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  • 34 years old
  • Born on December 6, 1978 .
  • Passed away on October 6, 2013 .
Joshua Joseph Fitts, our loving husband, father, son and brother returned to our Heavenly Father at the age of 34 on Sunday, October 6, 2013.

Josh was born in Fountain Valley, CA, on December 6, 1978 to Steve and Lori Fitts. Josh moved to Orem at the age of 12 and graduated from Orem High School as a 5A state champion baseball pitcher. On baseball scholarship he then attended a year and a half at Utah Valley University before making the decision to attend flight school where he obtained his helicopter pilot license. Josh married the love of his life Lara Hill on June 8, 1999. They lived in the Utah County area before ultimately settling down and starting their family in Hurricane.

Josh will be greatly missed by all. He touched everyone he knew and easily made friends. He loved life and he lived it to the fullest. He was the ultimate outdoorsman, camping, fishing, skiing, wake boarding, boating, you name it he did it and he did it well. He excelled at everything he did including his career as a helicopter pilot, which ultimately took his life. His accomplishments in life are great, but nothing was as great or more important to him than his family. He leaves behind his beautiful and loving wife Lara and two adorable children, Teague and Reece, that meant the world to him. He knew what was most important in life and said that having children changed his world.

Josh is survived by his wife Lara and two children: Teague and Reece. He is also survived by his parents Steve and Lori Fitts; his brother Jason Fitts; his sisters Jenny Huff and Aubrey Fitts; and his extended family.

Posted by Fitts Steve on 7th October 2018
I miss you daily. The first thing I think of each day is you. I expected to see you again hoping for years you'd appear to me. I have lost faith in most everything god, country, life but still have my family and your children to keep going. I hope ill see you once again when I leave this earth. Don't know but I hope so. You were a special child,Man,and son, oh the fun and adventures we had.
Posted by Debbie Clark on 7th October 2018
Josh, I know you are around, You have a beautiful wife and children that you watch over. We miss your laugh and energy. We love you, I love you. Deb 6 October 2018
Posted by Lara Fitts on 1st August 2018
It’s been a while since I’ve written on this... I’ve been doing all my tributes to FB... words can not describe the absence we feel.... we still talk about daily... i will never let your memory fade in our home... the kids really got screwed out of having their daddy... no one will carry that title but you... it pains me that they never get to call out the word “dad” or “daddy” and have you to pick them up and tell them you love them... it still makes me angry they miss out on your love and support... I’m doing my best and my heart still wonders where you are... love you so much ❤️ Forever Tangled Up In You Lara
Posted by Jenny Huff on 6th December 2017
Happy Birthday Josh! I miss you so much! Wish you were here to see what amazing and sweet kids you have. I love them so much. Always on my mind forever in my heart!
Posted by Sarah Laflan on 6th December 2017
Josh, Jeff and I have been thinking about you a lot with your special birthday approaching. This time of year always warms our hearts. I know We would be talking and catching up. We really miss you. We feel your closeness and appreciate you watching over us. You’re doing a great job. Stay close. We love you. Jeff and Sarah
Posted by Lara Fitts on 9th January 2017
Time keeps going.... sometimes I wish it would go faster... I just can not wait to see your smiling face and hear that laugh and feel your arms around us. Teague is just like you... I love it... every annoying and amazing quality.. Reece is so spunky... I wish I could see you laugh at her and hold her. She would be daddy's girl for sure. I see your face in photos and I still can't believe your gone... if I stare to long the pain of you being gone is almost to much to handle... I'm doing my best... and now focusing on getting the house closer to your standards.. help me get through this life.. help Teague and Reece too... we love and miss you more then words.. Until we meet again Forever Tangled up in You
Posted by Jenny Huff on 6th December 2016
Life just isn't the same without you! I love your freaking family so much! Thanks you for them. Always on my mind forever in my heart.
