Let the memory of Joyce be with us forever
  • 73 years old
  • Born on October 25, 1939 .
  • Passed away on May 17, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joyce Wilson 73 years old , born on October 25, 1939 and passed away on May 17, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Derick_Andrea Wilson on 17th May 2015
Today marks 2 years since you left...never a day goes by that we do not think about you, you have left us so many wonderful memories. Forever in our hearts!
Posted by Derick_Andrea Wilson on 25th October 2014
Special thanks to Trevor and Maureen for hosting Thanksgiving dinner. We celebrated and had a time of remembrance for the matriarchs in our families such as Grandma Joyce, Cee and Maureen's mom, who have all gone ahead of us. It was the most special Thanksgiving dinner I have every experienced. Always in our hearts and thoughts.
Posted by Derick_Andrea Wilson on 17th May 2014
What a difference a year makes? You are forever in our hearts, our thoughts and our minds. We love you and miss you dearly.
Posted by Pat O'Brien on 25th October 2013
Happy Birthday Mama Joyce. Not one day goes by that we don't remember my Joyce and miss you so much...........
Posted by Hazel Quammie on 21st July 2013
I remember how Joyce took my family as her family and claimed Andrea as the daughter "that grew in her heart." She was so cheerful and fun loving no matter what was happening to her, and I was never in her presence without feeling happier. I learned from her how to celebrate the moment...she always seemed so happy. I will miss her! I know that for every goodbye there is a welcome! R.I.P.
Posted by Angela Garcia on 17th July 2013
Joyce welcomed everyone with open arms. She made you feel like there was always a place at her table for you. Her smile, her sense of humor, those funny one liners that would have you choking on your food. You will live on in our hearts forever.
Posted by Marva J Ferguson on 17th June 2013
Twenty years ago I migrated to Canada and met joyful Joyce. She was a caring and doting grandmother who provided Andrea and Derek with tips on taking care of newborn Akailah. "Unnu put towel unda di door fi keep out the draugh" she would say. I miss that endearing smile down home advice and infectious laughter. Joyce, walk good, Andrea Derek and family, take care
Posted by Melrose Parks on 8th June 2013
My fondest memory of Mrs. Wilson was her infectious giggle. I'm smiling right now just thinking of her. She was an awesome Lady and even though I wasn't in touch with her for several years my memories are precious. My condolences to The Wilson's Family.
Posted by Reta Campbell on 7th June 2013
Precious Memories linger on... The last 4 months of Joyce's life are the most treasured memories. I was with her almost everyday until the very end - just being there, helping in whatever way I could preparing meals, little walks, sitting in the backyard, listening to music, watching TV or just talking. I miss you Joyce, but I am so glad that God brought us together.
Posted by Reta Campbell on 7th June 2013
My friendship with Joyce began over 20yrs ago, when my daughter became her daughter-in-law/daughter. Our friendship deepened over the past 5 years when I came to live in Canada. We spent so much time together: shopping, going to exercise classes, church events, trips, sharing meals or just hanging out. She called me her matie. Can't believe she is really gone. She lingers in my heart.
Posted by Devon Gordon on 6th June 2013
An angel was arranging the lords upper room in the windows of heaven where pretty flowers bloom. So when the lord looked around his garden and he saw that empty space, he then looked down upon the earth and saw Joyce’s tired face. He put his arms around her and he lifted her to rest. God’s garden must be beautiful because he only takes the best. From your sister Sylvia
Posted by Suzzette Ison on 6th June 2013
May your love and light live on Grandma Joyce <3
Posted by Maria Ramos on 6th June 2013
A great woman with a great smile, someone that I look up to and I want to be. Generous, thoughtful and always made you laugh. Love you and miss you.
Posted by Jasmin Mckenzie on 6th June 2013
My darling you were my best friend I remember our walking days together in Jamaica, I will never forget, you were always there for me. I know you are now in a better place and may you rest in peace. love Jas
Posted by Everton Haye on 6th June 2013
Space will not be enough, but thanks to Errol, Derick and Patrick, for allowing me such an intimate interaction with my cousin. In her last days, I was privileged to Minister to her, be at her beck and call, feed her, wipe her mouth, cook her food, take her for walks, help her in and out of bed, these truly were her last days, but gave me lasting memories. Why did she have to go now?...
Posted by Everton Haye on 6th June 2013
Although I knew of you forever, I only officially met you almost ten years ago, that was so unfair. Ever since, I have experienced LOVE, understanding, motherly hugs, gifts for me, my wife and kids, phone calls and numerous enquiries, are you sure your'e ok? Well what more can one ask for..."Many are the memories that linger yet, of one we love and will never forget" love you much.
