Uncle Junior
Henry R. Chin, Jr.
  • 75 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 18, 1940
  • Date of passing: Mar 2, 2016

Service of thanksgiving for Junior will be held at:

The Blessed Sacrament Cathedral
Montego Bay
Saturday, 12th March 2016 at 12 noon

Friends and family, we are asking you in lieu of flowers we are asking you to donate to the "WE CARE for Cornwall Regional Hospital".


Cheque can be made out to the above, they can be dropped off at Any Fontana store , please put in an envelope and address to Anne Chang- WE CARE CornWall , Junior Chin .

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Roy Ten Fah on 26th August 2017

"This is an article that Junior did for the Cornwall College newspaper "REDGOLD" when my son Brandon was Editor. Happy reading:


       by  Junior Chin

Before the beginning of the DaCosta Cup competition in 1950, Cornwall College had already written its name in the annals of schoolboy football in Jamaica, having won the Olivier Shield 4 times in over two decades of competing. Before the end of the 1950s, that number was doubled to eight titles. Only in 1956 did the winning DaCosta Cup team not gone on to claim the coveted all-island championship, the Olivier Shield.
In all of Jamaica, Cornwall alone had won one-third of all the 27 trophies on offer between 1950 and 1959, and may have won more had the competition not been abandoned in 1954 due to an outbreak of ‘polio’ in the country. St. Georges College and Munro College are distant runners-up during the ‘fabulous fifties’.

Victories in 1953 and 1955
Our first ‘fifties’ win came in 1953 when we outclassed XLCR to win the Olivier Shield after 12 years in the wilderness. Then, after the 1954 ‘polio’ outbreak, we defended our title, beating St. George’s College 5-3 on goal aggregate.

The Chinese invasion
I was privileged to be a part of three of the five championship teams during the fifties. In what could be described as ‘the Chinese invasion’, I played on the 1956 winning DaCosta Cup team that included 5 members of the starting eleven being boys of Chinese descent. The ‘invasion’ had started in 1953 with Lincoln Hew and Donald Lee and continued in 1955 with captain Lincoln Hew, Rhodes Scholar Vernon Wong and Joe Chow (now deceased).
That 1956 loss to St. George’s was, in itself, a travesty of some sorts, as a spectator’s whistle fooled the entire Cornwall team in believing that an infringement had occurred. Goalkeeper Leroy Levy casually threw back the ball onto the field only to see Tony McKenzie, the son of the St. George’s legendary ‘coach’ Arthur McKenzie, latch onto it and fired the ball into the goal. St. George’s won 1-0 and took the shield as the first match in Montego Bay had been drawn 1-1. The three Chinese to join the others were another Rhodes Scholar, Ernest Hew, George Chung and Junior Chin.

The debacle of 1957
The dark hour of an otherwise glorious ‘fifties’ came in the 1957 DaCosta Cup finals against Munro. With over 50% of the team suffering from the ‘flu’, Cornwall’s coach “Prince” McClean had a wonderful opportunity to ‘buy’ rest time for the half-sick team when rain caused referee Johnny Wongsam to arrive late for the game. Instead, when presented with the option, he foolishly agreed to play the match and proceeded to lose it in the darkness of the evening.

Cornwall win again in 1958
Most of us reflected in uncertain terms when we received a new coach in Trinidad-born, Osmond Downer. We were glad to lose ‘old man’ McClean, but understood that Downer was never an accomplished footballer himself. However, he was to prove himself a master tactician at the game.
The match against Rusea’s was a personal triumph for me. We beat Rusea’s 8-1 and had I gotten the other three goals that went into the net off my boots, the score-line would have been 11-1. The lone Rusea’s goal was a beauty as whether by fluke or magic, the ball went from the boots of three players into the net without touching the ground !
Our next game against Yorkcastle was never played as Yorkcastle withdrew from competition from fear of facing us, or so we thought. We duly won our zone and qualified to play the arch-rival Munro in the finals.