Posted by Sarah Laflan on 6th December 2016
I was just talking to a friend about you saying that time has helped in so many ways. But it's so sad to think I could ever forget you, and it's so sad that never will. It's a loose loose. Today I hope to pull strength in your memory to live long, hard, love deeply, and be adventurous. I think about you all the time. I see you in so many things. Your in my heart forever. I want to hug you so badly. My mind is swirling.... I freaking love your wife..... your kids are bright stars. So much love for you is beaming up to heaven. Hugs, for Jeff & Me
Posted by Kerri Johnson on 7th October 2016
3 years is a long time to not see one of your best friends! I can just imagine all of the crazy adventures you would have talked us into doing these past 3 years. I can close my eyes and hear your cackle laugh and I can also see your sensitive, caring side. To say I miss you is an understatement and it really gets to me when I am least expecting it. I miss seeing you w/ my Jeff & Sarah's Jeff. I loved you 3 together. Lara is doing an amazing job taking care of your cute kiddos Love you and miss you beyond words! Love, Kerri
Posted by Sarah Laflan on 6th October 2016
I miss you always. I know your keeping watch, I feel your love and protection over my family. Which makes me happy and also miss you more. Your my buddy..... I can close my eyes and feel your hugs. You’re the best. I love you and Lara so much. I'll miss you forever and love you for always, Sarah
Posted by Jenny Huff on 6th October 2016
Hi, my brother. I miss you! We all miss you so much! Can't believe it's been 3 years today since you left this earth. I love the time I spend with your family. They are amazing! You would be so proud. Thinking of you always!
Posted by Lara Fitts on 7th May 2016
Hi sweetie..... Miss u... Love u... Hope ur proud of us. Teague and his Tball (wish I could see u watch him) Reece with her dance (wish I could see ur reaction to her cuteness) so much we aren't able to enjoy together. I have to stay strong and do it without u. I know ur always with us.... Ur in my mind and heart always FTUIY LARA
Posted by Lara Fitts on 30th December 2015
Happy belated birthday and Merry Christmas babe... We celebrated your birthday perfectly this year... Perfect weather and amazing experience hiking Angels Landing... Christmas was exciting and fun for the kids... I know how much fun you would have had... I try my best to fill in the missing pieces.. But nothing will ever be the same. Forever missed... I love you... I miss you always... Forever tangled up in you Love you more Xo Lara
Posted by Charo Shamo on 7th December 2015
Happy birthday Josh! I hiked Angel's Landing today with Lara and then we had a bbq and ballon send off with the kiddos! I always feel you close when I am around them. Love you and miss you
Posted by Jenny Huff on 6th December 2015
Happy Birthday! You'd be 37 today...its weird to think that I'm older than you. Miss you so much! Always on my mind, forever in my heart!
Posted by Sarah Laflan on 6th December 2015
Happy Birthday Day, buddy!!! Today's the big day. I love you so much. I feel like I can say that and here your giggle. I would normally be calling you today and catching up. I always look forward to your birthday. I miss you so much. I know your a angel watching over my family. And I love it. Thanks for always being here. I love you. Sarah
Posted by Lara Fitts on 10th November 2015
Over the two year mark and it still feels unreal... I still get signs and messages letting me know your there... I love it... Don't worry I notice. Teague is your twin... Timid yet extreme... Reece is FINALLY getting potty trained. I wish I could see you with them now.. I think if you were to walk in the door smelling like jet fuel after a job.. How amazing that would be... To see the kids reaction would be priceless. Brings tears to my eyes. You are talked and prayed about daily... We love and miss you so much. Love you more Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 10th October 2015
I can't believe it's been two years ... Second year has gone by faster thank goodness... And without wishing mine and the kids life away... I am anxious to jump in your arms again and feel your chest against my cheek. Jenny was here with us subbing in for you. Changing light bulbs and air vents... I adore her. This last 6th was an amazing day.. Had the majority of our most favorite people surrounding me. Sarah, Kerri and my mom and I in one house again was so great.. We never skip a beat.. The hike is such a perfect way to feel close to you and clear my mind. Then the gym atmosphere and FITTS WOD is electric... I am so grateful for the people we surrounded ourselves with. They have help me to stand.. When I wanted to collapse... I know your grateful too. The kids love and talk about you all the time . Always on our mind forever in our hearts. Love you more babe Forever Tangled up in You Lara
Posted by Charo Shamo on 6th October 2015
Josh it seems like just yesterday we were all waiting for you to come home so we could go to the new crossfit gym! I am so happy I am able to be a part of Lara Teague and Reese's lives. Teague is a mini you!! 100%. Two years wow...... Love an miss you I hope every day I can live a good life
Posted by Daryl Simons on 6th October 2015
I can't believe it's been two years since josh passed. Lara just remember that Uncle Daryl and Grandpa Joe are always here for you and the kids. I just wish there wasn't the distance in miles between us, you guys and lori, jenny. Josh not only was a great nephew, he was like a best friend to me, but most of all he was a kind and sincere person. the thing I remember most about josh was after mom, his grandmother died, the attention he paid to Grandpa, always calling to see how he was doing, and it just brightened my dads day. We both miss him a lot
Posted by Jarom Taylor on 6th October 2015
Josh you have been gone for some time now, but I often think about you and your family. Thanks for being a good buddy and all the good times.
