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Juds' Programme - lovingly designed by Philippa Mills, Graphic Designer

Shared by Michelle Hamilton-Sucklal on June 18, 2021
Juds was always such a deeply spiritual, nature-loving and creative soul, that I wanted her Thanksgiving Service Programme to honour her memory and do justice to her creative side. So, I asked my dear friend and former work colleague, Philippa Mills, to design something very special for Juds. Philippa ingeniously and lovingly designed the programme so that it would be original and special, resembling a book or a journal. It brought tears to my eyes to see how beautifully she had captured so many aspect of Juds.  I hope that you will enjoy the priceless memories that it invokes, and that admiring it will make each of you, its readers, treasure the good times spent with Juds.  Philippa is not only a Graphic Artist Extraordinaire, but a genuine friend and mother of a beautiful daughter, Emma, my God daughter.  Thank you, Dear Philippa.  You have, as always, exceeded all of my expectations.  I could not have asked for something more exquisite.  Continue to give us the "WOW!".  Walk good and tek care!
Shared by Carolyn Wint on June 15, 2021

Judith's  memorial service  June 22 at 10am
Shared by Shanti Sucklal on June 1, 2021
Jan and I - Summer2016 

Tribute from my Godmother Jan

Shared by Shanti Sucklal on June 1, 2021
This is a tribute to Gramma Juds from my Godmother Jan. It is a reading of two poems from “Rain Carvers” - Juds’ poetry book.

From St Jago Prep School Days

Shared by Hope McNish on May 22, 2021
When my brother and I arrived at St Jago Preparatory School, we had no idea that we should have brought our own utensils, which would have been stored in the pantry for our use. We made the discovery when we got thirsty and asked for water. The Garcias (Tony, Nigel and Caroline) and their Hamilton cousins (Ronald and Judith) offered us the use of their cups and insisted that we drank first. After all these decades, I have never forgotten that kind gesture which turned out to be characteristic of them as a family - kind, considerate and well-mannered.

Judith was younger but she caught everyone's attention because of how bright, helpful and energetic she was. She was also quite a sprinter back then and won prizes on Sports Day, beating girls who were much taller. It seems that the talent ran in the family because her twin-like little sister would win prizes in the visitors' races, as she was not yet old enough to attend school.

We lost touch after they left St Jago Prep. Years later on returning home from university, I would often run into Ronald and of course I would inquire about Judith and the Garcias. During the 1990's, when I was conducting a workshop for Sun Island Limited, one of my participants just happened to mention that she was taking a poetry course with Judith Hamilton. Of course, I sent nuff hellos with her for Judith. We still never connected until years later when she attended the launch of "Lifelines - the Black Book of Proverbs" authored by my cousin Yvonne McCalla-Sobers who turned out to be her close friend. After that we met at all kinds of events - poetry, stage shows, plays, panel discussions etc. She had remained the same warm, helpful, bright and energetic person I had known from childhood. Judith could be described as a free spirit with very deep insights into current affairs and culture. Over the last month, she kept popping into my mind. It must have been some kind of low frequency communication. Maybe she was saying goodbye.

Condolences to Michelle, her grandchildren, Ronald and all the rest of the family and close friends from the Wellington family. The music on this site captures her spirit beautifully.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...

Shared by Ganga Samuels on May 19, 2021
One full moon night, Judy, Prabha and I were at her home in Hope Pastures, trying in vain to get her coal stove lit, to roast a breadfruit. She put the coal, we shred paper, cardboard box, and strike the match. Suh we fan, puff, blow...fiyah won't come. Whole heap ah laff, we sputter, cough, laff more. Eventually, fiyah lite. Finally, breadfruit roas... The neighbors had been listening, by the time of eating, 11 folks got a piece, including a stranger driving by who crashed the party to see what was the event. Just another WONDERFUL MEET UP with Ms Juds. Nuff Love, my spiritual Sister. LOVE FOREVER. Miss yuh.

Cousin Juds

Shared by Claudette Harris on May 19, 2021
When we think of you, our thoughts drift to that treasure trove called 35 Martin Street, Spanish Town, where it all began.  Grandma’s house was our haven and childhood home for years. Especially in 1962, when Jamaica gained Independence, three devoted sisters and their families all lived there; it was a summer of belly laughs, playful adventures and family closeness.  There was the drama of ALL nine cousins trying to swim in that huge outdoor bathtub—at the same time—yet demanding “personal space.”  The daily aroma of fresh bread and patties from Ms. Lynn’s Bakery next door.  Clean laundry air-drying on the line. Raindrops that sounded like pellets falling on the zinc roof, as if to hypnotize everyone to race for the nearest bed and just sleep. The ever-juicy cherry tree. The massive tamarind tree…and of course, the ackee, guava, coconut and lime trees.  Grandma would spend hours in her fenced-in garden, digging yam and picking soursop, or pruning her prized roses in the flower garden.  There were caring neighbors on all sides.  We remember also our Christmas/Boxing Day trips to Auntie’s at Cool Haven, plus an occasional trip to Dunn’s River…such carefree days and memories!

As we grew older and moved into new homes, we shared sleepovers, whispered secrets and deep conversations.  And who can forget your high-kicks-and-swivel-hips that twisted to Elvis hits?  When you danced, all eyes were on you. You were in a zone, and you glowed. 

Despite the miles that eventually separated our adult paths, we were always grateful to reconnect from time to time.  They say that “God’s flow is constant,” if only we look for God’s Grace in each moment.  There is comfort in knowing that having overcome many challenges and pangs of life, you are now free from pain and stress.

Dearest Juds, many thanks for your soft-spoken manner and presence, your fearless energy and for being a colorful thread in our family fabric.  Rest in Peace, and Peace to All.             
—Pauline & Justin Austin, Derrick & Linda Gayle, Claudette Harris

Fond memories of Juds reading me 'Winnie the Pooh' by A.A. Milne

Shared by Michelle Hamilton-Sucklal on May 18, 2021
I have many fond memories of Juds reading to me from when I was very young, fostering a strong love of reading.  One of her regular reading selections was 'Winnie the Pooh', by A.A. Milne.  A dear friend, Cheryl, just sent this to me, and I thought that it was so apt, that I wanted to post it to honour Juds.  Thanks Cheryl!
Shared by Jean Fairweather-Wils9n on May 18, 2021
I remember judith as little girl  so tiny she looked like a doll. As the prefect assigned to her form at St Hugh's High School I used walk with the class to the Assembly Hall for prayers. I would ensure that their socks were straight, blouses tucked neatly on their skirts and that they were quiet. Very often it would be Judith's little hand that I would hold since the smallest girl would be in front! Always smiling that cute little smile holding my hand firmly.
Judith meditating, peaceful, very calm always sharing her vision for a world without violence, poems expressing her world-view.
I will miss her dearly and look to the day when we meet again....weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning!

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