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Posted by Kira Buhler on May 13, 2022
Dearest Jude,
I can't believe it's 6 years since you left much we have to share..I miss you so much..more as time goes on.
You are always in my heart xxxx
Posted by Tracy Harding on July 3, 2018
I went to senior school with Judith and she was such a lovely girl. Kind, friendly, intelligent and funny. I hope that your happy memories bring you some comfort. Xx
Posted by Venetia Mayman on May 7, 2017
Thinking of you Judith and of your lovely life which brought happiness to so many people. Hugs, Netia
Posted by Nina Hansell on February 11, 2017
Happy Birthday Judith!
Thinking of you today and looking at a photo of us at your belated birthday afternoon tea treat. Missing you and wish we could do it again.
Love always, Nina xxx
Posted by Lucy Breeze on February 11, 2017
Happy Birthday to a really lovely lady and a perfect friend,
thinking of you always,
all my love,
Posted by Venetia Mayman on December 5, 2016
Judith was one of the most creative people I've ever worked with. Working with schools and individual learners she made maths seem fun and infinitely do-able. As a colleague she always had a can-do attitude, no time for politics and would usually cut through any nonsense getting in the way of what we needed to achieve. I learned so much from her and particularly valued her loyalty and kindness. When I moved on from the school improvement team to support the education of children in care she gave generously of her time both to my new team and to our children.
She had very little ego or interest in her own glory. She was always, always professional and underneath everything... the most important thing in her life was being a mum.
Thank you Judith for everything.
Posted by steve nicklin on May 29, 2016
I’ve spent countless nights, with tears as Jude slept at my side, trying to imagine the words to say at this point. The horrible truth is, it feels there is nothing worthy I can say. No borrowed poems, no anecdotes; no sentiments or words that come close to capturing a life so rich and a person so joyful.

But as words fail me and destroy me, Judith – above all – deserves my attempt.

It’s almost pointless to try and describe the Judith we all know, love and admire. That boundless personality - ever loving, fun, no hint of the self-conscious, interesting and caring was obvious in an instant. It was present the very first day we met 20 years ago and I was in awe, and never, ever, wavered. She was gifted, committed and a natural at her work; a terror with a credit card; it felt like she collected life-long friends every week and her long standing friends, well they loved her with a love that was pure. And when it came to her family – well then words fail me and I break again.

Even this cruel disease didn’t come close to changing who she was. In private, there was no denial but her fears could be counted on one hand. I would sit on the landing in our house and listen to Jude singing in the kitchen and simply be amazed. The strength of character it took to maintain that view – the one that decided to put life, friends and family first and to almost relegate this disease - is beyond my comprehension.

In losing you, I – we – are broken. Your absence feels like an abyss we can’t measure. But the joy and love you radiated echoes on. In the colleagues who miss your classroom presence, in the wave of love and friendship from countless friends; from family so true and, most of all, in our two incredible, precious children.

To my darling, beautiful wife: as you said to me a few weeks ago I repeat back to you - you are the love of my life. It utterly tears me apart to say goodbye. You changed me for the better in so many ways, led me to a life more colourful than I could envisage, humbled me with a lifetime of true friends and gave me a family complete and loving.

I will treasure every memory, in your memory.

I – we - will love you every day of our lives.
Posted by Alicia Nicklin on May 29, 2016
By David Harkins

You can shed tears that she is gone,
or you can smile because she has lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back,
or you can open your eyes and see all she's left.

Your heart can be empty because you can't see her,
or you can be full of the love you shared.

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember her only that she is gone,
or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back.

Or you can do what she'd want:
smile, open your eyes, love and go on.
Posted by Alex Nicklin on May 29, 2016
My mum is beautiful
My mum is happy
My mum is good at jokes
My mum is good at making flapjacks
My mum is fantastic at cuddles
I love my mum
Posted by Emily Haskins on May 27, 2016
The first time I met Judith was the first time I met my extended family to be 16 years ago. Judith instantly put me at ease and made feel part of the family.

I cherish the advice she has given me over the years. Firstly, about teaching then being a teacher and having a young family and also how to cope with being married to a southerner!

