This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Juanita Padilla, 80 years old, born on August 29, 1933, and passed away on October 5, 2013. We will remember her forever.

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Missing u

January 26, 2020
  • I think of u often .... From the pizza not having enough pineapple ..... WHEN I SAY PINEAPPLE I MEAN PINEAPPLE DONT LAUGH AT ME ITS NOT FUNNY I WANT PINEAPPLE WHAT IS THIS KIND OF PIZZA I MEAN PINEAPPLE WHEN I SAY PINEAPPLE so I went with the boys to get another pizza n I told them we should just go buy a can of PINEAPPLE n put it on it but they said no n when we came back with the new pizza u said ugh this isn't pineapple all diss appointed ...the time I made David breakfast n bed n u told me iDK how else to tell u but what r u Es Stupid I hate it when a grown man is too lazy to come sit n eat at the  table it was Valentine's Day LoL I'll always hold u near n dear to my heart u always told me what r u gonna do when I die I'll tell u CRY .... N well guess what when I went to ur viewing n seen u n I was early going n well I left rite before it started cuz it was just the best thing to do I cried walking all the way hm from the church to where I lived on Inger I was non stop crying n all I could say n think was ok ok ur rite ur rite I'm crying now what ive alwayz luvd u n alwayz have thought of u n think of silly thing said n done n my Tristain will alwayz remind me of u especially the time I was like I don't know whos ears he has n u showed me urs from under ur hair n smiled .... I really miss u n David..... But the memories still play out n my thoughts more than anyone will ever know n well rite now iDK who to turn to besides God n u yes u my daughters grandpa is so sick I've always done what I could for him n the family he's a private person n I myself am too but I know there's things beyond my power n control I'm scared for everyone n the family cuz hes what holds it all together... N even n his weakest n hardest of times the man's still worried n thinking about how to make things workout for everyone cuz it's unknown who much time he's got left I know u hear me I know u feel me n can somehow reach out to me from up there I know u can help me to help us all rite now plezzz I'm scared n am doing the best I know how to at the moment I feel so alone n so just lost at times none of us is prefect but this man as long as I known him does his best to keep it all together no matter what he had to sacrifice n well  I'm willing to do the same cuz he deserves the graditude n the luv as well as respect cuz no matter what he does what's need to make this family stay a float no matter what he's gotta do or how much he mite talk under his breath so plezz help me to make a miracle happen so others may believe plezzz I know none of this is n vein n I was somehow guided to this page for an unknown reason n me doing this rite here is for some unknown reason to me but is ment to be for some unknown Blessing so with all my luv strength belief prayer n willingness I give it to u God n hopes that through this mighty Lady that had some much faith n luv n u something GREAT will become of this. N Jesus Name Amen Xo much luv n respect 

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