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Shared by chijioke chuku on June 24, 2021
It is with deep regrets that I learnt of the passing of Chief Mrs Julie Ade-cole. She was one of my bosses early in the Millennium when as a young lawyer, straight out of Law School, I worked as an Aide to the Presidential Liaison Officer (PLO) to the Senate. She was then one of the Senior Special Advisers to the PLO. I remember her as a strict no-nonsense woman but every inch a mother. She would advise us young ones at every opportunity and was always willing to render assistance.
Knowing her daughters Yemisi and Ife, it's very obvious that she was a terrific mother who would be sorely missed. To live in the hearts of those who knew you and loved you is not to die!
Rest in Peace Ma.

Kogi Speaker Mourns Chief (Mrs.) Julie Ade-Cole

Shared by iyefemi ade-cole on June 14, 2021
Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Prince Matthew Kolawole has received with grief and  sadness the devastating news of the demise of one of the finest Kabba (Owe) patriotic amazon, a  Nigeria’s Foremost Politician, Gender Rights  Advocate  and former Special Adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo on National Assembly Matters, Chief (Mrs.) Julie Ade-Cole, Iyalode of Oweland who was called unto glory at the age of 75.

The Speaker described her death as a monumental loss to Kabba Community, Okun nation, Kogi state and the Nation at large and a big blow to humanity, noting that she remains one of the few individuals who can go extra miles for others to be comfortable.

Speaker Kolawole stressed that Mama Julie Ade-Cole is a personality that can give everything she has to please others, noting that her contributions to the overall development of not only Okun nation, Kogi State and Nigeria are laudable and will not be forgotten in haste.

He said her activities distinguished her among her peers. No wonder she was part of Nigeria’s delegation to Beijing China in 1995 for Conference on Gender Equality and one of the co- founders of  National Council for Women’s Societies in Nigeria and an outstanding scholar as a former lecturer in Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin.

The Speaker, on behalf of his family, Kabba/Bunu State Constituency, members of the 7th Assembly,  management and staff of the Kogi State House of Assembly wish to deeply commiserate with the immediate family of Chief (Mrs.) Julie Ade-Cole, the Obaro of Kabba and the people of Okun nation for the demise of our worthy amazon and jewel of inestimable value, prayed that God will grant us the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.

The Speaker prayed for the repose of the soul of the deceased.

Adieu ma. 

Rest well Mummy

Shared by Lara Olugbade Ado-Imoisil... on June 11, 2021
Mummy was a great woman. She was a mother, not only to her children, but to everyone around her. She regarded everyone, age or status not withstanding. I cherish every single moment I had with you ma. 
Thank you for the sisters you gave to me... they all have beautiful souls. In your light,  we see light.
God bless your soul grandma.  We will surely meet at Jesus' feet.
Omolara Ado-Imoisili

My Greatest of the Greatest Mummy, Rest in Love.

Shared by Okey Keruzo on June 9, 2021
You became my Mom when I lost mine. You gave me life and light with every moment I spent with you. Your infectious smile; the vibrance you always expelled; your wise counsel and your positive attitude to life, always inspired me.  You became my mom since the days of Keruzo (I was 18, now 33) and a role model and icon even without trying; You accepted me as your child and made so many sacrifices to ensure I felt loved and happy. You encouraged me through law school and promised you will tie "skentele gele" at my Call to Bar (which you did!, and then also promised to tie a bigger one at my wedding, but I guess I have taken so long on this one). I am the man that I am today, inspired by you, because you invested your life into mine. Thank you for your acceptance; your friendship and your motherly love. A part of me has gone with you but your legacy cannot be extinguished by the effluxion of time. I’ll deeply miss you Mummy. Rest In Peace.

The sight of Honey Reminds of Mummy always!

Shared by Tijani Hakeem on June 9, 2021
Mummy was such a warmth person to anyone who walks through her door. My younger sister Joke first told me about Mummy. I can say I have become a family of the Coles through her. 

I remember the first time I met her in GARKI, Abuja. After we greeted her and sat down she was talking To us like she knew us forever. Then she brought out bottles of her honey that’s she makes. Since that day there’s no time I see a bottle of honey that I don’t think of her. Even the day I was told she’s transited to Glory a thought of her come to me just because I saw a bottle of Honey! 

Dear Mummy, Rest in Eternal Peace of your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! You are in better place ma. 
We Love and Celebrate you.
Hakeem Tijani-Teejay

My Aunty J

Shared by Sembene Oculi on June 9, 2021
When I was young, my aunt will come from some place to visit us, this was 1996-1998 at our home. She would gist politics and the general happenings of life in an exciting way with my parents. I was always HAPPY, but the part I waited for was outside by the car. When she got there, she would start another conversation or continue one from the hous which would last for another hour at least. It was always fun to watch, listen and learn.

When I had an accident, my aunt, stayed with my mum while I was in a come, she prayed that when I got up, she would dance for me anytime she saw me, this she did diligently until a few years back, singing, 'MY SENDIBEN, MY SENDIBEN'. So I started to dance for her every time I saw her, even in her frail state, she still wanted to dance and keep her promise to God.

That was my Aunty J, faithful to her word, Faithful to her God. As you have joined the saints triumphant, may the Lord Grant unto us comfort and peace.

My Aunty J, My Aunty J, My Aunty J

The Iyalode Oweland Never Had is Gone, Chief (Mrs.) Julie Ade-Cole. Oweland has lost her pearl, an a

Shared by Hassan Tai Ejibunu on June 8, 2021
The Iyalode Oweland Never Had is Gone, Chief (Mrs.) Julie Ade-Cole.
Oweland has lost her pearl, an amazon and jewel of inestimable value to the cold hand of death, but Oweland's loss, is heaven's gain.
Mummy Ade-Cole as we used to call her was a woman gifted by God to Oweland in particular and humanity in general. She was to Oweland what Queen Amina was to Zauzau, what Idia was to Benin Kingdom, what Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti was to Egbaland and Nigeria, and what Gambo Sawaba was to the talakawas in the old Northern Region.
Mummy Ade-Cole was a lover of Oweland who gave all what she had to serve Oweland and her people. Many of us were beneficiaries of her goodness and open mindedness. At her prime age, mummy Ade-Cole never believed that no obstacle was insurmountable. If you approached her for assistance to talk to somebody occupying a position on your behalf, she would follow you personally to the person's office to broach the issue of concern to you, and ensured a positive outcome.
Her home at Adewole Estate in Ilorin was made accessible to us detainees, detained at Adewole Police Station as a result of the Kabba crisis of 1987, to freshen and were also daily fed from her home. Her love for Oweland and her people cannot be measured or quantified by any standard.
She was a politician of note who served Nigeria as Presidential Liaison Officer to the Senate during the Presidency of Obasanjo. She  was prior to that one of Nigeria's delegates to the Beijing 1995 Women Conference in China.
Mummy, as you have gone home to rest with the Lord, I have no doubt that you will be triumphantly received by His Angels. Rest on, dear Mummy Ade-Cole. May God grant daddy, your beloved husband, the children and all of us the fortitude to bear the huge loss. Amen
Odouro, Iyemi mayon!

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