Joshua Joseph Fitts
  • 34 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 6, 1978
  • Date of passing: Oct 6, 2013
Live a good life. In the end it is not the years in the life, but the life in the years.
Joshua Joseph Fitts, our loving husband, father, son and brother returned to our Heavenly Father at the age of 34 on Sunday, October 6, 2013.

Josh was born in Fountain Valley, CA, on December 6, 1978 to Steve and Lori Fitts. Josh moved to Orem at the age of 12 and graduated from Orem High School as a 5A state champion baseball pitcher. On baseball scholarship he then attended a year and a half at Utah Valley University before making the decision to attend flight school where he obtained his helicopter pilot license. Josh married the love of his life Lara Hill on June 8, 1999. They lived in the Utah County area before ultimately settling down and starting their family in Hurricane.

Josh will be greatly missed by all. He touched everyone he knew and easily made friends. He loved life and he lived it to the fullest. He was the ultimate outdoorsman, camping, fishing, skiing, wake boarding, boating, you name it he did it and he did it well. He excelled at everything he did including his career as a helicopter pilot, which ultimately took his life. His accomplishments in life are great, but nothing was as great or more important to him than his family. He leaves behind his beautiful and loving wife Lara and two adorable children, Teague and Reece, that meant the world to him. He knew what was most important in life and said that having children changed his world.

Josh is survived by his wife Lara and two children: Teague and Reece. He is also survived by his parents Steve and Lori Fitts; his brother Jason Fitts; his sisters Jenny Huff and Aubrey Fitts; and his extended family.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 6th December 2017

"Happy Birthday Josh! I miss you so much! Wish you were here to see what amazing and sweet kids you have. I love them so much. Always on my mind forever in my heart!"

This tribute was added by sarah Laflan on 6th December 2017

"Josh,   Jeff and I have been thinking about you a lot with your special birthday  approaching.   This time of year always warms our hearts.  I know We would be talking and catching up.   We really miss you.  We feel your closeness and  appreciate you watching over us.  You’re doing a great job.  Stay close.  We love you.
Jeff and Sarah"

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 9th January 2017

"Time keeps going.... sometimes I wish it would go faster... I just can not wait to see your smiling face and hear that laugh and feel your arms around us. Teague is just like you... I love it... every annoying and amazing quality.. Reece is so spunky... I wish I could see you laugh at her and hold her. She would be daddy's girl for sure. I see your face in photos and I still can't believe your gone... if I stare to long the pain of you being gone is almost to much to handle... I'm doing my best... and now focusing on getting the house closer to your standards.. help me get through this life.. help Teague and Reece too... we love and miss you more then words..
Until we meet again
Forever Tangled up in You"

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 6th December 2016

"Life just isn't the same without you! I love your freaking family so much! Thanks you for them.
Always on my mind forever in my heart."

This tribute was added by sarah Laflan on 6th December 2016

"I was just talking to a friend about you saying that time has helped in so many ways.  But it's so sad to think I could ever forget you, and it's so sad that never will. It's a loose loose.
Today I hope to pull strength in your memory to live long, hard, love deeply, and be adventurous.   I think about you all the time. I see you in so many things.  Your in my heart forever.  I want to hug you so badly. My mind is swirling....  I freaking love your wife..... your kids are bright stars.  So much love for you is beaming up to heaven.   Hugs, for Jeff & Me"

This tribute was added by Kerri Johnson on 7th October 2016

"3 years is a long time to not see one of your best friends! I can just imagine all of the crazy adventures you would have talked us into doing these past 3 years. I can close my eyes and hear your cackle laugh and I can also see your sensitive, caring side. To say I miss you is an understatement and it really gets to me when I am least expecting it. I miss seeing you w/ my Jeff & Sarah's Jeff. I loved you 3 together. Lara is doing an amazing job taking care of your cute kiddos Love you and miss you beyond words! Love, Kerri"

This tribute was added by sarah Laflan on 6th October 2016

"I miss you always.  I know your keeping watch, I feel your love and protection over my family.  Which makes me happy and also miss you more.  Your my buddy..... I can close my eyes and feel your hugs.  You’re the best.  I love you and Lara so much.

I'll miss you forever and love you for always,


This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 6th October 2016

"Hi, my brother. I miss you! We all miss you so much! Can't believe it's been 3 years today since you left this earth. I love the time I spend with your family. They are amazing! You would be so proud. Thinking of you always!"

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th May 2016

"Hi sweetie..... Miss u... Love u... Hope ur proud of us. Teague and his Tball (wish I could see u watch him) Reece with her dance (wish I could see ur reaction to her cuteness) so much we aren't able to enjoy together. I have to stay strong and do it without u. I know ur always with us.... Ur in my mind and heart always

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 30th December 2015

"Happy belated birthday and Merry Christmas babe... We celebrated your birthday perfectly this year... Perfect weather and amazing experience hiking Angels Landing... Christmas was exciting and fun for the kids... I know how much fun you would have had... I try my best to fill in the missing pieces.. But nothing will ever be the same. Forever missed... I love you... I miss you always...
Forever tangled up in you
Love you more

This tribute was added by Charo Shamo on 7th December 2015

"Happy birthday Josh! I hiked Angel's Landing today with Lara and then we had a bbq and ballon send off with the kiddos! I always feel you close when I am around them. Love you and miss you"

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 6th December 2015

"Happy Birthday! You'd be 37 today...its weird to think that I'm older than you. Miss you so much! Always on my mind, forever in my heart!"

This tribute was added by sarah Laflan on 6th December 2015

"Happy Birthday Day, buddy!!!   Today's the big day.  I love you so much.  I feel like I can say that and here your giggle.  I would normally be calling you today and catching up.  I always look forward to your birthday.  I miss you so much.  I know your a angel watching over my family.  And I love it. Thanks for always being here. I love you.

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 10th November 2015

"Over the two year mark and it still feels unreal... I still get signs and messages letting me know your there... I love it... Don't worry I notice. Teague is your twin... Timid yet extreme... Reece is FINALLY getting potty trained. I wish I could see you with them now.. I think if you were to walk in the door smelling like jet fuel after a job.. How amazing that would be... To see the kids reaction would be priceless. Brings tears to my eyes. You are talked and prayed about daily... We love and miss you so much.

Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 10th October 2015

"I can't believe it's been two years ... Second year has gone by faster thank goodness... And without wishing mine and the kids life away... I am anxious to jump in your arms again and feel your chest against my cheek. Jenny was here with us subbing in for you. Changing light bulbs and air vents... I adore her. This last 6th was an amazing day.. Had the majority of our most favorite people surrounding me. Sarah, Kerri and my mom and I in one house again was so great.. We never skip a beat.. The hike is such a perfect way to feel close to you and clear my mind. Then the gym atmosphere and FITTS WOD is electric... I am so grateful for the people we surrounded ourselves with. They have help me to stand.. When I wanted to collapse... I know your grateful too. The kids love and talk about you all the time . Always on our mind forever in our hearts.

