This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joyce Riley, 68 years old, born on July 31, 1948, and passed away on June 25, 2017. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sharron Petty on May 9, 2021
I first heard Joyce on the radio at 1:00 am. I learned so much from her and became a conservative after being a liberal Democrat all my life. I am in my 70s now. I think of her often and how she change so many people's lives. She is very much missed.
Posted by Ricardo Villareal on May 8, 2021
Her infortunate passing was a total surprise to me. My feelings toward her is that she was a very brave person challenging the high brass and gov officials to admit the truth on the illness that Gulf War veterans came back home to endure. She was an advocate and the voice for the voiceless and the downtrotten. And it was because of her that those in power began listening to the calls for justice and for the truth on the Gulf War and Agent Orange illnesses that afflicked many war veterans. That is what made her great and never to be forgotten.

Posted by ERIC MULSON on June 28, 2020
I miss you so much Joyce....

I know you are soaring thru eternal space & time as a bright white light of love & compassion ...

We all know you are out there just waiting for the rest of us to join you someday sister....
Posted by Brent Bielema on June 28, 2020
Building on what Gale said, I gave my neighbor (young man) 'Beyond Treason' and it may have prevented him from joining the military so now he is employed in his dad's construction company -- in the same house where my self-taught architect / builder grandpa lived! So Joyce's and Grandpa Norman's legacies live on far after they have passed this mortal coil! Long live Joyce and The Power Hour!!
Posted by Dwight Arnott on June 28, 2020
My life and routine changed drastically when you went to your reward. I used to never miss a broadcast. The most important thing you did for me was having Dr. Millar on. After taking lithium orotate for a year I was a new person. Thank you forever Joyce.
Posted by Gale Osborn-Reid on June 27, 2020
Joyce was always a warrior for her country and for the sick veterans who served. She brought us together with many resources and contacts and created a platform, The Bulletin Board, where we could share our experiences and knowledge. Thank you, Joyce, for creating the tell-all video, "Beyond Treason" that helped to make our issues known and understood by many. Much love and respect to Captain Joyce Riley forever. God bless you.
Posted by Rose Pickeral on June 25, 2020
I miss Joyce everyday. The 12 years I worked as her manager of the warehouse, we became best friends and later neighbors as well. My son and I spent many hours just sitting and talking to her after taking care of her 13 cats and 3 dogs almost every night the last 3 years of her life.
She helped me "grow" in so many ways. She was a one of a kind person. So caring, but tough. She didn't "baby" us. She was straight forward and stuck to her guns. She considered me her sister she never had. She will always be in our hearts. She helped, no saved, so many people with her wisdom and knowledge. We love and miss her.
Posted by Brent Bielema on June 25, 2020
We are enjoying the rebroadcasts of Joyce's vital programs on The Power Hour with Daniel Brigman and also it would be nice to touch base with some of her co-hosts and see what they are doing these days. My mom (also forever missed) was a nurse's aide for a chiropractor so I am sure they are together in heaven making our lives down here just a little brighter and healthier. God bless Joyce and her warm wonderful legacy of Godly truth and abundant health!!
Posted by Amy Surrena on June 25, 2020
Joyce is smiling upon her family of souls who joined her enthusiasm for bringing more knowledge to empower our lives. So many wonderful guests she interviewed with her dedication to this service. She left her heartprint behind and it still beats throughout our world. Thank you Joyce. Enjoy your freedom although I am sure you are still working in your unique ways. 
Posted by Mark Hankins on June 25, 2020
I was only a guest twice on her show twice but she was a fantastic interviewer and helped bring my message about handling serious debt problems during the Great Recession to many people.
Posted by Philip Barehsm on June 24, 2020
Really loved working with Joyce... We had her speak in Lansing Michigan and Detroit in the 1990s the time I was the senior council for all of Michigan's 83 counties and worked with the national association of counties I was stunned and in awe of her knowledge she helped me do my work unto excellence... My beloved bride Nancy and I didn't ask for it... did not have an ambition for it... But we ended up coordinating over 4,200 seminars nationally with other courageous an amazing scholars including Dr. Stan Monteith, Colonel Jim Ammerman, general Ben Partin Dr. Len Horowitz. FBI division Chief Ted Gunderson.... many others. She set the stage that was a paradigm shift for my government and political career and look where we are in June of 2020!? We praise God for Captain Joyce Riley ...the last time I sat with her was with Sheriff Richard Mack at the cspoa conference in St Louis Missouri 2013 .. Life is precious and now we here in the Michigan legislature developing legislation to.  not. allow a mandated vaccination coming from the Bill Gates world.... rest in peace Joyce thank you and thank God for the team that has taken the mantle for the power hour....
