Let the memory of Julia be with us forever
  • 87 years old
  • Born on January 10, 1920 .
  • Passed away on June 8, 2007 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Julia Ruiz 87 years old , born on January 10, 1920 and passed away on June 8, 2007. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sandy Martinez on 12th January 2019
Hi my beautiful mommy, another year has come, I want to wish you a happy birthday in Heaven, I miss you so much. The memories you left with us keep me going at times that I'm weak and can't seem to want to keep going. I know that you are near and praying for me and sending me that strength that I so desperately need. I love you my momma and until we meet again I will continue to give my grandkids all the advise you used to give to me.
Posted by Norma Garcia on 12th January 2019
Happy Birthday Mamita missing you with all my heart and what a wonderful Birthday for you a picture of Benny's little baby boy Noah Ryan I know you & GOD have always kept mejio safe anywhere his at , now his placing Noah in the most caring arms there can ever be yours Mamita . I more then sure you are so happy for Benny and his wife Jennifer they are wonderful parents just like you were the best Mommy and Grandma to me and Benny. RIP
Posted by Benny Gonzalez on 12th January 2019
Happy Birthday Grandma.. we miss you!! 99 years this year , you would of been!! We love you!!
Posted by Norma Garcia on 10th June 2017
It's been 10 yrs since you departed from us, there has not been one day gone by that you are in my thoughts and always in my heart my Mamita. I miss you so much especially when you would hug my face with your soft warm hands or stroke my head with your warm loving hands and I would kiss your chick and tell you I love you mommy and you would tell me yo tanbien mejia. You left us with so many beautiful memories that we cherish everyday and makes my life a little bit easy. Until I see you again my Mamita don't forget about me.
Posted by Norma Garcia on 11th January 2016
Feliz Cumpleanos Mamita, another year gone from my life, but yet my years are getting closer to see you again forever. I hope I was able to give you have a big smile with my visit and your beautiful flowers. It gets harder and harder my life without you but your wonderful memories is what keeps me going and my loving son, we both miss you but yet we know you must be in the most beautiful place there is for a GRAN SEÑORA como uste mi Mamita. Que pase un grand dia con las muchacas y daddy. Love U Mamita
Posted by Norma Garcia on 8th June 2015
Today will be 8 yrs since you closed your eyes and departed so gracefully from us as the lady you always were. Did not need to ask anyone for permission or ask us as to what we thought. So it has been hard to for me mamita to know that every day & yr that goes by I miss you more and more and to know you are not coming back. Should I say u are in a better place mamita but I so much would want you next to me or mejio we both love u and miss u. Algun dia si Dios dera la tendremos en nuestros brazos again. Always in my heart Mi AMOR BONITO
Posted by Sandy Martinez on 8th June 2015
Another year my mommie, I await patiently to see you again but while I wait the memories that I have of you I share with my kids and grandkids and they love hearing about you and what a super mommie I had. Although you are in heaven you will never be forgotten down here, your memory will live on till we are together again, I love you mamita ❤️
Posted by Sandy Martinez on 10th May 2015
Feliz dia de madres mi mommie, le echo tanto memos, se me llenan mis ojos de lagrimas quando me pongo a pensar de uste Por que me desespero estar a su lada algun dia, with the help of our Lord I will be patient till that day cause I know that as of right now my job here isn't done, but until that day mommie save a place for me! I love you so much my dear mommie.
Posted by Norma Garcia on 7th May 2015
Feliz Dia de las Madres mi Mamita, con todo carino le mando un recuerdo de su hija que nunca se olvida de uste cada dia que paso en esta vida con solo hermosas memorias de mi Amorosa Madresita. Con mucho carino y un abrazo para mi MAMITA en este Dia de Las Madres, que paz descanse y un dia los veremos si Dios queire
Posted by Norma Garcia on 2nd January 2015
Another has year gone by and yet feels like you just left us today, we all miss you so much. You left us with such good memories and that is what we have to keep on going till we meet up again that special day. Feliz dia de Navida mamita. que paiz descance mi querida madresita mia
Posted by Norma Garcia on 9th December 2014
Lighting this candle for you Mamita, Christmas is almost here and another year gone just like you. Since you've been gone no Christmas has ever been the same and will never ever be the same without you. So receive this lighted candle from me, so both you and I will always see each other no matter night or day, I remember you never liked to be in the dark and I know where you are it is all lighted up just with the love you had and will always have for Ben, Sandy and myself. Miss you mi Madre con alma y corazon.
Posted by Norma Garcia on 13th June 2014
Another year has gone by my Mamita and it seems like it was only yesterday. You have and will always be in our hearts, a mother like u will never ever exist in this world again, you are and will always be [one of a kind] my Mamita. I miss u so very much Mamita , till I see u again my lovely angel.
Posted by Norma Garcia on 11th May 2014
Feliz Dia del las Madres mi Mamita, sempre seras una madre que nunca los olviademos de uste, sempre en nuestro Corazon y nuesta memorias. Graces como sempre por ver ceido la mas amoraza y querida madre que mi Dios me regalo en mi vida. Una Grand Senora fueste y sempre seras mi madre Julia Ruiz feliz Dia De las Madre una mas vez y algun dia los veremos debulta mi MAMITA. " MI AMOR BONITO"
Posted by Norma Garcia on 15th January 2014
Watch over him mom. I know you always have and always will and his never alone with u by his side
Posted by Norma Garcia on 10th January 2014
Happy Birthday My Dearest Mamita, today is me celebrating your Life with me since the day I was born. And soon I know will be together again to celebrate your birthday, but then I will be there with you again seeing you and you holding my hand and touching my face like you always did. I miss you so dearly, but I know you are in a better place resting till I meet up with you again. Love You Forever with all my HEART.
Posted by Norma Garcia on 10th January 2014
A Thank you to everyone that has remembered her on her Special Day, A wonderful mother, grandmother, or friend "Julia Ruiz" or will remember my mother thru out the day.
Posted by Benny Gonzalez on 10th January 2014
Happy Birthday Grandma!!! I miss you so much, no words could ever describe how much I miss you. You always gave me strength during my sad and difficult times, and you continue to do so, as you watch and take care of all of us!! You are always missed and will never be forgotten.
Posted by Sandy Martinez on 9th January 2014
There isn't a day that goes by that you aren't in my thoughts and wishing you we're still here with us but I know that one day I will see you again, but for now just the thought of knowing your in heaven watching over us makes my day, I love you and miss you so much!
Posted by Norma Garcia on 26th December 2013
Merry Christmas my beloved mamita we miss you so much, especially the holidays there is joy and sadness at the same time, nothing will ever be the same without you. I remember Christmas Eve your homemade tamales, till this day I have not eaten any tamales as good as yours mamita. Benny and I went to visit you and dad, Velvina, Lamar, Tio Leon and Benito
Posted by Norma Garcia on 19th December 2013
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