An amazing aunt.

Shared by Robert Boileau on June 4, 2020
Judy was an amazing aunt and i am going to miss her terribly. I am grateful to have had her in my life. She was always willing to drop what she was doing when we would visit whether it was planned or a surprise. To offer advice or to just talk, to take us for supper at wild wings everytime we visited. Where the joke to order the 1000 wings would almost always come up. She was very trusting, not even i would trust myself to drive a porsche. 

It's such a great loss, a little hole inside that is filled with great memories and lots of laughter. I will never forget Judy  we will always have our memories to remind us how you brightened our lifes. Love you judy.

For ever in our hearts

Shared by Damien Boileau on June 3, 2020
Ever since I can remember when we would go for a visit be it for the day or for a weekend, Judy was always welcoming. Always being a great host. Letting us (me and Robert) watch ren and stimpy when it was probably out of our age range. offering us unlimited sugary drinks, and all the snacks we could want. As I grew older she would always be up for going to wild wing, naked wing or wackey wing for some wings and beers. She was our guide to the south making sure we reached our destination. Maybe not on time or the direct route but always made it where we needed to go.

When me and brandy had our daughter kiera we needed to figure out a full name, we named her Kiera Judith Boileau in honor of her great aunt Judy as one more way to keep Judy in our memories. Ill remember the reaction she had when we told her that, it put tears in my eyes. I am so glad that in February Judy and Jennifer were able to come up north and meet her great niece/second Cousin Kiera. I will tell stories and show pictures letting Kiera know how great of an aunt she was.

we love and miss you Judy, your memories will live long through the stories we tell and pictures we share. You will be in our hearts for ever.

Shared by Jen L on May 23, 2020
I wanted to share a message I received from a best friend about how my mom touched her life...

I'm not sure I realized the impact your mom had on my life.  I have struggled more then I could have imagined in the last few days.  Lots of soul searching las led me to this. Your mom may have not known but she protected me when I acted like a teenage fool. She was there when I graduated from high school, she helped us have a place to live in college.  She helped you to reduce my rent when I went to university.  She walked my through buying my first house (her job but I think I got extra care).  She watched your kids so you could spend a week with me for my marriage.  Every major moment, she was there but her biggest contribution was helping me to know that I could be a young single mom.  That I didn't need to find a man to support me and I didn't need to have more children and my child would be fine just the same because look at you my friend, you are perfectly fine.  I remember countless shop till you drop trips.  I remember her telling me like it is.  I remember so many glasses of wine while we laughed at the idiots of the world.  I remember my son loving Gabby like an extra grandma who even took him to Santa's village. You were and are so blessed to have had her in your life.  I love you and am so very thankful to have met you so that I was able to have met her.
Shared by Cathy Waters on May 23, 2020
  • I have so many stories I do not know where to start so I’m going to add them as they come up in my memory 
  • Today’s story is that I miss her so much 
  •  Still missing her
  •  This picture says it all.  Look out world, here comes Judy.

Shared by Wendy Still on May 19, 2020
Farewell and safe journey my cousin! Your zest for life always inspired me and I know I am a better person for having you in my life.  I will always cherish the summers camping in Allston and the plays we put on for Grandma-not to mention the playhouse in her back yard!
I am missing you so much but then remember your sweet smile, infectious giggle and all the great times we shared.
Love you always 

Judy's legacy

Shared by Stephen Altwerger Oldlawy... on May 18, 2020
My world got a whole lot smaller and sadder today when I learned of Judys passing.She cared deeply for her friends and family.i had the privilege of working with Judy for a good number of years and she was responsible for a good part of our success. She took us under her wing and made us so much better .Jen and her grand kids were her life She is irreplaceable and greatly missed She left one heck of a great legacy. Susan and Stephen Altwerger

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