Missing you..

Shared by Rose Vincent Hickey on March 18, 2016

I had a dream last night about the time we was at John's Beach, We had so much fun,I sure miss hanging out with you and chatting on the phone, I don't know what it was but I could talk to you about anything  :)  11 years ago , God took you to haven, You see God only takes the BEAUTIFUL people, I think of you a lot and God .. I wish you were here now. I have sooo much to tell you  :)  Give nan and pop a big hug and kiss for me,Tell them i love them and miss them so much.. The best part of my life growing up was when i spent it at nan and pops, Its only the happy times i remember...  I have two BEAUTIFUL grandkids.. Girl and boy, Loryn and Mason my world.. Love you Judy with all my heart xoxoxo

Thinking of you

Shared by Rose Vincent Hickey on October 2, 2011

Just sitting here thinking of you and how much i miss you.. I was thnking of the time we was comping in johns beach many years ago,we sure did have some fun times, I really miss them times we have spent together , I think of you all most everyday aunt Judy and wishing you were here now... your in my heart  forever and allways ...R.I.P my BEAUTIFUL aunt  xoxoxoxoxoxo

Bunyan's Cove

Shared by Tracy Ruth on March 15, 2011

My main memories of my Great Aunt Judy were of when she lived in Bunyan's Cove when I was a little girl:  Her long hair, big smile, and how attached she was to her wardrobe, haha.  I also remember she was a little on the sassy side  ;)

Otherwise, she moved to Ontario a long time ago, and my last memory of her was 10 years ago September past when she went to my sister's wedding.  She had her hair cut off and was as sassy as ever, lol.  She and I got along great, and she visited me at my new house (at the time).  I remember her being so surprised at how much I had changed and what a great person she thought I turned out to be.  It meant so much to me.  I have a clear picture of her in my mind from that time, and am thankful for that.  I am so glad my sister's wedding brought her back those years ago.

Take care always Great Aunt Judy xxx

Still There Was Love

Shared by Marilyn Vincent-Robinson on March 15, 2011

Judy was just ten months older than me..When we were children we got along and played together, but as we entered our teen years we fought alot.. While I was still being treated as a preteen, even by Judy, Judy was treated more like an adult. I resented that as we were so close in age, even shared the same age for two months out of every year.. So it wasn't until we were both out on our own that we actually got along, but by that time she had moved to Ontario. It was always great to see her when she came home for visits, and to talk to her on the phone..Even though we were not close, we did always love each other, we were raised around Mom's family, so we were more like siblings than neice and aunt, and no matter what is said or done, with family,there was always love and forgiveness..The last time I talked to Judy was on the phone when she was home for my neice Corrine's wedding, it had been so long since I talked to her then, that I cried.. I told her I missed her and loved her.. I am so happy I got to say that to her... Next I heard, Judy had passed away..  She's resting with her parents in heaven now, and one day I'll see her again.. I love you Judy, you'll never be forgotten.. ♥

Best Friends

Shared by Rose Vincent Hickey on March 15, 2011

Aunt Judy wasent only my aunt she was my best friend,we did alot together and shared stories about each other no one else ever heard,she even stayed with me at my home in Benoits cove for awhile ,i sure did miss her when she went back home, we even went camping together we had  lots of fun.. I miss you lots aunt Judy and think about you alot,R.I.P aunt Judy you well be forever in my HEART i love you so much. 

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