This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Juliana David 89 years old , born on April 5, 1926 and passed away on May 3, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Michael Larinde on May 3, 2020
Dear Mom,
You are just unforgettable. We remember you every moment. Sleep on till we meet again on resurrection day.
We love you.
Iyabo & Bimbo
Posted by Enitan David on May 3, 2020
May your soul rest in perfect peace, sweet mum.

Love you lots❤️
Posted by Augustina Garba on May 3, 2020
Mama, it seems just like yesterday you were with us. You touched and blessed so many lives. You were a mother to all of us. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord! ❤️
Posted by Christian Akiwowo on April 10, 2019
Mama, It seems unbelievable that you departed from this world in 2015 but we do believe that you are in good company with the Lord. Mama sun re o; ma j'okun; ma j'ekolo; ohun ti won nje l'ajule orun ni ki o maa b'awon je o!
Dr. Christian & Mrs. Funmilayo Akiwowo
Flossmoor, Illinois USA
Posted by Augustina Garba on May 4, 2018
Mama, you will always be remembered for your love for all of us. We miss you! Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord! Amen!
Posted by Michael Larinde on May 3, 2018
Dear Mum,

Happy anniversary of your Home going. We remember you always. A o pade lese odo. We love you and miss so you much. Continue your rest in the Lord.

With love
Iyabo and Bimbo Larinde
Posted by Michael Larinde on April 7, 2018
Dear Mum,

We remember you today as always. Continue to Rest In Peace until we join you at the Lord’s appointed time for us.

With love
Iyabo & Bimbo Larinde
Posted by Christian Akiwowo on April 5, 2018
You left an indelible mark on all of us, your children when you departed this sinful world to be with the Lord. We continue to pray for you and for the Lord to keep you indefinitely in His Bosom in Jesus Mighty Name.. Amen. Love from Yemi & Funmi Akiwowo.
Posted by Michael Larinde on April 6, 2017
Dear Belovd mother,

Happy birthday to a dear mother.. You still live dearly in our memory. It is a pity that you will not be with us physically for the wedding of your "Aluwato to to" in June. We are certain you will be with us in spirit. Sleep on till we meet again..

Iyabo and Bimbo Larinde
Posted by Enitan David on April 5, 2017
Happy Birthday, Grandma.
Wish you all the best of it.
May your soul rest in perfect peace and let perpetual light shine upon you.

Love from,
Olushola David,Abimbola David,Moses Flanders.
Posted by Francis Boyo on April 5, 2017
We love you so much that if we have our ways to wake you up and speak with you so many of us could have done so but we purse to realize that God that loves you the most have taken you from us and this sinful world to be with the saints,because we know that all your life you were so busy taking care of all the families a far of and nearby and at same time you serving God doing God's will to his kingdom.If I have to continuing i would not stop but I would continuing to remember and love you and practices what you made us to know and grow with and how to know and fear God and to do His will.One day we shall meet with you in paradise.Once again I call you as I always call MAMMY. REST IN PERFECT PEACE.Always forever be missed and loved.Dele & Family.
Posted by Chief Bamidele F. Dada on May 13, 2016
We join the Family of Dr & Dr Mrs Bimbo Larinde in Remembrance of a dearly beloved and virtuous Mother.
Mama always had a very warm disposition toward all. When we first met her at the Larinde's in Rome, it was as if she knew us many years before ! With a beautiful smile and godly comment in every conversation, Mama's memory will forever linger on.

We would like to recall her deep love for Iyabo and Bimbo when, on one occasion, she cautioned her daughter not complain about her gentle husband whom she testified to as follows:- "Bimbo o ki nsoro "
Mamma, you are a Mother in Israel; Sleep well in the bossom of our Lord till we meet to part no more.

Dele & Lade DADA.
Posted by Michael Larinde on May 5, 2016
Mama, it is a year since you departed to the beautiful shore. We miss you dearly. As we celebrate the anniversary of your beautiful life, may the good legacies you left behind continue to increase in intensity till we meet in glory. As per Proverbs 10:7 - “The memory of the righteous is blessed” and you memory will continue to be blessed for generations to come in Jesus name. E sun re o.

Bimbo Larinde
Posted by Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Fafiol... on May 5, 2016
We thank God for mama's life on Earth. She lived a long, fruitful and blessed life. We remember her for her prayers and caring nature by asking after our welfare as well as that of our children each time we called Chicago. She is dearly missed and may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.
Posted by Dr. & Mrs. Nick-Taiye Obi... on May 5, 2016
We are privileged to have known mama for many years through Dr. & Mrs Larinde. She was a woman of God who left a rich legacy of success as evidenced by the outstanding family she left behind. We are thankful for her exemplary life and rejoice in the knowledge that she is resting with the angels at the feet of Jesus. We look forward to the reunion.