Love you more babe
Forever Tangled up in You

This tribute was added by Charo Shamo on 6th October 2015

"Josh it seems like just yesterday we were all waiting for you to come home so we could go to the new crossfit gym! I am so happy I am able to be a part of Lara Teague and Reese's lives. Teague is a mini you!! 100%. Two years wow...... Love an miss you I hope every day I can live a good life"

This tribute was added by Daryl Simons on 6th October 2015

"I can't believe it's been two years since josh passed.  Lara just remember that Uncle Daryl and Grandpa Joe are always here for you and the kids. I just wish there wasn't the distance in miles between us, you guys and lori, jenny.  Josh not only was a great nephew, he was like a best friend to me, but most of all he was a kind and sincere person. the thing I remember most about josh was after mom, his grandmother died, the attention he paid to Grandpa, always calling to see how he was doing, and it just brightened my dads day.   We both miss him a lot"

This tribute was added by Jarom Taylor on 6th October 2015

"Josh you have been gone for some time now, but I often think about you and your family.  Thanks for being a good buddy and all the good times."

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 6th October 2015

"Hey Josh, I miss you so much. It's weird to think that I'm officially older than my older brother. Never thought that would happen.... and I'd give anything for it not to have. It's sad that I've grown so close to your family since your passing. Not that we weren't close before, but it took your passing to really see the important things in life. I wish I would have visited and spent more time with you when you were here. We grow up and live separate lives and I know it's hard to find the time sometimes, but I wish I would have realized the importance before now. I love Lara and the kids so much. And I want to be apart of their lives forever. I'll do my best to look out for them and help in anyway I can. I hope you know that. Think of you everyday!

Love your little sis!"

This tribute was added by Kerri Johnson on 6th October 2015

"I can't believe today is your 2 year mark of your passing. I can't explain how much I miss you...your laugh, smile, your jokes and everything else about you. I miss your love for life and your sense of adventure. I miss us hanging out as a group of friends. We can feel a hole that can not be filled. I know Jeff misses you, and giving you spiritual lessons..haha. Life will never be the same. I will always be here to take care of Lara, Teague and Reece. Wish I could hug you one more time. Love you!!!"

This tribute was added by sarah Laflan on 6th October 2015

"Hi Buddy.   I want to snuggle in for a big hug so bad.  I looked at your picture yesterday and I felt those famous hugs you use to give.  Thanks for always being you. You are so loving and affectionate.  So supportive and understanding. So much fun to be around.  Teague said something yesterday about speaking Spanish and I started to laugh and said "your dad could speak Spanish... And Lebanese".   I could hear you and Jeff laughing so hard about your accents while riding around in the helicopter.  Oh you boys had the best belly laughs.  Your smile is permently foerver in my mind and in my heart.  You make me so happy.
Jeff and I miss you so much.  We still laugh about all your funny memories we made with you. Thanks for still making us laugh.  Thanks for the incredible impact you have made in our lives.

Peace be with you and all who knows you.

"Mcdona's forever"!

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 9th September 2015

"23 months since you had to leave us. I miss you more all the time. Watching your video and seeing you full of life... Hearing your laugh, talk, seeing ur mannerisms, smile and face... Makes me really feel the pain of missing you. I can see you.. But not interact or touch... Just how you must feel right now . Reece talks about you a lot as well as Teague.. He wants to be just like you .. As I hope he is .

Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 12th August 2015

"22 months ago I had my last conversation with you. I'm so glad everything was said and everything is positive. It happened too soon. Thank you for letting me feel what real, true, love is... It makes my heart full to think of our memories and read you cards and letters. Hope your smiling and are proud of your little family trying our best to live without you here physically

Love you more
Forever Tangled Up In You

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 8th July 2015

"21 months...getting close to two years... Two years ago on the Fourth of July we took Teague to his first firework show. I remember laying on your chest enjoying the fireworks with our son. Teague was so tired he could care less about the rest... We left before the grand finale and he passed out on the way home. Almost the same thing happened with Reece this year. About begging me to go to bed. As both kids passed out. Two years ago on the 5 th of July we went to the Provo pool with some of our dearest friends. It was an amazing and unforgettable day. One of my favorite scenes was seeing you hold our 1 year old Reece down the tube slide about  drownding yourself to keep her out of water.. Then I said " stand up!!" You smiled and said .. Oh yeah!!.. So funny... Teague gunned off the slide and when asked if he wanted to do it again he pointed at you and firmly said. "No!!"... Now... He can't get enough. Thrill seeker:) those times and memories make me smile and are stories I can keep alive for the kids. We love and miss you dearly... Time keep flying bye... Can't wait to see you
Forever tangled up in you

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 22nd June 2015

"Josh, I thought of you a lot yesterday, Father's Day.  You were an amazing dad to your two children. I know in my heart that you still watch over them and visit them daily in spirit. They will definitely grow up knowing you and loving you as best they can, Lara is making sure of that. I love your family with all my heart.  And I love and miss you everyday."

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 21st June 2015

"Happy Father's Day to my husband, man that I love and cherish, my soul mate, holder of my heart, man of my dreams, best friend and father of our children... Teague Joshua  and Reece Star... Pieces of you... Gifts from you that I can still hold, kiss, laugh, and play with.

Love you more
Until we meet again
Forever Tangled Up In You

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 9th June 2015

"20 months and our 16th wedding anniversary .... I will always think of you as mine.. And always an us... I will never stop counting our anniversaries... I tried to do things you would do today.. Clean, clean, play with kids, and workout;) our typical routine.... But I did Josh jobs today. It helped me to feel you close and proud as I was doing things that are not " my jobs" .... Miss you more and more,.. Watching your video really brings it to the surface of how much I miss you... Everything... Your being... The kids miss you too.. But seem to still feel close. We believe in us.. And our family

Love you more

This tribute was added by maile pastor on 10th May 2015

"Today is the second Mother's Day now that you have been gone. I'm so glad you watch over Lara and the kids. They feel your presence often. Lara is doing such an amazing job raising your children now on her own. She tries so hard to be everything you would want her to be and do for them. I know your extremely proud of her! Those sweet kids love and miss you so much, but I can tell you they know you loved them! She makes sure of that! You told me once that she was an amazing mother and you were right! You know that watching her now from the other side even more! Love you josh and miss you more and more as time goes by! Happy Mother's Day Lara! We love you! Joe and maile"

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 7th May 2015

"I still can't believe it's real. Just seems like you've been gone for a while. You left behind such an amazing family! I love them so much! Hope you are with them often and by chance peak in on me from time to time."

