The meaning of life is to find your gift. The pupose of life is to give it away - ~William Shakespeare~
  • 80 years old
  • Born on May 16, 1933 in Sturgis, South Dakota, United States.
  • Passed away on August 17, 2013 in La Jolla, California, United States.



               ~ DR.DENIS WAITLEY, American Author ~ 

"The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us."
~ BLACK ELK  (1863-1950)  Ogalala Lakota Sioux Holy Man 

Posted by Lanet Moravec on 24th December 2018
Merry Christmas Darling, we’re apart it’s true. But I can dream and in my dreams, I’m Christmas-ing with you~ Song & lyrics by The Carpenters I love you forever darling Jule. You are in my dreams and thoughts each and every day.
Posted by Lowery J. Smith on 10th July 2018
I have been recently sorting through pictures and important documents I have accumulated over my past 89 years and came across information Lanet sent me nearly five years ago, after Jule's passing. In addition to that information I have fond memories of the entire Moravec family while I was in high school and the Mines in Rapid City and for many years after graduating from the Mines when I visited Mae in Sturgis and attended Jack's funeral. I sure wish you guys were nearby so we could recall such good friends. I would appreciate getting your home address so we could keep in touch. One thing that the "boys" might appreciate is that I will be competing in the Minnesota Senior Games in August and hope to qualify for the 2019 Senior Games in Albuquerque in the 90-95 age group. I hope to place in the shot put, discus, javelin, and racquetball. Last year, 2017, I placed in all of those events in the National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama. One thing about sorting you find old memories which are real treasures. Also, like the opening comments on this web page. Blessings, Lowery
Posted by Lanet Moravec on 5th July 2018
Happy Fourth of July my darling. We had so much fun together on every 4th. Melody and I thought of you and our family - - remembering the joy in sharing life together and the many adventures we had all throughout our 60+ years together. Your spirit gives me the courage to continue living every day just as we experienced life together.
Posted by Lanet Moravec on 18th August 2017
Jule, You are my heart. I feel you with me each and everyday. I'm so thankful for the many wonderful adventures and the quiet moments we have shared throughout our lifetime together. Your joy for life, deep love of family, genuine warmth and strength of character are a true testament of the very beautiful man you are. I love you dearly my darling Jule, you are my heart and soul.
Posted by Melody Moravec on 18th August 2017
Dad, You are my best buddy, my hero and my amazing wonderful father. So often I hear your words of wisdom guiding me still in life, the many jokes we shared that still make me smile and laugh today. The way you made my childhood secure and happy. And the way you showed me how to care about other people. I'm truely my fathers daughter! And I'm proud to carry on your kindness, your bear hugs, your jokes and teasing (also from Grampa Hunza) to give laughter in the world, your loyalty to family and friends. And your wonderful joy of living life with a full happy heart. You also picked us a very special and beautiful mother! I love you Doodle, no one could have a better dad!
Posted by Lanet Moravec on 26th December 2015
During this special time of year I think of all our beautiful Christmas holidays together. It fills me the warmest thoughts and suddenly I'm back with you enjoying our many different Christmases in many places all over the country. Those thoughts keep you close, where I have the embers of the holidays forever in my heart...always with you beside me, my hand in yours. I love you always, my most precious Jule
Posted by Melody Moravec on 26th December 2015
Dad, Christmas time warms me with such happy memories. You were such a wonderful father always making the holidays special for us kids. The twinkle and magic of the season always centered around you and moma. Leaving the milk and chocolate chip cookies for Santa, that he loved so much, just like you. Going to The Kennedy Center to see The Nutcracker Ballet. And visions of sugarplum fairies that night in bed, after watching them dance across the stage. Your being so good about my always having to pick a crooked Christmas tree that no one else wanted. Going with you and Grandpa to sell Christmas trees for the YMCA. And the smell of pine trees and hot chocolate that moma sent with us to keep us warm. The tucking me in bed and waiting for me to stop giggling, just so I could keep you there a little longer. The piggyback rides and practical jokes we played on each other well into my adulthood. Those treasured memories of my father who was always so fun, patient, strong, playful and kind. I love you to the moon and back Doodle, my best buddy.
