Posted by New Testament Fellowship on July 22, 2021
Tribute to Chief Mrs Julie Ade-Cole
(Mummy Ade-Cole)

Mummy Ade-Cole was a beacon of wisdom and love. She would often draw us close to her and share such humorous and honest stories of her walk with God and men; counseling us all as her children, according to the gentle wisdom God had blessed her with through years of faithful devotion to God in Christ, the Church, her family and her career. She was ever hospitable, gracious and graceful; nurturing everyone of us, as she met us. We will never forget her sweet voice speaking gently and singing thanksgiving to God.

We are ever grateful for the grace and discipline she instilled in our teacher - Tolu Ade-Cole, she was a loving mother and a true friend to him. Her influence upon his life and ministry is undeniable and has become an incredible blessing to all who share with him in fellowship and ministry.

Mummy Ade-Cole is irreplaceable, yet Jesus Christ is full of grace and comfort to all who look upon Him, so we pray that Christ fill the hearts of all her loved ones, who grieve her departure to glory with the hope of the resurrection, comfort through this pain, peace in knowing God’s love and faithful patience till our reunion with Mummy in the Lord’s presence. Amen!

Posted by Oluyemisi Daini on July 19, 2021
Grandma is such a nice Grandma who is always kind,caring,helpful and beautiful.When I was born and about one year old,she started calling me a special name and that name is beauty queen.
The only thing I can think of is my Grandma. She will always be my favourite Grandma and She is the best.
May her soul rest in peace.

Oluwasorefunmi Daini (BEAUTY QUEEN).
Posted by titi adams on July 13, 2021
My Aunty Julie, you will be greatly missed. Till we meet again.
Posted by Yene Keap on July 12, 2021
Ma'am JulieColesss, as I called her, wasn't a regular patient. She was the créme de la crème, the elegant old lady with poise, the dame who would regale my colleagues and myself with stories of her years in service.
Over time she became more than a patient.
She became my friend, my tease, my favourite connoisseur of the finer principles of American politics versus The Nigerian Government, astute analyst of the British Royal family. She drew me with her affection, and made sure I understood I was loved deeply.

Ma'am Colesss never missed an opportunity to show her gratitude for the smallest acts of kindness. From her I've learnt to give freely, frequently; to say 'thank you' in more ways than one, to hold a family unit together by appreciating each person's individual uniqueness. She raised excellent people with beautiful souls, and I am exceedingly grateful to God for the time I got to spend with her,as a doctor she could call 'friend.'

God bless you ma'am.

Posted by Temitope Adebiyi on July 6, 2021
Tribute to Olufunmilayo Julie Ade-Cole: My friend and my sister.

It has been 61 years of friendship for us!
We lived, we loved, we talked and we cared for each other like sisters.
We held each others hands, had each others back and held each other dear to our hearts.
What more can I say?! You were a precious friend; a loving sister, a confidant and a precious jewel! It was a privilege to walk with you while it lasted.

Sleep on my dear friend and sister! Now you rest from all your labours. Adieu Julie (Olukunmi)! I love you still.

Moji Adediran: your childhood friend
Posted by Temitope Adebiyi on July 6, 2021
Tribute to Mrs Julie Ade-Cole (Second Mummy)
We have known you for as long as we have known our mother; and we called you second mummy: that was indeed who you were!❤️
You stood by our mum at every important point in our lives; celebrating milestones and stepping into her shoes whenever you could.

You will be missed by all of us but we rest, assured that you rest with your maker.
Sleep on second mummy; you live on in our hearts.

_From Bukola, Nike, Bola and Tope (Moji Adediran's daughters)._
Posted by Kayode Felix on July 3, 2021
With sincere gratitude and appreciation to God, that has called our beloved mother to His kingdom in fulfilment of task on earth! Though i did not have the opportunity to meet you before your departure, but your good did tells how fulfilled you were. May the almighty God grant you eternal rest at bossom of our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!
Posted by Funmi Cole on July 2, 2021
Happy birthday mom.

I love you.

Posted by kenneth onugha on June 29, 2021
Dear Mama and Sister in Christ,
We were shocked to learn of your passing on to eternal glory. What cannot be cured must be endured. Life and death are not in man’s hands. We know how loving and dear you were to many while you lived. We pray that the Almighty God will help the loved ones you left behind to maintain calmness and resign themselves to God’s will. May God bring your family solace and the strength to bear this shock.