Posted by Jenny Huff on 6th October 2015
Hey Josh, I miss you so much. It's weird to think that I'm officially older than my older brother. Never thought that would happen.... and I'd give anything for it not to have. It's sad that I've grown so close to your family since your passing. Not that we weren't close before, but it took your passing to really see the important things in life. I wish I would have visited and spent more time with you when you were here. We grow up and live separate lives and I know it's hard to find the time sometimes, but I wish I would have realized the importance before now. I love Lara and the kids so much. And I want to be apart of their lives forever. I'll do my best to look out for them and help in anyway I can. I hope you know that. Think of you everyday! Love your little sis!
Posted by Kerri Johnson on 6th October 2015
I can't believe today is your 2 year mark of your passing. I can't explain how much I miss you...your laugh, smile, your jokes and everything else about you. I miss your love for life and your sense of adventure. I miss us hanging out as a group of friends. We can feel a hole that can not be filled. I know Jeff misses you, and giving you spiritual lessons..haha. Life will never be the same. I will always be here to take care of Lara, Teague and Reece. Wish I could hug you one more time. Love you!!!
Posted by Sarah Laflan on 6th October 2015
Hi Buddy. I want to snuggle in for a big hug so bad. I looked at your picture yesterday and I felt those famous hugs you use to give. Thanks for always being you. You are so loving and affectionate. So supportive and understanding. So much fun to be around. Teague said something yesterday about speaking Spanish and I started to laugh and said "your dad could speak Spanish... And Lebanese". I could hear you and Jeff laughing so hard about your accents while riding around in the helicopter. Oh you boys had the best belly laughs. Your smile is permently foerver in my mind and in my heart. You make me so happy. Jeff and I miss you so much. We still laugh about all your funny memories we made with you. Thanks for still making us laugh. Thanks for the incredible impact you have made in our lives. Peace be with you and all who knows you. "Mcdona's forever"! Sarah
Posted by Lara Fitts on 9th September 2015
23 months since you had to leave us. I miss you more all the time. Watching your video and seeing you full of life... Hearing your laugh, talk, seeing ur mannerisms, smile and face... Makes me really feel the pain of missing you. I can see you.. But not interact or touch... Just how you must feel right now . Reece talks about you a lot as well as Teague.. He wants to be just like you .. As I hope he is . Love you more Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 12th August 2015
22 months ago I had my last conversation with you. I'm so glad everything was said and everything is positive. It happened too soon. Thank you for letting me feel what real, true, love is... It makes my heart full to think of our memories and read you cards and letters. Hope your smiling and are proud of your little family trying our best to live without you here physically Love you more Forever Tangled Up In You Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 8th July 2015
21 months...getting close to two years... Two years ago on the Fourth of July we took Teague to his first firework show. I remember laying on your chest enjoying the fireworks with our son. Teague was so tired he could care less about the rest... We left before the grand finale and he passed out on the way home. Almost the same thing happened with Reece this year. About begging me to go to bed. As both kids passed out. Two years ago on the 5 th of July we went to the Provo pool with some of our dearest friends. It was an amazing and unforgettable day. One of my favorite scenes was seeing you hold our 1 year old Reece down the tube slide about drownding yourself to keep her out of water.. Then I said " stand up!!" You smiled and said .. Oh yeah!!.. So funny... Teague gunned off the slide and when asked if he wanted to do it again he pointed at you and firmly said. "No!!"... Now... He can't get enough. Thrill seeker:) those times and memories make me smile and are stories I can keep alive for the kids. We love and miss you dearly... Time keep flying bye... Can't wait to see you Forever tangled up in you Lara
Posted by Jenny Huff on 22nd June 2015
Josh, I thought of you a lot yesterday, Father's Day. You were an amazing dad to your two children. I know in my heart that you still watch over them and visit them daily in spirit. They will definitely grow up knowing you and loving you as best they can, Lara is making sure of that. I love your family with all my heart. And I love and miss you everyday.
