Let the memory of Joshua be with us forever and let us know that he is still with us always.
  • 19 years old
  • Born on May 18, 1992 in Weatherford, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on April 15, 2012 in Ft. Worth, Texas, United States.

This memorial  was created in the memory of our beloved grandson, son, brother, nephew, cousin, and friend, Joshua Walker, 19, born on May 18, 1992 passed away on April 15, 2012. We will miss and remember him always.

Posted by Rebecca Joiner on 29th October 2015
I'm so sorry how things turned out Josh, I don't know if you even meant to leave this world, or cause a divide between our families, but your passing caused a lot of things to domino. Just know that I still miss you.
Posted by Rebecca Joiner on 17th May 2013
Joshua, I wish I could tell you Happy 21 tomorrow. But I can only pray that you know how much I wish you were still here, and that I miss you. A lot. I really really wish I could hear your laugh again. See your beautiful eyes again, so different the times could have been... Should have been. Know this, I will always love you Joshua Dakota Walker. ALWAYS!
Posted by Rebecca Joiner on 16th April 2013
I miss you more with every passing day, sorry that I didn't see you more, tell you how much I loved you more. I love you Josh, you are an angel among us. Somewhere beyond the trials of this life.
Posted by Laura Silvas on 15th April 2013
May your heart always be joyful And may your song always be sung May you stay forever young
Posted by Diann Campbell on 15th April 2013
Put flowers on your grave today. I miss you so much your sweet smiles and hugs and kisses.Love forever
Posted by Elizabeth Walker on 15th April 2013
It's been a year since you had to leave us. My heart is stilling pieces because I love you Joshua Dakota. I miss you so much.
Posted by Kelly Phillips on 12th April 2013
Thought about you last night as I watched SATC. Makes me smile each time. Our next lifetime we will Carrie and Samantha it up in NYC like we said. Love ya my dear.
Posted by Diann Campbell on 29th March 2013
Watching Twilight movies today and made me kind of sad because this is what you and I did together. Love and miss you very much
Posted by Jessica Walker on 29th March 2013
miss your beautiful face.!!
Posted by Krikkette Morrison on 29th March 2013
Can not believe it has been almost a year since you became an amazing angel. I miss you Joshy.. You are missed by everyone you ever met , and your family ... Well lets just say if we could bring you back , or have one wish , it would be for you to still grace our lives with your loving smile and warmest hugs. Till we meet again , know I will always love you.
Posted by Brian Nixon on 29th March 2013
I miss you and think about you all the time... Love and miss you!
Posted by Natasha Fulfer on 28th March 2013
I miss u cuz...we were so close when we were younger. I see randome things or hear randome things and it reminds me of u and your sweet face I love u so much and miss u even more every day not a day goes by that I don't think of u <3 I love u josh
Posted by Cindy Hunt on 28th March 2013
Your never far from our thoughts.
Posted by Debbie Joiner on 28th March 2013
Miss you Josh
Posted by Wynona Hunt on 28th March 2013
miss you goofy different colored eyes those contacts. weve heard a lot i think you got your answer and you are in heaven with Jesus
Posted by Rebecca Joiner on 28th March 2013
I miss you Josh. I only wish we could have seen each other more often. But I firmly believe you are a butterfly angel in Heaven, because I have been seeing more butterflies since you passed away than I have in a long time.

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