Yours sincerely,
(For Christ Morning Star Society, Church of The Holy Trinity (Anglican Communion), FHAE-Lugbe, Abuja.)

President (Adesanya, S. Temidayo) Secretary (Onugha Kenneth)
Posted by Iyiola Alafiatayo on June 24, 2021
Our dearest Big Mummy will be truely missed. When we first met she gave me the warmest smile and welcomed me into the family. I will forever miss her laugh and stories. She was the epitome of a matriach, always lead by example and gave us all aspirations to achieve. I know she's resting in peace and will forever watch over and guide us.

Posted by Lloyd Baiyegunhi on June 24, 2021

Now we know that we know nothing, now that our bright and shining Mummy Chief (Mrs.) Julie Funmi Ade-Cole can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind. Without notice, our dear mummy has escaped our doting embrace. In the instant that mummy is gone, we know nothing. No clocks can tell time. No oceans can rush our tides with the abrupt absence of our treasure.

Mummy Chief (Mrs.) Julie Funmi Ade-Cole was a precious gift from God! She possessed so much beauty, grace, love and kindness. She was generous, sweet, caring, honest, stylish, brave, strong, bubbly, energetic, resilient, thoughtful, hopeful and selfless. She warmed many hearts in so many ways, her strength and smile even in the murky days made us realise she was an angel among mortals.

Gone from us is that smiling face, the cheerful pleasant ways; the heart that won so many friends, sons and daughters. A life made beautiful by kindly deeds, a helping hand for others' needs.

May your loving and kind soul rest in peace Chief (Mrs.) Julie Funmi Ade-Cole!

Professor Lloyd Baiyegunhi
South Africa
Posted by Ade-cole Demilade on June 23, 2021
*Tribute to Chief Mrs* *Ade-Cole*

Chief Mrs Ade-Cole was one of the most caring and compassionate women I ever knew. Her conviviality is admirable and her smile so infectious. She was a philanthropist and was ready to offer a helping hand to anyone she could assist. Her honey distribution was more of charity than of business as I can recall how many times she gave honey to people as gifts without asking for a fee.

Her demise is a rude shock to many of us who knew her. I recall how she accompanied me to Okene for my brother-in-law’s wedding and hosted some of the guests in Kabba 15years ago. She also accompanied me to owerri to see my parents. She has left indelible foot prints in the sands of times and we cannot but celebrate the life she lived.May the Holy Spirit the Comforter comfort the entire family and may the Lord grant her eternal Rest.

*Justice Ngozi* *Okaisabor*
Posted by Francis Onaiyekan on June 23, 2021
Oh how I wish (Tribute to Aunty Julie)

Oh how I wish
That you didn't go
Just yet
That we met many more times
To chat over things that matter
Life, Relationship, Honour, Values
and most important
Owe and it's (Hi)story, Our (Hi)story

Oh how I wish
I did not tarry so
Tarry so long
Thinking we had time
To record and to write
for posterity, all you knew that you knew
(Still know though,
On that side of the Great Divide)
The what and the why
Of people and places, date and time
Alas, we delayed

Your body weakened, going
Even as your Spirit strengthened
Your Maker called
and took you into His bosom

Fare you well Aunty Julie
Repository of Owe history
Elocutionist, narrator of our story
In the realm of the Great Spirit
Dwelling for eternity among the Saints
Fare you well Ma.

- Francis Onaiyekan, Lagos.
Posted by Funmi Cole on June 22, 2021
Dear mom

It took me this long to pen down my thoughts because, 1. I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that you were gone, and 2. I thought it’ll be better to live in denial; only for it to hit me like a hurricane, every so often, that you are no longer with us. Haa! The pain is unreal!

Your “princess” misses you so much it hurts to the soul.

Mommy, you were iconic, a legend of sorts, super intelligent, resilient, full of humor (always throwing shade at us), a workaholic, strong, stylish, principled, extremely eloquent with a ‘larger than life’ personality….and best of all, the most amazing human to not just your children and grandchildren, but also everyone who called you ‘family’ and ‘friend’. You always went out of your way to assist anyone who needed help, so much so that I sometimes felt you did more for others than you did us.

The impact of your influence on my siblings and I is a testament to who we are today. We could have held on to you forever!

You taught us so much.
You were our rock, our star! 
You kept us grounded in good morals and humility.
You were a gift from God that we will forever be grateful for.