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th May 2015

"19 months ago.. And it still dose not feel real. Yet it feels a lifetime without u... I pray your with us everyday.. I know you are cause Reece constantly talks about you. I hope your proud of me.. And how our kids are doing. They are amazing... The most precious gift you gave me.

Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th April 2015

"One year ago today two special friends joined you. Robin Venuti and Albert Rubio ... Two more families having to deal with the same nightmare. I hope you three are together and happy to see us pushing through.. There for each other .... And keeping your memories alive. Not a moment goes by without you on my mind.. Still loving.. Cherishing... Adoring and missing you. Always on our mind forever in our hearts.
You are my forever , loved you then, love you still, always have, always will.
Forever Tangled Up In You

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 27th March 2015

"5 years ago today we became parents.. Welcomed our son Teague for the first time. We were so happy and overjoyed to finally have a child. You were so in love with your son immediately. Never wanted to put him down and slept curled up next to him wherever he was at. Even the last moment you were with him was laying by his bedside not wanting to leave him... Tears running down your face. Thank heavens he looks and acts so much like you. Our little Josh. Your alive in him and we all feel it. Thank you for giving me the gift of being a mother. Giving me Teague and Reece and leaving me pieces of you. Reece said today " daddy is with me mom" I asked right now? She said " yes.. And he's happy to be with me mom". Makes me so happy your still alive in their hearts and they feel you. We miss you horribly.
Forever Tangled Up In You

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th March 2015

"17 months today ... The age of our daughter when you had to leave us... Breaks my heart you didn't get longer with her and she with you. Thank you for helping me get our little angel Reece to us.. And help me get us back to you.
Love you more.... Hope you got Reece's birthday balloons

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 15th February 2015

"Happy Valentines Day Sweetie, you are forever my very own special Valentine.. You are my forever.. Loved then... Love you still... Always have... Always will...
Forever Tangled Up In You

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 9th February 2015

"Hi sweetie.. 16 months has gone by and it's still unreal. We talk about you constantly .. Today Teague wanted Nike shoes just like his daddy.. To Make him run so fast! Reece followed and got pink Nikes. Teague also said today when he grows up he wants to be you. Your his hero as you are mine and Reece's as well.
Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 8th January 2015

"Hi sweetie.... 15 months for you and 9 for Robin and Albert. You are all loved and missed dearly. I try to just think about all the times you were gone for long periods of time and how we would get butterflies ( love how you always told me that) and were so happy to see each other again! I remember one morning after you got home and you were doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and I just started crying over the relief to have you home. Now I try to just picture all 3 of you anxious and excited for us to come home. What an amazing feeling and moment it will be. Hope we are making you proud.
Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 25th December 2014

"Another Christmas without you and your absence is so real... We all try to smile through tears. We miss you so much and know you want us to live a good life. Wish I could see you see the kids open their presents so excited. Kind of thing you couldn't wait for. I really try to tell myself you see it, I can almost hear you laugh as the kids freak out with excitement. Can't wait to hear that laugh.... Feel your hugs... And kiss that face.
Love you more
Merry Christmas sweetie

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 8th December 2014

"Josh, I know I'm 2 days late, but Happy Birthday. You would be 36... it's weird to think that I'm now the age when you passed. It's also strange to think that I will get to grow older than my older brother. You will forever be ingrained in our minds as a 34 year old.  I'll never get to make fun of your grey hair or obscene amount of wrinkles :o). I miss you everyday... I think we all miss your wonderful laugh. Your always in my thoughts and in my heart. You are forever a part of me.
Love your younger sis."

This tribute was added by Afton Moore on 8th December 2014

"Happiest of Happy Birthdays Josh! I know it just turned to the 8th so now I'm late and I'm sure Rob and Albert are shaking their heads and saying, "We knew it!"...but better late than never right... :) Anyway, Everyone misses you boys! Your children are beautiful and the mommas are doing an incredible job raising them but I'm sure you already know that...Tell the other boys hi and we'll see you when we see you...HaPpY Birthday Joshua!!! :)"

This tribute was added by fitts steve on 7th December 2014

"Happy birthday josh i think of you daily im still waiting  for your spirit to comfort me and let me know your all right ive lost all faith your children are a bright light in my life they are very special and lara is a great mom Teague is just like you makes friends easily a happy kid full of life little reece is beautiful and knows what she wants and when she wants it I cant stop hugging and kissing them your mom and I are very close and go about our lives with you in our hearts i wish you could see the picture of Teague in the go cart and Reece sleeping on my chest we shared a wonderful time together in your youth its made my life worthwhile"

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th December 2014

"My sweet husband.... How lucky am I to call you that? ... Happy Birthday. Wish you were here to celebrate with us.. Instead we celebrate for you and because of you. I was lucky to be a part of 17 years of your life... Half of it ! Today I was with Dana, and the girls and Albert's daughter Hattie.. All little helpers.. We are a unit because of tragedy but I know you three were happy to see us baking your birthday cake and sending balloons. 3 special daddy angels. Love you more all the time... I'm a better person cause of you.. Still hear u daily on certain things throughout the day . Think of you every minute.
Love you more

This tribute was added by Debbie Jones on 7th December 2014

"Happy Birthday Josh!
Your laugh, kindness, and love for life and others will always be remembered."

This tribute was added by Scott Neilsen on 7th December 2014

"Happy birthday buddy!  I sure do miss having you here. You are maybe the only person ever with who I was completely comfortable and able to relax and be myself. That's a reflection of who you are and I thank you for that. If you have any tips for me on my golf swing please let me know. See you soon."

This tribute was added by Roby Bates on 7th December 2014

"Happy Birthday Josh! Miss you like crazy. Thanks for always being such a good "big brother" figure in my life over the years. Our little Carson's birthday is tomorrow and I remember you always teasing me saying I had him on the wrong day because your birthday was so much cooler haha. I'm sure you guys are celebrating today in heaven, I am sure it is beautiful up there. Can't wait until we all get to see eachother again! Lara, Teague and Reece are AMAZING. They are so strong and miss you so much! I am happy I still get to see them every so often... Teague is your identical twin seriously it's crazy how much he looks like you!
XOXO Roby"

This tribute was added by Charo Shamo on 6th December 2014

"Josh!! I miss you so much. I was able to do the Josh Fitts WOD today with Lara and I am so thankful for her and for our friendship. Every time I see Teague I think of you. He is a spitting image for sure! That little Reece melts my heart every time I see her! I feel so blessed to have known you even if it was only for a short time. I am a better person because of it! Lara is an inspiration to me everyday. She is so strong!! Love ya Josh happy birthday!"

