For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's.
Roman 14:8
  • 32 years old
  • Born on April 29, 1982 in Buea, South West Region, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on December 27, 2014 in Buea, South West Region, Cameroon.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Julius Ikome, 32, born on April 29, 1982 and passed away on December 27, 2014. We will remember him forever. Funeral Program is as follows;

Thursday Jan 8th 2015:

8am, Removal of Mortal remains from Buea Regional Hospital and procession to their CAMCIC Residence for viewing.

11am Church Service @ Presbyterian Church Buea Station

And Burial at their CAMCIC Residence

.PLease contact the following individuals if you would like to donate through Julius's Friends

Mr Alvin Agbor Etang on 001 508 250 9201

Maitre George Tanyi on  00237 677 524 874
Mr Ekume Kangsen on   00237 699 125 992

Posted by Charles Ikome on 10th December 2018
RIP brother!
Posted by Shella Ndamukong on 30th April 2017
The good part is all the memories i have of you are all fun memories so is always mixed emotions when i remember you.I will never forget the day you and some other students were called on stage in BHS accused of stealing Sweet Potatoes from the school farm. O! how i laugh every time i think of that. Your desire to unify and make everyone around you happy was a virtue and a memory i will forever hold dearly in my heart.Rest in Peace my brother.Love you always!
Posted by Achale Brown on 18th July 2015
We love you
Posted by Achale Brown on 29th April 2015
Gone too soon boh! Happy Birthday with love from us (Achalle, Adira, Eyole). We love you
Posted by Achale Brown on 14th February 2015
Boh you're gone but I know you're still in my life as an angel of God. I love you and will forever remain grateful to God ,for given you to me as a husband, friend, brother and father of my kids. Love you Julie Works! Please don't forget the love we shared , look over us from heaven. Elinge its hard for me very very hard,,this whole thing is killing me softly. I pray God gives me the strength to raise the kids. I cry cry cry and cry, I feel vulnerable , in secured , fear of the unknown . Life is cruel ...
Posted by Blaze Keng on 28th January 2015
So sad to learn about your passing. May the good lord keep you in his bossom. RIP
Posted by Achale Brown on 25th January 2015
Daddy its Darnell your son. I hope you rest in peace . I am 8 and I miss you so much. Dad I promise I will take good care of mommy and Adira..
Posted by Achale Brown on 23rd January 2015
Elinge Julius Ikome, boh its hard, very very hard. Boh am in Bamako but I cant go to work!! I try to smile and put on a "happy" face for the world, however, I am sad, angry , devastated . Its Friday night and am sitting here with Eyole and Adira,,we all are crying.. asking questions Elinge, ,,what happened to you? we spoke all morning on 27 December and you promised you are coming back to Bamako. we feel sorry for you...your dreams , your plans ..boh we are heart broken..Eyole and Adira loves you so much...
Posted by Achale Brown on 16th January 2015
Boh why? why why why? Elinge its 3.56 am , I cant sleep Julie, boh where are you? Adira is looking for you boh. Eyole is sad, boh,,,Its hard to explain to Adira , that you are gone for ever!!
Posted by Ayuk Takor on 12th January 2015
This grand don go leave person for middle Mungo. Elinge, if tears, if prayers, if hoping and praying and wishing from the depth of the heart could make you stay, you would have. A part of me is heartbroken because you are no longer there, but another part remembers that sometimes God answers our prayers in ways we do not expect. Rest in peace, bro.
Posted by Alvin Alvaro on 8th January 2015
Boh ,Kang sent me a pic ,then I finally realized what we've bn fightx for,from Dec 2012 to Dec 27, 2014 actually overtook us.U fought.I kn U did.U kept telling me, this was not gonna happen. I can't characterize U.Balla said it all n Everyone knows. Being younger than me, but being an example said it all. Education, career-wise," friendship", Being a man, were the main themes.Ill take note on all especially friendship. Ill carry on and stay close with the entire family.I codnt bliv Ill be writing on this.It hurts,It really does.Rest in Peace Elinge.
Posted by Engr Bingham on 8th January 2015
You will for-ever remain green in our hearts!! RIP bro.
Posted by Elvis Ndoko on 8th January 2015
Gone too soon but never forgotten... May God guide & comfort your family & friends as only HE can. Rest In Peace
Posted by Linda S on 8th January 2015
Elinge Julius,wow! I do not know why I took you for someone else until I am going through your pics now. I realize that it was you, I am so sorry you had to leave this world so young. My heart aches at your death, am so sorry. May your soul rest in peace for God always know best why he lets things happen. I pray God gives your wife and children strength to carry on without you. Be their guardian angel now.
