Julia Grace Tarter
  • 20 years old
  • Date of birth: May 24, 1993
  • Date of passing: Aug 10, 2013
Let the memory of Julia be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Julia Tarter, 20, born on May 24, 1993 and passed away on August 10, 2013. We will remember her forever.

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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Madison Gascon on 5th August 2016

"I met Julia at Passion 2012. She was in my family group and I truly enjoyed every time we met together. She was so encouraging and loving. She was always smiling and laughing. She would take the initiative to pray when someone really needed it. She challenged me to be more joyful! I am thankful for meeting her and having those memories.  

She is missed deeply and my Julia angel ornament is hanging in my car in remembrance of her."

This tribute was added by Amanda McGraw on 28th January 2015

"Today I hung Julia's angel ornament on the rear view mirror in my car. And it's moments like that that really make me realize that it's the little things in life. Wrapped around the ornament are the words of Julia's infamous & powerful last journal entry. And wow was she far beyond her years. Now I am never alone in a car jam session. It's amazing how Julia can add a little bit of joy to something like rush hour traffic. Love you J Tart."

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Emily Stump

June 20, 2014. I've kept today in the back of mind since last August when I was given this day to celebrate the beautiful Julia Tarter. The last ten months I've been trying to come up with something great to do today. Giant roller rink party? Volunteering? Skydiving? I had every idea in mind (some crazier than others). So earlier this week when I realized my Julia day was coming up, I found myself incredibly frustrated and disappointed to learn that I would be spending the whole day in the car, headed out of town. Why did I end up with the one day that I couldn't do anything to recognize her life? I'll admit that I spent the last day or so pouting about my luck. What are the odds; today of all days? Finally, I realized what it was all about. I finally figured Julia out. She never needed an occasion to choose joy. You could give her the most boring of all boring days and she would make it crazy, fun, and memorable for anyone and everyone she came in contact with. That's what made her so remarkable. That's how she managed to pack so much life into twenty years. I"ll admit that only knew her for a few short years in high school, but it doesn't take long to realize that she's one of a kind. Even though she's no longer with us here on Earth, she still taught me something incredible today. You have to choose joy: every single day. You're only as happy as you allow yourself to be and if you wait for the big moments, you're going to miss all of the small ones that make your life incredible. So today, this ordinary day, I choose joy. I choose love. I choose laughter and dancing and friends and family and those tiny moments you look back on and smile about years later. Love today and live like Julia. #CelebrateJulia"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"Kymber Stephenson-July 5, 2014 tribute

I can't imagine a more beautiful day to celebrate the life of this beautiful girl. I whipped up some mini angel food cakes topped with none other than Julia's favorite, Nutella. I'm honored to spend the day remembering her with sweet friends and sweet treats. "Go and celebrate with a feast of rich foods and sweet drinks, and share gifts of food with people who have nothing prepared. This is a sacred day before our Lord. Don't be dejected and sad, for the JOY of the LORD is your strength!" Nehemiah 8:10"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"Spent the morning with one of Julia's favorite people ever, Stephanie McClure. I know this because Julia would talk about her all the time to me--how wonderful she is; how inspiring she is. Much like Jules.
Dear, sweet Julia--thanks for being such a powerful reminder of the importance in treasuring people we love and telling them often. Your effusive joy is all around me today as the things of earth grow strangely dim. I remember you and celebrate you today, knowing you would want most of all that I turn my face to the Light. I know you can be found there. I miss you and I love you! Julia Tarter"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Erick  
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2014 9:13 PM
Subject: See You Later song

See You Later- Rebecca Esparza, Erick Esparza, John Waller

Verse 1:

This is not goodbye

This is not forever

I know that one day

We will be together

This is not farewell

I’ll wait for whenever

I can see my friend

I’ll be with you again

But ‘til then, this is…


See you later

Looks like you beat me there

Now your dancing with our Savior

This is not goodbye

Only see you later

Verse 2:

Cant wait to hear you laugh

That smile is contagious

Bet your singing now

Louder than the angels

There’s an overwhelming joy

When I think of you with Jesus

Wish we could be near

But for now I’m needed here

So ‘til then this is….


