Posted by Latarsha Lytle on June 23, 2021
Julie, it's amazing to think of your legacy and all the lives you have impacted with your smile, your grace and your light. It was a pleasure to work on your team at McAfee and to experience your kindness and amazingness first-hand. A strategic leader with a smile and a plan. THANK YOU for your kindness, your smile, and your prowess to do everything with excellence! LOVE you and miss you. Latarsha
Posted by Gena Richards on June 23, 2021
Julie whirled into my world almost 20 years ago. Working as a realtor in Dallas, I answered the office phone one day to find Julie on the other end of the line. We met at our first property at what turned out to be the wackiest house ever built in Highland Park and instantly became friends! We laughed for many years about the giant red lips headboard! A few houses, many dinners and dozens of glasses of wine later, Julie headed out of Dallas to new adventures. I always smile when I think of her—which is often because I think of her everytime I see fabulous shoes! So stylish! So smart! So funny! So deeply committed to her family. I just discovered now that we were both living in Austin only minutes apart. I miss my friend—what a gift it was to have been in her orbit. Love, Gena
Posted by Karen Serges on June 20, 2021
For all who knew Julie we lost our dearest friend. Whenever I was with her she radiated sunshine and happiness and fun in a way that only Julie could do. But just beneath that surface of fun was the most generous, big-hearted, caring person I may have ever met in my life. She made being a friend look effortless – always caring, always checking in, always remembering the important events in our lives. She made every single one of us who were lucky enough to know her feel like her most special friend. She had no favorites. Each one of us was her bestie, BFF, best friend because that was how she saw each of us. That was who she was. And for that I am going to miss the hell out of her. I’ve cried a lot thinking of Julie not being with us anymore. But I keep thinking of her somewhere in the universe tending to all the stars in the sky that may not be as bright and shiny as they once were…and our Julie is working to bring back their luster and shine just the way she did for all of us while we were lucky enough to have her here with us. RIP Julie, you gave us so much and I wish we could have given back to you a fraction of all you gave to us. Big hug and a raised glass of the best damn Napa red I can afford, Karen
Posted by Damian OFarrill on June 19, 2021
Julie, I will always be grateful for the brief time our paths crossed. Your energy, your personality, your friendship. I will keep you in my heart and mind. Inside and out of the daily routine, you were always a beacon of light.

Ya nos veremos cada dia de muertos. Cada noviembre le pedire a la catrina que te traiga de vuelta, que tu espiritu vaya entre Mexico y Estados Unidos. Cuando regreses, bailaremos, cantaremos, y, por que no, te guardare uno que otro tequila para que sientas el amor que te tengo. Let's keep on dancing, forever!
Posted by Ed Lynch on June 19, 2021
Dear Julie,

I don't think I'll ever comprehend you leaving us way to early in this life. I loved our impromptu glasses of wine at Mason with Jamie & Sean, our mutual love of Chip only for us to share the puppy brothers. You always lit up the room, defined elegance and sophistication with absolute humility. You shared your best of everything including your brilliance and always made everything simply feel better. We all miss you and always will.

Love Ed. 
Posted by Taras Kulish on June 18, 2021
Dear words can properly express how much we will miss you! You were one of the persons we always looked forward to seeing every time we went to PV. Always smiling...always generous...and always genuine! Our hearts are broken! Rest in Peace dear friend!!
Taras & Kevin (DTerrace 102)
Posted by Leah Gutknecht on June 18, 2021
Dear JuJuBee,

Never, never did I foresee the day you'd leave us here on earth. I'm so sorry I didn't get the chance to thank you for so many important things. Thank you for being the best high school friend a girl could ask for. Thank you for standing up with me at my wedding and for allowing me to do the same for you. Thank you for the break-ins to Dairy Queen to build hot fudge brownie delights, for the days of gingerbread house building and fondue dinners, for the matching opal necklace and puppy puppet, and for the many hours of feeding ducks together at the river. And speaking of 'down by the river,' thank you for teaching me the art of sideswiping cars. Thank you for my first manicure, teaching me how to wear beanie caps and cowboy hats (you were always destined for Texas), and how to laugh so hard that it hurts. Thank you for the Atlanta trip when Caley was born and for sharing Bruce and Squirrely Shirley with me. Most importantly, thank you for leading me to my faith in God. You made a larger impact on my life than words can describe. Cheers to you, my dear friend. I look forward to seeing you again some day.