Posted by Roxanne West on 18th August 2015
I miss you my dear, dear friend. I didn't see you that often for the last few years, but I knew you were just a phone call away. Now I talk to that beautiful picture Lanet gave me and I remember the warmth of that beautiful smile. And not a day goes by when I don't think of some of the wonderful things you taught me. I was so privileged to have you in my life and to call you my friend. I love you Jule.
Posted by Lanet Moravec on 17th August 2015
Darling Jule, I hear you saying, "Stay true to the life we loved and lived together. It is beautiful!" And I shall... I love you forever, Lanét
Posted by Cindy Foss on 17th August 2015
Thinking of you today, Jule. I feel like you are close by having Lanet and Melody back in Prescott. You brought Tim and I here and I will always have a deep appreciation for you for that. And there is so much more to honor you for. Love you always.
Posted by Melody Moravec on 16th May 2015
Dad, today is the day you were born! Your quilities as a person were so special. I so loved your peaceful strength, your embracing warm hugs, and our fun games of hide and seek...not just as a child but as an adult. You and I had great fun in hiding in the shadows waiting for the other to forget the last time they got scared by the other popping out from someplace with an "ARRR" or a "BOO" follwed by laughter from us both. I had so much fun as your daughter. I will continue to laugh, joke and play throughout my life keeping in the Moravec tradition of fun as you did and as Grampa did with you. Thank you for being such a great dad! I Love You everyday forever, Melody
Posted by Lanet Moravec on 16th May 2015
My Darling Jule, Today is your birthday and I find my thoughts gliding through all my treasured days shared with you and our wonderful life together...60 special years of love, happiness and joy of having so much fun together. I love so much about you ~ your inner strength, courage, commitment, humor, great sence of adventure, calm nature and kindness shown toward others. From the first time I saw you from the tree I climbed just 6 feet away from a window on the third floor of the science building at South Dakota State College, not knowing I would soon be face to face with the one I would share my life with. You smiled bright and said "Hi", staring right into my eyes. Suprised I scrambled down the tree excited and feeling silly, I knew, even from the top of the tree, you were going to be someone special in my life. I still feel the breeze in the swaying tree, telling me life is now about to change. Two years later we were getting married! It has and always will be you, my greatest adventure, my best friend and my dear husband. Our love will always shine as bright as the stars. Forever, Lanet
Posted by Roxanne West on 18th August 2014
I cannot believe it has been a year. Jule, I miss knowing that you are in this world, but your wisdom lives with me every day. I constantly tell people my "Jule-isms" and tell the stories of how you saved my life. I miss you and love you..until we meet again and I get a long-awaited hug!
Posted by John Orth on 17th August 2014
I remember every minute of every day a spent with him.
Posted by Lanet Moravec on 11th March 2014
Excerpt of letter from Member of Congress George Miller ~ Sept. 20th, 2013 "Whether through his service in the US Army, the US Air Force, his work as clinical psychologist, or his tireless advocacy on behalf of veterans, Dr. Jule Moravec was widely known as a man of high principles and strong work ethic. While serving as Medical Center Director of the then-named Martinez Veterans Affairs Center, Jule oversaw the restructuring of clinical services in the aftermath of the Loma Prieta earthquake. His leadership and expertise were critical during this difficult time. Jule's service, in a variety of positions within the Veterans Health Administration, further reflected his unwavering commitment to our veteran community and their families. His personal dedication, compassion and selfless service will be long remembered." George Miller Member of Congress 11th District, California
Posted by Lanet Moravec on 11th March 2014
Excerpt of letter from United States Senator Dianne Feinstein ~ Dec. 30th, 2013 "Dr. Moravec's dedication and hard work on behalf of the health care of veterans, including being the Director of some of the most complex Veteran's Affairs medical centers in the United States, was truly remarkable. He was an honored member of both the United States Army and the United States Air Force, and served his country with distinction. His devotion to his family, friends, veterans, and the community was truly inspiring. Dr. Moravec touched so many lives, in such positive ways, that his spirit and legacy will remain with all of us for a very long time. I know that many who knew and respected Dr. Moravec will share with you their memories of him in the days and months ahead. I hope you and your family will hold onto these memories and always take pride in his legacy." Dianne Feinstein United States Senator
Posted by Marisa Labozzetta on 22nd January 2014
When one thinks of Jule, the phrase "larger than life" immediately comes to mind. I don't know if anyone on this earth can be larger than life, but I do know that Jule was, in every sense, life itself. When you were with Jule, he was all yours. And perhaps now, dear friend, you are indeed larger than life. Marty and I thank you for your love and care.
