Let the memory of Jeffrey be with us forever
  • 62 years old
  • Born on October 11, 1951 .
  • Passed away on June 16, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jeffrey Meyer, 62, born on October 11, 1951 and passed away on June 16, 2014. He will be forever remembered for his hilarious stories, letters to the editors, kind heart and laughter. Please take a moment to jot down a memory or story if you can. In addition, we have set up a donation page with the American Brain Tumor Association in honor of Jeffrey.


Posted by Peg Lessard Menikheim on June 20, 2016
Dear Jeff, June 19th fell on Father's Day this year just as it did the year we were married. Your last words to me were "Happy Anniversary". Happy Anniversary. Miss you as much as you knew I would. Love, Peggy
Posted by Peg Lessard on October 15, 2014
The wedding was beautiful. Our son and his beautiful bride were glowing. You were missed...so much. Yet, you were everywhere. Does that make sense? I told your Mom I want to age as gracefully as she has. I think she is sharper than those that are half her age. What a trooper! She gave me a beautiful shawl. I know that would make you so happy. I told her I would treasure it even if I never wear it because it was from her. Special. Hope your birthday was marvie...thinking of you. me p.s. The wedding pictures just went up...You are there in every picture of Isaac!! He's still a cookie cutter!!
Posted by Marian Szteinbaum on October 11, 2014
Today is your birthday!! I think of you daily and miss you very much!! Somehow when I think of you up in heaven, I think of you sitting around with dad and Aunt Lena laughing! When the talk turns to politics, you and dad are on one side and Aunt Lena is on the other. And yet the good natured ribbing continues even though the politics are very different!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!
Posted by Michele Jones on October 11, 2014
We felt your presence on the occasion of your son's wedding. Firstly, you sent us the most beautiful day, perfect in every way. Your son did you proud...Secondly, we were given the opportunity to meet your lovely mother Miss Cecile, an incredible woman who touched our lives in so many ways. Although we never met, we are forever joined as family. We will remember you on all life events and be grateful for the gift of Isaac you gave to all of us...Michele and David Jones
Posted by Jeff Spilman on July 15, 2014
To Jeff's family: I had the daily pleasure of working with Jeff for several years in Tampa. One of the funniest guys I've known. I met a "soul-mate" in Jeff when I discovered he loved to talk about politics, religion, and life in general. He was passionate about so much of life. Mainly his family. He was so proud of his kids. So smart. Had insights that made conversation fun. I never had the pleasure of seeing him at work as a lawyer, but he sure knew his way around discussing things like Supreme Court decisions. I too was around when he found out about his tumor. He was so brave about it all. He sure fought for life to the end. I'm privileged to have known him.
Posted by KIM WURM on June 30, 2014
Dear Jeff, Its taken me a moment to write and to thank you for what you have done for me with your life. Thank you for the wonderful children you blessed me and my children with we call family and that crazy darling Peggy I call BFF and moving to Lake Arrowhead .. and all the fun times in hockey with the boys and me running after you in your car begging to trade daughters..hahahaha..when you would take Rebakah home from my house. I leave you with these words, the song is so you, and we will continue to honor you with love and peace as you would want it if u were here today. .Here's lookin at you Kid! My Way And now, the end is here And so I face the final curtain My friend, I'll say it clear I'll state my case, of which I'm certain I've lived a life that's full I traveled each and ev'ry highway And more, much more than this, I did it my way Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mentionI did what I had to do and saw it through without exemptionI planned each charted course, each careful step along the by way And more, much more than this, I did it my way Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew When I bit off more than I could chew But through it all, when there was doubt I ate it up and spit it out I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way I've loved, I've laughed and cried I've had my fill, my share of losing And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing To think I did all that And may I say, not in a shy way,"Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it my way" For what is a man, what has he got?If not himself, then he has naught To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels The record shows I took the blows and did it my way! Yes, it was my way,
Posted by Sidisa Levin-Katz on June 27, 2014
My heart hurts over this news. I can't believe this is the truth. I have such happy memories of being a kid with Rebekah and you and Issac. Listening to biggy smalls in the backseat of the car on route to Disneyland while Isaac raped...going on a yatch (sp?) while Rebekah spent 99% of the time sea sick down in the cabin and so many other adventures. My heart sends you lots of light and love while you embark on your new journey in another world. You were always so kind and loving and you will be greatly missed.
