Friend & Brother

Shared by Cheryl Davis on April 10, 2016

You and Mark met over 5 decades ago and were Friends ever since. I didn't meet you till 1999 but, I had to talk to you so you could help Mark because his car was broke down. So when Mark and I started dating you and your dates would sometimes go with us. We all had such great times together!!! Mark had you stand up for him at our wedding which was so much fun!!! We use to go on so many trips together and had a blast. The only bad things that happened is that you worked so hard all your life and while you were working you got Badly hurt and then you found out you had Cancer!!! You put up a Great fight for so long Jun but, God needed you more in Heaven then here on earth. We miss & love you now and Always and we Will see you again in Heaven when God calls us home!!! God Bless you Jun Dallaire you were Our Best Friend-Brother!!!

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