The first game against Munro ended 1-1 in Montego Bay.
As many persons widely expected a tough return match at Malvern from the home team, we were cautious not to make things worse by drinking the tank water from our hosts. ‘Goosie’ Melbourne could not contain his enthusiasm for food and drink and paid the price in the toilet. He was therefore to face the destiny of being the only CC footballer to be a “reserve” in all his three years on the team.
Things took a turn for the worse when goalkeeper Carlton Seaton collided with Munro’s Fisher and broke his collar-bone. The accident required outside left Donnie Allen to have to don the goalkeeper’s gears; but with 10 men and yours truly being given the task of playing from half line and into Allen’s forward line position, Cornwall proceeded to do ‘the improbable’ by beating Munro. We did so in style to the tune of 5 goals to nil, with goals from Davidson, Manderson, Washington Chin and Bernard (2). It was a euphoric trip back over the hills of Malvern to the dormitory, at times carried on the shoulders of my red and gold clad supporters. The famous cricket commentator, Roy Lawrence, an old boy of Munro became so sick that he was unable to take to the airwaves that night.

The Olivier Shield matchup with KC was given a big ‘hype’ as a good Samaritan arranged to fly KC into Montego Bay on B.O.A.C. aero-plane and to return the favor to Cornwall into Kingston for the return leg. Cornwall decided against taking up the offer; instead the team travelled in its usual colourful motor-car convoy.
Cornwall won the first leg 2-1 after being beset once again with goalkeeper injury and playing with only ten men for a part of the game. In the Kingston game, coach Downer played a psychological stunt on KC in using “a mere reserve” Cyril Brown to bombard early shots at goal with his booming left foot. The ploy was to strike fear in the KC camp. It worked and broke the KC ‘will’, allowing Donnie Allen to score twice in quick succession in the early stages of the game to clinch the match 2-1. ‘Duke’ Fuller, the much vaunted KC goalie, who went on to represent Jamaica, was in total disappointment at the end of the match.
That season, George Davidson scored 13 goals for the season and although playing a game less, I also scored 13 goals as well. Overall, the school scored 31 goals and conceded only four. It was a fitting finale when the PTA and old boys honoured the team with a special fete and presentation of medals.

                      CC 1958 Olivier Shied Champions – the full squad

From left (back row): Coach Osmond Downer, Charles Agate, ‘Goosey’ Melbourne, Easton Manderson, Howard Cooke Jr., Aggrey Brown, Cyril Brown.
(middle row): Kenneth Bernard, Washington Chin, George Davidson, Junior Chin, Garnett Campbell, Donnie Allen.
(in front) goalkeepers Carlton Seaton, unidentified, Donny Levy

1959 – ending in style
Although sharing the shield with St. George’s in 1959, Cornwall ended the decade of the fifties in commanding fashion. After a disappointing 0-2 loss at Sabina Park, Cornwall rebounded with a thrilling 2-0 win at Cornwall in Montego Bay, despite the legendary ‘fable’ of the sprinkling of holy water on the field of play by a priest, who was a supporter of St. George’s College, a Roman Catholic school.

Greatest moment of the fifties?
What was the greatest story of the 1950s? Many may argue for the magnificent 1958 performances against KC in the Olivier Shield finals; but, for me, it was the 5-0 thrashing of Munro in the dreaded hills of Malvern, against all odds, that took the cake and the 4th DaCosta Cup title since the inaugural competition of 1950.

Rah, rah CC – the “winningest” Olivier Shield team, if we count from when we joined the competition in the 1920s !!

Note: Junior Chin is a popular Montego Bay businessman and hotelier , and an outstanding post-school footballer and polo player."

This tribute was added by Shane Chin on 15th March 2016

"With my dearest friend Junior Chin from Jamaica, untimely gone... will be terrible missed.... but will always be alive in the hearts of all of us who had the privilege to have met him and shared great moments in and out of the polo field .... my respect and condolences to all the Chin family....Merian, Shane Chin, Kurt, Paul, Brandon... and children !!! Rest in Peace Junior ! We'll meet again !!