This tribute was added by Debbie Clark on 6th December 2014

"Happy Birthday Josh,
Geez these special days are tough.  I just hope you know how much I miss you.  I think of you everyday.  What a giant vacant hole there is in everybody's  life who loves you. We all miss you terribly.  I know Lara misses so much,  I see it  in her face every time  I look at her.  The kids want their daddy back too. Please stay close to them.  We all have so many great memories.   of you to hang on too.  They say the good die young, I guess it's true.
.   Please continue to watch over  your family.
.   Love you to the moon and back. Debbie's"

This tribute was added by sarah Laflan on 6th December 2014

"Happy Birthday Josh!  I look forward to saying things like this in person again.  My heart feels torn on being happy and sad.  Today has so many good memories of you.  I've been counting down the days since Thanksgiving to your birthday.  Looking forward to it has always been fun and exciting.  I can hear your voice clearly from one of the times I missed it and called you the next day.  Your always so sweet and forgiving.  So let's remember and celebrate your life today and all the good things about why this day was so special to have you here on earth.  I'm so happy you were born. Happy you lived a good life, a man that truly truly lived!
Your amazing and we all love you, we will be celebrating to all day.
From the Laflan's

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 27th November 2014

"On this Thanksgiving Day I'm grateful for the time we had... So painful that we didn't get more... But thankful for what we had. Thank you for loving me so purely, thank you for always telling me I was hot:), thank you making me always feel special, thank you for our beautiful children, thank you for always making me laugh, thank you for always pushing me to be my best, thank you for giving me a better life, thank you for being a special daddy, thank you for all the amazing memories I can share with our kids, thank you for being my sweet husband and best friend... Thank you for being mine.
Love you more
Forever Tangled up in You

This tribute was added by Dana Venuti on 13th November 2014

"Well not a day goes by that I don't think of you my friend. I will never forget the day you came to us at A Flight Above for a job interview. You were so nervous. You left the room and I told Rob- He's a keeper. Later the company joke was that I hired you because you were so good looking... Well - I'm no idiot.... But we all know we hired you because you were a great pilot and person as well. From the moment we met you- we connected. You were so dedicated and loyal. You always said to Rob and I -  I will be with you to the end. And you were. Thank you to the best pilot and friend we gained in the aviation industry.

Your wife is amazing - taking great care of your children. I get to see them a lot- which makes me happy. They are such a joy. I see your face when I look at Teague. And miss Reece is so cute and feisty:) we all know I like feisty. Lara has helped me through the roughest time ever. Please take care of Rob and I will be sure to  help take care of your family too. We all  miss you so much. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a great friend to Robin and I and working so hard while we had you with us for the last 9 years. You are missed and I love you my friend. Love -D"

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 7th November 2014

"Josh, I think of you everyday.  I miss you so much and hope you know how much I love you!  I love your family and the amazing people they are.  I will be there for them always!  I look forward to the day I will see you again and hear you laugh.  I miss your laugh so much.  This is the time of year when I got to see you most and it hurts my heart knowing I won't.  Always on my mind and forever in my heart.  Your little sis."

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th November 2014

"Another month has passed and it's still so unreal... Yesterday Teague said " when I'm bigger I want to be called Josh Fitts just like my dad" I teared up and told him how sweet.. Then asked " is daddy your hero?" And Teague said " yeah he is my SUPER HERO" You will always be our super hero.... Love you more all the time
Forever Tangled Up In You

This tribute was added by fitts steve on 7th October 2014

"Its been a year there hasn't been a day when I awaken without you on my mind. I do my best not to dwell on your passing it too much to bear. I finished the Olds 442 in your memory plaster bumper of ratrod with live extreme and miss "Hi Pops" badly. Lara and the kids are beautiful you would be so proud.i've lost all faith in everything but family I hold them all dear to my heart. I bought gocarts Teague loved the ride Reece reminds me of the fun we had with that old go cart.hopefully in the next few years I can fill the role of sportsman and get your family out in RV camping fishing gocarting etc."

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th October 2014

"Can't believe it's been a year.. We had a weekend of activities celebrating you, Robin , and Albert. Hope you enjoyed everything. Angels Landing was as close as I could get to you today. I felt peace and comfort.

The End is Where we Begin...
Love you more

This tribute was added by Ethan Shumway on 7th October 2014

"Wow, although it's undoubtedly felt like ten long years for some, for me, it's hard to believe an entire year has gone by since your tragic passing, Josh. I've thought about you a lot during the past year, along with thoughts about sweet Lara. You helped to define me in so many ways through our early teen years. I'll never forget playing Vanilla's "Ice, Ice, Baby" over and over in your bedroom. (We could never bring ourselves to tolerate any of his other songs.) We went to church together and did scouts. There was the time you put our lives at risk by yelling profanities to a group of very large, very angry Samoans as you pulled up unannounced in front of their neighborhood party. I still feel horrible you broke your prized pitching hand on my knee when you punched me at University Mall. I was so grateful we "made up" after you toilet papered my house in 7th grade. We tore up the trails of the Riverwoods on your Honda trailbikes, shot each other endlessly with bee-bee guns, and caught hundreds of fish in the Provo River. I really needed your friendship.

We spent so much time in your backyard, refining your pitching arm. As you got stronger, I got more scared to catch you. Still lucky I didn't ever take a fastball to the chin! We had fun teasing that old backyard neighbor of yours who couldn't tolerate Max's barking.

As years went by and we became comfortable in separate circles, I still always had so much gratitude for your friendship, your love for life and your commitment to family. Your smile was contagious. You were crazy in so many ways, always living on the edge. You taught me to cliff jump, how to water ski, how to fish, how to try and relax, how to understand clean-freaks, how to play ball, how addictive it is to smell books, clean laundry and money (not that I ever do that).

I know a loving Heavenly Father knows of your family and their needs. He will guide and protect them as they continue to mourn your passing. I'm excited to see you again."