Posted by David Fago on 19th January 2014
One of my favorite Jule Moravec stories comes from the period during which we were graduate students at the University of Maryland. During that time we frequently played cards at the Moravec house on Friday evenings, occasionally in candlelight because the power company had just turned off the electricity (times were lean, particularly for grad students with families). I recall Jule telling me at the end of Spring semester that he had been fortunate in landing a well-paying job driving a cement-mixing truck. I told him how impressed I was that he knew how to drive such a complex piece of equipment, with 16 gears, tons of wet cement, and who knows what else. Jule reacted to my comment with an enormous grin and joyous laughter, exclaiming, "Whoever said that I know how to drive a cement truck!?" Dumbstruck, I mumbled something like, "You don't know how to drive a cement truck?", to which he replied, between more joyous laughter, "No, but I guess that I'll learn how!" I've told this story many times over 40 years, using it as an example of the virtues of courage and focused intention, so typical of Jule, and so fundamental to a full and productive life. Jule, we miss your material presence ... nevertheless, the remarkable example and role model you provided continues to live on. Take care my friend ... I intend to catch up with you when my own lights go out!
Posted by Nora Egan on 14th November 2013
Jule was a remarkable man. He had a great ability to lead and an intuitive ability to sense when someone needed help. I know he helped me many times, professionally and personally. Lanet, I loved spending time with you and Jule in Prescott. Very happy memories. I will miss him. I send my prayers and good thoughts to you and your family and, of course, to Jule.
Posted by Ricki Marks on 10th November 2013
Jule, Your guidance and wisdom encouraged me to change my life for the better. The love and support you gave me will always be remembered with gratitude and love!!!
Posted by Renee Gross on 30th September 2013
. Anyone who knew him got good vibes from this giving man. He had special ways about him. Even though Howard & I had not seen Jules in several years we always felt his influence.I remember the bear hugs I got from Jule.. My heart will always have a special place for him. Renee Gross
Posted by Cindy Foss on 16th September 2013
Jule had an unconditional regard for others, a genuine curiosity and warm presence. His love of family, Lanet, Amber, Garet and Melody, was so apparent. Jule (& Lanet) were key in our move to Maryland, then to Prescott and hold a special place for Peter, Angie and me when Tim died, our lives woven together over these many years. Sending our love and care always.
Posted by John Stewart on 16th September 2013
Lanet & Family: Please accept my deepest sympathy. Dr. Movavec brought me to San Diego from Chicago. He was the best of the best bosses I had in the VA. He worked hard to slow me down and make me think and I told him how much I appreciated him on many occasions. I will always remember him.
Posted by Lanet Moravec on 13th September 2013
Jule ~ I'll find you in the morning sun... and when the night is new, I'll be looking at the moon...... but I'll be seeing you! ~ I love you, Lanet
Posted by Wayne Sisson on 13th September 2013
cont. part 3- He had such a marvelous capacity for attentiveness when conversing with people. On numerous occasions, I witnessed his capacity to "attend" to each person he would talk to. And at the end of each conversation, each person would leave the conversation feeling "validated", and feeling that what they shared with him was of importance AND that each person was important to him.
Posted by Wayne Sisson on 13th September 2013
cont. part 2- After Jule "retired", it was an honor to have him serve as a member of our SEC "Mental Health CE Planning Committee" where he continually offered his wisdom and kind guidance. He had an admirable, ongoing, and energetic commitment to the field of mental health. He was a man of remarkable intelligence, creativity, caring, kindness, and genuine warmth.
