Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself.
  • 78 years old
  • Born on October 6, 1936 in Bronx, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on January 19, 2015 in Boca Raton, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jules Reich, 78, born on October 6, 1936 and passed away on January 19, 2015. We will remember him forever.

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Posted by Barbara & Leon Protass on 8th October 2018
We treasure our memories of Jules as a caring, compassionate, cheerful and generous member of our “human race” of which he was a wonderful example. We take pause today to remember the wonderful times we spent with him and the many stimulating conversations we shared. However other “species” loved him too. We recall the little pond in front of their house stocked with goldfish he loved and cared for. They would gather at the edge of the pond whenever Jules arrived. It was amazing! It was not the expectation of food because if I was standing in that same spot, with or without feed in my hand, the most I got was a fish eye, no matter how hungry these little swimmers might be. His warmth, and caring extended and was felt by “all” who encountered him. We are far better people having known Jules. He set a high bar as a husband, father and grandfather-a paragon of the “human species” and true friend.
Posted by Weslei Cardozo on 5th September 2018
My name is Wesley Cardozo, I’m from Brazil. I lived in the United States from 2004 to 2009 and in that period I met Mr. Jules Reich, and I would like to leave my tribute because he helped me at a special time in my life. He taught me some important lessons that I will take for the rest of my life. One of the most important is that time goes by so fast and we should help as much as we can to help! I am very grateful to have met Mr. Jules Reich!
Posted by Caryl Kasner on 6th August 2018
Jules you were like a brother to me. I loved you and I miss you very much .
Posted by Leonard Reich on 6th October 2017
With the passage of time, the loss does not get easier. However, the memories of your specialness only get sweeter.
Posted by Herb Kahn on 31st January 2017
Jules and I became family when his daughter ,Randi married my son ,Alan.i enjoyed so many searching conversations and exchanges of thoughts and feelings with him,often agreements and sometimes different points of view but always stimulating.His respect for family and leadership in annual and special gatherings began family traditions which are instrumental in making a family close. As an in law, my wife Narges and myself always felt fortunate to know we belonged. We miss you Jules.
Posted by Henrietta Levine on 19th January 2016
I will never hear anyone call me Sissy again, as Jules was the only one allowed to do that. He said it with genuine affection , that was the way he spoke to all his friends. It was such sadness to say goodbye to this amazing man...but was a blessing that I could call him and Barbara my friends. The "bad" boy from Pelham Parkway turned out to be a mensch . You are missed.
Posted by Michelle Ross on 19th January 2016
What a super special man you were. We were so lucky to have shared some special memories with you. Art fairs, antique shopping, shows, dinners, soccer games.... Bella won the game in your honor last year, and she will do it again this year. You helped us is more ways than you will ever know. Rest in peace, we miss and love you!
Posted by Richard David on 19th January 2016
It has been one lonely year. Usually we say how fast time goes by! This year was not the same. When you miss someone as I missed my buddy Jules and my constant thoughts of him gone it felt like an eternity. I miss our calls and our vacations and especially you!,
Posted by Michelle Ross on 8th October 2015
We shared only one cigar, we only had a few walks on the beach where you shared your life and your wisdom, we shared only a few years of our lives, we spoke often but not often enough, i looked forward to your stories and I respected your advice, i admired how you spoke of your wife, your kids, and your grandkids, I wish we had more time together but my life is better because of the time we did have. Our birthdays were days apart yet it wasn't something i knew and that is why i know there was so much i could have learned about you and from you. Love Cousin Bruce
Posted by Michelle Ross on 8th October 2015
Dear dear Cousin Jules, You had an amazing impact on our family. We are so grateful for the time we had with you. You shared your home, your love, and your wisdom. You were like a father and a mentor to Bruce, and a grandfather to Bella. You will be forever missed, forever remembered, and forever loved. Thank you for everything you were to us all.