Mommy! You were a major experience!

Thank you so much for everything you were…..the list is endless!

Moomééé….the great momhieee….as we very fondly called you…May God grant you a peaceful rest.
Posted by Blessing Ajibero on June 21, 2021
I must have been like six or so when big mummy first visited us in Lagos. I remember i had this toy laptop that had a lot of lullabies and rhymes. She told me to go get a pen and a paper and taught me every single song on that laptop. I was honestly shocked she knew them word for word and she always spoke eloquently too. From sharing from her wealth of knowledge to calling me to come and collect her meat ( i guess this is where my nick name, Pokiro mi, came from) , memories like this linger.
Ma, your impact in this world outlives you. Your strength, courage and tenacity is unmatched. Thank you for always showing us love and for being such a great role model. We love and miss you Big Mummy ❤️. Bask in His glory until we meet again to part no more.
Posted by Oluyemisi Daini on June 20, 2021
I received with great shock the news of your demise -- my mentor, role model and heroine.

God used you to make my very first visit to the US a reality, exactly 20 years ago. Through you, I was able to discover some of my potentials.

You were a great woman who loved God and served Him till death. Aunty, you imbibed in me the spirit of doggedness and resilience.

You were a great achiever and a woman with a heart of gold and above all, a true mother to the core!

Adieu Aunty and rest in the bossom of your Creator.

-- Mrs. Agnes Owojaiye
Posted by Kayode Aka on June 19, 2021
A tribute to My Loving Grandma

My Grandmother was a Super Woman! She was a woman who was always smiling and was always full of love, I’m deeply saddened that she is no longer with us but I find solace in the fact that I know she’s in a better place.

I remember there was a point in time when we used to all live together and you always cared for me and my brother, even when we were separated and occasionally visited, you would still treat us with so much love and it was almost like we never left. I will forever miss you and you will always be in my heart, as I’m sure is the same for everyone who has had a chance to have you in their life.

Rest in peace my dear grandmother, and know that no matter what, we will always love and appreciate you.
Posted by Aunt Minnie on June 19, 2021

The love of a grandma is unique. God must have given grandmothers to us to liven up our lives, to make our lives more complete, to make us well rounded and better human beings. She taught me a lot about love and the meaning of family.. She has never been just ‘my grandmother’, but my guardian, my friend and my inspiration.

Still, we can’t believe my lovely Grandma was taken away from us . We will miss our Grandmother, but her spirit and strength, lives on in each of us and in the lives that she touched. She lives on in me and in all those who have been touched by the love, strength, conviction, wisdom, and beauty of her soul.

Love you grandma – You truly were a special, special woman! You may have passed on, but your memories would always live on within us. Thank you for your sacrifices, your care and concern, your love and everything that you have done for me. Wherever you are, I know you are in a much better place. I will be forever grateful and thankful that you are my ‘grandmother’.

