This tribute was added by Trevor Fuller on February 22, 2020
I was fortunate enough to become lifelong friends with Steven Kozikowski when we were both in about third grade. I have so many fond memories of hanging out at the Kozikowski household. Juanita was always so kind and caring to me. I remember when she and my mom were “Den Moms” for our Cub Scout Troop. We had so much fun. I just wanted to offer my love and condolences to the Kozikowski Family and share my memory of Juanita as a such a kind, compassionate, and friendly person. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time. God Bless.
This tribute was added by Tim Roe on February 20, 2020
I have known the Kozikowski family my whole life. Growing up, the Kozikowskis lived about five houses away in Greenbriar. Jaunita was my guardian angel on TWO separate occasions. Once when I was struck by a vehicle on their street while riding my bike. She was first to the scene to help me. And then she was the first one to help me the day I came home from school and discovered my mother had died. Two very traumatic events and Juanita was a critical part of them both. An amazing human being who led a very full life and raised some amazing children. I hope to see you all on Saturday.
This tribute was added by Judy Edwards Hasten on February 19, 2020
Boop Boop Dit-Tem Dat-Tem What-Em Chu. This brings back fond memories to me. When Norma posed that phrase, it brought me to mind a time at our uncle James home in Bourbon. The families were there and Juanita, Carolyn, and Norma were behind a curtain and they were performing "The Three Little Fishes. I was in awe and they let me do either the hands or feet and I just had the best time. Of course anytime we all got together was a good time. The times when we had our family reunions in Meremec State Park on Grandma & Grandpa Edwards' wedding anniversary. Fond memories. RIP Juanita.
This tribute was added by Margaret Prehn on February 19, 2020
I have many fond memories of Juanita but would like to share comments about one of our favorite activities in the early 1950’s. We liked to go roller skating. Neither one of us had a car so we took the streetcar to St. Louis then a bus to the roller rink. We had a small rink in Granite City but were always excited to make the trip to St. Louis. usually on a Sunday afternoon. Those were fun times! May your memories comfort you. 
This tribute was added by Patti Riggert on February 19, 2020
Rest in peace cousin Juanita. I think we only got to meet in person one time (if I recall correctly) when I was pretty young but I've enjoyed our interactions on Facebook and will miss seeing your posts. Mom always spoke of you with love and shared happy memories about when you were both young so I know she'll be glad to see you again, as will all the family there with you. My condolences to your family and friends that had to say "see you later". God bless. Enjoy the sunshine. 

Love, Patti (Minnie Lloyd's daughter) xoxo 

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