Posted by Lelen Smalley on October 4, 2019
I absolutely loved Joyce. She took my son Josh under her wings and taught him how to be on the radio. She loved my son and grandchildren like her own and she was very kind to me as well. I still miss her. Love you Joyce!
Posted by Dwight Arnott on August 1, 2019
I will be forever grateful to Joyce for having Dr Mark Millar on her show. I ordered Lithium Orotate that day and my life has been better ever since. Her show probably touched a great many lives like it did mine.
Posted by Frank O'Neal on June 25, 2019
Joyce, You are one of a kind, for sure and certain. Shirlee and I listened to you every morning via the Ku band satellite that we got from We prayed for you as you battled cancer, and now our oldest child, our 37 year old son, Jesse is fighting brain cancer. You helped me cope with Lyme's Disease for many years. 5 heart attacks later, I am still here. Thank you for your courage in speaking the truth, and in doing the next right thing. We love you still, and will miss you always...until we meet again dear sister, the O'Neals.
Posted by Nancy LaClair on June 25, 2019
I felt a great loss in the force when you died. Finding out the next day that it was the time. I looked forward everyday to your information, encouragement and courteous presentation of the truth. Gracious, precise, and energetic, with integrity. Like we are not alone in wanting a better world, fighting evil. We are a light in a dark world. Shine on.
Posted by Phil Restino on June 24, 2019
Thank you for the chance to give tribute to our late friend Joyce Riley. Man, was she one special lady or what? She was one tough and gutsy gal, for sure ... witness her work in standing up for her fellow military veterans, their loved ones, and her single-handed taking on the Pentagon and military establishment in the case of our troops being poisoned with Gulf War Illness. See her wonderful work with the documentary "Beyond Treason". Like so many others, I really miss Joyce. I was a daily listener to The Power Hour with Joyce Riley for about 10 years, and having listened to other talk shows, I can tell you that she was the best. She didn't kiss up to the guests and would often challenge the guests on their comments or positions which a good journalist should have challenged. She did not sell out her audience for the favor of any guest. Joyce was truly all about the truth, as the saying goes. She welcomed guests from all ends of the political and social spectrum ... and her ability to listen with an open mind, and respect was shared by many of us in the listening audience. As a frequent caller, I can honestly say that Joyce was very generous and fair in giving the callers time to fully express their thoughts, comments, and questions. She so often made the exchange feel like a conversation ... for all of us, whether we were speaking to her as a caller or simply listening in. Sadly, there will never be another Joyce Riley. Joyce set the bar for what a good talk show host should be ... a bar that I wish more of today's talk show hosts would strive for. If there is ever a time when a Joyce Riley or two or three is needed, it is now ... so we should never forget Joyce Riley and we should refer to her often when the topic of talk show hosts comes up. Yes, Joyce, you may be gone but you certainly are not forgotten. Thank you for all you gave to us and our world. Rest easy now, dear friend. - Love, Phil in Florida :-)
Posted by Michael Allen on April 30, 2019
I have missed you Captain Riley. You were one of the driving forces of my personal enlightenment at the turn of the century. From appearances on Art Bell's Coast to Coast to your own Power Hour show. All I can do in return for your wonderful gift is to dedicate myself to seeking and then spreading the truth to others, and be a worthy vehicle to do so. It is people like who who have radically changed the world for the better. I honor you and bless your legacy and those who have carried on after.
Posted by Barb Herndz on February 13, 2019
Greatly missed, never forgotten; Joyce touched many lives with hope and encouragement.
Posted by Sharron Petty on September 23, 2018
You are so missed every day. You have changed my way of thinking (and a lot of people's minds)  about life and what is happening in this world. This world is a better place because of you.
Posted by Danibolical 1 on September 17, 2018
I was a listener to the power hour since before Joyce even made the decision to include the news in every show. The medical information was a large factor in saving my life and allowing me to have some joy in it as well. What could be a better gift than that? All I ever did was pay attention.
Joyce you really were an angel, and you and your sense of humor will always be missed.
Fly on you beauty.
Posted by Gwen Bartolini on September 11, 2018
You touched so many of our lives daily. Mike and I will never forget you. Thank you for help in opening my eyes to so many truths and so many like-minded guests and individuals. Your strong yet compassionate voice continues to live inside so many of us.
God Bless you and the Power Hour
Posted by Christy Fritz-Parker on August 28, 2018
Love and miss you. Thank you for watching over my family. I know you are.