Rest in Peace Grandmother...we will never forget you and we will always love you forever
Posted by Rotimi Ajayi on June 16, 2021
Tribute to a Legend
By Prof. Rotimi Ajayi
My first close contact with mummy Ade-Cole was in the mid 1980s as a postgraduate student of the University of Ilorin. Then, I was a regular caller at her Adewole Estate home, which was just a stone throw from the university campus. There I was accorded great privileges due to members of the household. Alaba, mummy’s niece was always on hand with her culinary skills such that a visit to Adewole any day was farewell to hunger for a struggling university student.
I became so close to mummy that on several occasions she would take me in her car visiting her friends or to some of her political meetings within and outside the town. She baptized me early in the murky waters of Nigerian politics when, through her efforts, I was invited for an interview as one of the special aides of a governorship aspirant in Kogi state in the third republic. I remember vividly mummy polishing the application letter I submitted for that position.
Upon the completion of my Masters Degree programme in 1988, again mummy offered me her extensive network aimed at securing me a job in the new Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, specifically the Immigration Service, where her former Anglican Church member in Adewole and top member of the Service had just been transferred. Though both interventions did not materialise as planned, Mum’s tenacity and doggedness was truly on display. The memories of those sacrificial investments of her goodwill shall remain evergreen.
When I assumed duties as a young lecturer at the University of Ilorin, mummy offered the prayers of a true guardian angel. She followed my trajectory through Covenant to Landmark university, wishing always for a day she would see me at the pinnacle of my career. I saw the joy on her face when God elevated me to the professorial chair. Her words on that day: “Rotimi, you can imagine the style of my (gele) when you become a VC.” What a mother.
As a young bachelor boy struggling to have a home, my first set of personal property consisting of a settee and other household equipment were kept in mummy’s garage in Adewole pending when I would rent an apartment. When I eventually decided to become a man, mummy was the Chairlady, as we called them, at the wedding reception.
I remain eternally grateful to this great Amazon, an extraordinary workaholic, “obinrin bi okunrin”, who fared and even better where men dreaded.
I saw in her a strong entrepreneurial spirit, that made her traverse the length and breadth of the country and beyond for her legitimate businesses. For instance, typical Saturday, I had watched mummy personally sow her “aso-ebi” early in the morning for the day’s ceremony. Also, on numerous occasions she had sent to me bottles of natural honey from her stable.
I celebrate this great daughter of the Most High, a mother to the motherless, great benefactor, advocate of the downtrodden and community leader.
My special condolences to Daddy Ade-Cole and the wonderful children mummy left behind- Yemi, Funmi,Tolu, Demilade and Adesola. The favor and preservation of God upon you all.
May God rest her peacefully as the Angels welcome her beautiful soul to paradise.
Sleep well mummy.
Posted by Comfort Baiyeshea on June 15, 2021
Okun Iyemi,
It’s still so hard to think you are no longer here with us! You were such a brilliant and lovely mother. I grew up knowing you as a no-nonsense mama with a heart of gold. Your command of the English language was impeccable. You were so very funny and will always make me laugh anytime I had the opportunity to be with you. You gave me the pet name ‘ponkiran’ and would always tell me how much I look like my big sister who you were so fond of. I sure will miss you dear mummy. Continue to rest in the sweet presence of the lord until we meet on the resurrection morning. Odooro Iyemi.
Posted by Funso Akinlade on June 15, 2021
Mama n'iyen, though we met at the tale end of your sojourn on this side, your ebullient and endearing nature remained palpable.

Weeks after we knew each other, you strated talking about how some children would keep going out if their way to prevent their aged parents from departing this world and gave an instance of the late Jakande and his children. At times, you would ask me if I didn't think your children were doing too much to take care of you and, especially your daughter, doing too much to pay for your physiotherapy. I'd say she was doing her best because they all wanted you around for long. Then, you would keep quiet and nod like in a forced agreement.

I love how after some time, you started replying to my 'Mama n'iyen' greeting with, 'Pele o, omo!'

You were a great woman, evident from many things, including the great children you raised.

May you rest in the Lord's bosom and may God continue to be with your children who all love you and wish they would have you here forever.

Adieu, Mama n'iyen!
Posted by iyefemi ade-cole on June 15, 2021
A Royal gem, akebimora, Olufe gbogbo onion odowuro. Rest in peace Iyemayan,molodu mekas loju Erin ayan .
Posted by iyefemi ade-cole on June 15, 2021

Mummy Ade Cole was one Mummy that is unique among a million.

Though I didn't meet her in St Matthew's Maitama Choir when she was still agile but the indelible mark she left behind speaks for her.

Sweet is the memory of the righteous. The good works she did were enough testimonies.

A loving mother!
A caring mother is gone
A great and cherished Mama Choir she was.
Humble and very exemplary.
Mummy Ade Cole will be greatly missed.
May Her Soul Rest in Peace.
May the Lord bless and comfort the family she left behind Amen and Amen

S. J. Obisesan
Posted by Francis Onaiyekan on June 15, 2021
A Tribute to a Sister

Huum my Julie, when your late elder sister Alice, my bosom Friend and my friend in need, friend in deed, departed this world some decades ago, you came along and stepped almost squarely into the void her departure left in my life!
Now that you too are gone, I am left only with the consolation that your life had been impactful, purposeful and well fulfilled. To God be the glory! No doubt you will be well remembered by different people for the different ways you have impacted on their lives.
We all love you dearly, but the Almighty God, your creator, loves you most.
May the good Lord, whom you tried your best to serve, grant you a merciful judgement. Amen.
I pray fervently that the Almighty God will console and protect the family you left behind to mourn your demise.

