Let the memory of Julius be with us forever
  • 50 years old
  • Born on March 18, 1965 in Cameroon.
  • Passed away on March 28, 2015 in Bamenda, North-West Province, Cameroon.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Julius Ndikum 50 years old , born on March 18, 1965 and passed away on March 28, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 28th March 2019
Dear brother, can’t hold back my tears today as a lot has transpired in the family this past year, I wish you were here. I miss you so much! We all love you and know you are watching over us. With much love from Awah, sirneh, Shiri , me and My husband, Nick. Continue to Rest In Peace
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 29th March 2018
Dear brother! So hard to think that you are not here . Just so much to share and laugh. Kids are growing very fast and we all really miss you. I have my 3 brothers here now and you are just no where to be seen or heard. I trust you are resting in peace until we see each other again. Love you and you will be forever missed! Vicky
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 29th March 2018
Let your light continue to shine brother Vicky
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 28th March 2017
It is amazing how time flies but it sure does feel like yesterday! Miss you so much. Spent some time with Patrice and he has been in constant communication with me. Very sweet boy! Where are you? You should be here with us but I guess it was your turn to get off the train of life. We have stayed on the journey and waiting until we get to our station to step out. Watch over us dear brother, Grace cannot stop crying, the kids are looking up to heaven .... Let all our tears meet you in form of lovely and warm kisses... Lots of love from Nick, Shiri, Sirneh, Awah and myself You will be forever missed!! Vicky
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 28th March 2017
Like a flower, you were here to shine and make the world a better place, your biology students keep starring in the blank, hoping you may show up but like a flower, you withered away at the sunset . Your job was done and well done, I am sure! Watch over us as we still have time to shine and brighten the world! Vicky
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 28th March 2016
Dear brother, it has been a year and I still cannot make sense of your passing. Let your gentle soul rest in peace. You will be forever missed. Love, Vicky
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 28th March 2016
Let this beautiful rose continue to decorate your heavenly home Love, Vicky
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 28th March 2016
Dear brother, brother-in-law and uncle, Your candle continues to burn as we remember how the cold hands of deatth snatched you out a year ago. Rest in perfect peace Love, Asangwe family
Posted by NEH MADELELEINE on 17th April 2015
It has been nearly three weeks since my Bother-in-Law, Julius passed away, leaving both sides of the family devastated. For the past days I have been trying to ask myself so many questions, particularly why this happened to him? He was a young, happy and healthy person full of life with much energy. Dear Son-in-Law/ Brother-in-Law, Wherever you are, I know you are in a much better place looking down at your wife and children. I know you will lead the way for them into the light. Although you are no longer physically with us, you will forever remain in our hearts and your spirit will always be felt. Thank you for coming into our lives and enriching all of us. You were such an amazing person to my family; we shared and supported each other. What an exit this is! As human beings, I cry and ask God, why? Why take our loved ones from us? But I know it is not for us to know and to question the Almighty One. I know you are by God’s side now and you understand why God needed you, and why God decided your journey and your work on this earth had to end now. I hope you prepare the way for us, until we meet again. You have taken a part of us with you. Things will never be the same around here without you. We will miss you. I am so happy and proud to be your Sister- in Law and Mother-in Law and despite this tragic loss I remain grateful for the years we shared together. I will cherish each and every moment we all shared. If I had one more chance to do it all over again, I would still take you to be my Son-in Law, Brother-in Law. It is hard to say Goodbye, so I prefer to say Night Night Son-in Law, Brother-in Law, Proff, Ju Rest In Perfect Peace Mama Odilia ( Neh)
Posted by Nji Tangwe on 14th April 2015
Julius, quite sad and heartbreaking that you left too soon! As a childhood and boyhood friend, you were a rare breed of a gentleman, always peaceful in your ways and always giving your all to everything that you earned. I was always looking forward to a day when I will come back home for us to sit and recapture past memories but God has decided otherwise. As we mourn your passing, yet grateful for your kind and loving memories, may we be consoled for "...Even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us, by the awful grace of God." (Aeschylus). God's speed, pal. May Jesus' mercy this holy season march you in among the true worthy of his father's kingdom, until we hopefully meet again. Thanks for living for character and not just for reputation. Salute from a childhood comrade.
Posted by Grace Ndikum on 13th April 2015
Bro tears run down my eyes each time I get to this web site seeing ur pic. I know u are with the Lord. Rest in the Lord
Posted by Awah Asangwe on 10th April 2015
As my tears fall since that day but yet I know you are in my heart and everybody else's heart so we pray everyday that you and the Lord are looking opon us
Posted by Clotilde Ngwa on 10th April 2015
To Vicky and the entire Ndikum family,I am so sorry.May your brother's soul rest in perfect peace.May you all be comforted by the hope of eternal life and peace that the risen Lord extends to us all.
Posted by Ndifor Fon on 9th April 2015
I have lost a mentor, a friend and an uncle. Even from thousands of miles away, news of your demise shot through my heart like a burning arrow. Dear uncle as you make your way to the Lord, know that I never will forget the lessons you taught me. I am a better man today in part due to those lessons. In life we do not get to choose our family. You are the uncle others wish they had, Thank God we had you. Today I do not mourn your death, I celebrate your life! I and the rest of the family will do our best to continue the work you started. May your soul rest in peace and may your deeds live forever in our hearts.
Posted by Awah Asangwe on 9th April 2015
Uncle I will miss you forever; it was so much fun with you when we were home for Christmas. We planned to spend more time with you when we come again but ....... I am sad.... Will always love you and your light will keep shining.
Posted by Grace Ndikum on 8th April 2015
Big bro its very difficult for me to believe that you are no more. I know presently that u are sitting at the right side of God. Proff ur family is crying and ur kids where have u gone to. May ur soul rest in the Lord. Bye bye monsieur
Posted by Djibril-Ryan Ndikum on 8th April 2015
Uncle Julius, we last saw each when i was three months old and could not do much. Today, i am six months and very active and i can't tell or believe what my eyes have seen and my ears have heard. I will grow up to miss you forever. R.I.P uncle.
Posted by Grace Ndikum on 8th April 2015
Uncle Julius the last time we saw u was when u came back from the hospital in douala and gave ur hospital books to our mum and we ate roasted fish together. Uncle you will forever remain in our mind. Rest in the Lord Katelyn and kaylan ndifor
Posted by Grace Ndikum on 6th April 2015
My dearest brother i cannot beleive u have left us so soon. i remember our December trip to yaounde, our trip some fews weeks ago to Foumban. brother my eyes are full with tear. remembering our four years in Kumba where i had my ordinary and advanced level. All this is just like a dream to me. Proff i will forever remember you. I know u are presently by the Lords side. Pls say hello to our mum, dad and brother. fare u well
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 31st March 2015
Icould not sleep last night.... I know your flesh is in the cold but hope your soul is resting with our Lord. It is very hard to imagin that our conversations about your work in the hospital at station never came to realization.....
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 31st March 2015
Nothing pushes us to examine our lives more intensely for meaning as the presence of death and dying. Let this flower decorate your heavenly space.
Posted by Vicky Achiri on 29th March 2015
Dear brother, my tears are overflowing writing your name on this site! While still just taking it all in, let all your sieblings' tears be love notes towards the heavens to clean your path.

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