This tribute was added by Charo Shamo on 6th October 2014

"Josh! I miss you so much,but I am so blessed to see Lara and your sweet babies almost everyday! Thank you so much for showing me such love and compassion. You truly are an inspiration to me I only hope I can be half the person you are! I was able to hike Angels Landing today with Lara,Dana and her girls,Scott and Ashley, and your sister Jenny. What an amazing day ! Love ya Josh"

This tribute was added by Jeffrey Johnson on 6th October 2014

"Dude I'm missing you like crazy today Josh:(  I don't know if you ruined conference weekend for me or made it more meaningful:) all I know is now I think of you all the time during it! Thanks for being such a good friend, and an amazingly crazy, fun guy to hang out with! I can't wait to catch up and pal around again in heaven!! I love you man, Jeff"

This tribute was added by Keena Miner on 6th October 2014

"Lara, the things I remember most about Josh is that he loved you and your kids, and that he had a magnetic personality with an amazing laugh. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you, and hope that you are being comforted by his sweet spirit. I pray that he is with you today and always. I am so proud to call you my sister. Love you forever!❤️"

This tribute was added by Megan Macalupu on 6th October 2014

I wanted to give you my condolences for your loss.
I can only imagine how tough it'd be to lose your spouse
& best friend. I knew you in Elementary school & have to hought
Of you often. I hope you have peace & comfort that you will
Be with Josh again someday.
Your friend,
Megan (McEwan) Macalupu"

This tribute was added by Kerri Johnson on 6th October 2014

"How in the world could it already be a year! My baby just turned 1 four days ago, and that was the last text I received from you was congratulating me & Jeff on our new baby boy. I wish you could have met him, but I know you've seen him as you've watched over our family.  Oh my gosh, I can't even describe how much I miss you laugh, your big hugs, and just you walking in my door and hanging out at my house. You have such a sweetness about you. Don't worry about Lara...we'll take care of her and your sweet kiddos. Love and miss you everyday!"

This tribute was added by maile pastor on 6th October 2014

"1 year today... I'm sure it was as horrible of a day for you as it was for all of us! We miss you like crazy but BELIEVE in you and your mission every day! We know your doing great things on the other side but also feel your presence  and love here often. Thank you for watching over our family and yours too! Lara and the kids feel your spirit! We could definetly feel you at the grave sight last week... So peaceful and beautiful. Thank you still and forever! Love, Maile xoxo"

This tribute was added by sarah Laflan on 6th October 2014

"I love you so much. I think about you everyday.  But you already know that.  Thank you for making me know you were here and watching over me and my family.  Your warmth has been felt so many times this last year.  Your a good friend Josh. Oh BTW, MR. Got it.
Love you, and big hug right back at ya.  

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th September 2014

"Another month has gone by and it feels like just yesterday and a life time since we were with u. Your presence is as strong still as it was in the beginning. Hope you, Robin and Albert are hanging together and enjoying us all getting together in your memory. Love you more even still. Forever in our hearts. Forever tangled up in you

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th August 2014

"It's been 10 months... Another sweet spirit joined u the other day.. Give baby Skyah a kiss for Micah and April. Please guide me and keep our babies safe. Can't wait to jump in your arms again...
Love you more

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 7th July 2014

"Can't believe it's been 9 months... time continues on.  Miss you as much now as the day you left us.  I know in my heart you are smiling at us from the other side.  Those thougths get me through each and everyday.  Love you!"

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th July 2014

"Hi sweetie.. 9 months today. Every day is a day further but another day closer. Hope you, Robin, and Albert enjoyed your 4th from Heaven. Memories and thoughts of you streamed down my face as I watched the fireworks and Teague and Reece enjoying the show. My heart is always with you. You are my forever... Loved you then, love you still, always have always will.

This tribute was added by Roby Bates on 16th June 2014

"Happy Fathers Day Josh, Rob, and Albert! Miss you 3 guys like crazy! You were all such great dads, amazing husbands, and the best friends anyone could ever have! I miss all of you very much! Please keep your arms wrapped tight around your families, wives, and sweet children! You guys will never be forgotten & always missed! Love Always Roby"

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 16th June 2014

"Happy Father's Day sweetie. Best daddy and Mr. Mom I know!!! I promise to always keep you and your memories alive. The kids will always have their special daddy angel and know they are loved and cherished by you still. They will know you.
Love you more

This tribute was added by Debbie Clark on 15th June 2014

"Happy Fathers Day, Josh you are so missed. Debbie"

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 9th June 2014

"Happy anniversary sweetie!!!  15 wonderful years.... Was wanting a lot more but I'm grateful for what I got. You are my forever... Love you then... Love you still... Always have ... Always will
Forever tangled up in you

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th June 2014

"It's been 8 months today and I miss you more all the time. Say Happy Birthday to Albert for us. We miss all of you so much. Hope you all liked the balloons sent your way today. Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 27th May 2014

"Memorial Day and I'm trying to hold on and keep every memory alive for Teague and Reece.
Yesterday morning Teague came in and sat next to me in bed and said " daddy is happy mom" I asked what do u mean? He said " daddy is happy in Heaven " I asked how do u know   He said " I woke up and he told me".... Pretty crazy.... It was the first thing said between us and in the past Teague has made comments that daddy is sad and wants to come home. Those words yesterday made me very happy to hear.
Forever missed... But never forgotten ....
Forever tangled up in you.... Love you more

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 22nd May 2014

"I miss you my brother!"

This tribute was added by fitts steve on 21st May 2014

"Had my first dream with Josh since his passing we stood on a bluff in hurricane watching copters he was his normal self unaware of anything being wrong I was aware he is gone and I hugged him rubbed his shoulders and held him knowing when this dream ends its over what a loss and then recently Robin is gone along with his co pilot this is crazy the whole team is gone makes no sense it breaks my heart that Josh cant enjoy his beautiful children both a couple of characters I love them dearly and Lara a perfect wife for Josh and a daughter to me love you Josh ill look after them"

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th May 2014

"7 months ago you left the physical world. I can't believe it's been that long since we have talked, laughed, or held eachother.

Just want to share a message by President Dieter F. Uchtforf  "endings here in mortality are not endings at all. They are merely interruptions-temporary pauses that one day will seem small compared to the eternal joy awaiting the faithful.... There are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings."

Can't wait for our everlasting beginning.
Love you more

This tribute was added by Roby Bates on 1st May 2014

""Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." ~ Dr Seuss

I value every single moment I shared with Josh, Albert & Robin and I will forever cherish those memories! Please continue to watch over all of us especially your beautiful wives & children that miss you dearly! Life down here just isn't quite the same without you guys!"

This tribute was added by Roby Bates on 15th April 2014

"Josh.... Please give Robin & Albert a GREAT BIG HUG from me!!? I miss all 3 of you very much. You guys will always be my best buddies!!! Please watch over all of us especially Lexi & Bella!

Miss & Love you guys ....

This tribute was added by Debbie Clark on 12th April 2014

"Oh Josh how we miss you.  You are so terribly missed by Lara,Teague, and Reece.  But, I miss you too.  Please stay close so we can feel your spirit.  Say hi to Robin and Albert. Hugs and love

This tribute was added by jen iverson on 10th April 2014

"I just learned about your friends today from your beautiful wife as tears rolled down that beautiful face.  Stronger than ever (she is).  I just ask myself why and realize that most things we will not have answers to in this life but It is fun knowing that you are not alone.  And now Lara and babies have more guardian angles watching and protecting them.  I just pray that our heavenly father can ease this pain and allow your memory to live on."