Chris and I will miss Judith so much at future family gatherings. 
I wish I could be there today to say good bye.
Lots of love to Steve, Alicia, Alex and all the family.

Emily xx
Posted by Katharine Pebworth on May 27, 2016
Judith was my maths tutor at school and was the only person who made maths fun and understandable for me - which I didn't know was possible! She was also a great friend of my mums and I loved seeing her around as she always had a huge smile on her face.
Posted by katie french on May 26, 2016
So, my dear friend, on this the eve of your funeral you will no doubt be laughing your head off as Jon and I try and decipher the dress code; ‘Wear something Jude would like’. Our bedroom looks like a tornado has gone off in a jumble sale and I’ve resorted to wine already. There is so much I know you would like, yet not one thing seems to do justice to the event. How can it?

You would be pleased to know that I’ve opted for something colourful. I am pretty sure most people will as you could never be linked to anything less than bright, bold and beautiful.

There are so many memories flooding in as I write this. But in all of them, your laughter permeates through. I can hear it now - your signature trademark combined with a cheeky twinkle in your eye. I vividly remember kitchen karaoke, you belting out 80’s tunes whilst Steve is groaning, head in hands as another Blondie or Wham track assaults his ears!

Jude, you were definitely one in a million. Your courage over the last sixteen months was mind blowing, simply incredible. You were determined not to let cancer define you and it never, never did. You are the definition of ‘living life to the full’. You were a wonderful friend with an incredibly generous and vivacious spirit that I know will live on in Alicia and Alex. I miss you as I know so many will. I just wish you were there tomorrow. It would be one hell of a party with you. A simple, perfect celebration of an amazing person, sent off with bucket loads of love. xxx
Posted by Ness Bennett on May 25, 2016
One of her more recent Wallingford friends, we got to know a little (but sadly not enough) of Judith through school, daughters, a crazy annual camping event (Walfest) and the occasional girls night out. Just a few perfect memories; she was always friendly, up for a giggle and would be keen to give anything a go (watching Alicia at Cass's party last year she loved the idea of being pulled around a lake in a 'ringo' by a speedboat!). A truly inspirational, fun-loving northern star. Her legacy will certainly live on through her wonderful family - our thoughts are with you Steve, Alicia and Alex (and of course Judith) with love from Ness, Simon, Cass, Amelie, Darcy and Josie x
Posted by Angela Knight on May 25, 2016
Judith and I worked together at OCC as Maths Consultants. Later we worked together running Subject Leader conferences. I recall the excitement of working to support Teachers and students and the laughter but most of all the ability that Judith had to cut to the chase and extract the real issues. I will miss coffee and wine, the madness of conferences and the wise words. Rest in peace after a brave fight.
Posted by Suzannah Wake on May 24, 2016
Judith worked closely with me and the maths team at what was then BCC, helping us out of special measures. I'll never forget her tireless enthusiasm for raising the confidence of those children in her care. She really got those teenagers believing that they could and would achieve, and I am certain that they worked harder for her than they had ever done before. She was really inspirational to work with, and her legacy will continue with all those who learned from her.
Posted by Kath Oldham on May 23, 2016
As a member of the maths team I worked closely with Judith. It was always a pleasure to work with her. Our journeys to Sandbanks were memorable. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
Posted by Carole Galvin on May 23, 2016
My key memory of working with Judith at OCC is one of laughter and mischief combined with a passion for quality learning. God bless you Judith. X
Posted by Bethan Owen on May 23, 2016
Judith was a very special friend and colleague whom I met some fifteen years ago. We first worked together in a school that brought its daily challenges! Judith was then part of the team that delivered the four -week summer transition programme over two summers for Future Foundations. Her professionalism and positive approach to all her work was an inspiration for those with whom she worked.
In the past year I have seen Judith cope and embrace her illness in a way that has been a support both to other cancer sufferers and those of us looking on
Thank you Judith for the very happy memories.
Posted by Kay Martin on May 23, 2016
Judith was my friend. We would meet for coffee and stay for lunch, we would shop for clothes giving real opinions (my wardrobe is full of things that Judith said I must get!) We would look at houses to buy - how can I convince Steve? she would say. We would talk diets and eat biscuits and chocolate brownies, we would watch films with the kids and share their popcorn, we would laugh and occasionally cry. We would give sound advice and temper some reactions.