Posted by Lara Fitts on 21st June 2015
Happy Father's Day to my husband, man that I love and cherish, my soul mate, holder of my heart, man of my dreams, best friend and father of our children... Teague Joshua and Reece Star... Pieces of you... Gifts from you that I can still hold, kiss, laugh, and play with. Love you more Until we meet again Forever Tangled Up In You Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 9th June 2015
20 months and our 16th wedding anniversary .... I will always think of you as mine.. And always an us... I will never stop counting our anniversaries... I tried to do things you would do today.. Clean, clean, play with kids, and workout;) our typical routine.... But I did Josh jobs today. It helped me to feel you close and proud as I was doing things that are not " my jobs" .... Miss you more and more,.. Watching your video really brings it to the surface of how much I miss you... Everything... Your being... The kids miss you too.. But seem to still feel close. We believe in us.. And our family Love you more Lara
Posted by Maile Pastor on 10th May 2015
Today is the second Mother's Day now that you have been gone. I'm so glad you watch over Lara and the kids. They feel your presence often. Lara is doing such an amazing job raising your children now on her own. She tries so hard to be everything you would want her to be and do for them. I know your extremely proud of her! Those sweet kids love and miss you so much, but I can tell you they know you loved them! She makes sure of that! You told me once that she was an amazing mother and you were right! You know that watching her now from the other side even more! Love you josh and miss you more and more as time goes by! Happy Mother's Day Lara! We love you! Joe and maile
Posted by Jenny Huff on 7th May 2015
I still can't believe it's real. Just seems like you've been gone for a while. You left behind such an amazing family! I love them so much! Hope you are with them often and by chance peak in on me from time to time.
Posted by Lara Fitts on 7th May 2015
19 months ago.. And it still dose not feel real. Yet it feels a lifetime without u... I pray your with us everyday.. I know you are cause Reece constantly talks about you. I hope your proud of me.. And how our kids are doing. They are amazing... The most precious gift you gave me. Love you more Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 7th April 2015
One year ago today two special friends joined you. Robin Venuti and Albert Rubio ... Two more families having to deal with the same nightmare. I hope you three are together and happy to see us pushing through.. There for each other .... And keeping your memories alive. Not a moment goes by without you on my mind.. Still loving.. Cherishing... Adoring and missing you. Always on our mind forever in our hearts. You are my forever , loved you then, love you still, always have, always will. Forever Tangled Up In You Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 27th March 2015
5 years ago today we became parents.. Welcomed our son Teague for the first time. We were so happy and overjoyed to finally have a child. You were so in love with your son immediately. Never wanted to put him down and slept curled up next to him wherever he was at. Even the last moment you were with him was laying by his bedside not wanting to leave him... Tears running down your face. Thank heavens he looks and acts so much like you. Our little Josh. Your alive in him and we all feel it. Thank you for giving me the gift of being a mother. Giving me Teague and Reece and leaving me pieces of you. Reece said today " daddy is with me mom" I asked right now? She said " yes.. And he's happy to be with me mom". Makes me so happy your still alive in their hearts and they feel you. We miss you horribly. Forever Tangled Up In You Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 7th March 2015
17 months today ... The age of our daughter when you had to leave us... Breaks my heart you didn't get longer with her and she with you. Thank you for helping me get our little angel Reece to us.. And help me get us back to you. Love you more.... Hope you got Reece's birthday balloons Xoxo Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 15th February 2015
Happy Valentines Day Sweetie, you are forever my very own special Valentine.. You are my forever.. Loved then... Love you still... Always have... Always will... Forever Tangled Up In You Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 9th February 2015
Hi sweetie.. 16 months has gone by and it's still unreal. We talk about you constantly .. Today Teague wanted Nike shoes just like his daddy.. To Make him run so fast! Reece followed and got pink Nikes. Teague also said today when he grows up he wants to be you. Your his hero as you are mine and Reece's as well. Love you more Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 8th January 2015
Hi sweetie.... 15 months for you and 9 for Robin and Albert. You are all loved and missed dearly. I try to just think about all the times you were gone for long periods of time and how we would get butterflies ( love how you always told me that) and were so happy to see each other again! I remember one morning after you got home and you were doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and I just started crying over the relief to have you home. Now I try to just picture all 3 of you anxious and excited for us to come home. What an amazing feeling and moment it will be. Hope we are making you proud. Love you more Lara
Posted by Lara Fitts on 25th December 2014
Another Christmas without you and your absence is so real... We all try to smile through tears. We miss you so much and know you want us to live a good life. Wish I could see you see the kids open their presents so excited. Kind of thing you couldn't wait for. I really try to tell myself you see it, I can almost hear you laugh as the kids freak out with excitement. Can't wait to hear that laugh.... Feel your hugs... And kiss that face. Love you more Merry Christmas sweetie Lara
Posted by Jenny Huff on 8th December 2014
Josh, I know I'm 2 days late, but Happy Birthday. You would be 36... it's weird to think that I'm now the age when you passed. It's also strange to think that I will get to grow older than my older brother. You will forever be ingrained in our minds as a 34 year old. I'll never get to make fun of your grey hair or obscene amount of wrinkles :o). I miss you everyday... I think we all miss your wonderful laugh. Your always in my thoughts and in my heart. You are forever a part of me. Love your younger sis.