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Posted by Michael Larinde on May 3, 2020
Dear Mom,
You are just unforgettable. We remember you every moment. Sleep on till we meet again on resurrection day.
We love you.
Iyabo & Bimbo
Posted by Enitan David on May 3, 2020
May your soul rest in perfect peace, sweet mum.

Love you lots❤️
Posted by Augustina Garba on May 3, 2020
Mama, it seems just like yesterday you were with us. You touched and blessed so many lives. You were a mother to all of us. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord! ❤️
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Wonderful Grand Ma J

Shared by Dayo Fagbenro on May 5, 2016

Wow! Wow! Wow! It's just over a year that you relocated to the heavenlies but memories of you are still fresh. You will always be fondly remembered for your kindness.

Great Grand Ma J, thanks be to God for the exemplary life that you lived. Indeed you are a ‘Mother in Israel’.

Long before I met you, I have heard so much and known you by your fruits through my beloved Aunty Iyabo and Uncle Michael Larinde.  I was not disappointed when we eventually met in Rome, Italy. I was supposed to ‘Grand Ma Sit’, but you were actually the one who was ‘babysitting’ me. You outperformed beyond my wildest dream for a Grand Ma of your age. You cooked and took extreme good care of me. I enjoyed the evenings of ‘tutoring’ on American politics and other current affairs issues. Great Grand Ma J, your memory was so sharp and you reminded me of Moses whose strength and eyes were not abated despite the age.

Thanks be to God that you have been made righteous through the blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You will continue to be in my heart always. As it is written, '......the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.' (Psalm 112:6), Great Grand Ma Juliana will be in everlasting remembrance.

I’m sure you’re already enjoying the praise and worship in Heaven before the throne of the Almighty. Well, keep cheering the rest of us still on our journey on. We too will make heaven just like you where we’ll meet to part no more.

May the Holy Spirit continue to comfort and strengthen the family.

You’re Blessed Great Grand Ma J

Dupe & Dayo Fagbenro


Sweet mother - I miss you

Shared by Iyabo Larinde on May 1, 2016

Maami today marks a year since you left us for a well-deserved rest in the bosom of Abraham. None-the-less, your memory lingers on more than ever. You were so beautiful, gracious and loving that your departure has left a vacuum in the family. I will always remember you for so many things, amongst them:

1. Your reassuring smiles, warmth, comforting words, unparalleled compassion for me and anyone fortunate enough to look into your soulful, doe-shaped eyes.

2. Memories of the last days I spent with you in your hospital ward – your last days - characterized by sleepless nights, full of twists and turns, yet laden with unforgettable periods of punctuated humor.

3. Your loving spirits and caring attitude. These were greatly displayed in your hospital ward where you tried to comfort other patients when you yourself were in pain.

4. Care and thoughtfulness about your children and their offspring. My mother will always be remembered for crucial roles played at strategic points of my life and that of my family.

5. Our chats while you were taking your therapy in the nursing home. The two months I spent with you in the hospital, trying to encourage you and make light of your suffering.

6. Your validation of who I am in Christ. You helped me believe in myself. You dared me to dream. You always told me the truth and not necessarily what I would like to hear. I hope you knew how much your opinion meant to me.

You are greatly missed mother and I will always love you. It has been one long year without your close companionship, wise guidance, loving and caring attitude as well as patience to listen to my deep thoughts on all issues.

Maami, thank you for all your sacrifices for us all, you will always linger in my memory.

Your daughter,

Hauwa Iyabo Larinde

More tributes during the festival of live

Shared by Michael Larinde on April 28, 2016

Ali & Bose Garba, Indiana USA

Our Dear Mama,

We will continue to remember you with a fond smile as the mother, grandmother, and friend who shared her laughter, tears, and dreams through the years.

You lived a godly span of years and enjoyed them all. Laughed a lot, cried a little, you have seen a thousand sunsets. From the time you were a nurse in Kano, Nigeria through your later years in Chicago, you brought so much joy to our lives. You were always there when needed. You performed our traditional wedding ceremony in Nigeria, always called and asked about Maria and Asabe with prayers and blessings. The memories of the years have turned over slowly, like the pages of a book.

Mama, we know you are with The Lord, but in our hearts you will always be alive.  Someone wrote these true words. "A person really never dies while there are those on earth who loved that person . . . One is never gone as long as there are those who remember with fondness . . . and as long as memory evokes a wistful smile. All those who have loved, and who have been loved, have earned a piece of immortality."

You have earned it Mama. Continue to rest in the bosom of The Lord, until we all meet to part no more.

Love Always.

Mr. Wale Oladeinde, Chicago USA

Mama as we all call her is a pleasant and sweet person. Soft spoken with tender loving care. her prayers and thoughtfulness. Always welcoming and accommodating. She advocates no alcoholic drinking but with understanding, she allowed people being entertained.

Genuine love for all. We shall miss Mama greatly.

Sure    Sure   Sure   Mama 'J'

Olubunmi Dan-Ekhator, Editor/Co-CEO, AFRO Life Pan African Magazine Rome; Italy.