Posted by Aseh Clive on 8th January 2015
You had courage and fighting spirit. You told me it shall be well even After the CT scan. You supported it. You did just your best JULIO but who are we??????????? The Lord God has the final say. I hope u are with him. RIP BROS.
Posted by Mojoko Maliva on 7th January 2015
My "Uncle Elinge", Your death brings to mind the brevity of life! Just when we expected you to enjoy the fruit of your hard work, you bow out of the stage! You never lost hope! Ambitious until your last breath! Where, O death is your sting? Where, O death is your victory? (1 Corinthians 15:15) You left without getting to meet your gorgeous grandson! How do I explain to him what happened? Will Eyole and Adira ever understand all of this? A blow to posterity! Our only consolation is that you are now resting at the bosom of our Lord. Adieu Elinge! Farewell!
Posted by Sylvie Mencheng on 7th January 2015
Wow!so finally it's true well to me it all seem like am dreaming.weah!julie I still remember the last time we spoke on the phone and you told me 'mench it's ok God will see me through' .julie even till date I still hear your voice saying'Mench nothing no deh na eye di fear'.Don't know wat to say anymore cos u were such a nice and caring person and I will truly miss u.All I can say is may the good Lord who brought u into this world protect you where ever you are going to aND may ur gentle soul RIP.Adieu
Posted by Ken Dotele on 7th January 2015
May you travel safely to parts unknown, your passing has taken many by surprise but no one can question the will of God. My prayers to the family and friends you left behind for God's guidance and support during this difficult times. RIP Elinge.
Posted by Nkongho Susan on 6th January 2015
Weyyy Julie I can't still believe it is heart breaks for Achalle as I know how u loved each other.seeing you battle through your illness was the hardest thing I have dealt with in life.but your fighting spirit gave me hope that u shall pulled through. Your passing away has touched me personally and I cannot stop crying and thinking about your. But it gives me comfort that you are now pain free and resting in peace.
Posted by Felix Nkongho on 6th January 2015
Tribute to My In-law, friend and brother Elinge Julius Ikome! News of your death on the 27th of December 2014 took me by ambush. The last time I was at home, we both acknowledged that you had gone through the worst phase of your illness. Thus, I was in shock when your Wife; my sister told me that “Uncle Balla Elinge don die”. I came to know you as a brother in-law but my relationship with you grew in leaps and bounds and the friendship and bond became stronger each passing day. It went beyond that of brother in-law and was more of friend and brother. You call me Mr. B or Booh and I also call you Booh. It was a relationship based on genuine friendship and mutual respect for each other. Small wonder that in spite of your illness, whenever you felt better, you will always find time to check on me at home. This even led to a friend asking me that Balla “ why Elinge di ever visit you so eeeh like say ie no va finish pay bride price” And I responded that “nah because nah my “person”. And you were truly ma person. I remember your wife telling me “Elinge nah really your person”. I was always amazed with your vision and your plans and projects for the future. You were a classic example of a visionary and an ambitious young man. Alas! Death the bad reaper cut short all those plans and projects. You were a gentleman per excellence and a very honest young man in an age wherein dishonesty is the order of the day. Booh! You were selfless and always willing and ready to help. Even on your sick bed, you still religiously kept to your principles. Booh, you had a heart of gold. I vividly recall a conversation in my house with you and Bobby less than a month before your sudden departure. Bobby was leaving for Mamfe to see Papa and you said, “abeg take this money gie me Papa”. Bobby was like Julie, “You don di sick all this while and you no di work, try keep that money’ and you responded “Ma try send Papa small thing sef”. How many of us in that your situation would even have thought of that? I knew you were selfless but Booh that was the apogee of self-abnegation. That experience left an indelible mark in my mind. My respect for you increased a million times. Booh! You were great at heart. I will tremendously miss your management skills and constant advise. Thanks to your management skills and your supervision in my absence, we completed the construction of the office. I will forever be indebted to you. You are (Yes I said it) the best husband that a brother could ever wish for her sister and by parity of reasoning the best brother in- law. Papa is still crying as he will miss his favorite son in-law. The entire Nkongho Brown family will miss you and I will MISS MY PERSON. I know how much you love your family and how much support you gave to your family. You can be rest assured that The Nkongho Brown family shall be there to provide the necessary support to the family you are leaving behind in general and in particular to your wife and kids; Eyole and Adi. Rest in Peace my In-law, Adieu my friend and bye! bye! my junior brother. Agbor Balla aka Mr. B