Written by our good friend Alejandro Olmos , Abrazo mi amigo"

This tribute was added by Shane Chin on 15th March 2016

"On Saturday March 12th 2016 I attended the funeral of a personal friend, more accurately, a friend to all of Montego Bay and much of Jamaica. In a church packed and overflowing I listened to tributes that were so accurate, and so fitting-perfectly to the character of this friend.
Honest, hardworking, compassionate, humble, unassuming, selfless, disciplined, Integrity, modest, respectful, kind and caring for the lives of others.....were some of the words used to describe this man. They were not enough to give a complete picture. At most funerals the good qualities are pronounced and bad qualities or perceptions correctly avoided out of respect. We all in our lifetime carry some baggage and criticisms that fit us correctly, but I have searched my mind and tried to find one piece of baggage to fit this man....I can't imagine one. I can say that there are not enough words of credit in my vocabulary to give a true picture of the man. So fond of him were the Jamaican people who knew him and felt his presence that he was referred to as "the black Chiney man"....a compliment rarely heard in Jamaica . I 'teared' up as I heard his employees speak of him with such accuracy...such adoration as if he was indispensable ....so like the person I admired starting from when I attended Cornwall College in the late 50s when he starred on the winning Olivier Shield team. But his great physical achievements in soccer as well as while representing Jamaica in Polo are dwarfed by the qualities of his character.
This man was Henry "Junior" Chin.
I spoke with him for over 20 minutes on Saturday. He was in his usual humble and jovial mood, so pleasant to converse with........a few days later he was dead.....shot by a gunman after handing over what money he had to his aggressor. His children bear striking similarities in quality of character ; and it must be in the genes because Junior's first wife and mother of three of his sons was shot to death in 1977 in a robery and in front of their young child. Despite this "Junior" Chin not only maintained his strength and great character .....he passed it on to his children. What must his wife, children and grandchildren be thinking now?
I have experienced and put in print the horrors of corruption in Jamaica that have created these monterous murderers. I have placed emphasis on corrupted leadership in Jamaica's politics and in the justice system that bear full responsibility for the creation of these murderers.
We have a new governing party in place. I tire of repeating what I said in my book "No Justice In Jamaica ". ......I can hardly wait to hear what the new government plans to do about it ......what they plan to do ......how they plan to do.....and when. I hear signals of change intended in this regard. I await this.

Meanwhile all on social media need to pay attention to this and be involved in healthy dicussion through comments about this scourge on all internet avenues because we need to stand, speak up, or die.
When the courts hide behind the word "incompetence" and corruptly set murderers free we must ask questions.......we must ask why selected trials coincidentally proceed only after evidence suddenly disappears, after witnesses to evidence are not notified, after time, fear and money will hinder a just result......we must hold someone accountable.

There can be no peace without justice.
There can be no prosperity without justice.

Written by Dwight Claken

For those who are unaware of my book please visit:

This tribute was added by Claire Chen See on 14th March 2016

"Forever precious...

Dear Shane and Kurt,

I offer my deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved father.

It is futile to try and find words that can shed light on the senseless violence that took him away from you… inflicting unbearable and inconsolable loss on your family

Your loss is felt far and wide, not only because he was respected, admired and loved, but also because you are both good, loving, upstanding and decent men. So even though I’ve never spent much time with your father, because of my time spent with you, here’s what I can tell you that I know for sure… his long and full life was not in vain, his triumphs throughout his lifetime are evident in the legacy he’s successful passed forward to each of you, and your children and the generations of Chin descendants to come.

The surreal quality of your days prevail as you expect to see him striding through Toby’s across the yard, or driving past you on the road… or atop his horse at a match, with his unmistakable profile and stature… recognizable across the field.  Sadly, no matter how much your heart yearns for those glimpses for reassurance, that’s not where you’ll find them.

Instead, with all my heart, I offer that you will see him in the light of your children’s eyes, hear the hint of his chuckle or laughter in a loved one’s laugh, see the tease of his smile, or the humour that was his brand in a brother or child, catch his stride or stance in the way a loved one may hold themselves or tilt their head as they ponder a thought, or walk across the room…  He is stamped all over all of you in a million wonderful ways.

But more important than familiar mannerisms, his legacy is strong in you both as he grew young boys into men of strong character who are first and foremost kind, loving, compassionate and with integrity.  You are men who can lead, who can support, who can be gentle and understanding yet firm and principled.  How you live demonstrates time and time again that you are not afraid of hard work and of very high ethics and solid values, allowing you to be strong partners in life, heroic fathers, valuable teammates and successful in all types of relations including business.