Judith continued to be Judith despite being ill, she never lost her compassion, her sense of fun and her love of life. She always looked forward, (her latest plan for a new house was only just over 2 months ago!), she loved her family and friends as we loved her.
I will miss her terribly.
Posted by Nilofer Khan on May 22, 2016
I knew Judith long before coming to Fir Tree, in the days when she was Maths Advisor. I remember when she brought little Alicia to the office as a baby and then Alex, how proud she was of her two beautiful children and how we clucked around them with gentle laughter. I then had the privilege as Head to get to know Judith more and her family. I will always remember her support to me in my early days of being Head. Dear Judith, your smile and friendship will never be forgotten. Rest in peace dear friend.
Posted by Lucy Breeze on May 22, 2016
Dear Judith,
I read this poem and not only thought of our wonderful friendship but of all the close friends you have and how we all share these sentiments and feelings of loss.

Farewell my friend you are leaving
It's time for you to go
Your friendship was a blessing
And I will miss you so
We shared so many secrets
You brightened up my days
You brought me so much happiness
With your kind and loving ways
You lifted up my spirits
When I was feeling blue
No matter what was happening
You knew just what to do
We ran between the raindrops
And walked beneath the sun
Ran barefoot in the summertime
And oh, we had such fun
Through all the ups and downs of life
The good times and the sad
From high school days to golden years
The best friend I ever had
God is here to take you home
Now you and I must part
I love you and forever
You will live within my heart.