And in the sweet by and by

We will meet on those beautiful shores

And on the wings of eagles

We will soar, we will soar…

Chorus Ending:

When I see you later

We will all be there

We’ll be dancing with our Savior

There’ll be no goodbyes

And I’ll always see you later"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Danielle Dorris
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 8:18 PM
Subject: June 27th, 2014

June 27.... My day to remember Julia. The truth is Julia isn't somebody you just remember for one day, she was an unbelievable person and I remember her in most everything I do. I think of Julia when I see the two Greek letters that placed her in my life, I think of her when I see the beautiful campus that we shared but most of all I think of Julia whenever I hear the word JOY. I know we hear this all the time... "Jesus and Joy are a package deal."
But it's true!! And Julia was Joy. I remember the first time she walked into our rush room in 2011 and all of us instantly falling in love with her and fighting the rest of the week to make her fall in love with us. I remember the first social she attended and was the first one on the dance floor encouraging others to let loose and be silly with her. I remember the outstanding amount of lives she touched in her short 2 years at Georgia College with her spirit as well as faith and then I also remember being blown away at the lives she had touched in her 18 years before I knew her at her celebration service. It's selfish of me to want her here with us again because I know she is exactly where she wants to be; with her Jesus!
Julia..... I know you are a guardian angel to a lot of us and I know you are making Heaven a much more beautiful place. Dance a little harder for me today and I hope you know that still to this day you change people's lives.
These balloons are coming to you sweet girl!"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Connor Evans
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 10:08 PM
Subject: Celebrate Julia- Connor Evans

Along with a plate full of homemade cookies, I had also received this sweet card from the beautiful Julia Tarter the first time I met her. She could light up the whole room with just her smile. Little did I know that these small gestures would have such an impact on my life. Today is my lucky day to celebrate Julia. And though this may be the date on my card, there is not a single day that doesn't go by when I don't think about her. I miss you Julia with all my heart, and I can't wait to see you soon."

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Shelby
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2014 12:03 AM
Subject: Post from Facebook

Today would have been Julia's 21st birthday. How I wish I could celebrate with this sweet girl today. We all know you're having a huge celebration up there in Heaven and we all wish we could be there with you! This was one of the last moments I spent with Julia. I cherish this picture and those moments and miss everything about this girl!! I love you Julia and can't wait until I can celebrate with you again one day. You forever hold a piece of my heart and I will always strive to be the kind of friend you were to me."

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Stephen Michael
Sent: Thursday, June 5, 2014 6:13 PM
Subject: Stephen King - (Julia's Birthday)

Happy 21st Julia :^D You never cease to amaze me. You continue to bring friends, families, acquaintances, and strangers together through your everlasting love. As I celebrate your birthday, I am overjoyed to be part of a community that shares your thoughtfulness and grace.

You've given each of us memories to cherish, kind words to lift our spirits, and the courage to face the hardships we may have ahead. Though we mourn your loss, we embrace the joy you've imparted on the world. May we continue to celebrate your life, and find peace in the comfort of your love.

I miss you dearly boo.

Love always,

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Ashlyn Deese
Sent: Thursday, June 5, 2014 11:59 AM
Subject: Birthday

Happy Birthday to the lovely Julia Tarter. I can only imagine how you are celebrating with Jesus today but I know it is the best party there ever was. I will never forget how we became friends during staff training "fishing" in the lake and how you were the only person to date to actually walk an entire half marathon with me. I miss you every day and love you Juj.

Ashlyn Deese"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"Lindsey Boozer > Pray For Julia

Hey y'all. So a little after news hit, I was on Pinterest and found the little saying below on Julia's board. As soon as I saw it I just smiled, because I've never seen or heard of a day when Julia didn't choose to be joyful and praise God. It reminded me so much of her. For real, when have you not seen Julia Tarter smile?

If y'all are anything like me, the news as been hard and I have probably spent this whole week just being sad. It's sad because it happened, because we're not getting the answers we wanted and we don't see God's plan, and because there not much we can do a side from pray.

But today, I decided to do my best to choose joy. Joy because we all had the blessing of knowing Julia and loving her. Joy because The Lord is using her to inspire others even as she lays in a coma. Joy because our God is just plain awesome and He loves all so much that we can hardly believe it. Joy because I think that Julia would want that. I think she would want us to just pray and be happy.

"But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble. You are my strength, I sing praise to you; you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely." (Psalm 59:16, 17 NIV)

So, today I will choose joy. I will choose Joy for Julia."

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: bookwormbabe@gmail.com On Behalf Of Rachel Sauls
Sent: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 10:08 AM
Subject: Dance Video/Picture

Hi, my name is Rachel Sauls and I took dance with Julia at Susan Chambers. I also attended Northview High School with her (I was Class of 2010) and was her Phi Mu sister (I attended Mercer University). I have a picture and video from the recital we did in 2010 with our Hip Hop class. I didn't know if you already had a video from this performance but I wanted you to have it if you didn't.

Here is a link to the video:


I'm the one in orange. I was very touched by Julia and the way she carried herself. She was always smiling, always laughing and she was so much fun to dance with. She started saying hi to me in the hallways at Northview even though I really only knew her outside of school. I loved her kind heart and the way she was able to share the love of Christ just by living. I was thrilled to find out she joined Phi Mu at GCSU and would be one of my sisters.