Olori Mary Bamigbade
Posted by Babalola Ajibero on June 15, 2021
Hmm! still like a dream to me that I'm not going to see our great big màmá again no time spent with you that is ever enough. Can only take solace in God knows best and the good times we spent together my great hero ìye gbogbo Òwe. Thank you for all what you gave, my Lioness you made me the soldier I am today by your attributes words of wisdom encouragement and advice. Rest on Chief Mrs Julie Adé-Cole igi lẹ́yìn ẹbi gha your legacies will live forever and you will dearly be missed ọjà ọrùn a ghon wo Thank you thank you and thank you rest in the blossom of Lord God.
Posted by Wole Oseya on June 15, 2021
Rest in Peace Mummy, thanks for the care and love, I remembered when I came to the house last December for the carol ,so much fun and laughter, you have ran a good race and left a good mark...Eternal rest granted unto you and may Gods perpetual light shine on You...Amen
Posted by BABATUNDE OLOBA on June 14, 2021
{This is my most difficult tribute to date}

Auntie Julie, my foster mother from my adolescent age; my English teacher, my mentor, grandma Abuja to my twins, Glory and Honour and mummy to my wife.
You were indeed a Godly woman of steel and much more. You were stronger than most men,in Character, in Working hard, in Commerce, in Entrepreneurial ventures, in Politics, in Religion and much more. You were indeed a woman of many parts; you were a consummate manager of men and resources, an educator, a teacher, a business woman of note, a politician of calibre, a celestial singer, a loving mother, a bridge builder, a community mobilizer and leader and much more. You were many different personality to different people that you came across.
Your home was home to all comers from the beginning even in sickness, your children's homes' you had to dwell became home to all that came, just by your virtue. You gave your all; physical, material, financial, knowledge, emotions and much more.
I remember with fond nostalgia, the many trips I made with you to Leyland Industries , Ibadan, KRPC, Kaduna, visits to your foster mother in Emir Ado Baiyero's palace Kano and to many other places too numerous to mention here. Your contacts and goodwill which you readily deployed to whosoever, spread across the length and breath of Nigeria.
Can I ever forget your mobilising resources and your family members to attend to the medical needs of Glory [the one you fondly called 'anjònu mi'] at Sauki Hospital, Wuse Zone 6, Abuja.
You were just invaluable, inestimable, a jewel and an embodiment of true love to humanity and especially to my family, so much that I am frequently referred to as your first son, while Glory and Honour, your grandchildren (sweet memories), despite no filial relationship.
Mummy, You came, you fought hard, you won and left the stage indelibly. You are unforgettable in our hearts with your kind deeds, your sweet sonorous voice, the language(s) diction, the tone, the accent, the demeanor and much more....
Good night ma, rest perpetually in the light of the most High God as you continue in eternal service in heaven.
You are forever cherished and missed! Adieu!!!
Posted by iyefemi ade-cole on June 14, 2021
I have been reminded several times how much of a workaholic I am. Little do people know this trait is one of the many parts of you that will remain with me. I am the woman that I am today, because you raised me to be a strong, courageous and determined girl, trusting that with God with me, I can do and achieve anything. You have raised me and prepared me to be a mother, this training I will forever cherish. I know now my name was not ordinary. I will miss dancing for you and hearing you sing to me.

