Let the memory of {Joyce} be with us forever.
  • 58 years old
  • Born on May 12, 1960 in Birtle, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Passed away on December 1, 2018 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joyce Myran 58 years old , born on May 12, 1960 and passed away on December 1, 2018. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on August 8, 2019
I wish that life handed roses instead of thorns. But the good Lord said that it was time for you to walk on rose petals. Life is not the same. I struggle emotions since you had been taken. Financially I am ok still struggle but it's ok. It is Ryder that figures he could do what he wants and laughs about it. Well he is in for a Reality check. Life will not be easy if he continues listening to nonsense.. Kruz is special. He tries. Al least he will be the good one. Now Michelle that's a lost cause. I will not help her as long as she is with the idiot. I just don't know that drama. David is another one that cannot tell. He says but who knows if he does type of thing. Oh well Pedrina is back on course and pray she does but slips back. Matthew is somewhere god knows. Anthony is lost to me. He is on his own and has not a care in the world. Carol does her own thing and is hard to follow.. oh well but that is my story to tell you now. Majesta and Justin have reconnected and that is also the focus of my life.  I miss you a lot and know you are watching. I want to find love again but I find myself tangled in a web of three. One doesn't count and that is just fun which is right. So I have my sight and heart towards one. I don't want to play the field but maybe it is the right thing to do. See which one captures my heart truly. Well time will tell. Okay my love I will sign off here. Just watch over us closely. I still have my heart that needs jesus to guide me. Until next time love, you walk with the Lord and say hi to all in heaven. Love always and forever Robert.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on July 24, 2019
Well love, all has just about fallen apart. So far trying to keep what is left together. One day at a time. There isn't a day that goes by when I remember all the memories and thinking of you everyday. Your smile and laughter. Your joking around. Your heart that was mine. I miss everything about you. I will never forget anything about you. You are in my heart forever and will remain there till my time has come. Love always Robert
Posted by Robert Myskiw on July 9, 2019
My love, though you are not here in body but your spirit still lives within me. As you can see I am struggling with many things. Sometimes I wish we had more time together. We shared lots, hard times ,trying times and many good times.  It it was your time to go and make way for all of us to follow. Just wait for us as we, one day will be together again. I miss you laughter,sweet smile and your jokes. My love I want to move on but try in the wrong way. I have in my heart a place that belongs to you only. But people are saying to move on, be happy. Many are trying but I only have a place for another. She reminds me of you in some ways but unique in others. I am in no rush. The only thing I want is our family to be under one roof. Ryder and Kruz. I hope that I can get a place soon. I pray that I will. Well soon the crew will be here and work will start. Watch over us my love. Love and miss you, love Robert.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on June 23, 2019
To my love, today I start looking at life differently. I really started a couple weeks ago. But it moves forward from this day on. I want in reality to find someone like you but unique in their own ways, I guess similarities to an extent. I feel lonely and I don't want to stay this way. I may or may not be ready but time will and feelings will be tested true. I will always love you forever more until we meet again. I know you see the struggles but I put my faith in our lord to lead me through. I also pray that all members of the family would find faith. The test is today. You will be watching love as you have been before you going to heaven. Till the next time my sweetness I love you still, you will remain in my heart forever. love Robert
Posted by Robert Myskiw on June 6, 2019
Oh my love, the pain is still there just as the day you left us. I love you so much and always will. Don't have much to say except feeling a bit under the weather. But you know me I will overcome and continue on. So my love I will leave this note. My heart will always belong to you.   Love Robert xoxoxoxo.............
Posted by Robert Myskiw on June 2, 2019
Well love, been six months already. Slowly moving on. I have my moments but overcome in moments. Its usually a site or sound that brings it on. Grieving has no limit on time. It is when God has a plan to make changes for you. Well went to church today hoping catch Michelle there, but she was never a person that kept her words true. Last weekend had some uninvited guests and unexpected. Davey and Dyronne showed up here, what a mess. Apparantly David has them at Sioux Valley. But Davey stole the two matching M rings you bought for us. So maybe they will be better there, who knows. By the way love we got a new vehicle without bs. That little fiesta is now good at all. I remember you stating you disliked it and I totally do. Kruz is doing good in school and will be in Grade 10. Ryder is unreachable. The people where he is at dont answer phones. Something fishy is going on. Now that CFS is involved who knows what is next. I talk to someone tomorrow. Every now and then I visit Auntie Gladys which helps me not to think to hard about you being gone. You know Alex passed away and maybe you will see him. But in the mean time say to our parents we all will be together one day. I love and miss you greatly. Always and forever. Robert xoxo
Posted by Robert Myskiw on May 19, 2019
My dear Love, yesterday and today tried having a yard sale with very little success. It was a cold long weekend. Honey you left me with so much to do and I feel so overwhelmed it's so frustrating I really want to give up. You know I am not one to do so but it is your memory that I continue to make sure your story is share and my thoughts. Some day Love I want to just sit down, hear your voice and feel your touch. But deep down it will not happen, but I must stop and look to the heavens and believe that I will see you again. We may not know it but the feeling will be sensed. Joyce, I love you dearly and truly miss you. I try to move forward but I am failing at it immensely. So I will do my best to continue on. I have to make sure also the Kruz and Ryder also start a good life. But as you watch from the heavens above you know that is not the way it has been going. For now Ryder at least communicates, Kruz I have to push slowly. David and Michelle are on their own and not very open about much. Anyways Love watch our footsteps and give us signs to stay on the right path I will always have you in my heart and will continuously look up to the Heavens.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on May 11, 2019
Well love tomorrow is Mother's Day and also what would have been your 59th birthday. I am saying Happy Birthday Love and also Happy Mother's day from all of us. We love you and miss you dearly. I will never forget the love we shared, good or bad I was there for you when you needed me.
