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Posted by Martin Slack on May 12, 2016
Knew Judith from our time together at Barrow Sixth form. Remember her as a happy, outgoing, intelligent person and was so saddened to hear of her passing. Rest In Peace
Posted by Jayne Chester on May 12, 2016
Judith Roberts is how I knew you thornclife comprehensive school in barrow. You made my transition from junior school high school a wonderful experience. I was the shy girl with glasses and no confidence Judith you helped me shine in my own way that only you could see. Thank you x I will always remember your amazing swimming ability, your smile and most of all your sense of fun xx

May your light shine bright and you be forever the twinkle in your children's eyes xx
Posted by Jess Macpherson on May 12, 2016
It is such a shock to know that you are gone Judith. It was a privilege to have been able to know such a brave, inspirational, positive, funny and generous person. Living on 'The Square' for 7 years meant we shared a lot of tea together and a lot of laughs! I am sat here at that same table where you were opposite me but now on the other side of the world and finding it hard to process your loss. Thank you for being in my life and sharing in the journey of parenthood and more. Your strength, spirit and love will live on in your precious family. We will miss you Judith and you will stay in our hearts. The Macpherson family send all our love to Steve, Alicia and Alex xx
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Posted by Tracy Harding on July 3, 2018
I went to senior school with Judith and she was such a lovely girl. Kind, friendly, intelligent and funny. I hope that your happy memories bring you some comfort. Xx
Posted by Venetia Mayman on May 7, 2017
Thinking of you Judith and of your lovely life which brought happiness to so many people. Hugs, Netia
Posted by Lucy Breeze on February 11, 2017
Happy Birthday to a really lovely lady and a perfect friend,
thinking of you always,
all my love,
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Centre parcs

Shared by Kathleen Hillis on May 15, 2016

I only knew Judith for 12 years, which was my whole life. We would go to centre parcs every year since me and Alicia were nearly 4 when Alex was only 3 months. We go to centre parcs every year with them and visit them every year. Judith was always happy, I have never seen her mad or angry in my life.

She helped me with my maths if I was confused. She was always there for me and was like a second mum to me almost. I am going to miss her very much xx

The Beginning!

Shared by Lucy Breeze on May 14, 2016

When I first met Judith, it was at our first anti-natal class. Judith was the only one who came without her other half as she had thought men wouldn't be there! She then spent the first half of the meeting ringing Steve to appologise and beg him to join her, we did laugh!
She was also the only one with completely matching accessories, red shoes, bag and jewellery! She did love to be coordinated, even in this photo with Alicia! We became instant firm friends and here we are with Alicia and Maddy celebrating their friend Martha's first birthday!
I have so many memories of you Judith...just wish there had been time to make more! 

Where to begin??!!

Shared by Kira Buhler on May 13, 2016

Jude launched herself into my life when I was a teaching student at Didsbury sharing a house with 5 pretty lively girls, Kate, Sam, Chants, Jude Fielding and Anne Marie.When Anne Marie moved out, Jude moved in! Jude was the life and soul of the party, and we had many of those in Tenby avenue!! Including the toga party, that is pictured in the gallery. We all got wrapped up in our duvet covers and marched off down to the off licence, the guy in the office licence didn't make any comment, he had probably seen a lot worse! Jude formed the back drop to my life, always finding a reason to laugh. I can't begin to imagine the world without her and miss her hugely.