Posted by Stephen Cartwright on April 15, 2016
Posted by Cristal Bolden Halforddun... on December 11, 2014
There is not a day that doesn't go bye i don't think of you aunt doris my belinda and granny reba ,my mom .i miss y'all. Dearly and would give one more day to have each of yall back to tell y'all how much i love y'all
Posted by Stephen Cartwright on December 7, 2014
I miss you alot more this year. You already know why i really feel alone now as all i have is pat and my babies. I should of told you i love you more. But you know my heart. R.I.P
Posted by Stephen Cartwright on May 12, 2013
happy birthday and mothers day mom.. i sure miss you.. more than anyone knows.. i love you..
Posted by joshua proctor on February 12, 2012
I never knew you as Judy. I always called you my lil granny. You raised me ever since I was in diapers to a grown man. You watched me become a united states marine. And there was no one more proud of my accomplishments. You where my best friend, I always knew I could talk to you about anything. I always looked forward to coming to your house, we always grilled out and just laughed about li
Posted by joshua proctor on February 12, 2012
fe. Lil granny I'm so deeply sorry for not being by your side when you needed me the most. I'll never forget you and those amazing hugs we had, and the thousands of kisses you gave me before I would leave. I love you lil granny! I know you'll have your arms wide open for me when we are ready to meet again
Posted by Sarah Corcoran on August 28, 2011
Granny! Hey you! I may have not known you for all that long and we may have not spent as much time together as we should have, but we had some of the best laughs and moments together! I miss you truely and wish that we could have spent more time together! I love you so much! <3
Posted by Patricia Carter on August 26, 2011
judy i miss u so much. didnt know u very long but i loved u as one of my freinds.u were always the laugh of the party.we had some wonderful times. we laughed together and cried together. u will be missed dearly by so many people. me on top of ur list. keep big straight up there
Posted by Daniel Franklin on August 26, 2011
There wasn't anyone in my life besides my mother that made a greater impact on my life. Me and Aunt Judy were close in age. There will always be a spot in my heart that is empty. Growing up, I could always go to her for anything. She will be truly missed by us all.
Posted by Stephen Cartwright on August 25, 2011
mom, i spent the last few months of you life with you and i learned alot in that short of time.. thank you for all you done for me and leading me down the right road.. i miss you dearly, an look forward to the day when we are together again.. love you..
Posted by Kimberly Cartwright on August 25, 2011
god takes are loved ones away so soon but he needed another rose in his garden and you made a lovely rose.we had good times and we had bad times together you taught me your with pops and will be missed......  kim

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