Posted by Peg Lessard on June 27, 2014
Dear Jeff, Your life was an inspiration to your family. You went to work every day in pain believing what could be. Your faith in tomorrow moved you forward. All you could see was the best restaurant and entertainment in town coming around the corner…and your family’s love, You saw the humor in life and lived it to the fullest. That will be your legacy. I am so very proud and honored that you were my husband, the Father of our children, Melissa, Rebekah and Isaac and Grandfather to our grandchildren, Bobby Wilder and Bastian Jeffrey. You are loved and already dearly missed. Love, Peggy
Posted by Rebekah Burcham on June 26, 2014
I cannot tell you how sorry I was to learn of your father’s passing. I have known your Dad for roughly 10 years. We even worked on deals together before I ever joined Marcus & Millichap. He was always one of the “good guys”. We had a very nice relationship and shared many jokes. I’d say we had a similar sense of humor. Once, I wore a pink dress shirt to the office and he told me I looked like Tito Puente`. He was wonderful to work with and he used to share some of his Letters to the Editor with me before he sent them in as he valued my opinion. I know that this is a difficult time for you and your family and we will keep all of you in our prayers. I recently lost both my parents. My father knew and liked Jeff as well. Please know that he was very much admired and will be missed by so many of us who had the pleasure of getting to know him. May God bless you and your family. -CK
Posted by Rebekah Burcham on June 26, 2014
Please accept my deepest condolences for your family’s loss. I had the pleasure of working with your father on multiple transactions dating back to 2006. He always acted professionally with an outstanding sense of humor. I deeply valued his creativity and insight as well as his tenacity. Most importantly, I thought of your father as a friend and will miss not having him in my life. -Seth
Posted by Isaac Meyer on June 26, 2014
Dad, What can I say. I'll start with the easy ones. I miss your ridiculous capacity of useless information. I told you I was moving off Westheimer Road in Houston near the Galleria and of course you knew anything off Westheimer is Prime Class A commercial real estate and you can't go wrong. I could rattle of a five digit zip code and you could tell me what city and state it was in. I could ask you the top brass of Southwest Airlines for fun and you could tell me about the CEO on down to the General Counsel including where he got his law degree. The knowledge was endless. I miss your stories. I could tell you ANYTHING and you had some random experience 35 years ago you still remember verbatim. Your where to get Thai in NYC at 3 AM on a Wednesday because you were stuck at the office, that law professor talking about WD-40 oiling the grooves of the legal system - I still butcher that damn story. And my favorite - stories about stories. As I like to say, you couldn't remember if yesterday was a Monday or a Wednesday or what color socks you wore but you could still spit out a 30 year old story like it was literally yesterday. I hate going to G-Mail and knowing I'll never see an email from you again - a letter to the editor, commentary on the latest legal merger or business transaction in the WSJ, the LA Kings, Joe Flacco, Ovie. I looked at your old emails yesterday and lets just say I can't do that again for a while. I wish I visited you. I didn't take advantage of the limited time you, me, us have here and that I will always regret. I will only remember the good times. No point in dwelling on the bad. I am sorry you never met Ashley. I will have to accept that with time. I am sorry you will not be at my wedding - well at least not physically because I know you'll be watching me and Ashley tie the knot from up above. I know you fought long enough to see all your kids find their life partners and see your grandchildren. But I think you really waited long enough to know that each of us was safe and secure and could go on life without "needing" you, so to speak. Two weeks before you died, you wrote me an email starting with "Isaac..." and not the traditional "Dude". I wrote back and said, in 27 years you pretty much never called me anything but "Dude" why change it now. We had a funny exchange. For some reason, you dying always knowing I'd never be too old to be called your dude makes me very happy. One week before you died, you told me you knew you wouldn't make 100 but would take 80. If I knew that would have been the last time we ever talked I would have never hung up. I take solace in knowing you will never be in pain again. I love you so much and think of you everyday. Rest easy and hope you have already found Ed and Grandpa and everyone else up there.
Posted by Lori Lasman on June 26, 2014
I miss this man. He and Ed were brothers of different mothers. I remember our first meeting at Cheesecake Factory, Marina Del Rey. I was meeting Ed's "A" list friends for the first time and was quite nervous and anxious to meet their approval. Jeff looked straight at me and said "So Lori, what do you do in your free time when you are not working". I said "I date your friend Ed" and he broke out in hysterics. The rest is history. He was an usher in our wedding in 1986 and has always managed to keep this family laughing by what came out of his mouth and his comical, animated delivery. He was so in sync with his buddy Ed. They were so funny together. I loved seeing his face as his spoke lovingly about his kids and Peggy. I am so sorry that he will not fulfill his dream of moving back to Los Angeles and watching his family grow. Miss you Jeff xoxo
Posted by Marian Szteinbaum on June 26, 2014
I MISS MY BROTHER!!! My brother and I exchanged emails of a political nature. I LOVED his emails! Just by virtue of receiving an email from him, I knew he was okay. On a given day that I received such an email, that email made my day! I was happy!! Just a few days before he passed away, he asked me for my son's (his nephew's) address during his deployment. He was crazy proud of his nephew and CONSISTENTLY TOLD ME how proud he was of him!! He called me EVERY Mother's Day and EVERY birthday! Those calls meant the world to me. I MISS MY BROTHER!!!
