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Juliette E. Lacovaro
  • 91 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 14, 1924
  • Date of passing: Mar 21, 2015
Let the memory of Juliette be with us forever

Thanks to all that were able to help us celebrate Juliette's amazingly rich life on April 25, 2015.  For those who could not join us, we know you were with us in spirit.  Please feel free to add your stories, pictures and tributes.

If you wish to contribute in Juliette's memory, please consider giving to:

- Whitman Walker Clinic: http://www.whitman-walker.org/give/other-ways-to-give/

- Mental Health Association of Montgomery County, 1000 Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville, MD 20851

- Riderwood Village 3110 Gracefield Rd- Silver Spring, MD 20904-1820 MEMO: Scholarship Fund

Charlene & Kristin (Kryss) Lacovaro


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Kryss Lacovaro on 21st March 2016

"Though it's been a year
In our mind, heart and in our soul
Your love is still here"

This tribute was added by Pam Wilkins on 21st March 2016

"One year has passed when God took you lovingly into His arms. Reunited with your loved ones who waited patiently for your arrival means the circle of love and protection has grown for those who are watched over by their family of angels. God Bless you! It was an honor to meet you through your son,Deacon L. and his wife and children."

This tribute was added by Marlene Purkat on 21st March 2016

"Ju;iette, you are still sorely missed. I regret I did not have more time with you to enjoy all that glow you had to offer. What a bright light and love story you are. So happy that during this Easter Week you are basking in the Glory that is the Resurrection."

This tribute was added by Kryss Lacovaro on 18th February 2016

"Happy Birthday Grandma (4 days late but I prayed to you and wished you a happy birthday on your special day).   We continue to remember you! Love you."

This tribute was added by Pam Wilkins on 18th February 2016

"God bless this beautiful lady. A true star lives forever!"

This tribute was added by Jackie Sweeney on 14th February 2016

"Happy Birthday Julie!!! Missing you on this day and every other!!!
Love, Jackie and Colin"

This tribute was added by Charlene Lacovaro on 14th February 2016

"Happy Birthday, Juliette!  We miss you and think of you often, but also know you are with so many that brought you joy in your life.
Hugs, Char"

This tribute was added by Marlene Purkat on 30th September 2015

"I met Juliette while working at Macy's Tysons Galleria. We became more than acquaintances quickly. I was taken with her bright, engaging personality. She came to visit occasionally and then regularly. I recall the day of her 5 year mark with colon cancer. I remember her deep love for her brother George (my beloved father's name). She always had a mother's concern for her sons. But Kristin made her face light up. When George passed I remember being worried about her for the first time. She was so grieved at that loss. How she loved him. I retired in 2004 from Macy's and I thought of her so often. I was unable to connect. I just came across a card from her and decided to try to find her. I came across this site and grieved as if it were family. perhaps the pictures made it especially poignant. I prayed to her for help with my grandchildren, loving them like she did Kristin. I expect to hear from her! Until we meet again dear Juliette, you will serve as my courage and my example of love and light."

This tribute was added by Charlene Lacovaro on 9th May 2015

"Grandma Julie Eulogy By Kryss Lacovaro 4/24/15

As a child my grandma was known as Juliette by her mother and brother.  Grandma and Uncle George were the closest a brother and sister could be.  The love they shared never faltered once.  It was wonderful to hear grandma talk about him, and when he came up from Dallas, to see them together.  One could say my grandmother had 3 great loves: Her family and friends, her cats and Atlantic City.  Grandma and Uncle George spent many weekends together bonding and sharing their love for the slot machines. When Uncle George died, it was devastating loss for grandma.  I would say that it is her deepest wound.
During her work career people began to call my grandmother Julie.  My grandma loved working and was a hard worker.  Always very dedicated to whatever job she held.  She began as a waitress, was a cartographer for most of her life (drawing the first official map of Hawaii), worked all year long after she retired, and was even working at age 86, walking from one end of Tysons Corner to the other (culminating in at least 6 miles a day).  [Story:  lady loses keys, grandma helps her, don’t tell my husband.]

My grandma and her stories! She should have written a book.  Not only were they are crazy, silly and full of adventure, but it was how she would tell them. Everyone, especially her friends, would become so wrapped up in them-it was great.  Grandma had a close, and when I say close I mean close, group of friends-we are talking over 50-60 years of tight friendship.  Not just between the ‘ladies,’ as they were called, but between their children and now, their children’s children.  The love those ‘ladies’ shared and the fortitude of their friendships is a rarity indeed and admirable.  Grandma loved them so much.

When grandma met my grandpa he called her Julie.  Grandma loved to tell the story of how they met.  She thought he was the most handsome, tough looking, Italian man she had ever seen and was immediately smitten.  [Story: left keys, she knew they were his, hid them, he comes back, and she pretends she doesn’t have them.]  The rest is history.
My grandma was known as mom to two amazing boys. She loved them with everything she had.  I know I keep saying it, but my grandma had so much love to give and she gave it to everyone that was important to her.  My dad and Uncle Jerry were only 11 months apart, but grandma dressed them like they were twins. I think she did it until they were 6 or 7.  We have tons of pictures.  Grandma was a very protective mother.  When the boys asked where babies came from, she answered that they came from a banana and a rose.   When daddy and cousin Johny went on their first dates, their mothers (grandma and Tilly) followed them.  They saw both boys pull out cigarettes and were stunned and wanted to run inside but stopped each other.  Grandma was never any less than 100% for her sons.

