Her Life

"My Loving Grandma While growing up she was always there with her help & advice. Grandma was never to busy for us, cooking singing and loving us even when we did something wrong. She was loved by everyone who ever had the chance to meet her. I love u always
grandma Jenny Rivera"

                                         I remember runing around my grandma till i fell down and she was lol I must have been 9 years of age. On my wedding day grandma was helping me so much she prayed or me and told me that it was going to be ok not to over work my self that is why she was thier to help and see me in my dress she was so happy for me that day.                                          Grandma did so much for everyone and Never asked for anything back. She cook food for evryone that came to see her. I made her so happy to see pepoe smileing and eating she loved to see the family together just having fun.