Of all his accomplishments in life, I would bet that having children whom he liked, respected and loved as adults is priceless.  So the highest tribute I can pay to your father is through you both:
~ If I had sons, I would have wanted them to be just like you.
~ If I had daughters, I would have wanted them to choose men just like you for life partners.
~ He raised you from boys to the men you are today and he did so very well.

Your father will be greatly missed by many, especially you.  I hope you find some small comfort over the next while in the fact that he was greatly loved by the many, many people who grieve his loss, by the new stories you will learn of his life and triumphs through family & his friends that you’ll hear for the first time, and especially be comforted by the wonderful memories of moments shared with him, that live on in each of you… forever precious.
Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time of loss,
Love Claire"

This tribute was added by Wade Hoo Fatt on 13th March 2016

"Shane and the Chin Family,
So sorry to hear of your dad's passing. He was a good man and he will be missed by all.  
Will remember the fond memories of his legacy and kindness.
All the best to the Family and may you find peace and at this time of sorrow,"

This tribute was added by Andrea Bickhoff-Benjamin on 12th March 2016

"Heartfelt condolences to the Family. May you find comfort in your memories.
From Andrea, Christina & Dominic Benjamin"

This tribute was added by Nadia Chin on 12th March 2016

"So sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad. My sincere condolences to the family."

This tribute was added by Andrew Butch Lee on 11th March 2016

"Our hearts are very saddened at the passing of Junior Chin, our condolences to the entire Chin family. You will be forever in our hearts, rest in peace. From Butch, Sharon, Adrian & Jason Lee. Miami Fl."

This tribute was added by Sonia Moo Young on 11th March 2016

"So sorry for the loss.I knew Junior and I know he missed by many.Although we are miles away we are there in thoughts.May the Lord give the family strength through these difficult times.
Sonia ,Jack ,Darren Daryl."

This tribute was added by Paul Matalon on 11th March 2016

"Sincere condolences to the family. Was fortunate to have known Junior and family since 1972. We remained friends throughout his life. May perpetual lite shine on you."

This tribute was added by Audrey Chong on 11th March 2016

"Sincere condolences from the Chong family formally from Commercial restaurant, Strand St, Montego-Bay.

This tribute was added by Charmaine Frado on 10th March 2016

"My sincere condolences to the family.
I am very sorry to hear news of Junior's passing.
I wanted you to know that he made a very long day a very happy one for me a number of years ago.
I was visiting Jamaica for the first time with my husband, Zepheniah (Zephie) James, and it was my very first day, about an hour after landing on the island, from Toronto, Canada.
Zephie took me out to White House to meet and greet some of his friends and Junior came by. While Zephie and his friends chatted and played dominoes, Junior sat by my side the entire day. We were in that place for about 12 hours because we had such a great time! Junior made my day! He was fun and interesting and was familiar with Toronto, so we had a lot to chat about!
Unfortunately, I never saw him again on subsequent visits to MoBay, but he left me the fondest memory of my very first day I ever spent there!
Thank you Junior! May peace be your journey now my friend!"

This tribute was added by Joan Lee on 10th March 2016

"We are so shocked to hear of Junior's sudden & tragic passing.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Family during this difficult
time of sorrow. May Junior Rest in Peace.

Peter. Joan Lee & Family"

This tribute was added by Christopher Lee on 10th March 2016

"Uncle Junior......my sincere condolences to the family! For the little time that I have known this family I was always treated as a part of it, uncle junior was everything anyone could have wanted, a friend, a father, even a brother, he will always be remembered by me."

This tribute was added by Gwendolyn Bell-Kameka on 10th March 2016

"There is a scripture in the bible where Jesus told His disciples that if they have seen the son they have seen the father.  John 8v19.  I've known Mr. Chin just for a brief time but felt as if I've known him for a long time. You see, the spirit of the man emanates through his sons while he was alive and will continue in his passing.

I first met Mr. Chin during my time at the Ritz-Carlton, his youngest son, Brandon, worked in the IT department as an Intern and a few years later I got to know him better as my family and I got to know Kurt.

As I reflect on my encounters with Kurt and Brandon this is what I learned about Mr. Chin:

Humility – there is no arrogance in this family.  Their material possession does not dictate how they treat the people around them.

