he loved life! I will miss him so much and all the conversations we shared. I pray for peace for the family, and love the friendship I had with him and Vicki. I love you all, and I am humbled that I was given the opportunity to get to know this precious family at the service in Austin. ...I will remember you...will you remember me? Lora Lee
Posted by Christine Black on 18th January 2013
Josh,my friend,someone I will never forget. You will always remain in our hearts and your spirit will live on through your remembrance and the ones who knew and loved you. I will miss you and I know you are in heaven looking down on us now. Your an angel now free of pain and sorrow with wings to fly with no limitations. No more tears,no more sorrow just free. I love and miss you Josh
Posted by Bobby Kinard on 14th January 2013
Vicki,I know that there were allot of things that you fought far but always keep you head up and keep your spirit up.Your family,friends can depend on you in many ways.I know Josh would think that was wonderful that you keep me and my heart aches.Take care of yourself as I know that God and Josh would!
Posted by Darlene Curlee on 10th January 2013
Josh...a dear sweet soul full of love, will always have a special place in my heart. I'll always remember your genuineness, generosity, laughter and the lessons I learned from you. You will be greatly missed but I find comfort knowing your suffering is over. I know you have found the love and peace you so deserve. Till we meet again...
Posted by Donna Lane on 10th January 2013
Although I never met Josh in person...I KNEW HIM. I knew of his kind and generous nature; that he loved deeply and unconditionally. That he loved Jesus. James 1:12, "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." Josh will be sorely missed, but we will see him again one day.
Posted by Vicki Johnson on 9th January 2013
I'll Remember You....in the colors of a sunset, in the comfort of my dreams, in the memory of a song....In the places we discovered, in the moments that we shared, in the laughter that still dances in my heart....and always__more than anything, I'll remember you in your love that still lives within my heart.......

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