Editing this now to add hearing a song now saying "Dream a little dream of me" in cafe I'm in. 
Posted by Hamilton Joe on August 24, 2018
Thank you, Capt. Riley, for everything you have done to get
this nation back on the right track. I know that you are in the
Lord's presence along with another true American who did
her very best in waking the citizenry up. That would be
Mrs. Joan Veon. "Welcome My true and faithful servant."!
We love and miss you, Joyce! Rest in peace!
Posted by Bob Wells on August 2, 2018
Thank you Joyce...warrior for truth and love.
Posted by ALISA WOODS on July 16, 2018
Dearest Joyce,
I first listened to your program in 2005, a few months after losing my best friend to cancer. The information that shared on the air waves became a daily ritual for me. My life has been transformed in so many positive ways because of you. And yes, I know that you would be humble and never want to take credit for the impact that you have had on so many listeners and their families. I always wanted to make a trip to Versailles MO to meet you and your amazing staff. Thank you for dedicating your life to seeking the truth and helping all people to live their best life.
Posted by Andycap212 . on June 27, 2018
Through short-wave radio I stumbled upon the power hour and it forever changed my life. Joyce had a beautiful voice which I resonated with. Over time I was able to arrest my incurable disease thanks to the help of Joyce’s shows. May God bless you in haven Joyce,always will remember you.
Here is one of the shows I call into and thanked her for helping saving my life. I called around the 49 minute mark. Joyce sounds so strong during this show.
Posted by Amy Surrena on June 25, 2018
Thank you Joyce Riley for leaving your "Do The Right and Honorable Thing" statement among so much inner wisdom. You shine your stars to this day and today I was thinking of you and voila, I received a one year annicersary reminder of your leaving your body. I know you are shining in the astral world and having a grand time! Love and Light Joyce!
Posted by Bob Snyder on June 25, 2018
Joyce is sorely missed by me, sadly no one can fill her shoes quite the same. She had a passion & character of an angel. Hope her after life is now peaceful & she's still looking over us with prayer things will get better.
Posted by Sarah Smith on June 25, 2018
Joyce you are and will always be in my heart. You sparked a passion and still push me to do the next right and honorable thing. I really really loved you and my eyes sometimes leak when I think of the lessons you taught us. I hope you're dancing somewhere over the rainbow and I hope we will someday meet on the other shore.
Posted by David Chiasson on June 23, 2018
I thank Joyce and TPH for their years of many mornings of entertainment and enlightenment ! Started Listening in 2002 and Joyce`s Guests have saved my life by turning things around with their knowledge and products! Rest Now as Your work on Earth is done,Let others pick up the torch and move forward!
Posted by Jim Conlin on June 22, 2018
You were an inspiration in so many immeasurable ways to so many people. I was dependent on you for my true reality check each day. Finding myself in similar circumstances to your journey with cancer, you've helped me a great deal in not only seeking alternative resolutions but as an example of how to take on each day with courage and a positive outlook. I have 100s of your shows recorded and cataloged by topic so I can share them with others. Of the many things I learned from you, standing for TRUTH stands out among all others for which you will always be remembered.
Posted by James Elmer Dobson on April 24, 2018
Let me Salute you Captain and thank you for all you have done. I did not know you were even ill till I found myself here today. I have referred others to you, no way to know if they ever came. May God bless you and yours with His sweetest blessings and what so ever else He may see you or they stand in need of at this time in the name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN.  
I am just an old mustang / dog faced soldier. Major Dobson USAR Ret.
Posted by Cecil Settlemire on April 16, 2018
In these troubling times, after the latest awful attack on a foreign country, Syria, I miss poor Joyce more than ever.

I listen to the old shows. I have the April 21st, 2017, show playing now. Joyce sounds so well. I believe still that she was murdered. I believe she was recovering and something happened.

