Her Life
I love and miss you.  Rip angel your in my  heart always and forever until we meet again my friend, I love you.. Rip angel angel 

Judy Life

Judy Miller ♥♥... a character in herself. She was born on October 12th 1957. She had a son named Brad  that passed before her that she loved with all her heart. She also married her husband Kelly many years ago. He died shortly after Brad. I do think this is more than she could bear. Let's be real this is Judy and she went Wild but tried to enjoy life a little more before the end and then I think her spirit broke I'm not sure. She was one of a kind, she was very special to me in a lot of different ways. A lot of people see things in a lot of different ways well I seen her for what she was and I accepted it and I loved her and I tried to give her some kind of Peace of the happy kind of life before she left the Earth. I surely hope that I did. She hadn't been happy in a while I believe she had broken heart syndrome and I believe she did not know how to handle it but that's okay she's gone to God now and shes going to find peace ... A very amazing lady if you actually gave yourself a chance to know her. I'm glad I did even though her passing is ripped my heart out.

But again I say I know she went with God so we shall rejoice and my Judy Blue Eyes we will see you in heaven  baby until we meet again rest in peace.