It has been the honor of my life to be called your daughter.
Posted by Eunice Badaki on June 12, 2021
Mummy as i fondly called you even though you were Antimi as coined in my household. A piece of me is gone, but, you have also left a piece of you with me and every single one of us. I am sad and heart broken. I am grateful for the week long that i spent with you in 2019, now i wished i stayed longer. As a young lady you were the super Model of our time, classy, intelligent, witty, confident, your command of the English language was without measure, carried yourself with grace, a real lady indeed. In your old age you played many parts, you emptied yourself. You came on the stage of life, played your part, danced a graceful dance, you bowed, blew a kiss and exited. I agree with Antimi Bimbo that we secretly called you drama queen behind your back in a sweet way. But, what the world did not know about you was that you would have laughed at the joke even if we had said it to your face. Because, that was just who you were. You became our mother, our big, big sister and friend even to the youngest member of our family. Goodnight Antimi until we meet again on Resurrection morning.
Posted by Grace Ojo on June 11, 2021
You have lived well, loved much and gained the respect of intelligent people and love of children.
We will surely miss you.
Rest in peace, mom.
Posted by alemayo grace on June 11, 2021
She was a woman like no other.
A very strong woman and great disciplinarian.
May her soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by alemayo grace on June 11, 2021
My auntie, my role model, our matriarch, it's not easy to come by with the news of your demise, we love you but Christ loves you better and you've gone to rest with him. Woman of the people, Magaret Thatcher of the family, woman like man we'll miss you greatly. Mother of all continue to rest with your maker. Adieu sweet Mother., till we meet at Jesus feet.
Posted by Ene Gloria on June 10, 2021
Mummy was an epitome of humility, I can still remember the last time i saw mummy with my kids when i went to visit Mrs Daminade. she was so welcoming to my kids and i. When i was about living, she gave my kids some money and i was so surprised. I really appreciated it.I will never forget mummy's loving nature. Mummy will forever remain in our heart. May her gentle soul rest in peace. Ene Gloria michael.
Posted by Benjamin Tanimowo on June 10, 2021
My dearest sister,I woke up to the news of your demise on the 1st of June 2021 Death may have taken you away but can never erase memories we shared.
The relationship that we shared was truly strong. I know you are in a better place,resting with our Lord in heaven.
Rest in perfect peace till we meet some day.
Benjamin Tanimowo( Brother).
Posted by Tony Komolafe on June 10, 2021
Woman of steel!You came saw and you conquered.How can i forget all you did for me in my younger years in kwaratech and beyond?Our loss certainly is heaven's gain.
Rest on till the resurrection morning momo mi.
Posted by Ayekame Elukpo on June 9, 2021
Hmmm..... Hearing about your transition Mummy took me down memory lane to my growing up years in Adewole Estate, Ilorin. I remember your ever calm and soft voice teaching and leading the Choir in St Peters Anglican Church, Adewole, Ilorin which I was privileged to be part of. Thank you ma for adding to my life, for the lives you impacted and touched, you will sorely be missed.

 Thank you for running the 'Race' and finishing strong and handing over the baton to the next generation, your legacy will live on Mummy.

Till we meet at the feet of Jesus, where there will be great rejoicing and no more sorrow, no more pain, adieu Mummy.
Posted by ugoh alexander on June 9, 2021
It is HARD to accept the death of a loved one; especially when you didn't have the chance to say goodbye; that's my pain. But in all we give thanks to God for a life well spent.

I am attracted to persons who are gifted with the ability to converse, this is one special gift you've got; never a dull moment.

The very few moments I spent chatting with you, was not just valuable and rich, it was memorable. More interestingly is how you bonded with my 3yr old son Bryan at that time. How you danced and smiled whenever you saw him. Not just the joy and happiness in his face I saw. I could feel it. Impressive I must say.

Death is indeed not the end. Its the beginning of another life in another dimension. Adios Ma...
Posted by Clara Komolafe on June 9, 2021
Grandma , too bad you left us so soon , I can't forgot the first time , my hubby introduced me to you , you were so happy just like my mother in-law react too .. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace .. Rest on mama... Clara Tony KOMOLAFE.
Posted by Femi Alafiatayo on June 9, 2021
Big Mummy….. I’m lost for words….this still doesn’t feel real. I thank God for your life and for all the times I got to spend with you just talking and debating about finding me a wife and embracing our “blue blood”. I will miss you like crazy you were more than my Aunty as you have been a Mummy to all of us including my own Mum. I thank God you’re resting now and I know you are still watching over the family in your castle in heaven!

Your legacy will be carried on by all of us. You will forever be remembered and loved. Sleep well Mummy.

I love you
Posted by Olayemi Emmanuel on June 9, 2021
Mummy was full of life... Every time I get the chance to see her, I get super excited. Mummy would always ask what I would eat, she’s always looking for ways to make me comfortable. Sometimes she insist I sit close to her. Her love was exceptional. Our conversations are warming and encouraging. I love you mummy and I love how you always stylishly ask me, when I’ll cut my dreads. My only joy is knowing that, you are in a better place at the hands of your “beloved” Jesus. Thank you mummy, I love you so so much. ❤️
Posted by Nuel Sek on June 9, 2021
Mummy, am short of words.....I pray God for eternal rest.
You contributed greatly to humanity. Your love for community development home and abroad was huge.
Thank you for the political gist of my late Father and your late (SDP & NRC leaders)
Thanks for all the wonderful time, even on your sick bed you still take out time to ask after my well being...
May God console the entire family IJN amen.
Miss u mum!
Posted by Yetunde Olobayo on June 9, 2021
Dear mommy'

