An Angel in Disguise

Shared by Terry Herring on January 26, 2019

We worked next to Santa Maria Towers, an assisted living facility for the elderly and where J's aunt once lived. J shared a story with me one morning, it was winter time and J was leaving work the previous evening when she came across an elderly woman having a hard time walking in the snow. J asked where she was headed, the elderly woman said she needed to get to the drug store, down the street, to pick up her prescription. J helped the elderly woman into her car and drove her to the drugstore to get her prescription, then she took her back to Santa Maria Towers, made sure she was home safe and sound. Random Acts of Kindness, that was everyday for J! My response to her story, "J, your wings are coming out again!" She was truly an angel in disguise, such an incredible soul!

My Rock

Shared by Susan Gentile on January 26, 2019

Julie the hole in my heart will never heal ....for no one on this earth can ever replace you my beautiful and strong sister in law who was always at my side when life knocked me down. Feeling so lonely for you. You were my Rock and the biological sister I never had. I will miss you til the day the good Lord calls me home and until we meet again in Heaven my heart is heavy and the tears  will continue to flow for I miss you so much and always were my rock my sister my friend..Love you forever in my heart you will be.....I will never forget all the times you came to my rescue when I needed you the were always there for light in my darkest hours. Thank you my Angel on earth and in heaven...

Niagara Falls 500

Shared by Diane Brancato on January 26, 2019

The summer I flew the kids in from Dallas, Julie was still receiving treatments but she felt pretty good! We all decided to take them to Niagara Falls for the day and drove three cars to get us all there PLUS two wheel chairs. Top of the hill, Julie and her mother RACE to the bottom in their chairs! Julie laughed ALL the way down and won the race! We had the best time all together that day and we still laugh when we talk about it! And Julie laughs with us still! Love you,  my beautiful sister!

The hubcap...

Shared by Terry Herring on January 26, 2019

April Fool's Day was one of J's favorite days to play a joke, get a laugh. Well on one April Fool's day, I'm on the way to work on the 190 and i Iose a hubcap off my white Saturn Vue.Mind you this wasn't the first time that hubcap came off?! Of course I shared my story with J and at lunch time I meet Barb in FA for the first time. She begins sharing a "story" about her husband's car being hit by a hubcap, on the 190.I, of course, play stupid and J says T might know something about that?! Well the look on my face I'm certain played right into J's plan, couldn't hear anything but laughter after that?! And you would think the joke was over, yeah no, I get back to my office and on the door is a paper plate wrapped in aluminum foil with a sign that says "missing, if found please see T", April Fool's T, BTW, Barb's Husband's car was never hit by a hubcap :o)

Julie, my beloved sister

Shared by Chuck Brancato on January 26, 2019

she was the sweetest, yet toughest person I've ever known. She was always smiling, even through her toughest battles with that dreaded disease. She will always be in my thoughts. I only wish I could tell her what she means to me and how much I love and miss her. Julie was truly one in a million.

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