                 love Robert, Ryder, and Kruz, Michelle and Kids, David and kids, Carol dawn and kids. May family members.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on May 4, 2019
Everyday my angel is getting harder and harder to deal with. I feel so lost but yet manage one day at a time. Soon work will start up and can finally get back on track. I have struggle so much and yet manage to help Michelle with things. I have been the morale support for all except myself. David has some change but not enough in your books. But is coming around. As for Michelle no change still with Elton and so controlling. I give up on her. Ryder doesn't seem to care about nothing but smoking weed and still drinking. he has gone beyond my reach. Kruz is now more and more slipping away. I have to get on top of him constantly. I guess my hands are full. I signed up for heartaches and downfalls I take it. But with help of prayer and hope, I will not give up on all of them till I am ready. So one day at a time is all I can do, it is my best but it will get better with time. When you left us our world became a turmoil so i am doing what I can to prevent more. So my love you watch over us closely and take note and let me know some how to make it better. I will always love you no matter what happens for me. I truly loved you and you thought I never did. So my angel I leave on this note, one day we will be together.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on April 26, 2019
Well my love at least for now I was able to save what really matters. You. My love I feel so lost without you. But I know I have to move forwards. You will always remain in my heart no matter what changes for me. That will never be taken away. Until my end of days here I will always look for signs from you.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on April 15, 2019
Today is Ariel's, Vicki's and Kim's birthday. I wished them all happy birthday greetings. I only wish you were here to do it. You always were on top of this. You spent a lot of time on facebook. Today also Kruz would not wake up. Like he ignored me calling his name and try shaking him up. Well my foot has come down. No more wifi after a certain time anymore. Also he was doing homework on a Sunday night at ten pm. I gave as much slack as I could, no more. He has to learn not be a stickler in his ways and think of games and swearing. So one way or another I look up to heaven for answer I know that I may hear from your voice but a sign that you can give me. it is so hard, life never gives us a lesson in grief, we learn as the time comes upon us. I have been strong so far but in silent a million tears have fallen from my eyes. I keep it to myself because they are for you. I never thought you would go as you did, not in a million years. For me to walk this road alone until my time has come. I will carry this torch in my heart for you always and forever.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on April 10, 2019
Oh honey , today I just upset with Kruz not waking up and took away his controllers for his game system. After telling at midnight to go to bed he stays up and still continues to play. Well no more, he has school and it is important. I managed to get him back in this semester instead of the fall time. He does well but this internet has him messing up and staying up late. So until he can wake up without me having to push him to get up this decision stays. I already failed at one, now CFS is investigating, Michelle I don't trust. Her and Ryder both can lie. I almost want to surrender everything to her and wipe my hands clean. But it is not me, really feel broken as it is. Now this plus all the worries that are piling up. I feel such a load and don't want to carry on. Sometimes I feel that I want to make myself known to god and slowly fall apart at the seams. But no way I say, I have to stand strong and continue this fight in life. For I know that is what you would want me to do. I look up for a sign and I did get one. That was Justin calling me. I knew that it was God that made it happen and you watching. There are some battles love I feel I cannot fight alone. So I will do my best what is right to continue. Thank you for listening. Love you forever more.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on April 2, 2019
My love, I have no words to tell you how it feels. As you can see from above not all is well. I try to move on and carry forth with life. Its so hard to do. Some days I feel like giving up and just slip away. You know as well as I do I am not ready. Feels like I still have a purpose here to make sure our kids and grandkids chose the right path.  I pray for all everyday but I forget about myself. I know you said to me that if you went and I walked the road alone to make sure I was happy. I don't know if I can. I will try but no promises. All I hope for is to see you once again and to live forever more with each other side by side. I will always love you no matter what this path has been set for me. One thing I know for sure, my love will never fade in my heart. Until my last breath here I will have that special place in my heart for you no matter what lies ahead.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on March 24, 2019