Thank you for sharing your life and love with us all. We will miss you but we know that you are in a beautiful place. Till we meet again at Jesus' feet, may God's perpetual light shine on you. Oju aturari. Sun re mommy,
Posted by Okey Keruzo on June 9, 2021
You became my Mom when I lost mine. You gave me life and light with every moment I spent with you. Your infectious smile; the vibrance you always expelled; your wise counsel and your positive attitude to life, always inspired me. You became my mom since the days of Keruzo (I was 18, now 33) and a role model and icon even without trying; You accepted me as your child and made so many sacrifices to ensure I felt loved and happy. You encouraged me through law school and promised you will tie "skentele gele" at my Call to Bar (which you did!, and then also promised to tie a bigger one at my wedding, but I guess I have taken so long on this one). I am the man that I am today, inspired by you, because you invested your life into mine. Thank you for your acceptance; your friendship and your motherly love. A part of me has gone with you but your legacy cannot be extinguished by the effluxion of time. I’ll deeply miss you Mummy. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Ibiene Ogolo on June 9, 2021
Mummy as I fondly called you for that was and is always what you will be to me. You made me feel special even on our last visit together.
Mama Suzzie, you took to me on our first meeting and spared nothing to make sure I was happy. When sad you would pray for me. When my dad took ill you were constantly praying for his healing. I know you are jesting and laughing with him right now comparing notes and pointing out to the angels to be on double duty for us your children still here.
I will always love you and keep your love burning in my heart and memory. Till we meet again I will be that woman you were proud of.
Love you loads,
Dr. Ibiene V.A Ogolo
Posted by Ruth Alafiatayo on June 9, 2021
Oh Anti mi, don't know how I'll navigate through this heart break, with fresh tears running each time I've tried to pen down a tribute. I will miss you so dearly as my second mother, sister, friend etc. But I also submit to the will of the Almighty to take you home now. I guess your mansion in heaven is complete and time to go and take your place among the hosts of angels and saints that have gone ahead of you. We hung on to you so tightly as the last of the 3 big sisters, you were good at your craft, tried relentlessly and vehemently to bring us together. You won in the end anti mi. Rest on our own warrior, exemplar and more importantly our big mummy. Sunre o my sweet, brilliant, cheeky sister, you could talk for the whole world and never short of the correct grammar. We secretly called you the drama queen. And I will always love you forever ❤♥. With all my love - Bimbola.
Posted by Deji Aka on June 9, 2021
Thank you Grandma, for always being there when everyone needed you and shining such a bright light everywhere you go and on everything you touch. You can never be forgotten and your legacy shall be lived on for centuries under your family and friends. Sleep well big Mummy. We will always Love you.
Posted by D C Owhoji on June 9, 2021
Mummy Cole we always called you. You were a beaming light to all of us. We missed you while you were away we will miss you more now your with Our Lord. Good night.
Posted by Omonike Bello on June 9, 2021
Mummy Your fond memories will forever live in my heart. You are indeed a mother to all. Your great attributes I see every time in Yemisi, caring, supportive, Kind and God fearing. Continue to rest in the Lord bosom until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Gbenga Ezekiel on June 9, 2021
Adieu Mummy Cole, we thank God for the opportunity to have shared this terrestial with you ma. Your impact will be missed for all that encountered your frank & kindhearted spirit.

Sweet sweet memories of you & your family remains with us all. You were an indeed an exceptional woman, a dugged icon, our choir mistress, a political juggernaut, an enterprising business woman, a loving mother & grandmother, a fighter for what she believes in, a committed daugther of the most high God and a mother to all.

We thank God for your life & also for the lives of your wonderful children, grandchildren, husband & family.

The Lord giveth & taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.
Adieu ma.
Posted by Ojonogecha Musa on June 9, 2021
Chief(Mrs) Julie F. Ade-Cole was(painful to use this past tense) beautiful inside and outside. A very loving, loyal, and dependable friend, she could go the extra mile to be of help to her loved ones. She called me sometime ago about her ill health. I promised to visit her but circumstances beyond my control made this impossible and now this! I am so sad that I was not able to make that visit. Very fond memories of the time we shared together is all I have now. She was very energetic and committed to whatever cause she had set to accomplish. No wonder she has such a rich resùme. I pray that God will console and strengthen the family that she left behind. Be consoled that she has gone to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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