"Farewell To Carol" by Judy Marriott
Posted by Sophie Kemp on May 19, 2016
Judith, you were the first person I met when we moved to "the Square" and you were so welcoming despite having just given birth to Alex! I loved our doorstep chats and cuppa's whilst playing games with the kids, getting thoroughly addicted to Bejewelled, and drooling over the latest offerings from the Boden catalogue! Your warm heart, sunny smile, infectious laugh and generous spirit will be greatly missed. Much love to Steve, Alicia & Alex from the Kemps xxx
Posted by Sian Shipway on May 18, 2016
You were so welcoming when we moved onto the square in
Wallingford. Your smile and Northern accent were instantly warming and I knew right then we had made a wonderful decision to move to the area. Your love of life, fun and family were infectious, making all the street parties and gatherings so meaningful and memorable. I feel so privileged to have known you and the memory of you will live on. Rest in peace Judith xxx
Posted by Michael Neatis on May 17, 2016
In the late 80's, Scorpio and Whispers (nightclubs) were much more fun when Jude and her mates were there. Rest in peace old friend.
Posted by Emma Richardson on May 16, 2016
"Judith......You were funny, kind, opinionated (I loved this), loving, friendly, happy, selfless, brave, the list goes on. We've had some funny nights, putting the world to rights and dividing the dinner table with you & Paul in the Northern corner, and me & Steve defending the Southern corner". However, the funniest moment for me was from fairly recently............we were having a daytime coffee and a natter (read gossip) when the postman knocked at the door to ask if he could leave a parcel for a neighbour......"of course" Judith said ................only to find he was carrying a full sized adult bike in to the hallway - we laughed, and laughed and laughed. "I feel very honoured to have met you, and this is how I want to remember you, with a twinkle in your eye and a beaming smile on your face. Your spirit will shine on in Alex and Alicia and bring comfort to Steve to see you shining through - Much love to you all xxxx"
Posted by Jane Liddle on May 15, 2016
From my work with OCC as a Primary Maths Consultant I had the great privilege of working with Judith on some cross phase training.She lit up the room , and inspired and enthused all of our teachers with her ' can do ' approach .Her family were always at the centre of our conversations at coffee time.Love and prayers .xx
Posted by Emily Bates on May 15, 2016
Such a beautiful, happy, lovely lady, I met Judith at St Nics as our sons are same age she was always friendly and lovely to me and asking how Alfie was getting on. Sorry to hear of your passing rest in peace Judith you will be missed and my thoughts are with your family x
Posted by Catherine Gibbin on May 15, 2016
Judith, I am struggling with words but somehow I know you will understand. You trusted me with the care of two of the most precious parts of you - your beautiful children. I was honoured and touched that you allowed me to be a part of their lives for all these years - they are like family to my family. I promise you that I will always be there for them, helping them in the way that you would expect. In them I see so much of you: your strength, your courage and love of life. I have experienced losing my mum in childhood and I will use this to help Alex and Alicia keep your memory alive and to find a way to live life with you in their hearts, remembering how much you loved them, always. I read this and thought of you: 'There are some who bring light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains.' You are an inspiration - I will never forget you, Northern lass, from this soft Southerner, Cathy. xxxx
Posted by Sarah Bissell on May 15, 2016
I first met Judith the day we moved nextdoor when she rang on my doorbell with a bottle of fizz ("no need to find the corkscrew" she said!). We have shared many years of tea, doorstep chats, comparing notes on small boys and the goings on on the square! Christmas has always been made more special by the communal Christmas tree and mulled wine shared by the neighbours - all organised by Judith! We will miss your sparkle and the sense of fun you bought to life on the square. xxx
Posted by Laura Haddock on May 15, 2016
Judith and the whole family welcomed us with open arms when we moved next door several years ago. She was our first taste of a real neighbourly neighbour. We enjoyed several evenings in the company of Judith and Steve, at least I think we enjoyed them, the wine flowed so freely that the occasional hazy patch of memory did persist the next day. We keep coming back to the same street no matter where life takes us and neighbours like Judith are the reason why. She is a sad loss to the world, a constant source of a beaming smile and a kind word. I think the best tribute we can offer is to try to be the neighbourly neighbour that Judith was and keep that friendly welcome and wonderful kindness alive in our community. Love to you all from Laura, Rob and Lily x
Posted by Rachel Eccles on May 14, 2016
So sad to hear of Judith's passing. My son is the same age as Alex and they've been at school together since starting. I didn't know her well but she always said hello and had a smile on her face!
Sending love and prayers to the whole family xxx
Posted by Beverly Mallion on May 14, 2016
I knew Judith from my time working at Oxfordshire County Council, so sad the world has lost such a lovely lady, my thoughts and prayers are with Judith's family xxx
Posted by Tina Louise on May 14, 2016
I worked with Judith for two years on the OCC Maths team. She was a warm, supportive and funny colleague. Such sad news. My thoughts are with her family xxx
Posted by Claire Gadsby on May 14, 2016
I worked with Judith as a consultant at Oxfordshire county council and was lucky enough to call her a friend. She was a woman of warmth, fun and enormous integrity. She had a wonderful way of cutting to the chase - I once heard her ask a teacher "is that the kind of lesson you would want for your own child?". Gold dust. We will all miss you Judith. Gone but never forgotten xxx
Posted by Alexandra Hewitt on May 14, 2016
I've heard so many tributes to Judith from Heads of Maths across Oxfordshire, I wanted to share some of them with you: 'I thought a lot of her and always thought she did a brilliant job'. 'She was a great friend to the Maths department at our school'. 'She was really inspirational'. She will be sorely missed by all who worked with her, and many prayers are being said for the family.
Posted by Lucy Breeze on May 14, 2016
The memories keep flooding in dear friend, I just wish I had more time to share in your fantastic company, laugh some more and learn some more of your infinite wisdom! Like the time we were camping and sat up drinking outside the tent until very late....Judith made us sit under a tree so our noise would be muffled and not wake the children! That same night we decided we should have been sisters after many more glasses and intellectual conversation! Love you lots and always will.
Posted by Dave Duck on May 14, 2016
I have a lot of good memories of Judith 'Roberts' at sixth form. She was always caring and generous. She had a great sense of humour and helped me through some tough times with her optimism, a smile and a laugh. Rest in peace Jude.
Posted by Steve Palmer on May 13, 2016
Have so many good memories from our time together at 6th Form College. There always seemed to be Jude, Seema, Martin P, Brian, Tanya and others in our group that hung about together for a couple of years. Jude was so intelligent, always smiling and fun, it was nice when Facebook reconnected us but we never really chatted or spoke. I sort of thought that one day we'd all get together and laugh about the old days. Too sad, too soon.
Posted by Chrissie Spring on May 13, 2016
I met Judith when we worked as consultants together. She had a ready smile and a contagious laugh and I remember that moment when you know that you instantly like someone. She was such a warm and genuine person. I shall always have the finest memories of her.
'Having looked up form the day's chores, pause a minute let the mind take its photograph of a bright scene. Something to wear against the heart in the long cold.' R.S. Thomas. Hoping that happy memories will help to keep her loved ones 'warm'. X
Posted by Tabby Roberts on May 13, 2016
Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting Aunty Judith but from what I have seen she was a wonderful, kind hearted, humourous woman who was so full of life and definitely left before her time.
If I had had the honour of coming face-to-face with the woman who grew up with my father and aunt I would have given her a giant hug and thanked her for having touched so many lives. You can see the impact that she left through friends, family and anyone who knew her.
It is a sad day when someone who is so good leaves this world well before they should.
Posted by Jean Goodspeed on May 13, 2016
Judith  was my nephew wife.she was a Loving caring person will be greatly miss wonderful with her friend/ my Heart goes out to family and friend special her mum @ dad Godbless judith
Posted by Neil Graves on May 13, 2016
Deeply saddened with the loss of a great friend, Jude the Prude. Our lives, loves, families and children have been inter twined for 25 years and we miss you deeply already. Rarely have we met someone with such a "life force" as Jude. All our love from your African family, Neil, Tiyapo, Vicky and Tawanda xxx
Posted by JIll Ling on May 13, 2016
How sad to hear that Judith is no longer around to pass on her wisdom, good sense and advice, all with fun, infectious joy and a beautiful smile. I loved teaching Alicia in year 2 and interacting with her gorgeous mum then and as a governor at St Nicholas Infant School. Special hugs and prayers to Alicia
Posted by Fiona Hanson on May 12, 2016
To all of Ju's family - I have known Ju for the majority of my life, beginning at Sth Paul's CofE Primary School in Barrow. Ju and I swam together and trained under Howard Robinson, every Saturday morning at 8:30 we were in Abbey Baths, come rain or shine. We started with 10 lengths of backstroke, breaststroke and crawl, then went on to do 64 lengths, which was a mile. This we did a couple of nights a week also, fitting in Lifesaving on a Wednesday night! This wasn't all, we trained in Syncronised Swimming as well! God we were fit in those days! Ju and I used to go to the Olympic Chippy on Sat lunch after swimming for gravy and chips mmmm fab!