Posted by Leonard Reich on 7th October 2015
To my brother Jules for all his kindness, protection and love. We had many fun moments together, shared happiness and some struggles. As brothers should we helped each other with our own special talents. now that you are gone, I miss you more than ever: our long telephone conversation, our memories of Barnes ave, Miami and our crazy golf competition. A day doesn't go by without my thinking about you and wanting to share something of mutual interest to us. Your soul lives on in our love for you and our memories of all the joy and happiness you brought to everyone you encountered. Love Len
Posted by Barbara Reich on 6th October 2015
Dad, We all miss you and think of you everyday, but on your birthday, even more. Tonight, we will toast you over a steak dinner, and remember what an amazing father and grandfather you were. Love, Bullet
Posted by Jeffrey Reich on 6th October 2015
Dad: All I can say is thank you. Thank you for the love, support understanding and for the 47+ years that we had together. I think about you every day and usually these thoughts make me smile. I miss you more than I can express, but take comfort in your memory. I love you and thank you.
Posted by Barbara & Leon Protass on 6th October 2015
We will always remember Jules as the most generous, exuberant, honest and loveable friend we have known. It is a rare person who has all these qualities. It one were to design a "Ken Friendship Doll" to go with "Barbie" it would be Jules. We miss him greatly!
Posted by Judy Pomerantz-Nesenoff on 19th May 2015
From Abby Greene, Over 60 years ago I saw Jules almost every day, the Barnes Ave. gang that I was privileged to be part of was my family I did not live there but my thoughts were there. Hanging out at the corner was how we stayed close to each other and now my thoughts and prayers go out to his family & the friends we shared. My times with Jules will be in my heart forever.
Posted by Judy Pomerantz-Nesenoff on 20th February 2015
This tribute and candle was made by Janice Goldberg Cohen. Iwill always and forever remember my dearest friend Jules. To call him a friend is actually incorrect because he was part of my family. His kindness, loving, devotion, etc, etc was so amazing.! This GUY from Barnes Avenue never, for one moment, ever forgot where he came from. He was the most extraordinary person I have ever had the good fortune to have had in my life. Gone, but never forgotten....
Posted by Evelyn Rogoff on 30th January 2015
I knew Jules and Barbara . They were the Great Neck connection, (I remember the gold Rolls Royce that toured around University Gardens) Barbara was Jerry Erlich's kid sister. Imagine my shock at finding Jules and Barbara at Lakeridge when I moved there after leaving Great Neck for Manhattan !! I became chair of the Marketing Committee for Lakeridge. One day, Jules walked into one our meetings and said."I thought I could give some help and advice." And he certainly did, and continued to be a savvy advisor as well as the fun guy I knew him to be. We will all miss him. Barbara, please contact me. I'd love to talk to you.
Posted by Jeanne Cassidy on 28th January 2015
Our sincere condolences to Barbara and the family. Jules was a wonderful Lakeridge neighbor always offering help to improve and enhance the community. Tom and I so enjoyed the times we spent together.. He worked hard and always had time for fun. Thank you for the opportunity to express our sadness.
Posted by Jacqueline Perrotta on 28th January 2015
Mr. Reich was my landlord. He wasn't like others at all I've ever known. His focus was on his tenants well-being, safety and happiness. He gave me a good home when I was truly lost. He was one truly wonderful man with a heart of gold. I will definitely miss him.
