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July 30, 2020
Dear Joyce Faye Weems, My Beautiful Mother. I miss you and wish I had 1 more second, one more  day, 1 more year to spend a moment with you!!  I wasn't  ready on August 6 2006!! I still can't believe that MY MAMA IS GONE!!!  Today I celebrate You!! Today I miss you even more than yesterday Your memory will always stay ALIVE IN MY HRART AND MIND!!  I NEED JUST THAT ONE LAST SMILE, THAT ONE LAST HUG AND THAT ONE LAST MOMENT TO SHARE WITH YOU.....  THERE IS NO MOTHER IN THIS  WORLD  WHO CAN COME CLOSE TO MY BEAUTIFUL  MOTHER!!!  DAY BY DAY I STILL CRY AND ASK THE CREATOR WHY MY MAMA?  WHY MY FATHER?  WHY MY GRAND-MOTHER?  WHY MY WORLD CAME CRASHING DOWN!!!  SMH...  YOU ARE GONE 2 SOON!!  #GONE2SOON I LOVE U MAMA REST IN PEACE...  I WILL ALWAYS HOLD YOU DEAR TO MY HEART!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOYCE FAYE WEEMS.... 

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