Posted by Wayne Sisson on 13th September 2013
It leaves me with great sorrow to hear of Dr. Jule's passing. His history with Prescott and NAVAHCS extended back to the early 1970's, and proceeding onward in his career to positively impact many VA employees and many VA veteran patients. - continued below
Posted by Peter Graves on 10th September 2013
In his time leading the Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System, Dr. Moravec had a large impact. He combined several large facilities into the one huge complex which spans more geography than the 5 smallest states. I witnessed his ability to connect with Veterans on a personal level, inspiring their “one for all” spirit. And he could laugh at himself (e.g., when “arrested” at his retirement di
Posted by Roxanne West on 6th September 2013
Jule Moravec was one of the finest human beings in the universe. He radiated love, peace and pure white light! His wisdom and love made me the person I am today. His warm smile, twinkling eyes and incredible hugs are legendary. He was a truly beautiful man, inside and out, and he will live in my heart forever. The last words I said to him were, "I love you, Jule", and I'm so glad.
Posted by Sandy Bell on 6th September 2013
Lanet, I send my love and sympathy to you and your family. I am so glad we spoke a few days ago. I will always remember Jule. He was the best boss to work for. He hired me from the VA Phoenix to come to San Diego and be his secretary. He taught me so much. He was so kind and caring and would always listen to you. He will be missed.
Posted by Kathryn Crema on 5th September 2013
Dear Jule - you are an embodiment of what peace and power, gentleness and strength can mean when all wrapped up so stunningly in one person. Your quiet unassuming reassurance that all is well but can be better, your faith, that smile that lights up the room, and those eyes that welcome you with such delight, all wrapped up in your white hair! Thank you for being a part of our lives.
Posted by David Fero on 4th September 2013
Jule was a great leader who lead by example and with kindness. His work with Veterans Health Administration helped to transform the healthcare for all Veterans. He helped me by his example and his guidance which he offered only if asked. His guidance was always helpful. I was pleased to be able to work with him. I was thinking of him this week and am sorry I didn't see him when in CA.
Posted by Amy Wrabetz on 4th September 2013
Dear Lanet, Melody and family, Prescott sends our warmest thoughts and deepest sympathy regarding Jule. Words cannot express what Jule brought to everyone he touched, including the VA as a whole, Veterans, the Prescott community, friends & his beloved family. His and your love will transcend.
Posted by Cynthia White on 4th September 2013
I knew Jule during his presence at the Prescott VA (after his "retirement"). He has that special spirit of showering peace as well as excitement with his presence. He had many outstanding qualities, but one I remember the most is that he never offered advice until it was requested. What a skill! This was a wonder as he had so much to contribute but waited until you wanted his wisdom. RIP
Posted by Ken Adams on 4th September 2013
What a gem Dr. Moravec was as our Director in Ann Arbor. I did not call him Jule then, but his personal warmth was obvious. He was also one of our tribe as a Psychologist; while a Director. He held the post at a difficult time when resources, talent, and devotion to veterans were not sufficient, much less abundant. His presence as a person, leader; devoted to our mission was his essence.
Posted by Scott Fehr on 4th September 2013
Jule was my supervisor over 40 years ago at the Miami VA. I had tried unsuccessfully to find him over the past year in order for him to see how I turned out. He was a wonderful supervisor with great white hair who taught me a profound lesson on power. He would say, "There always are people who will have power over you but you must decide whether that power is either positive or negative."
Posted by Lowery Smith on 3rd September 2013
We are shocked to learn of Jule's passing. My memories of Jule go back nearly 65 years when he was a "kid" brother to Jack. Mae and the Moravecs were my sanctuary when I was going thru the Mines. Jule will always have a place in my heart for the tradition of strong family ties, hard work, warm friendships and desire of continuing education to serve our fellow humans. I will miss him.
Posted by Epstein Marlene on 2nd September 2013
Dear Lanet and Family - My thoughts and prayers are with you. Jule was a wonderful individual who shared his self with all of us. I truly remember the time he helped my beloved Stan out during an important time in our lives. I also remember the gatherings we were all at esp. the Scottish Walk. Take care dear lady and hope our paths cross again someday.