Growing up I called grandma ‘Grandma Julie’.  Even to her, never just grandma.  As I got older it became just grandma.  Grandma Julie and I had fun. Always.  Dressing up (me-scarves, paint, Halloween), grandma (fur coats, makeup, heels, and dresses).  Grandma Julie loved to take me shopping and have me try on a bunch of clothes (mostly dresses).  She always loved them all, but I didn’t. She would say she was buying them anyway and I would say that I wasn’t going to wear them.  We would eventually compromise on one outfit…but it was always an adventure.  Grandma Julie was full of adventures.

When I would spend weekends with Grandma Julie she spoiled me.  She was always willing to act with me and play the games I wanted.  She let me watch as much TV as I wanted and stay up as late I wanted.  She always cooked my favorite foods for dinner and breakfast and gave me lots of sweets.  Mostly, though, she spoiled me with love.  It was great.  [The only time we had a problem was: band aid story.]
Grandma was not only wonderful to me; she was always welcoming and loving toward my friends.  Many of whom called her grandma.  In fact, grandma would introduce Jackie as her granddaughter at Riderwood.  It was wonderful to see the love and bond grow so much between grandma and Jackie in the last 9 months as Jackie helped care for her.

When grandma entered Riderwood she became known as Juliette.  Back to where she began. And grandma was starting over with new friends at Riderwood.  She would never have felt as comfortable if it had not been for all of friend she made here, who became part of her family.  We thank you all for that.  My mom put it best when she said that grandma going back to being called Juliette was a fresh start for her.

My mom!  Wow.  Grandma grew to really appreciate mom in the last few years.  She would refer to her as a saint.  That she was wonderful and appreciated everything she did for her.  She did. Genuinely! The love that grew between them was amazing to witness.  Grandma truly valued and cherished my mom.  She really did, mom.
Whether you knew her as, Juliette, Julie, mom, “Ma” as my dad would say, or Unruly Julie as many of you called her, my grandma was a wonderful, funny, generous, stubborn, fun, protective, spirited and carefree woman. But most of all when she loved, she loved hard.

As daddy would say, peace be with you grandma."

This tribute was added by Ginny Novak on 23rd April 2015

"I knew Juliette from Intermissions/ Young at Heart which my husband Marty also attended. It seemed everyone (Rita, Rohey, Marty, etc.) loved her kind, gentle, and strong spirit.  Marty and I also liked to chat with her at the Montgomery Station Lobby.
It always impressed me to see the love with which Charlene cared for Julie.  
The pictures here are great... May God bless you with those wonderful memories..."

This tribute was added by Rita Clarke on 22nd April 2015

"Looking through the pictures here made me smile at the beautiful and obviously much-loved Juliette. I only knew her for a very short time, but was honored to get to know such a feisty and strong woman.

Juliette was an integral part of The Young at Heart Club, and she is sorely missed. There are many memories of Juliette that we will all hold dear. For me, it was the many times she recalled the story of how her mom taught her to say (in French) "my mother is a lady from France, that's why I speak French". Loved it!

Well, Juliette, I sincerely hope that you and your mom are having a lovely conversation, whether in French or English. And always remember, my dear friend - the eyes of Texas are upon you!"

This tribute was added by Jackie Sweeney on 21st April 2015

"I first met Julie over 10 years ago. I can't remember what the occasion was, but it was the first of dozens of memories we would share together. Kristin, Charlene and Jimmy had already accepted me as a member of there family and Julie wasn't far behind. I quickly started calling her Grandma Julie or Grandma and it never changed. Julie showered my with love and affection like I was her own granddaughter. I felt so loved and touched by her kindness towards a relative stranger. But after spending just a few holidays together and trips to Atlantic City the two of us became family. Julie and I developed a special bond and shared some incredible memories in the last year of her life. We both needed someone, someone to take care of and be taken care of in return, and we got each of these from each other. We would sing, we would laugh and we would play. Julie never asked for anything in return for all the kindness she bestowed upon me. I can only hope that my love and friendship was enough to last this lifetime and the next.
                                                                           Jaclyn Sweeney xoxo"

This tribute was added by Kim Short on 10th April 2015

May you and yours forever be grateful for your Grandma Julie living a full life and you being a part of it.  Hold on tight to your memories because it will brighten many of your days to come.   My prayers are with you and your family during this time."

This tribute was added by Kryss Lacovaro on 6th April 2015

"Grandma, I wish you eternal peace.  Your faith lead you down many positive paths and gave you the strength to to persevere.  I know how happy you are to be reunited with your friends and family.  I love you."

This tribute was added by Charlene Lacovaro on 2nd April 2015

"Juliette was a survivor in every sense of the word.  She plunged into life with strong conviction and fought to hold on to what she deemed dear to her.  She lost her brother whom she loved most fervently, then she lost her inner circle of friends one by one, and she was then forced to face the loss of both her sons.  Her grief was always great and it took its toll, but her love of life helped her to begin anew each time she walked that difficult path.  Julie, I hope you have found the peace of mind and heart that you so dearly deserve."

This tribute was added by Pam Wilkins on 30th March 2015

"RIP Mrs. Lacovaro. You were a tremendous inspiration to many. You were a light that will never dim. God bless you and your family. It was an honor to meet you."

This tribute was added by Charley Cerutti on 29th March 2015

"We all came to DC in some way.  Julie hitch hiked from Texas as a little girl, taking the lead from her older brother!  We all dream of being able to draw something beautiful and win the scholarship on the matchbook cover, but Julie did...  Eventually becoming a map maker.  What a strong and loving spirit."

This tribute was added by Carol Hylton on 27th March 2015

"Meeting Char, Jim & Kristin in 1981 also introduced me to the family dynamo, Julie. Over the years she has been an example of strength & power through life's challenges. She was blessed by devoted family who dedicated themselves to her and provided ongoing support to her during her declining years. I was honored to be included in celebrating Julie's 90th birthday. May she rest in peace."

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