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 8th April 2014

"Well we discovered that you greeted and were joined with two of your buddies yesterday... Robin and Albert. Sure you hugged them tight. Crazy your all together now. Fun, great, amazing men. Give them a hug from us.
Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th April 2014

"6 months today ... Still so unreal. I miss everything about you and us. Life will never be the same . Forever Tangled Up In You.... Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 27th March 2014

"Four years ago today we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our world. Josh was instantly in love with his son. In awe. Took us a week after we went home to finally sign the birth certificate with Teague Joshua Fitts. Josh never wanted to let Teague go. Constantly holding and cuddling him. Josh always struggled to be in front of people so he did his own version of a fathers blessing.... It was just the three of us in bed. It was beautiful. All the the hopes and dreams of a good life for your new baby boy. To be a good loving person, be sealed to his wife someday and to always have the spirit in his life. I wasn't invited to Reece's blessing. I guess it was just between Josh and Reece. He informed me when it happened but only the two of them know what was said. We were sent two amazing angels to bless our lives ... Unfortunately you had to to go home too soon. I know your here.... But it's not quite the same. I pray that our daddy angel is blessing us with father blessings all the time. You are my forever , loved you then, love you still, always have .... Always will.
Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th March 2014

"Today it has been 5 months... Almost 6 since I have physically been with you. It is also our baby girl Reece's birthday and it breaks my heart your not here. She would for sure be a daddy's girl. She is still in her own way. Knowing things that most 2 year olds wouldn't comprehend. Recognizing your songs and saying " dada" the moment it starts and repeating " dada" while blowing kisses, knowing your hand signs and connecting you to Angle figures. You would be so in love with her now.... So spunky and never wanting to stop. Your first moments holding her are amazing. Watched it the other day and you just were taking her all in. Rocking her softly. Then saying... " you look like your mama" with a smile as you fought back the tears. Your last time holding her was just as magical. Picking up her sleeping body and rocking her back and forth with a tear running down your cheek. Just loving this little person we created. The song " Zoe Jane" by Staind is a perfect representation of how you feel about our baby Reece and I promise that she will always know that and know you. Miss you horribly... Forever Tangled up in You,

This tribute was added by maile pastor on 6th March 2014

"Today it has been 5 months since you passed and is also Reece's 2nd birthday! What I wouldn't give to see you watch her and help her open her presents! Or hear you laugh at her funny little run or things she says! I know your still here and protecting her because she mentions you often! But what we wouldn't do to actually be able to see you and hear your voice again! One day we will! I know that, and I cannot wait! Love you josh! Maile"

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 5th March 2014

"Tomorrow will be 5 months since you left us... it still doesn't feel real.  I think of you everday, but for some reason you've been in my thoughts a lot today.  I miss you so much!"

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 15th February 2014

"Today was Valentines Day and my heart is broken without you by my side. I pulled out some past Valentines cards to remind myself exactly what you would say to me. One of my favorites was this one cause it fits so perfectly towards you at this time

"I am so happy to have an angel by my side through this crazy life. You really are my inspiration to push through the hard times in life. I really have no idea where I would be right now if you weren't in my life!
I can really say that God lives by just looking into your eyes. Where else would a beautiful women ( man) like you come from"

I know I will always have my sweet love of my life angel by my side through this life. It's not the same but it does give me some comfort.

Happy Valentines Day babe..
Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 8th February 2014

"It was 4 months yesterday... Weird how I can't believe it's been so long but yet feels like a lifetime. I imagine what you would be doing in each part of our house just struggling to believe this is real. I wanted to share a poem you had shared with me and some friends back in the summer.

" So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and it's purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.

Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none.

When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.

When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home."

Josh, my love, I feel as u did just that. Nothing left unsaid, no enemies, and no regrets. I'm so proud of you.

Love you more

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 6th February 2014

"You've been gone 4 months today... Still can't believe you're actually gone. I don't know if it will ever seem real. Love and miss you!"

This tribute was added by Roby Bates on 5th February 2014

"GOOD Friends are hard to find and IMPOSSIBLE to Forget!!!
~ Miss you Josh ~"

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 15th January 2014

"Well it was my Birthday on Sunday and it was REALLY hard. I was looking through all of my cards that Josh gave me and decided to share this one

My wife, my soul mate
As we move together through life as true partners, you are my relief from the world , my safety, my best friend...and I am so lucky to have you, to talk with, to laugh with, to share all my days with, I love you more than words can say.
There is something special about our relationship that most people don't have, and we are so lucky to have that. We are so blessed to be with each other, and I want you to know that you are the love of my life... My dream girl.
Love you lots

Then on another piece of paper wrote ..

I'm sealed to you for time and all eternity!! I can't think of anything that makes me more excited than that. Love you

These cards are so priceless and I'm so happy Josh was a card guy and I kept them all. I can relive his love anytime I want. The words comfort me in knowing we will be together again. Miss you with all my being and soul.
Love you more

This tribute was added by Scott Neilsen on 7th January 2014

""What's up Jose?"

My buddy Josh is the best of the best!  No one I know is more generous, kind, thoughtful, and playful than Josh.  I spent every minute I could with him from the minute he got married until the day he moved to Hurricane.  Then our fun together was more limited but not less fun.  There was no sitting around with Josh, it was always "what's next?"  Straight from the lake to the skatepark (with a short stop at the backhouse for Lara's home cooking).  One day we were spring skiing at Sundance and it looked too nice down in the valley, so we said "last run, let's go golfing".  So we took out last run and went golfing and it was great.  I miss not having my "what's next" friend around.


This tribute was added by Roby Bates on 7th January 2014

"Can't believe you're really gone Josh! Miss you!

"Funny how the good ones go
Too soon, but the good lord knows
The reasons why I guess
Sometimes the greater plan is kinda hard to understand
Right now it don't make sense" ~ Luke Bryan song"

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 1st January 2014

"Still can't believe your gone... don't know if it will ever feel real."

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 1st January 2014

"Happy New Year my bro!  I miss you a lot... the holidays have been hard without you here.  I keep wanting to invite you to go skiing with me.  Life is never going to be the same without you in it! Love you so much!

Your loving sister,

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 1st January 2014

"Happy New Year sweetie..... Wish I could give you a kiss. Crazy to start a New Year without you. I pray you are with us everyday guiding us through the years. Life will never be the same and we love and miss you so much. Lots of kisses to Heaven.... Love you more

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 28th December 2013

""I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday and days before that too.

I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and your picture frame.

Your memory is my keepsake, with which I' ll never part.
God has you in His keeping, I have you in my heart."


This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 26th December 2013

"Today was rough without your childlike playfulness on Christmas morning. Still can't believe your gone .... But all of your good lives on ...I will make sure you live on. Love ( not loved... Still do and always will) you more my loving, giving and inspiring angel

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 25th December 2013

"Merry Christmas sweetie... It breaks my heart you are not here physically but I know this year you are our " daddy angel " watching over us. We miss you so much.
Loved you more

This tribute was added by sarah Laflan on 15th December 2013


We had so many awesome memories,
you and Lar, Jeff and me, sledding in winter flurries.

