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Walks with grandma

Shared by Michelle Sanchez-Newby on June 6, 2021
         Something that people always knew about grandma, was that she was always active. As a child, I remember coming home from school and going for walks with grandma. Every day, if it wasn't too wet, we would go for a walk around Dayton. Grandma had a regular circuit figured out, around the home with emu in their yard, the egg house where we got fresh eggs, the inground Koi pool/pond, the old man with lemon heads, the big bridge, and the pasture with cows who we would feed carrots. Grandma was friendly and loved to be outside, these walks were a way we connected to our community and with each other. 
         Another common walk was to the local cemetery. There, we would bring our little red wagon and clean up the graves. Grandma would send us out to collect sticks and then we would bring them home and throw them in the outdoor fireplace we had. We would then roast little smokies, ( a favorite of grandmas) or hot dogs, or whatever. She said we were doing the cemetery a favor because we wanted to keep it clean for the families of those that were there, and it helped us because we could have wood for our campfire. 
        The Sunday before she passed away, we were taking a walk, Kyle pushing her in her wheelchair. A sudden downpour caused Kyle to run her back to the house in the wheelchair. The next day, when talking to her Hospice nurse, she told him she had run all the way home in the rain, "I didn't know these old legs could still run!" Even to the end, she enjoyed being outside going for walks with family, I appreciate that time we had to spend together as a family. 

A new Jacket

Shared by Kyle Newby on June 6, 2021
I don't think I had known Grandma for very long. It was before Michelle and I were married, that is for sure. But I remember visiting grandma and she presented me with a leather jacket. She said that she saw it and thought I could probably use a jacket. I remember being stunned. I didn't know this energetic old lady, and she knew nothing about me beyond the fact that I was engaged to her grandaughter. But here she was, giving me a jacket, because she thought me, a virtual stranger, could use it. This defined Grandma. She always was there when we needed a place to stay or a warm meal. And she purchased more clothes for me than I ever purchased for myself. Grandma spent her time thinking about others, and how she could help. I hope to be able to look outside myself and see how I might lift those I love, whether it is with a smile, a hug, or the occasional new jacket.

Learning together

Shared by Savannah Sanchez on June 6, 2021
There’s a lot of things I remember about Grandma, but I think about things I learned from her growing up. Grandma taught me how to sew as a teenager. I wanted a cape for Halloween for my costume and I went to Grandma. 

Together we went through the patterns and found what I needed. Then we went and bought material and supplies. When we got back I had expected her to pretty much do most of the work because I didn’t really know what I was doing, but Grandma had other plans. 

She showed me where to pin the pattern and then insisted I cut and pin it myself. “You’ll never learn how to do it if I do it for you” she said. Once that part of was done I went to her again, expecting her to sew it since I hadn’t really used a sewing machine before. Once more she showed me the basics, threading the needle, adjusting the foot, and then where to line up the material. 

“Don’t rush” she instructed as I was working. “That’s how you get a needle through your finger.”  If there was one thing Grandma was really good at it was letting you know exactly what you were in for if you didn’t listen. 

Most of the following Halloween’s I would have more things I’d want to make and I would get some instruction and she would put me to work. Eventually I needed less and less help, but she would always be close by just in case. 

Games with Grandma

Shared by William Newby on June 6, 2021
 I remember playing Chinese Checkers with grandma Hammer. She had a board with the pieces that Grandpa Hammer had given us. We had a fun time playing it. She sometimes accidentally used my pieces but it was very fun. 

Another time we played Charades and grandma Hammer had lots of fun. Hannah was having a great time doing things we couldn't guess. I was very glad when she was around so we could spend our time with her. Hannah had told her she couldn't play because she was too old, and grandma said, "whose too old to play charades?" 

And lastly I played Uno with her one time and we did a couple rounds, and I won one and she won one round. We had fun with all these experiences with her. I am glad that now she is with her other family and she can be with them too now. 

grandma and me.

Shared by Simon Newby on June 6, 2021
Grandma was the best grandma I've ever had. she was nice and kind, and she gave me a new hat and an apron for baking. I miss her a lot. that's why I wear the hat she gave whenever I can.                                   from Simon Newby.

Nights with grandma.

Shared by Michelle Sanchez-Newby on June 6, 2021
           My oldest memories of grandma involve laying in bed listening to old-time radio. Grandma had an old black box radio, and she would tune in to an old-time radio station in Utah to listen to classics like The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, and of course, The Saint. Grandma never was a good sleeper (she was always up cleaning or drinking some tea) and as a child, I wasn't either. When the stories were scary I would curl up under the blanket next to grandma sometimes holding my breath. 
           Grandma was good about being patient at night. I wish I was like that. Until I was about 10 when she remarried Grandpa, I would sneak out to sleep with grandma. While this aggravated mom and dad, Grandma never got upset. I even remember one night I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and had had an accident and was crying because I didn't want to get in trouble. Grandma just got out of bed hearing me crying, and cleaned up my mess, and threw me in the tub. Lastly, grandma was a cold sleeper. She loved to sleep with me when I was little because she said I was her little heater. It made me feel important and she wrote me to tell me she had caught a cold right after remarrying Grandpa because she hadn't had her little heater anymore.  

I will never forget the nights we spent awake or asleep together, and now, with my kids, we listen to audiobooks together and I think of those nights we spent together listening to the stories on the old-time radio. 

Great advice to her posterity-

Shared by Michelle Sanchez-Newby on May 25, 2021
Grandma about a month before passing suffered a large stroke. After being hospitalized and coming home I asked her what her great advice for her posterity was and this was her response... 

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