Ju and I shared a memorable birthday party when we were 11, held at St Paul's Scout Hall. Ju invited her friends from Thorncliffe School and I invited mine from St Bernard's (we went to different secondary schools). With my Mum and Dad and Ju's parents behind the serving hatch, handing out sandwiches, crisps and pop. Unfortunately the 2 schools didn't mix! My friends sat at one end of the room and Ju's sat at the other, never the twain shall meet! Only once did they get together which was when Ju and I danced in the middle of the room to Altered Images - Happy Birthday.

Ju was a lovely person, always happy, welcoming and open. What you saw was exactly what you got. I know Ann and Alyn were extremely proud of her (our Mother's worked together for a number of years). Although I did not know Steve and her children very well, I'm sure she was a great Wife and a fantastic Mother.

It is so sad to loose someone like Ju, especially at such an early age, hopefully those going forward will remember her with much love and affection, as I know I do.

Fiona (nee Robertson)
Posted by Jess Macpherson on May 12, 2016
It is such a shock to know that you are gone Judith. It was a privilege to have been able to know such a brave, inspirational, positive, funny and generous person. Living on 'The Square' for 7 years meant we shared a lot of tea together and a lot of laughs! I am sat here at that same table where you were opposite me but now on the other side of the world and finding it hard to process your loss. Thank you for being in my life and sharing in the journey of parenthood and more. Your strength, spirit and love will live on in your precious family. We will miss you Judith and you will stay in our hearts. The Macpherson family send all our love to Steve, Alicia and Alex xx
Posted by Jayne Chester on May 12, 2016
Judith Roberts is how I knew you thornclife comprehensive school in barrow. You made my transition from junior school high school a wonderful experience. I was the shy girl with glasses and no confidence Judith you helped me shine in my own way that only you could see. Thank you x I will always remember your amazing swimming ability, your smile and most of all your sense of fun xx

