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Shared by Olayinka Dosekun on April 17, 2021
Aunty Joy was like a mother to me. When I came to be a student in the UK at boarding school from the age of 13 to 18 she would take me home for exeat weekends and half terms where I would stay with her and her family in London. I always felt welcome and loved under her roof. We would go to 'the pictures' together (as she still insisted on calling it) and cook a big lunch on Sundays with her mum. We would have long discussions about politics, culture and current affairs - she always spoke in a measured, rational and calm tone; I rarely won an argument with Aunty Joy. She gave me gentle advice on life, career and everything else. 

I love and miss her dearly and pray for her, knowing she is with our Saviour in heaven and we will meet again. Rest in peace Aunty Joy. 
Shared by Selasi Okudzeto on April 14, 2021
Tribute to Joy by Selasi Okudzeto & Family 

I first met Joy at my Hairdressing studio in East Finchley 25 Years ago. 
She became a regular client as a result we struck up a long-lasting loving relationship. 
Through Joy I met their mother Mrs Okoye and subsequently the rest of the family. 

Mrs Okoye affectionately embraced me as a daughter and regularly reminded me of how her daughter Judith and I look alike. 
During my acrimonious divorce Joy assisted me with all her heart and supported me emotionally. 
During Joys 60th Birthday I was pleased to be part of the celebration in Barcelona. 

Academic Joy was getting ready for the main celebration but she had no intention to style her hair or make up. 
I took a look at Joy and said you need a DUCHESS SELASI TOUCH hence I style her hair and gave her a beautiful Make over. 

A memorable celebration as Joy was so thrilled and happy to be surrounded by selected family and friends. 
My overall description of Joy will be tenacious, diligent, robust, very loving, and generous to a fault, forever helpful at the same time, NO Nonsense. 

Joy may your generous soul rest in perfect peace 

You will be greatly missed, but not forgotten. 

2nd Timothy 4:7 
Shared by Josephine Asiedu on April 14, 2021
I have known Joy for over 20 years. Initially advising me in my numerous court cases. Pretty soon we struck a loving and long friendship. For me Joy was loving and generous with a considerable gusty personality. She would not hesitate to express her views sometimes to her own detriment.

I recall the last case she represented me. We had travelled to Truro in Cornwall – some 5 hours journey each way. We lost the case, but Joy felt it was an unfair and unjust decision. She did not hesitate and in her usual gusty manner told the Judge exactly what she thought of him and his decision. I felt she had put her career on the line for me.

When my family heard she was ill, my son, daughter and sister did not hesitate to lovingly assist with her care, which was an indication of what Joy meant to me.

I loved her dearly.

May her soul finally rest.

Farewell my dear friend until we meet again.


Shared by Idalia Arthur on April 13, 2021
I met Joy in 2006 when my family and I went to England for a vacation, she was kind enough to let us stay at her home for three week. Joy was my uncle Ralph Straker were very good  friends and he was the person who arrange where we will stay. 
She was a very loving and kind person who welcome us into her home with open arms. Her only rule to us was not to eat in her bedrooms . 
We had a wonderful time that year it England. Every morning I would see her in the Garden looking at her roses. She was throughly a wonderful person. During our last week there Joy and her parents left us in her home to go to Nigeria. On her return she told my uncle how please she was with the way we had leave her house, cleaner than she left it. 
She told him we were welcome to stay by her anytime we were in England. 
No more pain, no more tears you are in God’s hand and with you dear friend Ralph.
On behalf of Richard, Idalia and Nicholas Arthur I wish to offer my sincere condolences to your family.
May She Rest In Peace 

Shared by Corinne Anyika on April 11, 2021
Aunty Joy meant so much to me and my family. She was the most fabulous Aunty, always eloquent, witty and funny. 
She has been there for me and my family so many times that I don’t know where to begin. From babysitting me when I was a toddler to welcoming me into her home. Both my father and I stayed with her between places in London. She looked after us all.
I look back fondly on those times I had in Finchley with her and Aunty May, listening to their stories and chatting. She provided a safe haven and a place to connect with my wider family. 
She was a strong, successful career woman, who did things her way as a barrister. She did good work protecting the vulnerable and helping those without a voice which was immensely inspiring.
She set an especially high example in the way she lived her life. Even when ill she retained her wicked sense of humour, grit and determination. I was in awe when she completed a marathon for charity. 
She pushed me to be more ambitious and confident. She spent hours with me on my 40th birthday going over and over my interview technique for a job interview I had the next day. I got the job and I doubt I would have if she hadn’t coached me. I could always go to her for straightforward, forthright advice. I will carry her lessons on with me. She always wanted and expected the best for her family and friends. 
She was generous and warm. She gave so much time and energy to everyone. She was the heart and soul of the party and such fun company.
I will miss her and our chats so much. I hold dear the last time I saw her, sitting in her beautiful garden, talking about everything and laughing until the sun went down. Rest in peace Aunty Joy, you will always be in my heart.
Shared by Janet Menna on April 10, 2021
To me Joy was Auntie, but also so many other things. I looked up to her as a strong and inspirational woman who could command a room with her presence, wit and intelligence, but also her smile, those dancing eyes and her kindness. She made me feel so welcome when I visited, ushering me in with genuine delight at seeing me and my sisters, wanting to know how we were, that we were being cared for and where she could support us. She cared about us enough to be honest and forthright in her views which I respected greatly, always with our best intentions in mind. Auntie Joy never failed to make us feel loved and cared for and good about who we were and the direction we were going in. 

I have such lovely memories of my wedding day, and so many fun photos of Joy with all the guests from both sides of the family. You only had to meet her once for her to make a lasting impression. As always she was friendly, fun and always curious. Auntie Joy was always curious to really get to know people, she always took the time to listen. 

Sh had such a big heart and a never ending capacity for giving! She was generous to the core, always looking to support others and dutiful to her family and friends out of a deep love for them. She accepted and loved me for who I was, just as I was. I will greatly miss her and wish with all my heart that I’d had many more conversations and chances to see her. She was always there for me, unfaltering and consistently and I hope she knows how much I loved her. I have the sweetest memory of seeing the joy on her face as I told her we were expecting our first baby, and the little dance we did around the kitchen. She will always be in our hearts. 
Shared by Charity Anyika on April 10, 2021
Joy Okoye was my sincere friend and relation. Joy, I let you go with heavy heart and immense loss. Barrister Joy Okoye, I bless the day you were born and the day you left this world to meet your Heavenly Father who knows you and call you by name and says that you are His. I know you are now in your heavenly mansion specially prepared for you by our lord. I miss you my sweetheart. I cherish the times we spent together and they will remain sweet memories till we meet again to path no more. Rest on Joy Okoye because you deserve to rest on. You were  a beautiful flower inside and out. Your generosity was second to none. You gave and gave and gave to anybody and everybody. Though you had no biological children but you were mother to all. Love you with my heart.

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