In loving memory of Judith who is greatly missed by all her family and friends xxx
  • 35 years old
  • Born on July 29, 1978 in Scotland, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on April 22, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of Judith Bell (who also wrote as Judith Wilson), 35, born on July 29, 1978 and passed away on April 22, 2014.

There are so many memories that we all share of Judith. She was bright, sassy and incredibly funny. Her sharp sense of humour and razor sharp wit often had us all in stitches with just a few lines in an email!

Judith has always been a passionate and active campaigner for animal welfare, conservation and human rights. Wherever she lived in the world she actively participated in voluntary work which was either practical, like planting trees in the rainforest in Ecuador, or to raise awareness of important issues through campaigns and petitions. Most recently Judith has been an active member of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Amnesty International.

Judith was a gifted writer and had established a career as freelance writer with clients all over the world. She was also part of a global network of writers who not only shared ideas, discussions and supported each other but who had become some of her closest and much loved friends.

Before building a career as a writer Judith had trained as an English Teacher and spend many years teaching English as a foreign language in Poland, Greece, Singapore and Ecuador. Judith particularly fell in love with the people and the wildlife of Ecaudor, which is rich in all kinds of amazing birds, animals and amphibians and of course close to the Galapogas Islands. Whilst living there she devoted alot of time doing conservation work.

As well as spending time writing, doing volunteer work and looking after her much loved pets Judith had almost finished an open university degree in Marine Science which was another of her great passions.

Despite leaving us all far, far too soon Judith lived a full life and has left the world a much richer place for being part of it. But we will all miss her hugely.

Posted by Sylvia Wood on 22nd April 2019
We still miss you every day Judith. And I am so very very sorry that you won’t meet your nieces and nephew, I think they would really make you laugh with their antics! Love you. ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Sue McCarty on 30th July 2018
So ... you would have been a crone of 40. How I would have loved to tease you about that. even knowing that you would have reminded me of my own age! I miss you. Always will. <3
Posted by Sue McCarty on 23rd April 2018
Well, harpy, Time does NOT heal all wounds. I still miss your foul temper, mouth and attitude as much as I did when you first left us. Keep an eye on Bradberry for us. No fighting. Love you.
Posted by Sylvia Wood on 22nd April 2017
We still miss you Judith and think about you every day. S xxxxx
Posted by David Robinson on 22nd April 2017
Still think about you and your writings :-)
Posted by David Robinson on 15th February 2017
I had a nagging feeling that it was three years since you suddenly left us- and I find that I'm two months early. Still missing your pithy sense of humour and helping you when you were grappling with geology for your course. You aren't forgotten,girl.
Posted by Sylvia Wood on 25th April 2016
We still miss you everyday Judith. But I know you would be happy to know that Wendell is still a content and happy bunny. Although he is a very cheeky bunny and not sure Flora would say he was very gentlemanly but they are very happy together. Xxxx
Posted by Sue McCarty on 22nd April 2016
JJB ... you know. <3
Posted by Sally Romilly on 29th July 2015
Thinking of you Judith, especially today, and glad you are in a happy place, though miss you lots. Sally xx
Posted by Lisa Mercer on 22nd April 2015
Even when I was at my saddest, Judith could always make me laugh. Shine on, beautiful scribe!
Posted by Kathy Mair on 22nd April 2015
I don't think I realized she left us on Earth Day. Seems like more than just a sad coincidence. I know she's protecting the defenseless from wherever her soul and spirit are now. I just so wish she was still doing that here with us. I miss you Judith and I'll always regret not chatting with you more when I had the chance. Rest peacefully and thank you for making this world a better place.
Posted by Sylvia Wood on 22nd April 2015
I can't believe it's now been a year without you Judith. We still miss you dreadfully and think about you every day. Sending you loving thoughts wherever you are, you are still missed beyond what words can express. However I do know that you would be very happy to see what a happy bunny Wendell is and how well he has settled in with us and his devoted girlfriend, Flora! S xxx
Posted by Kristi Hemmann on 1st April 2015
For anyone still reading this page, we're planning to make a large donation to one of Judith's charities in her honor at the end of this month. You can join us in fundraising at
Posted by Sue McCarty on 30th July 2014
I still, after three months, wake up with the thought that you'll have left some particularly interesting (or more likely, biting) message for me. I also continue to post stuff on your page ... and always will. And Kathy's right ... it's not the same without you here. I miss you, my little Scottish harpy. But you know that.
Posted by Sally Smith on 29th July 2014
Hey, I still think about you most days, you are missed x
Posted by Kathy Mair on 4th July 2014
I'm writing this on the 4th of July in the US and I can almost "hear" Judith telling all of us Americans to get over ourselves. Truth is, I think of you often Judith and I miss you very much. Our online writing community isn't the same without you. And I can't be sure, but I don't think Sue McCarty is quite as snarky without you to spar against. ;)
Posted by Kristi Hemmann on 4th July 2014
It's been nearly three months since we last chatted and every now and again, I still look up to see if I can spot you online. I miss you every day, Twig-Eater.
Posted by Sally Romilly on 7th June 2014
Judith, I miss all your support with the Greenpeace group, and our endless chats about little furry animals! I miss your humour, incisive comments, and your passion for environmental justice. May you rest in peace in a better place, xx
Posted by Will Carpenter on 21st May 2014
It's too easy to imagine the world a little colder and darker without her, and hard to remember she left the planet a bit warmer, brighter and safer than it was before she drifted through our lives. Nevertheless, she did and it is.
Posted by Sally Smith on 20th May 2014
I think of Judith often, with humour and now with sadness, eventually again it will be with humour. I will never forget her.
Posted by Sue McCarty on 20th May 2014
My life is far less enriched since losing my colleague, my friend and confidante and my partner in some truly hideous, but very funny exchanges. I'll always miss you, JJB.
Posted by Sylvia Wood on 15th May 2014
I will always miss my beautiful, clever, kind and incredibly funny big sister. All my love. Sylvia xxxx

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