May your light shine bright and you be forever the twinkle in your children's eyes xx
Posted by martin slack on May 12, 2016
Knew Judith from our time together at Barrow Sixth form. Remember her as a happy, outgoing, intelligent person and was so saddened to hear of her passing. Rest In Peace
Posted by Gwyneth Bethune on May 12, 2016
I have known Judith since she was a "bump" her Mum and I were pregnant together.
She was always such a lovely girl. I am heartbroken for the whole family.
Keep happy memories of her. Gwyneth.
Posted by Karen Roche on May 12, 2016
I first knew Judith when she took up the post of deputy headteacher at Thamesbridge School in Reading. She was a breath of fresh air, with a 'can do' attitude and always a big smile. I was delighted to bump into her again at Bicester Community College and soon invited her to support Brakenhale School in the autumn of 2014. Judith made an impact very quickly as the staff responded to her positivity very well and she made an impact in the short time she was with us. She will be very fondly remembered. Thank you to those who have contributed photographs - I have enjoyed looking at them and seeing her spirit shine through. With sympathy and best wishes to Judith's family.
Posted by dawn cox on May 12, 2016
Judith looked after me when I became a governor at St Nicholas school. She showed me the ropes and we chatted for ages after meetings. I mentioned to her that I had sometimes thought of becoming a teacher. She took me seriously and began to encourage me to go for it. I was worried that I would need to do my maths GCSE and I was so scared of numbers! She reassured me and encouraged me every time she saw me, she even offered to help me. Eventually I took the plunge and passed my GCSE with flying colours. When I applied to Reading university for the PGCE she was one of my referees. She often asked how I was getting on and I loved being able to tell her that she had made a real difference to my life. I have been a primary school teacher for two years now and she was a really big part of this. I know I hadn't seen Judith face to face for a while but thought of her often. She really did change my life. Thank you. xx
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Posted by Kira Buhler on May 13, 2022
Dearest Jude,
I can't believe it's 6 years since you left much we have to share..I miss you so much..more as time goes on.
You are always in my heart xxxx
Posted by Tracy Harding on July 3, 2018
I went to senior school with Judith and she was such a lovely girl. Kind, friendly, intelligent and funny. I hope that your happy memories bring you some comfort. Xx
Posted by Venetia Mayman on May 7, 2017
Thinking of you Judith and of your lovely life which brought happiness to so many people. Hugs, Netia
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Centre parcs

Shared by Kathleen Hillis on May 15, 2016

I only knew Judith for 12 years, which was my whole life. We would go to centre parcs every year since me and Alicia were nearly 4 when Alex was only 3 months. We go to centre parcs every year with them and visit them every year. Judith was always happy, I have never seen her mad or angry in my life.

She helped me with my maths if I was confused. She was always there for me and was like a second mum to me almost. I am going to miss her very much xx

The Beginning!

Shared by Lucy Breeze on May 14, 2016

When I first met Judith, it was at our first anti-natal class. Judith was the only one who came without her other half as she had thought men wouldn't be there! She then spent the first half of the meeting ringing Steve to appologise and beg him to join her, we did laugh!
She was also the only one with completely matching accessories, red shoes, bag and jewellery! She did love to be coordinated, even in this photo with Alicia! We became instant firm friends and here we are with Alicia and Maddy celebrating their friend Martha's first birthday!
I have so many memories of you Judith...just wish there had been time to make more! 

Where to begin??!!

Shared by Kira Buhler on May 13, 2016

Jude launched herself into my life when I was a teaching student at Didsbury sharing a house with 5 pretty lively girls, Kate, Sam, Chants, Jude Fielding and Anne Marie.When Anne Marie moved out, Jude moved in! Jude was the life and soul of the party, and we had many of those in Tenby avenue!! Including the toga party, that is pictured in the gallery. We all got wrapped up in our duvet covers and marched off down to the off licence, the guy in the office licence didn't make any comment, he had probably seen a lot worse! Jude formed the back drop to my life, always finding a reason to laugh. I can't begin to imagine the world without her and miss her hugely.