It is so very, very sad. For all of us.

With Greatest Affection,

Cecil from Tennessee
Posted by Helen Heinle on April 5, 2018
Dear Joyce, You were a beacon of light and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for the knowledge you brought to us each day. I miss hearing your sweet voice. You were a 'one of a kind' Lady and no one can take your place. It was very reassuring just knowing you were out there leading us through these ever changing and uncertain times. You gave us so much good information, I will be eternally grateful for your life and the amazing work you accomplished. Your life has been an incredible journey. I know our Heavenly Father is proud of you. I pray you enjoy a special place of eternal peace and joy with Him. Please keep watch over us all. We need your beautiful spirit protecting us.
Posted by Jennifer Edwards on September 22, 2017
I just found out about Joyce's passing....I used to listen to Joyce every morning on my way to work and during work when I worked outside the home. She was such an inspiration, all the issues the faced head-on, the guests she brought forth. I cried and prayed when she first got the diagnosis. Always a beacon of truth, I thank you Joyce. May you be in your glorified body with Jesus now! Hallelujah! You will be forever missed.
Posted by Dwight Arnott on July 31, 2017
Wishing you an eternally happy birthday in the heavenly fields. Thank you so much for bringing me a new life with the lithium orotate. I always will remember you with deep gratitude.
Posted by Bob Snyder on July 19, 2017
Thx to the creator of this memorial

Sadly a great voice & super hero of the patriot/truth revolution went silent. :'(

I first ran across Joyce in the mid 90's on the Chuck Harder Show where she had been a nurse in the Gulf War & discovered that the military was not only using experimental vaccines that were damaging the soldiers but using depleted uranium munitions that the troops were exposed to as well adding to the maladies they were suffering including herself & the military refused to admit to any problems or take any blame.

So Joyce took on the role as a military whistleblower for the soldiers spreading her tragic message any place she could get her voice heard making big waves everyone wanted to know more about which caught the attention of a new alternative media outlet at that time, Genesis Communications Network who were astute enough to see her potential & offered her a platform to spread her message that resulted a major force against the establishment & corruption.

Back then, she'd just got married & with her new hubby Dave Von Kliest by her side, started a show called The Power Hour & it was an instant hit & hip news show, Dave had a sense of humor that was infectious & gave serious disturbing news some levity.

At the time Clinton was Prez & there was so many sex, drug trafficking & murder scandals around him that alone could keep any news program busy keeping up with it all but Joyce & Dave brought so much more to the news table that mainstream media would never & still won't cover & when 911 happened, Dave was 1 of the first to figure out it looked like an inside job which started a huge alt media investigation frenzy that mainstream media ignored or called conspiracy theories.

They were kinda at the forefront of the no fake news's inception with internet just getting off the ground at that time bringing on experts in all the topics they covered so it wasn't just them giving opinions, The stories they covered had where, when & how they happened in detail from credible insiders that had the goods but you'd never hear mentioned from any other regular news outlets. Power Hour listeners were the best informed audience period!

Dave & Joyce eventually had differences & Dave left the show. Joyce kept it going til her so sad to say recent departure from this world & I have to say, her being there had a major influence on my life. I just can't say enough about how dramatically her show increased my knowledge, shaped my thinking & character.

Such a gracious nurturing woman she was, never getting cross even with obnoxious callers but at the same time a tenacious warrior for the truth. The kind of character & soul I would have been blessed to have as both a mother growing up & later as a partner in life. I will miss you greatly Joyce, you beautiful soul. To you I give my highest honor of admiration! Never in my life do I expect a person of Joyce's character to rise out of humanity with the impact & class she brought to the truth/patriot revolution.

Joyce Riley belongs in the recordings of history with the highest honors amongst the likes of our great founders, what a national treasure she was! If there's a God in heaven, she surely must be by his side as his top angel!

Other followers, leave a trail of your thoughts of Joyce here & anywhere you can so her impact on history will never be forgotten & those who never knew of Joyce should seek out any archived broadcasts available, learn from them & the immense legacy she left in her wake.

