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Memorial day week

May 29, 2012
Hey Mac, just thinking about you and wanted to tell you that you would be pleased with our activities on and near this 2012 memorial weekend. 1. I attended the most remarkable graduation ever. I tried to keep up the tradition u and Aunt Ruby started years ago. The graduate was your precious granddaughter Jasmine. You can be proud in heaven she made it grand style, got her 1st masters and ready started on her second one! 2. Attended Christopher's 50th birthday combined with Jasmine's celebration. Tisha hosted this great event with class, grace and great style, she is a total winner! 3. Dezirae graduated 1st in her 8th grade class and she was a valedictorian who also gave an awesome speach. She is following in the footsteps of Jaz and Chris who are real winners and good examples. Oh, Wendi had a great party at their home for Dez. 4. Last but not lease the most rewarding of all Diane & I went to visit all of the seniors that we could find on memorial day and took them flowers: a) Johnny May b) Unzel c) aunt O'Letha. Well we couldn't find Louise and sister was out of town, but we will get to them at a later date. (smile)

The Last Supper

May 27, 2011

While I attended Loyola Marymount University, I would always go by her house on Sundays after church to eat. She never failed to make Sunday dinner for me, and if I had not came she would call and remind me. I can still vividly remember the last Sunday that Maxine was here with us. I went to her house, and spent some time with her and Nathaniel. She made me some smothered chicken, rice, and cabbage. It's funny because she knew I loved cabbaged and my mom rarely, if ever, cooked it for me.

Aside from the food, there was great conversation. We talked about the Lakers, school in which I had just entered my last year in my bachelor's program, and we simply laughed as we usually do. I can recall before I left that day, I gave her a kiss and I didn't even say I love you. I told her I would see her later, not knowing it wouldn't happen anymore in the physical.

I am thankful that God offered me the opportunity to fellowship one last time with my grandmother. Talking to her just isn't the same, but I can still feel her presence when the family gathers and her signature "phrases" are thrown out with smiles and laughter.

Our "Mac-Attack, Mac"

May 27, 2011

A writer once wrote, “when there is love, any life is too short. Mac-Attack, Mac, as she was affectionately called had a way of making the joys of life contagious.” Her actions showed how much she loved family, no matter what the occasion was she was always available to do what she could. We will miss Maxine greatly and will forever remember and verbalize the good times that we shared with her.

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