Love and Hugs,

Leah Bird
Posted by Jamie Meek on June 17, 2021
I was lucky enough to buy in the same building in San Francisco as Julie in April of 2014. I did not know that one of the bells and whistles that came with my purchase was a once in a lifetime friendship that one could never put a price tag on. I don’t recall the first time we met, I just remember us connecting instantly and from that point on we were forever entwined in each other’s lives. Julie had an ageless spirit that was infectious to anyone lucky enough to cross her path. If you didn’t like Julie there was something seriously wrong with you and I advise you seek professional help ASAP! I think one common thread that anyone who knew Julie would say, was how incredibly fun she was.  It didn’t matter the occasion; it was always a damn good time! She had the fun toys and generously shared them with all whether it was enjoying her rooftop, jacuzzi, her home in Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful pair of shoes and lots and lots of wine! She was also very generous sharing her patchwork group of friends. Julie didn’t care if you were purple, orange or blue, she saw the beauty in so many amazing people. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many extraordinary people through the years. Building friendships was one of Julie’s best qualities and she always made an effort for her friends and family. She was the only person I knew who would travel all the way home from Barcelona, Germany or a dreadful week in Las Vegas and still meet you for dinner that night or brunch the next morning with a fabulous outfit on, maybe some sparkles and that beautiful smile go greet you with “Hi, Sugar!” She showed up when most of us would have cancelled. That was one of the many amazing qualities I admired about Julie. 
Julie and I have spent a lot of time together over the past 7 years. The saying “Friends are the family you keep” really rings true when I think of what Julie meant to me. She was my family. We had an open-door policy day and night and were always there for each other when needed. She loved all of my babies like her own. Anytime I couldn’t find my French bulldog Chip I knew where he went and who he went to see! She would text me pictures of them snuggling on the couch or racing around the rooftop. She even had a special jar of treats fully stocked! He loved Julie so much! Together they were the Mayors of our building! 

There are so many things to love about Julie. I wanted to share a few of my personal favorites:
• I loved her laugh! I can still hear it in my head! She had the greatest giggle.

• Her attitude. She was always positive! She could literally turn your frown upside down in a matter of minutes and have you ready to pee your pants in laughter!

• Her zest for life! There was no way life was going to catch her asleep at the wheel!

• Her love for a good party big or small! The ultimate entertainer and creator of the “Crack Roll” – Salami, cream cheese and pepperoncini rolled and baked to perfection!

As many of you know we co-hosted the most epic Fleet Week Party in all of San Francisco for the past 5 years. It was the HOT ticket for many reasons, one being her amazing rooftop that was perched directly under the Blue Angels Fly zone she generously allowed us to share AND Julie’s famous silent but deadly Jell-O shots. They would get you every time!

• Her smell! I loved the smell of her house and could always tell when she left the building. She gave her perfume to me as a gift and I will always wear it and think of her.

• Her ear. She was an intent listener and put others before herself. You had to really pull it out of her sometimes never wanting to make it about herself!

• Her random just because gifts – She once sent me a “Fuck” button to press whenever the moment called for it!

• Her mentorship – Her professional career was something many that knew her admired. She gave great career advice. She was my biggest cheerleader when making a huge industry move all the way down to helping me with the details of my role play during her own crazy schedule.  She did it willingly and always wanted those around her to succeed.

• Her independence and sense of self -Julie was always undeniably herself and never wavered. She knew who she was and what she stood for. She had an unbreakable spirit!

• Her love for her family, specifically Caley and Trevor: She was so incredibly proud of you! I see so much of your mom in both of you. 

Caley - You have your mom’s strength and grace. You keep it together when everyone else is falling apart and find strength in helping others first.  

Trevor – You can talk to a tissue box much like your mom and you are going to have an amazing professional career following her footsteps.  

You both share your mom’s big open heart and love for your family and friends.

Julie was a magical person and pure light everywhere she went. It is hard to imagine life without her, but I am so deeply grateful to have so many wonderful memories together. I love and miss you dearly

Jules – Love you long time!
Posted by Nate Fiedler on June 17, 2021
When I was preparing to interview at Autodesk I came across a YouTube video of Julie presenting at a Salesforce conference. She was talking about SLAP (speak like a real person). Here was this amazingly powerful and influential leader who was also kind, genuine and clearly someone who could connect with anyone. It made me want to work at Autodesk more than anything. I got the chance to meet her once but I never got the opportunity to share that story. She was an amazing leader and someone I really looked up to.
Posted by Joachim Dekker on June 17, 2021
Despite working in EMEA, I had the pleasure of meeting Julie several times. After having supported her org for GSOL a few years our conversations got more frequent. I always got a lot out of Julie’s recommendations and advice. The highlight of engaging w Julie was the last year when she nominated herself to be my mentor.

Julie was always very positive, outgoing and with a big smile ready to make people feel more comfortable and well around her.
My thoughts go out to her son and daughter- I can’t imagine how you must feel.