Love – their love for people is evident in all their interactions.  Children adore Kurt because he makes them feel special.

Hard work – this is a family who values hard work and they do not shun any job.

I am of the opinion that these traits are true reflection of what these men learn from their father.

Shane, Paul, Kurt, and Brandon – your father is no longer with you in body but his spirit lives on in you.  His life was no brief candle but a torch that burned brightly now it’s your turn to carry the torch and keep the flame alive so that the next generation will know the essence of the man who is your father.

My condolences to the entire family and close friends."

This tribute was added by Louisa Calio on 10th March 2016

"Henry, affectionately called Junior, was a gentleman in all respects. The Fray family knew his family all through our lives. He will be missed.Wishing his sons Shane and Paul and his brothers, deepest sympathies. Val & Louisa"

This tribute was added by Beverley Taylor on 10th March 2016

"To the Chin family- words can not fully express how saddened my family and I are to hear of this tragic loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time."

This tribute was added by Shane Chin on 10th March 2016

"Uncle Junior forever young.  I always wanted to know his secret.  He was so youthful and full of laughter.  I have memories of him as a child  at Barnett St. and Adelphi, feels like yesterday.  Now when I think of him I always expect to see him in boots taking care of horses.  I used to joke and say that it was the water in the country that kept him young.  But I look at his picture at our wedding all spiffed up looking dapper surrounded by all my cousins and think....it's all about family.  He lived to love them through tough times and good times.  We miss him terribly a shining example of how to live and love life.  It's painful to know he will no longer be there but I just have to look at Shane, Paul, Kurt and Brandon to see him again.  We love you all, our hearts are broken, our eyes filled with tears but at least we will have our memories to hold onto forever......Love Rory, Tim, little Evey and baby boy Wong."

This tribute was added by Kimiesha Salabie on 10th March 2016

"I am sorry to hear of your loss.
In all the encounters I have had with Mr. Chin they were always pleasant or left me smiling. He was very insightful and I always looked forward to seeing him.
My condolences to his family."

This tribute was added by Bonnie Hall on 10th March 2016

"We are so sorry to hear of your loss . Our deepest condolences.
Lots of Love to the entire family"

This tribute was added by Sean Gonzales on 9th March 2016

"To the Chin Family..having gotten to know Junior during my time at Toby Inn I came to develop great respect for his sense of calm, his business prudence and his ethics..true, moral and beyond trustworthy.  Please accept my deepest condolences on your loss.  He has left a lasting and great impression on me and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know him.  Stay strong..this is his legacy."

This tribute was added by Rosemary Hagholm on 9th March 2016

"Dear Chin Family:
Please accept our deepest sympathy at the loss of Junior. Words can not express our sadness at your loss. Harry feels lost and saddened by the passing of his friend. He said "Tell Junior I am not far behind him and we shall play for another Senior Cup on the fastest horses and the greenest grounds." Love always, Harry Miller, Rosemary, Magnus and Sam Hagholm."

This tribute was added by Rose Chin on 9th March 2016

"To the Chin Family
We share your sorrow...
Much love and prayers.
RIP Junior...."

This tribute was added by John Christian on 9th March 2016

"I met jnr in 1964...Peter Buckley introduced me to him...in later years I tried to sell him life insurance......I see him now in his kahki attire that he seemingly always wore.....A pleasant calm, unassuming human being..whose memory will be forever...thank goodness miss vie is not here to mourn..this would have broken her heart....to the boys ur dad was one of a kind....he was so proud of u both...Junior chin another great Jamaican, no longer with us, but some of us will think of u always....."

This tribute was added by Dominique Silvera on 9th March 2016

"To the Chin Family,

I was so saddened and shocked to hear of your Junior's passing. Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures, a true testament of the life that he led and the lives that he touched.  Wishing you all to find peace and solace in these dark days. Sincerely, Dominique"

This tribute was added by Claudette Thompson on 9th March 2016

"Our deepest condolences to the Chin Family.   Junior Chin you were family to Adrian whenever he visited Jamaica.  You will be missed."

This tribute was added by jean maccallum on 9th March 2016

"To the family,
I am sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences to the family.  He was a great person!"

