A new journey

Shared by Robert Hangai, Jr. on January 30, 2015

This is a story about Judy's last moments.  In the last days before mother died, she was quiet and motionless. She never opened her eyes and didn't speak. Powerful pain medications were employed to keep her as comfortable as possible.  At this point all I could do is sit next to her and wait.  From time to time I would lean over and whisper "i love you" into her ear.  Without making a sound, her lips would motion the same back to me. 

During her last moments, her eyes opened.  Her face was bright with amazement as she gazed up at the ceiling.  Eyes filled with wonder as they darted about trying to comprehend the vision before her.  By the look on her face, I could tell she was being greeted by loved ones. The invitation to start another journey, to enter the universe, or to bask in the glow of love.   I dared not make a sound as to interupt what was happening before me.  A few seconds later, her face went dark and her eyes closed as she took her last breath.  In that last breath, Judy's body heaved up from the bed and with a loud cracking sound left her earthly confines.

At that moment I could tell she traveled to another state of being.  I feel comforted and priviledged to witness that there is another existence where loved ones will be together again.

Coming home

Shared by Robert Hangai, Jr. on January 30, 2015

  After mother passed and was cremated, I brought her to my home.  After she spent several years in a nursing facility on her own, I wanted to bring her home to be with family.  A table was set aside for her urn, pictures, and flowers.  We lit candles for mother everyday of her stay.  For a few months our home felt peaceful and warm with her spirit filling every corner.  And it was nice.

To all her friends

Shared by Robert Hangai, Jr. on July 12, 2014

While sorting the pile of Judy's books, a piece of paper fell to the floor.

          "I went out to find a friend,

                 But could not find one there;

           I went out to be a friend,

                  And friends were everywhere!"

Mother always finds a way to speak to me.


A quiet gathering

Shared by Robert Hangai, Jr. on June 4, 2014

On the morning of June 4th, Judy found peace at Diamond Head Memorial Park. 

Judy & the ADA

Shared by Albert Perez on February 24, 2014
Not just a counselor for the State VR agency, she was also a member of the agency's Rehabilitation Advisory Council (RAC). Nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate, she served on the RAC from the late 80's thru the early 90's dropping out after becoming the supervisor of our Special Programs Section. It was as a RAC member that she was in contact with Justin Dart, whom many consider the godfather of the ADA. I was honored to meet Mr. Dart when he came to our old office on Kapiolani Blvd. to meet with Judy. Judy introduced me to him while he met with her in her cubicle sharing her mana'o as the ADA was being formed. Days like that you tend not to forget.

New projects

Shared by Robert Hangai, Jr. on February 19, 2014

     When Judy entered the nursing home, she had to relinquish her sewing machine.  The days of the patchworked bears had come to an end.  The tiny pieces of fabric and precision work were too difficult for her failing strength.  Feeling like this was another challenge to overcome, Judy started to make small felt xmas ornaments.  She made many as gifts, and of course, many for me.  I will keep them forever as they are pieces of her heart.

" The lucky ones"

Shared by Robert Hangai, Jr. on February 19, 2014

     Being an avid crafter, Judy spent much time creating gifts for special occasions.  Her specialty was the patchwork bear.  As they were difficult to make, I snatched up many for myself.  For those of you that received one as a gift, you are truly lucky.


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