Here's a good example of a typical show & her crusader effort digging for truth with election fraud investigator Bev Harris late 2016 discussing how our elections are being rigged.
Posted by Dwight Arnott on July 8, 2017
Wishing you every possible joy in eternity. I owe you so much, especially for bringing Dr Millar and lithium orotate to the show. My life has never been so good. I am hoping you have entered into eternal joys.
Posted by Ken O'Keefe on July 7, 2017
Dear, Dear Joyce,
I cannot express my deepest love and respect and sadness at hearing of your passing. I never met you in person but you had the impact of a mother for me, and my mother only passed in the last few years so you really did become that sort of spirit for me. Like her you had these qualities of love and appreciation and understanding that always saw the best in me. You were always able to genuinely forgive any harshness or rough edges that were issues for others. The Power Hour was your baby and came from the heart of America and catered to the pure heart of conscientious Americans and I was honoured to be part of that program, mostly because of you Joyce, because of you and your energy. It was contagious, I am a better man for you, you shall remain a serious part of my inspiration and motivation and optimism in these very challenging times. As we move forward in the creation of creating a better world you shall always be a significant part of that process, let us make no mistake about that.  

Sending love to all of your family and reminding them that Joyce will never "die", she will be with countless of us always and we will make sure to hand over her spirit to our children and beyond. 
TJP (Truth Justice Peace) & Love,
Ken O'Keefe
Posted by Lauren Hill on July 2, 2017
Our dear Joyce, you taught me soooo much great information about EVERYTHING. I am very empowered by the truths you so courageously exposed. Your stamina always amazed me. I really thought you'd be here with us forever! Well, you are. The members of the Power Hour Team will always carry a mark you left with us: Honesty,Integrity and to always DO THE NEXT RIGHT AND HONORABLE THING. You were an angel sent here to help so many. My prayers of comfort go to your family and all the Power Hour Team whose lives you touched so deeply. May we meet again
Posted by Jeanette Weeks on July 2, 2017
Joyce, my heart is breaking. You are an inspiration. I could always count on you to challenge the guests to give their references to convince you and help you discern Truth. Not many interviewers are as brave and bold as you to do that, but you did, because we, your listeners, were the most important to you and you wanted us to always hear Truth from your show. You were steadfast and reliable. You will be acutely missed.
Posted by Kellye Cooper on July 1, 2017
...........................l WAS.......................

*Blessed* to find YOU........................
*Honored* to have met YOU..............
So *greatful* for YOUR teachings.....
*Humbled* by YOUR love and care....

i will always remember and love YOU ❤️
Posted by Gail Pacia on June 30, 2017
Joyce, I miss you so much. Your passion and encouragement always started my day. I've been with you for about twelve years and have learned so much.  Daniel is doing a fine job but there will never be another Joyce Riley. I know you loved our Lord and always tried to do the right and honorable thing. Surely you are in His glorious presence free of all pain. You fought the good fight and did well my friend.
Posted by Mary Fritz on June 30, 2017
Joyce was indeed a very special gift from God for the many who knew and loved her as she loved them. She was a very courageous lady who was fearless in speaking the truth in order to help her fellow Americans. She was truly a faith filled Christian and staunch American patriot. She will be blessed in eternal life.
Posted by Bill Sr. on June 29, 2017
A great and true American, Humanitarian is missed. I will never forget her compassion and listening ear as I was interviewed on her show and listened on occasions. She is missed and will never be forgotten...

Gulf War Veteran
William J Simmons, Sr.
Posted by Christy Fritz-Parker on June 29, 2017
Thank you Joyce for everything.  I'm so sad you are gone. I thought you would beat it. Wish I would have called you.
Posted by wayne elliott on June 28, 2017
My dear friend Joyce who I never met in person, but was a guest on her show many times over the past 15 years discussing natural health. Joyce was a courageous woman who always fought for what's right. She was the truth and naturally a reliable trusted friend to many people, regardless of whether she ever met them in person or not. Her heart was a conduit to us all and I will remain grateful for the time I shared with her on air and off via telephone. On air, we've laughed and even cried together once ( with many others I'm sure), when we assisted an elderly war veteran in a very simple way during the show. RIP Joyce. I know you continue to sell truth and help others, wherever you are. I'll miss you. God Bless you and your family. Wayne
Posted by David Gregson on June 28, 2017
Thank You Joyce.
Posted by Lori Salyer on June 28, 2017
Though we only spoke a couple times and I haven't been able to write for quite awhile, you were still always on my heart and in my prayers.