RIP my friend, mentor and colleague❤️

Posted by Jane Newcombe on June 17, 2021
To Caley, Trevor and the rest of Julie’s family, there are just no words for me to tell you how sorry we are and how much we will miss Julie. We did not get to see her that often but we had a blast when we were together. Coachella, “Oldchella”, Puerto Vallarta and Palm Springs. Great food, great drinks and always great wine were a given when you were with her. We will remember Julie as a firecracker, with a quick wit and beautiful smile. She was a joy to be around and made the rest of us better for having known her. She loved her kids and family so much and was so proud of all of you.
I hope all your great memories will give you comfort in the time ahead.
Rod and I send peace and love to all of you. ❤️❤️
Posted by Anika Rumery on June 16, 2021
Julie was someone that I always admired & was inspired by. I had the pleasure of meeting her in 2016 during our first Autodesk Women in Leadership event that we hosted in Denver, Colorado just as the new sales hub had opened. Naturally, being an SDR at the company, young and only just having started my career, I was nervous to meet her! Upon meeting her, I was enchanted by how down to earth she was & the way she completely lit up the room. She shared a few tricks with me on how she managed to stay healthy while on the road and also clued me in on where she got her adorable blazer. (She was always dressed super smartly!!) Julie was and is a fantastic role model for many women and her impact within our Autodesk community will never be forgotten.
Posted by Susan Wilson on June 16, 2021
My friendship with Julie began 33 years ago when Joe and I both worked in the CA office in Hollywood, FL with Dan and Julie. And the ride began! The four of us had a blast both in and out of the office. Joe and I moved to Atlanta and the Sokley’s moved there a few months later. I was so excited they were coming I found them their house one neighborhood over and was in the driveway meeting the moving truck. We continued our shenanigans with nights on the town, pool parties and cookouts. When Caley was born we were back up babysitters and were so in love with her we had our son exactly one year later on the same date, March 19. When we moved to Dallas we mourned the distance between us and our dear friends. But, surprise!! They moved to Dallas years later!! And, once again, I was in the driveway when the moving truck pulled up❤️
Posted by Chris Baldwin on June 16, 2021
Also wanted to mention, back in the day, Julie had two of us in CA that were on the major accounts inside sales team (me and Victor Villafane) Julie would invite us out to the SF office to sit on the floor and make our calls to customers - she would tell us, it is way too quiet on the floor, and I want everyone on the Sales Ops team to understand what sales people go thru to try and sell Autodesk products - It was great having a VP of Sales Operations that understood that she was just a fun / interesting person to be around
Posted by Chris Baldwin on June 16, 2021
Remembering a time when my daughter Katie was about 7 or 8 and I was planning on coming in to the 1 Market office and bringing Katie (it was summer time and she thought Autodesk was a cool place to work) Not only was Julie ok with Katie hanging out with me for the day, she was travelling and allowed us to use her office for the day. Katie got to be the "big shot " for the day, and draw cool stuff on the white board and sit at the big bosses desk. Julie was always awesome about encouraging the kids, especially the young girls.
Posted by Mike Walker on June 15, 2021
Live a great story.

In the days following the news of Julie’s passing, I kept noticing an advertisement showing up in my social media feeds for this “lifestyle inspiration” company called “Live a Great Story”. The more I kept seeing it, the more it occurred to me – Julie lived a Great Story! And because of Julie, my life has been a better story. I got to know Julie when we both lived in Dallas. And I’m sure like all of you, when you met Julie, something just clicked. For us, we realized we both graduated from Iowa State University and relished in the idea that two old Cyclones would cross paths 700 or so miles down I-35.

A few years later, she moved to San Francisco. And as luck would have it, I got an opportunity to take a job in Napa shortly after that. That’s where the real fun began! I’m sure most of you know about – or have at least seen photos of the SantaCon festivals in San Francisco where we were all decked out in Santa costumes pub crawling through the City. And Julie’s Fleet Week rooftop parties at her condo were the stuff of legend!

Shortly after my husband Jeff and I returned from one of our trips to Puerto Vallarta – Julie declared, “I’m buying a place there… I absolutely LOVE IT! Now we’ll have to get together down there!” One of our favorite vacations there was Thanksgiving a couple of years ago – which is actually where we got to know Julie’s parents, Bruce and Shirley.

That’s the amazing thing about Julie… how she brought people together and how she made you feel. Her friends felt like family. Her family – even the ones we hadn’t met – felt like friends. She had an amazing ability to share her whole life with all of us around her.

Julie’s last few weeks in California – while we were all cooped up during Covid – she reached out to me and was like, “I know you guys are being safe… but would you mind if I came up to Napa for a visit? I gotta get out of here!” Luckily, we got to do it all again when she stayed with us over the 4th of July weekend. She booked us these AMAZING wineries to visit and we had the absolute best time – and bought (and drank) way too much expensive wine. Because, of course we did… Julie was living a great story and we all got to be along for the ride.