Posted by Judy Pomerantz-Nesenoff on 28th January 2015
Jules was my first love. We were engaged for 1year and had a blast. Just to young to continue our relationship. He was amazing, caring, loving, a great listener and a friend and helper to all. I visited him in Ft. Dix, he looked so great in his uniform. He had the most awesome family, his brother Stanley, Yashi (Lenny). Jules name fit him perfectly, he was a Jewel, one of a kind. Barbara, Bernie and I will always be here for you. Feel free to call anytime and keep in touch. We loved being with Jules and Barbara and now can add in their amazing kids and Rebecca you are a gem. Love and hugs to you all. Judy
Posted by Burton Metsch on 28th January 2015
This tribute was added by Burton and Barbara Metsch on Jan. 28 2015 My wife and I knew Jules from Barnes Ave. We moved to Florida and lost contact. When Jules and His wife moved to Boca we renewed our friendship. We are sorry that we lost contact but are thankful that we renewed our friendship after many years. Our biggest regret is that we could not share many more years of his GREAT friendship. We lost a great friend and will miss Him very much
Posted by Lee & Art Salman on 27th January 2015
We were so sorry and shocked to hear of Jules' passing. My husband Art (Ronny) Salman also grew up on Barnes Avenue and, yes, played stickball with Jules. Unfortunately they both went their separate ways upon leaving "Da Bronx", and only connected in recent years. Jules and Barbara were so hospitable and thoughtful and we'll always remember our visits, both in Florida, and Torrington, CT. In particular, will never forget Jules showing us his baseball memorabilia, and, how proud he was of the impressive mementos. He will be missed by all and always remembered for his outgoing and strong personality. Our love & condolences to Barbara and Family.
Posted by Annette Morris on 27th January 2015
My husband stuart would come home from the Pelham Parkway lunch Stu always sat next to JULES, he spoke very highly of JULES . JULES came to stu's memorial, he spoke of stu and the old days. JULES was very compassionate and very generous to speak at STUART's memorial. JULES and STU can continue their conversations together. When I spoke to JULES he was so caring, and always listened to what you had to say. JULES will be missed.
Posted by Rebecca Reich on 27th January 2015
Jules always included me with his loving generosity. He gave me such great advice, no matter whether it was personal or business. I will dearly miss him as a friend and family member. - Lillian Katzin
Posted by Rebecca Reich on 26th January 2015
We all know that my Grandpa was a great man, but he was a lot more than just that. He was intelligent, funny, compassionate, and determined. He found a way to love everyone he knew. He loved being born and raised in the Bronx. As he loved to remind everyone, he was the "stickball champion from Barnes Avenue in the Bronx". He got lucky, married the love of his life, and was fortunate enough to spend over fifty years in the most loving relationship. Grandpa's two children and four grandchildren loved and will always love him beyond. Grandpa had an undeniable spark. He marched to the beat of his own drum. He created his own lyrics to his own song. He played by his own rules, and unfortunately his game ended too early. Grandpa, I want you to know that there will never be a good bye. You will live on in me, and in all of us forever because that's who you were, larger than life. You filled my life with integrity, honesty, adoration, and an immense unconditional love. You spoiled me like no other, but you also provided me with so much inspiration. It was obvious to anyone around the two of us, how truly close we were. I'm not sure I'll ever find a better back scratcher, shopping partner, walking partner, or role model. Luckily, I don't have to because I know that you're with matter what. Your presence lit up any room wherever you went. I loved that about you. Your smile was contagious and your laugh even more so. When you had something to say, I absorbed it and treasured it. Even though I didn't always ask for advice, you gave it, and I'll forever hold onto every word you said. You were my sun, moon, and stars. You were my knight in shining armor. You were the reason my world went round. Whether you were singing zippity doo da when I was two, teaching me the art of a shopping spree when I was 8, teaching me the tricks or the real estate trade when I was 10, or steering me through life as I got older, we've made a lifetime of memories- and I thank you. The last time I was with you before the end, you told me to promise you that I'd be the best person I could possibly be. Grandpa, until the day I pass, I will strive to be the best person possible...for you. Thank you for 15 unforgettable years. You've molded me into the person I am today. You have had an impact on everyone, especially me. As Neil Diamond sang, "the truth always stays the same. And the good things, they'll never change, like saying I love you." I love you, shmendrik. I love you megilocudi. I love you everyday Grandpa, and now I will miss you everyday. Please keep dancing, singing, laughing, and smiling up there buddy...I know you'll be looking down on me.

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