We often shared the love of beautiful places and words, and sometimes music; I appreciated your quest for what was true and good; though some consider truth to be subjective, I know that your quest was for what could redeem, what could set free, what could help someone out of darkness, what could give someone else hope.

You did not merely voice the political hubbub that roars around the airwaves in garbled messages of what they believe is truth; but the facts, sometimes hard to believe, sometimes heart breaking, sometimes quite different from what is accepted. Yet you always pushed ahead, breaking through the oncoming flood to grasp a hope of joy, of love and of health.

I hope that the others, whose lives you have touched, remember more than mere ideology and spoken words; but the unspoken love you shared with the hurting. Your generosity to not only those you knew and cared for; not just those whose wounds you shared, but those whose needs were greater than you alone could meet, those whose stories you shared and help to provide needed finances or goods or exposure; not just because you agreed with them always, but because they had need!

The boxes you sent to Texas, the couple struggling with health issues, the lady who flew the plane over the gulf and rescued animals; the homeless, the sick and overweight, the lonely, the hopeless and the not so well understood, you took the time to hear, to care, to provide, to give as much hope as you and your listeners could possibly muster!

I hope and pray that the "nation" that others build upon is one that is full of as much compassion as your hour; that the love you shared with others is not lost in the sea of words and that we all in our own sphere of influences continue to not only pursue the truth, but be the truth that we believe. Do and not just talk; give and not just pile up; learn and never stop learning, never stop believing, never stop taking a stand for those who can not stand on their own.

It is not enough to admire, not enough to appreciate, a life like yours needs to be an example to follow!

Much love, your sister in the mountains of Montana, Lori

"and when you're on some distant shore, think of your absent friend;
and when the wind blows high and clear, a line to me pray send;
and when the wind blows high and clear, pray send a note to me;
that I might know by your handwrite how time has gone with thee..."
-from the song, The Blackest Crow:
Posted by Deanne Ross on June 28, 2017
joyce gave me so much valuable information I use to keep my kids and animals healthy, along with waking me up so I can teach my kids that what they are required to learn by the State is not what really happened. It's always a constant battle for the truth. When I realized that the MSM is nothing but nonstop fake news after Sandy Hook and Boston smoke bomb, I found Joyce and never went back to the fake news and my kids will never trust the MSM in their lifetime! Joyce was such a gift to those that were blessed to find her! Her shows should be played and accessible for others around the world!
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Posted by Sharron Petty on May 9, 2021
I first heard Joyce on the radio at 1:00 am. I learned so much from her and became a conservative after being a liberal Democrat all my life. I am in my 70s now. I think of her often and how she change so many people's lives. She is very much missed.
Posted by Ricardo Villareal on May 8, 2021
Her infortunate passing was a total surprise to me. My feelings toward her is that she was a very brave person challenging the high brass and gov officials to admit the truth on the illness that Gulf War veterans came back home to endure. She was an advocate and the voice for the voiceless and the downtrotten. And it was because of her that those in power began listening to the calls for justice and for the truth on the Gulf War and Agent Orange illnesses that afflicked many war veterans. That is what made her great and never to be forgotten.

Posted by ERIC MULSON on June 28, 2020
I miss you so much Joyce....

I know you are soaring thru eternal space & time as a bright white light of love & compassion ...

We all know you are out there just waiting for the rest of us to join you someday sister....
Recent stories

Always Remember Her Wise Words!

Shared by Brent Bielema on June 30, 2018

"Treat your body like a temple, not a sewer!" She also told us to be wary of the ubiquitous blue and orange colors which seem to decorate so many of today's often-Orwellian brands. But most of all she taught us to use our practiced discernment to uncover what is really going on. Thank you for your information, activism and commitment. Finally, I think that Mary Ellen Moore would be a wise choice for at least a part-time successor -- or as a sidekick to Daniel Brigman, someone to soften his often-unbridled passion! Here's to the future and thank you for helping to guide us!!

Missing Joyce

Shared by Ken O'Keefe on June 25, 2018

I plan to launch something this year that is the culmination of over two decades of work, Joyce always had faith in me and I would so have loved to have her see my life's mission launch.  But I know she is here in spirit and that is enough for me, love to her always. 
TJP (Truth Justice Peace),

Ken O'Keefe