Posted by Margaret Santiago on July 12, 2021
Juan was very special to me, he was always there for me and protected me like brother. He was the most charming and witty man I ever knew. He was funny , smart and charismatic. Loved by many. We had a special bond and I thank God for putting him in my path. He lived life to the fullest in the last few years of his life. I am happy that I was a part of that journey with him. I will love and miss you 4 EVER!!! Rest In Eternal Peace.
Posted by Margie Segarra on July 9, 2021
My Brother/Protector that I loved and cared for like a Son. I will always send you my bĺessings even though you don't tell me "Bendicion" anymore like you did every time we spoke or saw each others. Miss you soooo muchhh... Thank you for all the love n for being "THE BEST BROTHER IN THE WORLD". Thank you for my neice Vicky, & Nephews Jay & Jonathan.
YOUR NEGRITA /MOM/ SIS IN PR .... Margie & Familia
Posted by Rosa Leon on July 9, 2021
When my brother told me he was ill I was in shock. I was going to take a drink and missed my mouth. I bumped into walls. I couldn’t communicate. I heard words coming out of people’s mouth but I couldn’t understand them. He got admitted in the hospital for further testing so my husband and I went to visit him. What he said next made me admire him more for the hero that he was confronting his illness. He said he wasn’t going to ask God, “why me”. He squeezed my knee and looked me straight in the eyes and said “why not me”!! Wow. He said I rather it be me than you or Margie our other sister. He handled his illness with courage. My amazingly strong brother I love you forever and then some. I will see you in my dreams. I am so honored and proud that I shared your DNA. Rest In Peace . Until we meet again.

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