Posted by Afton Moore on 8th December 2014
Happiest of Happy Birthdays Josh! I know it just turned to the 8th so now I'm late and I'm sure Rob and Albert are shaking their heads and saying, "We knew it!"...but better late than never right... :) Anyway, Everyone misses you boys! Your children are beautiful and the mommas are doing an incredible job raising them but I'm sure you already know that...Tell the other boys hi and we'll see you when we see you...HaPpY Birthday Joshua!!! :)
Posted by Fitts Steve on 7th December 2014
Happy birthday josh i think of you daily im still waiting for your spirit to comfort me and let me know your all right ive lost all faith your children are a bright light in my life they are very special and lara is a great mom Teague is just like you makes friends easily a happy kid full of life little reece is beautiful and knows what she wants and when she wants it I cant stop hugging and kissing them your mom and I are very close and go about our lives with you in our hearts i wish you could see the picture of Teague in the go cart and Reece sleeping on my chest we shared a wonderful time together in your youth its made my life worthwhile
Posted by Lara Fitts on 7th December 2014
My sweet husband.... How lucky am I to call you that? ... Happy Birthday. Wish you were here to celebrate with us.. Instead we celebrate for you and because of you. I was lucky to be a part of 17 years of your life... Half of it ! Today I was with Dana, and the girls and Albert's daughter Hattie.. All little helpers.. We are a unit because of tragedy but I know you three were happy to see us baking your birthday cake and sending balloons. 3 special daddy angels. Love you more all the time... I'm a better person cause of you.. Still hear u daily on certain things throughout the day . Think of you every minute. Love you more Lara
Posted by Debbie Jones on 7th December 2014
Happy Birthday Josh! Your laugh, kindness, and love for life and others will always be remembered.
Posted by Scott Neilsen on 7th December 2014
Happy birthday buddy! I sure do miss having you here. You are maybe the only person ever with who I was completely comfortable and able to relax and be myself. That's a reflection of who you are and I thank you for that. If you have any tips for me on my golf swing please let me know. See you soon.
Posted by Roby Bates on 7th December 2014
Happy Birthday Josh! Miss you like crazy. Thanks for always being such a good "big brother" figure in my life over the years. Our little Carson's birthday is tomorrow and I remember you always teasing me saying I had him on the wrong day because your birthday was so much cooler haha. I'm sure you guys are celebrating today in heaven, I am sure it is beautiful up there. Can't wait until we all get to see eachother again! Lara, Teague and Reece are AMAZING. They are so strong and miss you so much! I am happy I still get to see them every so often... Teague is your identical twin seriously it's crazy how much he looks like you! XOXO Roby
Posted by Charo Shamo on 6th December 2014
Josh!! I miss you so much. I was able to do the Josh Fitts WOD today with Lara and I am so thankful for her and for our friendship. Every time I see Teague I think of you. He is a spitting image for sure! That little Reece melts my heart every time I see her! I feel so blessed to have known you even if it was only for a short time. I am a better person because of it! Lara is an inspiration to me everyday. She is so strong!! Love ya Josh happy birthday!
Posted by Debbie Clark on 6th December 2014
Happy Birthday Josh, Geez these special days are tough. I just hope you know how much I miss you. I think of you everyday. What a giant vacant hole there is in everybody's life who loves you. We all miss you terribly. I know Lara misses so much, I see it in her face every time I look at her. The kids want their daddy back too. Please stay close to them. We all have so many great memories. of you to hang on too. They say the good die young, I guess it's true. . Please continue to watch over your family. . Love you to the moon and back. Debbie's
Posted by Sarah Laflan on 6th December 2014
Happy Birthday Josh! I look forward to saying things like this in person again. My heart feels torn on being happy and sad. Today has so many good memories of you. I've been counting down the days since Thanksgiving to your birthday. Looking forward to it has always been fun and exciting. I can hear your voice clearly from one of the times I missed it and called you the next day. Your always so sweet and forgiving. So let's remember and celebrate your life today and all the good things about why this day was so special to have you here on earth. I'm so happy you were born. Happy you lived a good life, a man that truly truly lived! Your amazing and we all love you, we will be celebrating to all day. From the Laflan's Xoxoxo

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