Today my love I woke up with a new sense of being. A purpose has come over me to carry forward with you in my heart as always as I have. But someone did say to me that life goes on and that you will want me to be happy. I don't know if I could. Even in time my torch has been lit by you and I will always will carry it. Looking down you will want me to carry forward and be happy in my days here in this life. Because I know no matter what I hope I can see you waiting for me at heaven's gates. My pain runs deep and I keep it inside me letting all that ask if I am alright. You know what that answer will be but deep down you know what really is going on in my heart. I made myself a promise that I will see you once again only to be with you forever. I love you and miss you so much. I try to be strong on the outside shadowing what is truly on the inside. So I shed my tears in secret with no one to see. I have to be strong for all that is here now. So my love you will know our faith here and I pray that we all can be with you one day forever more.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on March 17, 2019
Oh my sweet love, I feel myself draining slowly. I try to keep going. No matter what I try is failing. So I turn tour lord for help. I know that just asking will not work, I have to have faith in him. I feel like there is no hope. I was doing fine until these last two weeks. Every day I think of what was and what could have been. I will try to move on, but I cant. Sometimes I just want to give up. You know that I wont, its the feeling of emptiness and loneliness that now has truly hit me. I know that god is by my side and that you are watching my every move. My heart truly aches.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on March 15, 2019
I woke up today reflecting of what was and what was to become. All that is now a memory that I will take in my heart everyday. yes the good lord took you away from me and from family. I try to be there for all but I myself am not well and feel myself slowly slipping. But I pray that one day I can hold your hand and walk through the glorious gardens in heaven. This is what buoys me on to seeing your beautiful face and hear your voice. I know you are watching carefully over all of us. My sweet love continue doing so that we all can see you once again but this time I want it to be forever. I continue to struggle with the loss, but I know deep down that you want me and everyone else to follow what you have started. The second journey in life everlasting. So I do my best , I may fall a couple times before I truly get it right. I made a promise to you in silence that I will do what is right. For one day I will be besides you. This is so hard to type through tears, sometimes I think of them as joy and others of the pain I feel in my heart because you are gone. Like the poem I had read for you, Should you go first and I remain to walk the road alone, so be it. I feel the emptiness in my heart. But in all honey, you are not suffering from health issues or pain in the heart to what has happened in life. you are in a better place and you are greatly rewarded. Walk beside our lord and guide us so that we can join you in peace and harmony. I will always love you. R.I.P. my love.
Posted by Michelle Myran-Pratt on March 12, 2019
Mommy i cry into your nightgown everyday...i miss u soooo much...my little bird
Posted by Robert Myskiw on March 12, 2019
I will always Love you
Posted by Robert Myskiw on March 12, 2019
I will always love you. Everyday I try to stay strong but I find more and more I am failing at it. When Kruz is in school the place is empty just like my heart. I try to find the strength but I am failing at it now. I was in the beginning to satay strong but lately find it very difficult to stay focused. So I remember a lot that were good in us together. Pull those two together to carry on.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on February 28, 2019
This my love will always be our song. In our own way I was your body guard. At some point in time I did fail you and cannot forgive myself for it. You will always be the love of my life. Like your kids would say " Dances with Wolves". I will always love you forever more. Sometimes I have that feeling I never did enough. There are days sweetie I have a hard time coping with you being gone. I truly miss your wise cracking jokes and your beautiful eyes, your sweet smile. They are in embedded in my heart deeply and your memory lives on in me. I ask that you watch over all of us. Let us know one way or another if we go off the forbidden track. Guide us my love so that we may join you forever more. I love you so much and miss you evenly. Walk with God and so shall we here on earth.
Posted by Robert Myskiw on February 25, 2019
There isn't a day that goes by that I shed tears. I miss you so much. I am slowly slipping into a dark place which I do not want to go. So your memory is what buoys me on with hope. Gathering hope that one day we will be together forever. I am trying to be happy but it is not the same. I find some strength bby going to church. But it will take more than that. I will put my faith in god that I will see you again. Rest in Peace my love. I will be coming home to you one day. As we all will. I had to give Michelle a loud talking to. She has fallen into that dark place. I ask God to help her in her journey as well.
Posted by Michelle Myran-Pratt on February 12, 2019
i miss u soo much...even your little grandbabies....the pain started when yours ended
Posted by Robert Myskiw on January 29, 2019
To the angel in my life. Watch over us my love. I am trying my best to cope and deep down in my heart you remain my one true love. You are truly missed by all that you have touched along the way. I pray I can do the same. You may be gone to the great house in the sky but here you remain in our hearts. I try to be strong but I know one day it will catch up, so I remain vigil and keep my posture as the pillar for those you have left behind. We love you always and forever more. Love always and forever Robert Jan Michael Myskiw

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