This tribute was added by christopher hew on 9th March 2016

"I will never forget my cousin Junior reaching out to me when I returned to Jamaica to manage the family business. After a long and sometimes stressful day , I would look forward to heading to Adelphi to ride Mogul , a horse that suited me to a "T". After I would help Junior create his polo field in Adelphi removing one stone at a time. I did not finish the journey with him in his creation but the journey I did travel with him was rewarding and was worth it. He counciled me , we laughed  we chat and by the end of that day If I had a problem it was solved.In retrospect  Junior's labour of love was done so others could enjoy. That was Junior. My Brother Rest in Eternal Peace
Marie , Shane, Paul , Kurt and Brandon condolences from Chris , Bev and our family"

This tribute was added by Lilly Hew-wing on 9th March 2016

"Our thoughts and prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Robert Young on 9th March 2016

"Cuz and Family, may peace and love with the Lords hands guide you through this difficult time. We may be separated by distance but know we are here for you all! Love Always!"

This tribute was added by Ali MacLoughlin on 9th March 2016

"Dear Chin family,

On behalf of all your Argentine family I want to express our deepest sorrow for such an untimely passing of our beloved Junior Chin.

We will recall his fondness, his happiness, his advises… the long and profound chats we had with him. He was really a very clever and sensitive man, of whom we are all proud.

He fought for life, despite the disadvantages and the violence around; and he always fought very bravely, because he defended his best capital: his family.

Mary, Shane, Paul, Kurt and Brandon, as well as all the kids: You must be very proud of Junior. Beloved husband, excellent father and affectionate grandfather, he gathered all the family and his many, many friends, scattered all around the world.

A truly gentleman and sportman, we will also recall him playing polo, which he enjoyed very much, as well as all the fellowship among the sport. The Argentine Open was another thing he loved to watch... and he will continue attending it, because he will watch it in our hearts.

We are all very sad, but we must remember Junior for all his joy, for all his love. We must recall all the good moments and forget the violence. We must look forward to the future. This is what he would expect from all of us.

We are sure, that God has deserved him a new job, because his mission in this land was to build a solid family, with good values and traditions, as well as to make everybody feel happy. And he will continue this mission.

Mamata also joins us in this moment to express her sadness and to send all her love to you all.

Junior. You will be always in our thoughts and hearts. Our prayers are with you and your family.

God bless you all!

By Guillermo MacLoughlin"

This tribute was added by Di Chung on 9th March 2016

"My condolences to the family. May Uncle  Junior rest in peace with his wonderful wife."

This tribute was added by Mandison Chin on 9th March 2016

"Our heartfelt condolences to the family. We are still reeling from this senseless tragedy. Beautiful memories come to mind of our youthful days in MoBay with both Carmel & Junior- driving to Kingston on the weekends; shopping  for their wedding; our visit to Eileen in the U.S , and  to Expo 67; the birth of their firstborn, Shane. Wonderful fun-filled school days when Junior was CC soccer champ! May he rest in peace and be welcomed by the ever lovely Carmel. We love you all. Yvonne & Mandison."

This tribute was added by Nicola deLisser on 9th March 2016

"To the family, With love and condolences.

I have only slipped away into the next room.
Everything remains as it was.
The old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged.
Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.
Call me by the old familiar name.
Speak of me in the easy way which you always used.
Put no sorrow in your tone.
Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was.
Let it be spoken without  effort
Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was.
There is unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner.
All is well. Nothing is hurt; nothing is lost.
One brief moment and all will be as it was before.
How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting,  when we meet again."

This tribute was added by Linda Chin-Yee on 9th March 2016

"I am so sorry to hear of this tragic loss. My condolences to the entire family."

This tribute was added by Jacqueline Lucas on 9th March 2016

"To the family,
   I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. Though I don't know you personally, Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. When I have lost loved ones in death, I have found it comforting to know that the bible holds out a wonderful promise for the future.
   John 5:28-29" for the hour is coming, in which, all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out." God promises that we can see our loved ones again. He will bring them back because he has the ability and is capable of restoring life.
  The bible says that " with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)
     Please feel free to visit jw.org for more information or email me with any questions you may have."

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