Pebble Beach will never be the same
We know Jeff and Lara aren't to blame
I think we were called the crazy ones that night, But all 4 of us
hoped security wouldn't turn on the light

You are Lar, Jeff and I, your 2 dogs and our 3 kids,
packing ourselves in the motorhome like pigs.

How many bets have I won and lost with you?
I can't count the losses but I know I've won two .
I have a new shirt and a bigger belly to prove it
That steak was huge and I put it down in like five minutes.

Your white Civic, And a need for a baseball tournament,
Oh Steve you want me to drive? "okay I won't floor it!"
We only drove at a speed of one- hundred to one-fifteen
I can't believe your dad!  "Steve you trusted me!?"

You made our friendship special so carefree
You made me feel it was okay for me to be me

Thank you for being a part of my life, and don't worry
I'll take care of your wife.

Jeff and I love and miss you with all of our hearts
But he one thing I won't miss, is your farts!
Love, Sarah"

This tribute was added by fitts steve on 9th December 2013

"i want to thank everyone for the loving comments and support for josh and his family. I didnt realize the positive impact josh had on those around him. he was my hero twice the man ill ever be i could not be more proud to have him as my son.ill miss him terribly his loss has changed my life my focus on what is most important in life. the world lost what it desperately needs now loving husbands great fathers.we had great times together skiing,boating,camping,snowmobiling,fishing i could write a book full of stories.ill miss that smile and "hey pops".he was my best friend.what will i do without him.i love you josh."

This tribute was added by Sara Pullins on 8th December 2013

"My thoughts have turned to Josh and Lara many times since his passing. The two of them make an awesome couple and I admire the love and strength they share.

What I remember most about Josh was his smile. It was always on his face. Anyone or anything could get Josh to smile. He was a happy person that easily found joy in this life and by doing so, touched countless lives.

Lara, my heart goes out to you. May you always be comforted. You are just as beautiful as your dear husband.


This tribute was added by Jeff Staples on 8th December 2013

"I didn't know Josh as long or as well as many of you. I know that ever since I first invited him to play ball with a group of guys he would answer every text, phone call or even when I'd see him face to face with a loud, excited "hey buddy!".  In fact, I wondered several times if he knew my name.  Even when I was sure he knew my name it was still "hey buddy!".  He always seemed happy to see me and the incredible thing is, I watched him make everyone around feel the same.  I think this is one of the things so many people loved about Josh.  He truly was a kind, loving person who made everyone around him feel welcome and appreciated.
What impressed me most was how much he loves Lara and the kids.  He was a great example of a father treasuring his family and treating them that way.  
Since his passing I haven't heard someone say buddy without thinking of Josh.  I'll never watch Elf again without thinking of him.  Every time I lift the bar from the front rack position overhead and drop it behind my head for a squat I think of Josh because we did "bear complex" together once, just the two of us.  Like I said, I haven't spent nearly as much time with Josh as most of you.  If he had the impact he did on me with our limited interaction, I can only imagine the impact he's had on so many others.

This tribute was added by Brad Watts on 8th December 2013

"I will never forget when Josh moved to Orem and the summertime rumors started swirling about this "big new kid who could throw super hard." I'm sure I wasn't the only one secretly wishing he would end up on my team! I loved playing ball with Josh, he was a great competitor and an awesome pitcher. We wouldn't have won a state championship without Fitts, that is for sure.
I can still hear him yelling at me for touching the freshly cleaned windows of his beloved truck, or trying to change the CD to something other than Dr. Dre, or Snoop, or Tupac. "Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Led Zepplin are not real bands, Wattly," is what he would say to me. I can't believe it but he actually got me to like rap music! To this day, Josh, I'm a sucker for a good rap song.
Thanks for many good memories, Josh.
Love ya buddy!

This tribute was added by Troy Clark on 7th December 2013

"I have so many great memories of Josh growing up with him in Orem.  Those spending the majority of my teenage years with Josh playing pickup basketball, football, wake boarding, playing golf, or riding around with him and the rest of our entourage in his white pickup.  The Fitts house was the gathering spot for so often for our little entourage, and whenever I go back to visit Orem, I always drive by that house on Center Street and smile.  Josh was a huge part of my life, a great friend, and I know he's doing well on the other side of the veil."

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 7th December 2013

"Happy Birthday to my love, best friend and eternal companion. Life will never be the same without you. I cant wait to jump into your arms again. I know you will always be our " daddy angle". Miss you terribly. Love you more..... Lara"

This tribute was added by Tabitha Bawden Ramsay on 6th December 2013

"There is so much i can say about josh its hard to narrow it all down. We have been next door neighbors for 4 years but I feel like I really got to know him better in just this past year.  We have a joke on our street about him being the 4th housewife, Me, Danielle, Lara, and Josh.  When he was home from work he spent most of his time with his kids, usually outside.  And usually with his shirt Teague would run to our house or my boys would run there or across the street, but taking out the garbage usually ended up in a 2 hour play date for the kids.  There were so many occasions where Lara would be at work and Josh would just come have a gab session, i dont know of any other male neighbor that would bring their kids to play and hang out with the neighbor ladies.  Josh was so patient and always so loving with his family and he was fun to get to know.  He always made me laugh and would catch me off guard peeking over the back fence, like the time my son pooped his pants so i was hosing him off and getting frustraighted with him, Josh just looks over the fence and with a big smile on his face says `Tabitha... everything will be okay`. I was so embarassed but it made me laugh and made the situation a lot less tense with my boy:)  I have so many other memories and stories but I will save them for another day.  Happy Birthday Josh!  This street will never be the same... love ya!"

This tribute was added by Chloe Hill on 6th December 2013

"Josh was always so kind and funny. He was a great uncle and he loved everyone, especially his family. Josh has and will always be greatly missed because of all the lives he's touched. Every where he went he made friends and had people who loved him
We love and miss you Josh, you will forever be in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Kjristina Hill on 6th December 2013

"Happy Birthday Josh! Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family today.  Miss you."

This tribute was added by Roby Bates on 6th December 2013

"Sending lots of birthday wishes to Heaven today for you Josh! I miss you! I will forever cherish our friendship. Love Roby"

This tribute was added by Jarom Taylor on 6th December 2013

"First off, I always felt lucky to call Josh my friend.  He was a great guy who I could always count on for anything.  I loved his honesty and integrity in any situation.  I have many experiences with Josh from snowmobiling, skiing, wakeboarding, and hiking.  We always seemed to be doing something together.   I never really just "hung out" with Josh.  Most of our experiences involved daring each other to go bigger or faster until we were both too scared to attempt the next step.  A lot of times we broke equipment or ourselves trying to one-up each other.