Posted by Andrew Wright on June 26, 2014
My condolences to Jeff's family. It was an honor to have known Jeff Meyer. I met him in 2002 when I was a 21 year old child and he was first a mentor to me. I learned many things from him that contribute to the person that I am today. We once took a work trip together to Miami. I was driving and he told me that we would not be listening to anything as he opened the Wall Street Journal to read. After about an hour of silence, I couldn't handle it and started to negotiate some music. We settled on Frank Sinatra and listen to it for 2.5 hours straight. We sung "It happened in Monterrey" and laughed. From that moment on, he was more than a mentor, he was a friend.For years we recollected that moment. Five years ago, out of the blue, I received a wall mountable gold record from Frank Sinatra. It hangs on my wall in my office and will forever serve as a reminder of our friendship. I will miss the many deep conversations about life and the genuine guidance he was always willing to provide. I was with Jeff when he first discovered his brain tumor and I was absolutely amazed at how positive he was. No matter how dire or challenging he always kept a positive outlook. It was and still is inspiring. Jeff was also a man who loved his family. While I did not get to know his children, I knew much about them. Isaac, he was so proud of you. Every time we were together, he would speak about your political involvement and would say that you were destined for greatness. Rebekah, he was so happy when you had children and always talked about how you were a great mother. Melissa, he loved you and your family as if you were his own. Peggy, you were undoubtedly the love of his life. I will always remember him as an intellectual who expected the most out of the people around him. I will also remember him as completely incompetent when it come to electronics... I always found that ironic. I will miss my friend. Regretfully, Andrew Wright
Posted by Melissa Gibson on June 26, 2014
Dear Dad, Remember that time you died?? Yeah, that was tough. I know you thought you could live forever, or at least to 100. It sucks being wrong, right? It's crazy, you not being here. You were like a force of nature. This past week I went to Disneyland, twice, trying to forget. Silly me, all I did was remember how fun our Disneyland trips were. From the times you would read a book while me and my girlfriends rode rides, to the later years when you had your favorite "thrill" rides - which ironically, were all simulated rides - way to live on the edge!! Of course the last few years we spent more time looking for bathrooms for you than standing in line - time well spent. To think that there will be no more, "spoil my daughters" days or random newspaper clippings sent in the mail is almost unbearable. Your email folder will stand in solidarity at 7 unopened - and all 7 were bizarre emails that were way over my head - but I love that you thought I could understand or follow some of what you sent. You know I had this great idea to throw some of your ashes at a sales clerk at the Borders on 3rd street while yelling, "anti bathroom establishment!!" However, Borders is no more, as you well know and predicted. Is there anything you did not know? You were like the worlds smartest man who did not know how to fasten his own seat belt without adult supervision. Hope you are still wheezing while laughing in the great beyond. Love you Dad. Love, M
Posted by Rebekah Burcham on June 26, 2014
Dad, You. I miss you deeply. It hurts. I know you're gone, but then I *really* remember and it's like the minute I found out all over again. On Thursday before you died, you left me a voicemail and said "No need to call me back." And yet, I felt a strong urge to call you on Friday and instead sent you a quick email to let you know I was out of town and would call soon. When I think about it, I ache. I am focusing on my grief and healing right now, but it still aches. A month ago, your grandson got on the phone with you and told you everything about school. He gave you specific instructions on how to run away from zombies. He told you who his favorite monsters are. He gave you joy. Bobby never talks on the phone. But that day, he insisted that he needed to talk to his grandpa. It gives me peace when I think about it. A while back, I said "Dad! We do not agree on anything politically! Stop sending me articles to try and get me to the dark side." You agreed. What I wouldn't give for those republican centered emails now! When Melissa and I were going through some of your things, we found a Mitt Romney campaign card WITH YOUR NAME ON IT. In life, I would have been repulsed. But in death, dad, I have never been more proud. I stopped going to movies with you after you fell asleep in Courage Under Fire (Now that I'm older, I understand why you fell asleep in that movie) and snored so loudly that I walked out and left you in there by yourself. That said, it gave us more time at home to watch out favorite- Law and Order. I've tried typing something out on this, but I keep crying, so for now, I'll just say: dun dun. Disneyland was your favorite. You kept the car at an arctic temperature and listened to classical music. You waited for my phone calls at work when I was in college. I called you one time at 5 am because I thought the LA Times was going to come and arrest me because I had a late payment. You assured me that they were not. I only believed you 75%. Borders nights were the best with you. You drove me into oncoming traffic 3 times and we laughed about it every time. I never had the chance to teach you how to Skype, but honestly, it would have stressed you out. Last night, I was crying about you in my living room. Bobby walked out of his room and said "Mom, are you crying about grandpa?" I said "Yes." He responded "Well, we love grandpa so much. But this is life." And gave me a hug. I really don't know how that child got so wise, but he's right! I will forever hold you in my heart. And forever hope that you heard my bereavicle joke. I love you so much, dad.

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