Posted by Aza Chumbow on 6th January 2015
Though gone, you are not forgotten, Julie. For ur memory lives on...
Posted by Matute Rudolf Esombi on 6th January 2015
You all most be joking was what I told ekema Humphrey when he called at 1:00am to give me the news of the falling hero of our age. Although older than me julo always made me comfortable. I remember the day at of Julius kemmers signing his mother called baby and he turned and we laughed at him that pa like u them di call u baby. How we use play game and u said u were the master. Seen u in ur sick bed with a lot of humour and jokes made made us pray that u should stay with us forever and get well soon. 24 Dec i came and u were sleep was that the last time I saw u . Oh Julie Julie works big pa all names. We love u but God loves u mosty brother. Adieu
Posted by Kangsen Ekume on 6th January 2015
Booh! This is one of the most difficult things I've had to do in my entire life, writing a tribute to you. It's beyond belief that you are no more. I'm so proud to have played the role of big brother in your life. You impacted my life in such a special way with the fierce ambitious attitude and vision for life and the future. You were a hard working young man, and always ready to help in whatever way you could when you were needed. Even in your ill state you were willing to put me through project management lessons. You fought tirelessly to achieve your goals which you often did and had a positive attitude even when in tough times of your illness. You told me 2 days before you passed that your spirits were high and you won't harbor any negativity because it's the first step towards death. You held on and fought strong till your last breath and for that I salute you. You were a nice, brutally honest and outspoken person who would tell what you feel to people's faces without blinking. God who brought you to this world has all the answers to our questions. We don't understand death, but we know like your niece Endale says that you are happy in heaven. I will greatly miss you. I promise to be there for Achale, Eyole and Adira whenever they need me. I could write on and on but it's just so heavy the thoughts to bear. God bless your soul. Mbeleke as I fondly called you, you were a good person with a heart of gold, generous to a fault and good company beyond measure. You are free now so Rest in Peace.
Posted by Luke Motanga on 6th January 2015
Grand, it breaks our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone. A part of us went with you the day God decided to take you home. If tears could build a stairway, and heartaches make a lane, we will walk our way to heaven and bring you back again. In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place no one can ever fill. Because someone we love is in heaven, the is a little of heaven in our hearts. Miss u grand u were an inspiration.
Posted by Ewube Brown on 6th January 2015
Julie as we fondly call u may your gentle soul RIP. Boh u know how this Julie name started nah wey boh I go miss u oh. U were not just my in - law but a brother and a friend. When u got married to my lil sis our family became one with so much love and respect for each other. I love u and will always do. As for Adi and Eyole don't worry about them after this school year they moving back to stay with me. U know Bebe can take care of her self. RIP Elinge till we meet again.
Posted by Armelle Epede on 6th January 2015
Wow 2014 will be a year never to forget, first it was Harry and then Maggie and now you. It's like the brightest candles are being put out. The last time I saw you was Dec 2013 at the Kemmer's in limbe with ur wife n kids. Even though u weren't the Woks I always knew bt u were so hopeful that we all believed and now u left. Well I'll share a tear but in my heart u'll remain that friend with a subtle n deep voice that always made me laugh out my lungs. Forever missed Woks.
Posted by OJ Tarh on 6th January 2015
Hi Julius, i still remember our last real conversation in 2011 when you asked me for advise on what to do next with your career. little did i know that you will be leaving us so soon. Your smile and ambition was present for all to see. How many Young people if our age had the courage to marry so early in life? you showed how responsible you were when you took that bold step and stuck with it for the rest of your life. We will miss you bro. please greet all our friends who have gone ahead for me esp Harry. RIP Bro!!!!

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