I will miss every day her joy and her enthusiasm for life, friends, and family. I can think of no better way to celebrate the life of Julie than to try to live my own great story.
Posted by Carrie Dawson on June 15, 2021
Caley, Trevor, and Julie's Closest Friends, 

I am so very sorry for the loss of Miss Julie, it's unimaginable that she is no longer with us.  I already regret that we won't be taking that next trip to discuss a growing list of topics that we batted back and forth in text.  Julie was a mentor, an incredible friend who just had this sassiness and a genuine flair for "good trouble" that drew people into her circle. I witnessed how she encouraged others to be the best they could be and that is reflected in her children's success and of those who sought her counsel. During these tough times, know that you are included in my prayers for strength and peace.

Posted by Raffaele Mautone on June 12, 2021
All week Alessandra has wanted to express her love for you Aunt Julie. This morning she wrote a note (attached) and picked the following pictures from 100's which she felt represented what you mean to them. You made a BIG impact on her and her sister in ways I'm sure we will not see for years to come. Thank you for being there from the moment they were born and every day since.
Posted by Hans Unger on June 11, 2021
I met Julie 8 years ago during her first week at Autodesk. I was so nervous meeting her. She was a new VP and I was an interim manager hoping to make a good impression. Our first meeting was a lunch outside on a beautiful day in San Francisco.  I came ready with a list…all business. The list was useless. We spent the next hour talking about our families, personal goals, our kids and pets. She was immediately open and honest. An amazing combination of being incredibly personable and caring mixed with no nonsense feedback.  She was the best boss I’d ever had after one meeting with her. The next 8 years we spoke every week if not most days. It’s not an exaggeration to say she changed my life forever.  She changed the way I think about work, work/life balance, being a parent, and what it means to be a good friend. She changed how I think about myself…she broke me down only to help me rebuild a better version.

As I write this I can only think of all the things she did for me. I hope I gave her even a small percentage in return.

I miss you Julie. Rest assured my orange backpack is in the trash and I will stop wearing hoodies to work.
Posted by joe sexton on June 11, 2021
I've known Julie since 1988 and was always envious of how organized and efficient she was at work. She was passionate, always positive, incredibly bright, motivating, a force to be reckoned with and extremely inspirational.

But she always went to a different level when talking about Caley and Trevor and how proud she was of each of them. We talked about both of them every time we spoke. And I know she is looking down at them with that big Julie smile wanting them to live life to the fullest, helping others, seeing the best in all of the people they meet during their individual life journeys.

Cayley and Trevor,
I know that many people saw your Mom as a role model but I know her favorite role was that of being your Mom. I encourage you both to remember everything she taught you, everything she showed you by example and most of all, how much she loved you both! She will be deeply missed.

Proverbs 31:31 "Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."
Deuteronomy 4:9 "Only be careful, and watch closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them."​
Posted by Jeanette Jones on June 9, 2021
There is so much to be said about Julie and the impact she had in our lives. Julie was a transformational leader and change agent who had great dreams and fulfilled them. She was determined, a visionary spirit, collaborative, goal-oriented, a caring person who loved life and all that it offered. 

It was at work where I first me Julie, 15 years ago, our work relationship grew into a very dear friendship, I will treasure forever.

Julie always found time for others.  She was so very generous and thoughtful, she always showed up or sent “a special little something”. It was a privilege for me to have been a part of Julie’s life and to have gotten to know the one’s she cherished and loved so very much! Julie was one of a kind and will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

Julie, thank you for the friendship and the lasting memories. love you my dear friend!

Posted by Tristan Thomas on June 8, 2021
Julie. My friend, sister and partner in crime. There is absolutely nothing that I can ever say that will define what you meant to me.

I can't imagine all the things that the universe had to move around for our paths to intercept but you felt familiar from the first time we met and our spirits immediately became entangled. We had an incredible and hilarious ride together. Even our smallest moments always felt like a non-stop adventure. I will always be immensely grateful that you chose me as a friend and allowed me to be apart of your beautiful family. The most lavish display of gestures that you have ever gifted me was blessing me with your time because it was so precious, scarce, and wanted by so many people.

Your lasting impression will stay with me for all of my remaining days. Your contribution to my life and this world is beyond anything imaginable. Rest in Power. Love, Davonna Tristan Thomas. ❤️
Posted by Karyn Smith on June 7, 2021
Julie, I will be forever grateful for the gift of knowing you. I’m especially grateful for the deepening of our friendship over the last year, despite the pandemic. Your joy for life and all of its adventures, the optimism that imbued your spirit and infected those around you, your nuttiness, your straightforwardness, the generosity you displayed so regularly…what a wonderful example you set for all of us. I love you, and miss you every day girlfriend. Karyn

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