Posted by Jackie Zimkin on 2nd September 2013
Dear Mrs Moravec,Melody,Amber & family, I wish I had known Dr Moravec prior to his End of Life.I enjoyed hearing of his love for our Veterans & of his many accomplishments.The love you have for him was witnessed by all.I am very sorry for your loss.I feel privileged to have helped in any small way as you supported him bravely and lovingly to the end at the San Diego VAMC
Posted by Al Perry on 1st September 2013
Beyond the great white hair, bear hug and utterly concentrated listening, Jule lived and taught his own unique "Executive Report": devotion to family, deep commitment to patients, getting the most important things done - well!, appreciating dazzling color and art around us, drawing forth the best in us . . . Thanks Jule for living a life that enriched us all..
Posted by Larry Deal on 1st September 2013
Jule was an outstanding role model as a leader and human being. He had remarkable leadership skills and exceptional professional demeanor. He served as the first Chief Network Officer in the VA. He was a key leader and visionary in the transformation of the modern VA. He loved his South Dakota roots where he was an outstanding high school and college athlete. Great guy!
Posted by Marty Akrop on 31st August 2013
Lanet and family - we send our love and deepest condolences. Jule is remembered as the most vibrant, passionate, and kind leader (and friend) I have ever had the pleasure working with! Jule taught me so much, and Jim and I enjoyed our time together with you both in Martinez. Your stories and love of Prescott took our family there for five wonderful years! Our thoughts are with you all.
Posted by Joni Rubin on 31st August 2013
Jule was a great mentor and he has left a lasting legacy in those of us who had the fortune to work for him and more importantly, to get to know him as a warm, kind and caring friend. I am forever a better person for having known Jule - and will cherish fond memories. Lanet - I wish you great peace in knowing how much Jule meant to so many of us and that he lives on in our lives.
Posted by Susan Fago on 31st August 2013
Wanted Lanet, Melody, Amber and Garret, as well as the rest of the family members, to know we are thinking of you each with love. I am fondly remembering so many times with the Moravec family over many years, through many stages and changes in all of our lives. Jule was always a warm, solid presence, with words of wisdom and humor. A truly unique individual, he will be greatly missed!
Posted by Pete Richardson on 30th August 2013
Jule is one of the most memorable people I have ever met. He was very impressive physically and his kindness showed clearly in his face. I had the good fortune to work with Jule at the San Diego VAMC. I was always impressed at the Director’s Staff Meetings on how he addressed any problem calmly and with a positive attitude. In addition to being my boss I also considered him a friend. Everyone
Posted by Sandra DeVries on 28th August 2013
When my brother-in-law use to come and visit Lanet I would sit under the TV and growl at him Soon he would have me smiling. That was the best day of my life..when they married and left that was the saddest day of my life. He was always there to listen and showed he cared. He will be with me on the paradise earth soon..Psalms 37:29 Sleep well my special Friend Love you always Jule
Posted by Frank Cimorelli on 28th August 2013
Jule was my friend and mentor. He believed in me and I never wanted to let him down. He was that way with everyone. You would work extra hard because you never wanted to disappoint him. He changed my life and in some instances saved my life. I would not have had the VA career that I did were it not for Jule. He was the kindest and wisest man I have ever known. I will always love him!
Posted by AL ZAMBERLAN on 28th August 2013
Lanet and family, please accept my condolences. I had the privilege of working with him as my Deputy RD. What a "guy"! One of the most dependable, intelligent and lovable individuals I had the privilege of knowing and working with. He had so many positive qualities and attributes.
Posted by AL ZAMBERLAN on 28th August 2013
Lanet and family. Please accept my condolences. What a "Guy"! One of the most intelligent,dependable and loveable person God created. Strongest quality was his love for family, friends and others. He was a outstanding friend and fellow employee and loved by all. Jule, Lanet and his family will always be in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Mike Lynch on 27th August 2013
Jule was so passionate and a caring man that engaged those he encountered to listen and learn. His warmth and true kindness was evident at the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival sponsored by HHV in Prescott. Such a smile and and true friend to veterans everywhere. Our country has lost a patriot and strong advocate of placing one's service before self. Be at peace with our maker.

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