I am so sorry for what happened to her and I think its great you are carrying on her legacy.

Rachel Sauls"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Savannah Vaughn
Sent: Sunday, June 1, 2014 6:33 PM
Subject: Dear Julia - from Savannah

Today marks the birthday of the precious Julia Tarter and the day I chose to do what she has been doing in heaven for a while now: celebrate! I had the honor of sharing one of the most incredible trips of my life with her in Swaziland. She was a radiant light for Jesus and the life of the party. It warms my heart knowing that was just a tiny bit of what Heaven will be like. I know so many people who love you miss you everyday, but I also know the dance party you're having with Jesus is so much better than any party I could have imagined for you on earth. Love you sweet girl. #celebratejulia

PS: Cold Tangerines is incredible. Highly recommend. Thanks Julia."

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Katherine Lynch
Sent: Sunday, June 1, 2014 3:36 PM
Subject: Celebrate Julia - May 24th

"Memories remembered,
of that moment,

the joy captured,
the embrace savored,
changed forever."
- Julia Tarter

Today brings me so much joy as it's not only my day to celebrate Julia's life, but it's also this beautiful girl's 21st birthday. Knowing you has changed how I view each start of a new day, treat every person I care about, encounter any stranger I cross paths with, and turn every opportunity [big or small] into a passion. The selfless life you led is such an inspiration to myself as well as each and every person you graced with a friendship, a contagious smile matched with unstoppable laughter, a helping hand, or a simple "hello." You, missy, are the sweetest, most beautiful angel ever created.

So today I have a 4 hour road-trip from Chicago to southern Illinois, and I'm going to take this one on Juju-style: a Starbucks frappuccino in the cup holder, all windows down, and a playlist ready to be on repeat full of Ben Rector, Mumford and Sons....and of course, a little Katy Perry. I love lots and miss you every day, Julia. Happy birthday sweet girl. #celebratejulia"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Kathryne Jones
Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2014 7:43 PM
Subject: Celebrate Julia day--May 31, 2014

So thankful for your daughter and the positive light she brought to our chapter of Phi Mu and each person she met. She was truly an incredible person and I'm grateful to have known such a sweet angel! Praying for your family daily! Can't wait to see her again! Much love and blessings,
Katy Jones"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Alexandra Herstik
Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2014 10:31 PM
Subject: A message for Julia

Happy birthday, Jules. Today I truly tried to embody your positivity and light and tried my best to treat everyone I came into contact with with love and respect. I truly had one of the nicest days. I sang some Mumford, made some new friends and spent time with friends and family. I think you'd have really liked it. I love you, miss you, and hope you're smiling up there. Happy birthday

Alexandra Herstik"

This tribute was added by Kurt Tarter on 12th August 2014

"From: Lanie Norton
Sent: Saturday, August 9, 2014 9:00 PM
To: legacy@juliagracetarter.com
Subject: Julia's celebration

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Julia went to dance with Jesus. Even though I only knew Julia for one year through Phi Mu, my life has been changed because of her story.
My favorite memory of Julia is when she was driving Anna McCollum and I back to our dorms my freshman year after a Phi Mu event. I was having a really rough few months and that day was not a good one. In tears, I was telling Julia and Anna all about it. Julia grabbed my hand and told me how loved I was and asked if she could pray for me. We sat in Julia's car in front of my dorm for 10 minutes while Julia and Anna prayed for me. That moment really stood out to me and meant the world to me at a time where I felt like nothing could bring me joy, but Julia did.

Last summer I went to Phi Mu's leadership institution in Indiana and spent the week learning about being a leader, sister, and example. I had to write down one sisters name that I looked up to and that I felt summed up Phi Mu's values. I wrote down Julia. I was so excited to tell Julia all about my experience and get to know her even better.

I never got the chance to tell her about it, but I definitely got to know Julia. Julia's accident pushed me to pray like I never had before, it pushed me back into my faith that I had been straying from. It rocked my world, but in such a good way. I found peace because I personally was changed by her life. After everything happened, Danielle Blount, a new friend that I made during the time Julia was in the hospital, asked me to join her Bible study. I got to know her and a new group of friends that encouraged me and always led me back to Christ. This past May, I made the decision to surrender my life to Christ and get baptized at New City Church in Milledgeville. Without even noticing, I wore my Julia shirt that day. Someone pointed it out to me right before I was baptized. The Lords work was so evident to me at that moment.
Thank you for Julia. I would not be where I am today without her and her story.

Lanie Norton"

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