Testimony about Mama Juliana Olufunmilayo David' life

The news of mama's death came like a bolt out of the blue because we were all hopeful that mama had pull through and the worse was over. Myself and family had joined with family and well wishers around the world in prayers for a speedy recovery. In spite of the demise, I have no doubt that mama Juliana David had gone to be with the Lord; in fact she is at the bosom of the Lord right now. This assurance is against the backdrop that mama was steadfast in clinging to her Lord who saved her soul. Even at prime, I remember those her days in Rome, in the cold, rain and searing heat of the summer she would join with brethren at our local church (Rome Baptist Church, RBC) to worship. In our prayer group - Agape Group, during some of our all night prayer meetings she would be there. It is also heart warming that mama raised worthy children to the Lord. I can never forget how affable mama was; she would refer to me as her son. On my 50th anniversary thanksgiving on March 29th, 2015, she still called me from her rehabilitation bed to rejoice with me. She was good through and through. I, on behalf of my family, join the family, relatives and well-wishers around the world in celebrating Mama Juliana David for a life well lived. To God be all the glory.

Dan Ekhator, Publisher/CEO, AFRO Life Pan African Magazine, Rome-Italy

Mama, fondly called great Granma by Osayi and Uwa (my children) was a mother to all. She was a charming, committed, and caring woman. She was a pillar in her family; she braved the odds to single-handedly raise outstanding children. She was always willing to help; she would ask whenever we were in the kitchen, "Is there anything I can do for you?" Even though we said no, she would insist. Sometimes we had to practically "drag" her out of the kitchen. She helped with old recipes sometimes. Mama never let her age steadied her down; she was a woman of faith: When she was with us in Rome she would walk a kilometer from where we parked the car to get to church. She never missed a service, even stayed up for night vigils. Mama would admonish me when our children were younger: "Make sure they write the English language well too not just speaking it."  (We live in a non-English speaking country). She never forgot to send the children goodies whenever Aunt Iyabo visited her. She always insisted on sending them things no matter the extra luggage aunt had (laughs).

 Always with a smile. I remember her sonorous voice. Whenever we speak on phone she would ask "Omo mi nko?" (How’s my son?) That's my husband. Then "Awon omo mi nko? (How are my children?).

Mama will surely be missed. We thought we would see you again in Rome but alas your Lord called you home! Rest on Mamma! We love you but He loves you more. Good night ma! Buona notte! Buon nuit! O daro ma! E sunre Mama dada!


Dr. C. Adeyemi & Mrs. G. Olufunmilayo Akiwowo, Chicago USA

Remembering Mrs. Juliana Olufunmilayo David

Mrs. Juliana Olufunmilayo David, fondly called by her children and close family friends as simply Mama “J”, was a kind-hearted, soft-spoken God’s gift to humanity. We had the opportunity to know her over the past 15 plus years and considered her our adopted mother.

Throughout the years Mama “J” was so full of joy of life and was the most truthful mother, grand- mother and great grand-mother. Although she never cared too much for the Chicago area winter weather, nevertheless, she handled all of the adjustment challenges she faced in her new American cultural environment very well during her years in the US.

We are happy to be one of Mama “J’s” adopted couple! A highly respected and patient adult in our community who never address us by our first names, albeit her age status rightfully qualified her to do so; with Mama “J”, it’s  always “baba ibeji” or “mama ibeji”!! She demonstrated agape love and total respect for others she came in contact with, young and old.

We remember how Mama “J” cared so much about the welfare of everyone around her, her sweet smile and constant encouragement for others to “mu suu ru”  (i.e. exercise patience), or “e ma b’inu” (i.e. don’t be angry) whenever she helped others in resolving conflicts in heated or highly charged discussions.

We remember the many good times we had with Mama “J” and her family during Christmas at our home. We will surely miss her absence from this year on.

Mama “J”, we remember and love you but we’re glad you’re in a better place in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Rest in Perfect Peace

Professor Uthman Erogbogbo, Chicago, USA

"Mama J" - Sweet Mother: A true mother that commanded respect, love and admiration of all just for being angelic, loving and caring. She was truly transparent, soft and genuine invoking the image of a loving mother. Always welcoming everyone with such pleasantries that only a true mother can give. Sitting with "Mama J" espoused a genuine feeling of sitting with your own mother. Biologically not mine but miraculously still mine. A very fair and just mother, always asking about your wellbeing and that of family and loved ones individually. " How are you my son? How is my wife? How is my Joy? And so on........... Everyone belonged to Mama and genuinely she asked with such sincerity and love. Yes, Mama was an angel amongst the living and now she has returned to join her peers. She will be sorely missed. Fly high Mama with the Angels, you have earned your wings. We will remember you in our prayers for you deserve the best. May the Almighty accept you into His bosom and grant you a mansion in Paradise. Sleep well Mama. The world has lost a giant.