Posted by Shereda Shaw on 5th June 2013
The loss of Grandma Joyce makes me so sad, I know how difficult it must be for the family. Grandma Joyce you will be remembered as a very caring and compasionate person. My heart goes out to the wonderful family left behind. May her soul R.I.P. ♥
Posted by Mona Burke on 3rd June 2013
I had the pleasure of working with Joyce for 18 years, a truly remarkable woman and a great friend. We had quite a few laughs together(usually at someone else's expense). She will be sorely missed, but I am sure she will be just as much appreciated where she is now..Love You Joyce
Posted by Euleta Wright on 3rd June 2013
Memories of you will be painted in my heart forever. We had some good chats and lots of chuckles, which I'll truly miss. You have left "FOOTPRINTS" in the sand that no amount of water can ever wash away. R.I.P.
Posted by Derick_Andrea Wilson on 2nd June 2013
How can you miss someone, when they are always with you? Andrea
Posted by Derick_Andrea Wilson on 2nd June 2013
I thank God, for my MONOGENEA mother-in-law (MIL), who I have often referred to as my second mother - what is MONOGENEA, you may ask? ONE OF A KIND; UNIQUE: That was my MIL, and I am so blessed to have a MONOGENEA relationship with her...her LOVE will live on in her very wide circle of friends and family whose lives she touch so very deeply. Someone recently said, how can you miss someone
Posted by Derick_Andrea Wilson on 2nd June 2013
Today at Church, the Pastor spoke from 1 John 4: 7-12, where the word love was used 13 times, and I started to think about Ma (AKA Grandma Joyce). The one word that sums up my mother-in-law is LOVE. She loved, Joyfully, in her Own way of being Youthful, Caring and Commited to all in her very wide circle especially Errol. I also learnt another word....MONOGENEA....I am running out of space
Posted by Audrey Forbes on 31st May 2013
Miss Joycie, you have blown me away my friend, with your incredible strength, selflessness and courage - you inspired me!You took my kids as your grand kids and always had a wise crack to keep us all in check. God never makes mistakes and only He knows why He called you home now. You have left an example to follow - Walk good!
Posted by Patricia Douse on 30th May 2013
J oyful O utstanding Y outhful C aring E nergetic
Posted by Patricia Douse on 30th May 2013
Joyce I miss you so much , you where my second mother. Your character was that of a true Martha always busy looking out for everyone and put yourself last. I was happy the day you came into my life and the lovely times we spent together. You were my best client that never had a complaint and you always believed in me. I love you Joycie and Heaven is happy to have you.
Posted by Jillian Douse on 30th May 2013
Thank you Joyce for showing your love and generosity towards my family I. I remember that last (unexpected) meal you cooked for us when we were at your house in your time of illness which you did not have to do and my sister and I cleared all that was on the dinner table and thanked you to pieces. You are truly one of a kind and will be missed. Love you Joyce
Posted by Vivene Irvin on 30th May 2013
From the fireman Barry and his wife. Joyce you were always so pleasant and fun-loving. I will always remember how hospitable you were when I visited in 2004. You ensured that I went shopping. Thanks for being a good mother-in-law and grandmother to Andrea and her children. You have lived well. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Thecla Ellis on 30th May 2013
It has been a pleasure to have known Joyce, her beautul smile, her pleasant and welcoming ways will be missed tremendously. My condolence to the family.
Posted by Donna Gordon on 29th May 2013
I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Joyce was a very nice, loving, and caring person. She was always happy and had love for everyone. We should all hold on to the memories. The love she gave will always be with us. Joyce, when we came to see you in the hospital I thought you were going to be okay, but god was missing an angel. I love you and will always miss you!
Posted by Patrick Lalor on 29th May 2013
Joyce's kindness and generosity has forever left a mark on our lives. You will be dearly missed.
Posted by Devon Gordon on 29th May 2013
Aunt Joyce I will miss you always. I have always enjoyed my visits to your home because you always made me, my wife, and kids feel welcomed and loved. You are a beautiful Mom. You are a beautiful Grandma. And you are my beautiful Aunt inside and out. Love you always! Devon
Posted by Claudia Bailey on 29th May 2013
Joyce, You lived a full life. My family and I certainly miss you; But we know your future is secure in Jesus. Sleep on my friend. We will meet in the sweet by and by. Love you always.
Posted by Claudia Bailey on 29th May 2013
Vivacious Joyce, Courageous Joyce There was never a dull moment around you. You loved unreservedly and gave yourself unselfishly. Your generous spirit was contagious So whenever we met, you never failed To make me feel loved and cherished.
Posted by Akailah Wilson on 20th May 2013
A beautiful lady both inside and out. Oftentimes I viewed my grandmother as my mother! She was always there to support me, love me and hold me when I was crying. She fought an incredible battle against cancer and now she's ion heaven with her maker smiling down on us from heaven! Grandma, I will always love you-you have shaped my life more than you will ever know. Love Kai <3

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