Snowmobiling: I was always so excited when Josh would call me to go snowmobiling with him.  I never owned or had any cool toys like Josh, so to go out and enjoy the Utah backcountry on some nice machines was awesome!  One trip in particular Josh and I decided to take a couple sleds up from Midway to guardsman pass by Brighton.  We took our skis and had hoped to do some "extreme skiing" as Josh would say.  We got to the top of the mountain and found a nice big bowl to ski in.  We took turns skiing and towing with the sled.  Later in the day we found a large bowl on the backside near Park City resort area.  Josh told me that I could ski in and he would give me a ride back to the top of the pass were our other sled was.  I dropped in on skis and Josh followed down to the bottom on the sled.  Well when we got to the bottom we realized how steep the hill was and that getting two of us out of the bowl was going to be quite the task.  Josh could barely get up the hill on the sled by himself.  We made several attempts to get out and it was not looking good.  It was getting late and would be dark soon. So he said to me, "just hold on!"  I jumped on the back of the sled and he pinned the accelerator.  As we are shooting up the hill at nearly 50mph the front of the sled starts coming off the ground.  Josh was literally laying on the hood as I am hanging onto his pants as we shoot up and over this hill.  When we made it to the top we were so happy we were hugging and dancing and just laughing forever.  We felt like we cheated the odds that day.  Hahaha.

Skiing:  Josh was one of my favorite ski buddies.  I have a million ski stories about Josh as we skiied together a lot.  He was a good skier and was always up for a jump or cliff to huck off of.  He would laugh nervously a lot when he didnt want to do it, but he would still go for it.  This usually ended with a lot of nasty Fitts crashes where we would pick up all his gear.  I remember one day we had skiied really hard and we were getting tired.  We were heading down the mountain and we are just flying down the Big Emma groomed run at the bottom of snowbird.  Josh yells to me, "I cant go any more!"  As I look at him to say "what?" he disappeared into a cloud of snow and flesh and skis.  He was so tired and didnt want to stop he just kept going until his legs gave out.  I was laughing so hard that he about killed himself because he didnt want to stop.  I know Josh loved skiing and dreamed of being a great skiier.  We always talked about how great it would be to get sponsored and get paid to ski.

Wakeboarding:  I was first introduced to wakeboarding by Josh and Scott.  This was new and Josh was so excited about it.  He would teach me all the names of the tricks and how things happen on the boat.  Punk rock was a must as we cruised the lake in search of glassy water.  We worked construction and would always try to find a way to get out early so we could head down to Utah Lake and get a few pulls in before the sun went down.  Josh was always very generous with his boat and taking me and others out on the lake.  He was very meticulous though.  We would  be cleaning the gear and boat out and he would follow behind us scrubbing and cleaning the spots that we had just cleaned.  I would say, "I just cleaned that!" Josh would reply with something like "I can still see spots."  He had to have everything just perfectly clean.  I admired that in Josh.  Sometimes I thought he was crazy for it, but I respected it.  We spent a lot of time on the lake and planning trips to the lake.  Josh became a very good wakeboarder and I always enjoyed watching him ride.  He took it serious and it showed.

I have many many more stories I could write, but these were a few of the ones that came to mind.  I want Teague and Reece and any others that want to know more about Josh to know that he was a really great friend and person.  He was so excited to be a father.  Up until he became a father we usually just spoke of our hobbies to each other.  When he became a father all he talked about were his kids and family life.  I know he loved being a dad was an awesome father.  We will miss Josh, and will always feel privileged to have known him.  He was a great example of love, honesty, integrity, and general playfulness.
Sincerely Jarom Taylor"

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 6th December 2013

"Happy Birthday big brother!  I love and miss you!"

This tribute was added by Taylor Pullins on 5th December 2013

"Josh lived life with passion and was an absolute blast to hang out with.  We managed to leave are mark on the town while only getting into a little bit of trouble.  Since his sudden passing, I've thought back on many memories with my friend, and I am grateful to have ran in his circles.  In my memories, Josh will forever be willing to go with me to the lake (no matter the temperature), the one who loved to turn up the bass on his stereo, the strong-armed right-handed pitcher that helped lead us to a State championship, a friend I knew I could count on.  It was an absolute honor to be your shortstop, Josh.  - Tay"

This tribute was added by marc turner on 5th December 2013

"Really loved being around Josh on the ball field, he was a very competitive and exciting player to have as a teammate and to coach!!
He will be missed and my thoughts are with you Lara, you were an amazing friend back in the day and I'm sure you will have all the support you could ever need going forward!!  Take care"

This tribute was added by Amber Jorgenson Louw on 5th December 2013

"I didn't know Josh but I do know Lara and have been wanting to let her know she's been in my thoughts and prayers. Lara, you've always been a sweet and kind soul. I can only imagine what you must be feeling as you mourn the loss of your best friend. May your heart heal and may you feel comfort from Him who knows you best and understands your heartache."

This tribute was added by Suzy Pierson on 4th December 2013

"I didn't spend hardly any time with Josh. But, I have heard a ton of stories. I have spent time with his kids. I've known and loved Lara pretty much my whole life. The first thing that I knew I'd miss was Josh's laughter. I can hear his laugh and immediately hear Lara's. I am so thankful that Lara and Josh have so many fantastic memories. Many, many to share!"

This tribute was added by kerri johnson on 4th December 2013

"I will always miss you Josh!!!! I will miss your laugh, your humor, your crazy, fun personality and your thoughtfulness. I will miss you hanging out with the boys...and watching your competative spirit. You always made life more fun. Thanks for being one of my best friends, and a great husband to my best friend. I can't believe your gone....but I'm so glad I have all the memories.
Love, Kerri"

This tribute was added by Brooke Sperry on 4th December 2013

"I don't have a story about Josh, but I wish so badly that I did! The stories I hear about him make me like him so much and wish that I had known him. All I can say is that I know for a fact that he had to be so amazing in order to win over someone as amazing as Lara! My heart aches for Josh's family and friends. You are all in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Lara Fitts on 21st November 2013

"I will forever be...... TANGLED UP IN YOU. You have my heart, and Teague, Reece, and I have yours. Someday FOREVER will be ours. Love you more"

This tribute was added by Jenny Huff on 20th November 2013

"Brother -

When God calls home a loved one
The pain is hard to bear
But angels they are needed
In heaven everywhere
But he took a special angel
To sit there by his side
One to trust and cherish
To talk to and confide
For angels are a blessing
In Gods loving, caring hands
Although we will always miss you
It's he who understands
We know you're here beside us
We will never feel alone
With an angel now to guide us
Since the good Lord took you home"

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